• Me & My has released a new single called "Fly high" in Denmark. It´s the first single from
    the new album "Fly high" which will be released in February 2001. (Friedrich Gerstenberg)

  • Brooklyn Bounce has released a single called Bass, Beat & Melody. (Jeff Drouin)


  • At the begin of October, 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor delivered 2 singles and the
    complete third album to CNR/Arcade.

    Besides a lot of pushing, no one may take a decision about releasing the new singles,
    because the company is busy at the moment with a co-operation with another company.

    This frustrates the group and this is why there is a lot of gossip and rumours.

    Mail your opinion to the recordcompany at the following e-mail address:

  • Blümchen's tour plan in Sweden is the following:
    * Silja Line (Radio Match event), November 30
    * Täby Tegelbruket, 1 December
    * Nyköping Träffen, 2 December

  • No Mercy released their new single "Where Is The Love" (MCI/BMG),
    the titlesong of their forthcoming album (release January 2001). (Casper Janssen)

  • Melanie Thornton (ex-La Bouche) just released her solo single "Love How You Love Me" (X-Cell/Epic/Sony).
    Although this song is a ballad,the CD-maxi includes some great dance versions. Melanie's first solo
    album will be released in Germany on December 4th, 2000. (Casper Janssen)

  • "Rivers Of Babylon" of the legendary discogroup Boney M. has been remixed by Regi Penxten (Milk Inc.).
    Regi created an absolute dance smash. Boney M.'s "Rivers Of Babylon 2000" is only released in the Benelux countries so far, to promote their current best of double CD (BMG). (Casper Janssen)

  • Belgian dance top act Milk Inc. released their second album entitled "Land Of The Living" (Antler Subway/EMI), which includes the hitsingles "Walk On Water" and "Land Of The Living". A new single will soon be released.
    (Casper Janssen)

  • Gouryella released a new single called "Tenshi" (Tsunami). (Casper Janssen)

  • Doug Laurent (Culture Beat, Spike, No Mercy, Boney M. 2000, La Bouche) is currently remixing
    tracks of Milli Vanilli for a forthcoming movie and best of album of Milli Vanilli. (Casper Janssen)

  • Queen of disco/dance Donna Summer will return with a new album early 2001 for Epic/Sony. She has been recording with Brian Rawling & Mark Taylor (METRO) for some tracks for the album. The Metro team has
    been very succesful with Cher ("Believe"), Kylie Minogue, Lionel Richie, Tina Turner and Enrique Iglesias.
    (Casper Janssen)

  • The fourth single from Aqua's lastest album is "We Belong To The Sea" and was released on November 13th.

  • In CANADA (and maybe in the USA as well) ATB has released a mixed CD entitled "G.R.O.O.V.E. 2000".
    It's a two CD set of house, dance and club. (Craig)


  • Blümchen's duo with E-Type, the single "Es Ist Nie Vorbei", will soon be released in Sweden. (DAI)

  • It's finally here, Blümchen's best of album!It's entitled "Für Immer Und Ewig" and is a double cd
    with a total of 32 songs! It features hits as "Herz An Herz", "Kleiner Satellit", "Ich Bin Wieder Hier"
    and many other of her hits and also some new 2000 remixes of her old classics. It's a must for all fans! (DAI)


  • The duo Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo has unfortunally split up. (Erwin Langedijk)

  • The name of the new DJ Bobo album is "Planet Colors" and will be released on Feburary 5, 2001. (DAI)

  • The first single from the DJ Bobo's new album is a duet with Irene Cara.
    The single is entitled "What A Feeling" and will be released on January 22, 2001. (DAI)

  • Floorfilla has released an album entitled "United Beats Of Floorfilla". (DD)

  • New from DJ Shah is the album simply called "The Album". (DD)

  • "Das Album" is the name of the new album from DJ Weichei. (DD)

  • Agnelli & Nelson new album is called "Hudson Street". (DD)

  • Swedish Rednex has released their second album called "Farm Out". (DD)

  • Mario Lopez new album is entitled "Mother Earth". (DD)

  • Mr.President will soon release "Up'n'Away 2K" on November 6.
    The new album entitled "Best Of" will be released on November 20. (Tobi Gerstenberg)

  • X-Perience will release the album "Journey of life" on 20th November. (Tobi Gerstenberg)

  • Highland will release the album "Bella Stella" on 27th November. (Tobi Gerstenberg)

  • ATC will release the album "Planet Pop" on 6th November. (Tobi Gerstenberg)

  • Fragma has released a follow-up to their previous hits "Toca Me" and "Toca's Miracle".
    The new single is called "Everytime You Need Me" featuring Maria on vocals. (DD)

  • DJ Errik's single is "Minimal Obsession". (DD)

  • "Wake Up" is the new single from Tom Wax vs. Jam X. (DD)

  • Rednex will soon release the single "Hold Me For A While". (DD)

  • 666 new is "Dance 2 Disco". (DD)

  • Blank & Jones has released a new track called "Beyond Time",
    this track is not on their second album. (DD)

  • "Proximus" is the new single from Mauro Picotto. (DD)

  • "La Passion" is the new single from Gigi D'Agostino. (DD)

  • DJ Balloon has released the single "Monstersound". (DD)

  • Trancey Spacer and Spacey Trancer aka Storm has released a follow-up to
    stormbreaker "Time To Burn" called "Stormanimal". (DD)

  • New from Green Court is the single "Shining". (DD)

  • French Daft Punk is back with a new single entitled "One More Time". (DD)

  • Ravelab has released a new single called "Push". (DD)

  • After collaborating with Avancada in the project A7, Central Seven
    is back with a new release called "Party People". (DD)


  • There are rumours that Orbit Records have said that Verena & Oliver (Dune) are working on
    new songs for the year 2001. (Jurgen Joosten)

  • Milk Inc. has released a new single called "Land Of The Living". (DAI)

  • New from Agnelli & Nelson is the track "Singing For The Future" which is scheduled for release
    on October 30th. (DAI)

  • Aqua has released a new single called "We Belong To The Sea". (DAI)

  • Corona is back with a new disco/dance single called "Good Love". (DAI)

  • Blank & Jones has released a new track called "Sound Of The Machines", this is a limited release. (DAI)

  • "To Be You" is the new single from Kim Lucas. (DAI)

  • Kosmonova has released a new dance hit called "Discover The World". (DAI)

  • Swedish singer Tess (ex La Cream singer) released her debut album on October 23. (DAI)

  • The trance masters York has released a new anthem called "Farwell to the Moon". (DAI)


  • The third single from BT's album "Movement in Still Life" is to be "Smartbomb". (trance.nu)

  • The new ATB album "Two Worlds" will be released in November. (DAI)

  • The new single from Dolphin's Mind is in under production. (DAI)

  • The new Unique 2 single "Take Me Higher" is ready to be released. (DAI)

  • Avancada will soon release the track "die Akustiker - das Ohr". (DAI)

  • On the 30 October the single "My Name Is Bass" by Reactor Bass will be released. (DAI)

  • Brooklyn Bounce released a promo vinyl in September called "Tiempo De La Luna".
    The promo features mixes from Hampenberg and BBS DK, just no name a few.
    The "real" release is expected sometimes this fall or early this winter.

    Brooklyn Bounce is also working on a new album, which is called "Bass And Beat And Melody".
    The release of this album in Europe is mostly likely to be in the spring of 2001. The second
    single from the new album will be "Bass And Beat And Melody". (Alex Van Der Mal)

  • New from finnish Darude is the smashhit follow up to "Sandstorm", "Feel The Beat". (Romain)

  • Pharao is no longer under contract with Sony. (Tobias Gerstenberg)

  • Mr. President will release a "Best Of" with unreleased songs in the late autumn.
    A a new single is scheduled to be releasd in January/February. (Tobias Gerstenberg)

  • Me & My will release in a new album called "Flying high", release date is currently unknown. (Tobias Gerstenberg)

  • René Baumann more known as DJ Bobo will release a book called "Gestatten, René Baumann. The Book by DJ Bobo". The book is an exciting portrait and was created on 144 pages with more than 200 color photos. (DAI)


  • The new single from RMB is called "Deep Down Below" and will be released soon. (DAI)

  • Antiloop will release the single "Catch Me" during October. (DAI)

  • System F (Ferry Corsten) is working on an album, which is set for release in December. (DAI)

  • Chicane has released a new single called "Autumn Tactics". The single also contains the End Of Summer Remix
    from Nick Bracegirdle with live spanish guitars and latin percussion. (DAI)


  • Encore released "Le Soleil Noir" on September 25. (Romain)

  • 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor next single will be "Shine Like A Star" and it will be released in October.
    The new album is also scheduled to be released in October. (Jurgen Joosten)

  • Fragma's debut album entitled "Toca", will be released in January, 2001. (DAI)

  • The next single form Fragma featuring Maria Rubia will be released in January, 2001. (DAI)

  • The next single from Hypetraxx and Alice Deejay is due out in January, 2001. (DAI)

  • Blank & Jones has released a new track called "Beyond Time". (Romain)

  • Mythos & Dj Cosmo just released "Hymn". (Romain)


  • Rollergirl has released a news single entitled "Superstar". (DAI)

  • The next single from Blümchen is supposed to be "Geh´n wie ein Ägypter". (Per Bogren)

  • Fresh Trends, produced by 3H Music Productions, has released a single called "Love Is Like A Melody". (DAI)

  • Lightforce upcoming single is "Dream of The Dolphin". (DAI)

  • New from Mario Lopez is "The Sound of Nature Part II". (DAI)

  • The new ATB album "Two Worlds" will be released soon. (DAI)


  • Dune IS back. The "new" single which is set to be released is "Hardcore Vibes 2000".
    The new album is entitled "Best Of" and will be released at the end of this year. (Jurgen Joosten)

  • New from Future Breeze is the single "Smile". (Romain)

  • Aurora has released a followup to their debut "Hear You Calling". The new sinlge is a cover of the Duran Duran classic "Ordinary World". Featured on lead vocals is the Irish singer/songwriter Naimee Coleman. (Positiva)

  • The next single from swedish Therese (ex. Drömhus) is the single "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" and will be
    released in the fall.


  • Swedish artist E-type (recently know for "Campione 2000") and Blümchen have made a song together.
    The cooperation wasn't that easy.

    The bigger part of the songwriting was made over the telephone and e-mail due to the large distance
    between the two of them.

    -"The german songwriters wasn't that good in english and wondered what the song was all about.
    And I can't speak german so it's possible that we sing about different things" says E-type to the
    swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

    The song is called "Es Ist Nie Vorbei" and will be featured on E-Type's next album which is set to be
    released in the spring 2001.


  • New from Flying Steps is the single "We Are Electric". (DAI)

  • Moby will release "Possible" September 11 in Germany. This track is already in the Top 10 in GB. (Forti)

  • Amber will release her new single "Love One Another" on September 4. (DAI)

  • The album of Mauro Picotto will be released on September 4. (DAI)

  • New from Pulsedriver is the trance track "Your Spirit Is Shining". (DAI)

  • Sasha & Amazon has released a track called "Scorccio EP". (DAI)

  • "Cheekah Bow Bow" is the next single from Vengaboys. It's scheduled for release on September 18. (DAI)


  • Dune may be back soon! There are numerous of reports that says that the next Dune single will be ready
    for release at the end of September. There are also rumours that the album "Reunion" will be released
    at the end of this year. (DAI)

  • "You Take My Breath Away" by SuReal (music produced by Lange) has been signed to Cream Records and is
    due out on the 18th of September. (Lange HP)

  • Lange has recently remixed "Fiji" by Atlantis. (Lange HP)

  • Prezioso feat. Marvin will release a new single called "Voices" on September 18. (DAI)

  • Mauro Picotto released a new single on July 31 entitled "Komodo". (DAI)

  • Reset is soon to release a new single, stay tuned for more info. (DAI)

  • RMB is currently working on their new album. They have also changed their label to Polydor/Zeitgeist. (DAI)

  • Rozalla will be back with a new single later this year. (DAI)

  • New from The Sunclub is the singel "Bandoneon". (DAI)


  • 666 will release "The Millenium Megamix" on August 14. (DAI)

  • New from 4 Stringz is the trance track "Day Time", which has already become a big hit in Belgium. (DAI)

  • DJ Pierre newest is the house track "Clap Your Hands". (DAI)

  • Domenicer will release "Rock Steady Crew" on August 28. (DAI)

  • New from Porn Kings is "Sledger". (DAI)

  • Yasmin has released a track called "Wanna Dance". (DAI)

  • Encore released "Le Soleil Noir" on August 7. (DAI)


  • The new ATB single is called "The Fields Of Love" and is a co-production with York. (DAI)

  • Hit'n'Hide has released a new album. (Yuri Keren)

  • Bad Boys Blue has released new single called "I'll Be Good". (Yuri Keren)

  • Sash! has released a new single called "With My Own Eyes" featuring the singer Inka. (DAI)

  • Scooter will release a new single called "She's The Sun" on August 14. (Olli Pärnänen)


  • Mauro Picotto and Mario Piu have just been accredited together for their work on "Arabian Pleasure", an instant
    hit in Europe that is making its way through American and Canadian clubs as we speak. (Giulio Iaconi)

  • Sash! has made a remix of Dani's "The Meaning of Love". There are 2 remixes on the Maxi version.
    It's the first Sash! remix this year. (Romain Aureche)

  • Alice Deejay next single will be "The Lonely One". (DAI)

  • Dj Tiesto & Armi will release a single called "Eternity" on July 31. (DAI)

  • Sony will release their 17 volume in their hitcompilation Dream Dance on August 21. (DAI)

  • The next single from 666 will be "Dance 2 Disco". (DAI)

  • Base 1 released a single called "My Way" in July. (DAI)


  • Ex-La Bouche singer Melanie Thornton has signed a record deal with Epic/Sony.
    Her first solo single will be released in October. (Casper Janssen)

  • Basement Three has two new songs: "Everytime I Say" (original) and
    "You're All Played Out (a remix of LIFE). (Pat Iaconi)

  • Rumours says that Culture Beat will release a 2000 version of "Mr Vain". (DJ Starfire)


  • X-Perience will release a new single in the end of September. The new single is called "Island Of Dreams" and
    is the titlesong for the german version of Expedition Robinson (also known as Survivor). (X-Perience.de)

  • R.E.D. S.E.C.T.O.R. has released a new track called "Invasion Over Berlin". (DAI)

  • Marc Et Claude has released a new single called "I Need Your Lovin' (Like The Sunshine)". It's a remake of the 70s classic by Korgis. It features remixes by Ferry Corsten, Dark Moon and Marc Et Claude himself. (DAI)

  • New from Spiller is "Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)", which is set to be released August 14. (DAI)

  • Chakra (aka. Space Brothers) has released a new single called "Home". (DAI)


  • Aqua are preparing to release their third single from the "Aquarius" album. The new single is "Bumble Bees",
    they have just finished shooting the music video for the single. (DAI)

  • Missing Heart has released an album entitled "Mystery". It was released in beginning of July under the
    Intercord Japan label, hopefully a european release will follow. (DAI)

  • Chicane has released a new single called "No Ordinary Morning". (DAI)

  • Hypertraxx has releases a follow-up to the hit "The Darkside", called "See The Day". (DAI)

  • New from Hi-Gate is "I Can Hear Voices". (DAI)

  • Masterboy has released a best of album entitled just "Best Of". (DAI)

  • New from Sasha is a track called "Chemical Reaction". (DAI)


  • The next single from Blümchen will be be "Die Welt Gehört Mir" and will be released on August 28. (DAI)

  • The next Sash! single is "With My Own Eyes", featuring the finnish singer Inka. The video to the single was shot
    outside Helsinki June 11. The single will be released on August 28. The single will also include the song
    "Rock The Block". (Petter Nykvist)

  • The fourth Sash! single will be "Together Again" which is set to be released in November. (Petter Nykvist)

  • Sash!'s next album will be a greatest hits album, entitled "Best of Sash!", which is also set
    to be released in November. (DAI)

  • Sash! will release "Together Again" in Denmark and Spain instead of "With My Own Eyes". (DAI)

  • Sabine Ohmes will be releasing "Le Soleil Noir" (featured on the latest Sash! album) with her
    soloproject Encore, the single is soon to be released. (Petter Nykvist)


  • ATB has made a remix for A-HA's newest single "Minor Earth, Major Sky". (Jon Olav Holmøy)

  • The name of the 2001 tour of Dj Bobo will be "Planet colors". (Jon Olav Holmøy)

  • At the moment Dj Bobo is in studio working on his next album, set for release in spring 2001. (Jon Olav Holmøy)

  • Love Inc. has released a hot new track called "Here Comes the Sunshine". (DAI)

  • The new Love Inc. CD titled "Into The Night" arrives in stores on Tuesday August 29th in Canada. (DAI)


  • ATB is in the studio working on a new single. (DAI)

  • ATB's next album "Two Worlds" is a double CD and will be released in September.
    CD 1 will be contain phat dance productions and CD 2 will contain more chilled out, relaxing productions. (DAI)

  • Euro dance pioneers 2 Unlimited are back! Byte Records is planning to release all the hits of 2 Unlimited
    in 2000 remixes. Byte Records asked several remixers and guest producers to remix the tracks. The first
    single will be "No Limit 2000", with remixes of the New Yorkers Razor & Guido and Yves De Ruyter-co-producer
    Dirk 'Mike' Diericks. The single will be released in all countries where 2 Unlimited was successful, so from
    Japan to Australia!

    After the summer the next single will be released, and that will be a remix of "Twilight Zone" by DJ Jean.
    Also Jaydee is asked to remix one of the forthcoming singles....A remixalbum will be released soon.

    Original members Ray and Anita will NOT reunite to reform 2 Unlimited. Former 2 Unlimited singer Anita Doth
    has currently modest success with her second solo single "Lifting Up My Life" in Holland. (Casper Janssen)

  • T-Spoon is currently in the Dutch charts with their latest single "Delicious", which is taken from their most recent album. The single has a second track which features as a double A-side, which is entitled "F.O.O.T.B.A.L.L."...
    yes indeed, this is an official track for Euro 2000, and also included on the official Euro 2000 CD, that also
    includes the current E-Type hit "Campione 2000".

    T-Spoon's "F.O.O.T.B.A.L.L." is a eurodance re-working of Vera Lynn's classic "Land Of Hope And Glory".
    (Casper Janssen)


  • La Bouche, who is currently busy promoting their new single "All I Want", will be back with a brandnew album in September. Before the album will be released there will be antoher single in the late summer, as a follow up to
    "All I Want". The album will be produced as usual by Frank Farain and his team (FMP), and Lane McCray will be producing 3 tracks also. Also look out for a new solo record in the next 18 months of Lane McCray.
    (Casper Janssen)

  • Former La Bouche singer Melanie Thornton is currently looking for a solodeal. (Casper Janssen)

  • Flamenco - Euro dance act No Mercy is back. On July 10th their new single "Morena" will be released in Germany, and it will be produced by their long term producer Frank Farian (Boney M., Eruption, Milli Vanilli, La Bouche).
    The third No Mercy album will be released later this year. (Casper Janssen)

  • The new single from Perfect Phase has released a follow-up to "Horny Horns" entitled "Get Wicked".
    The single features a remix by Yomanda. (DAI)

  • New from DJ Sandy Vs. Housetrap is the single "Overdrive". (DAI)

  • D-Devils will release a single on June 26th called "The 6th Gate". (DAI)

  • The OH! also has released a new track called "Forever In My Life". The single is an uptempo summersong
    featuring the singer Edwige. (DAI)

  • New from Italian Eiffel 65 is the single "On Goal". (DAI)


  • Masterboy has released a 2000 remake of their classic eurodance hit "Feel The Heat", and it's called,
    yes you guessed right, "Feel The Heat 2000". (DAI)

  • Astral Projection has released progressive club/trance hit entitled "Burning Up" featuring Trilit. (DAI)

  • Swedish Domenicer has released a new single entited "Dolce Marmellata". (DAI)

  • Dr Motte/Westbam has released a single called "Love Parade 2000". The Loveparade 2000 theme perhaps? (DAI)

  • D.O.N.S has released a new house/trance tune entitled "Sputnik". (DAI)

  • Another 2000 remake comes from DUKE. They've remade their hit from 1995, "So In Love With You". (DAI)

  • E-Rotic will released their next single "Don't Make Me Wet" on July 3rd. (DAI)

  • Giorgo Moroder has released a followup to his previous single "The Chase", entitled "From Here To Eternity". (DAI)

  • Jean Michel Jarre will released his next single "Tous Est Bleu" on July 3rd. (DAI)

  • New from Kai Tracid is another big trancehit called "Tienfenrausch". (DAI)

  • Loona will release a new single called "Latino Lover" June 26th. (DAI)

  • Mr Oizo has released a new single called "Last Night A DJ Killed My Dog". (DAI)

  • Paffendorf will release their debut album entitled "Dance City" on June 26th. (DAI)

  • Scooter will release their first album on their own label Sheffield Tunes. The album is entitled "Sheffield"
    and will be released on June 26th. HP Baxxter has also changed his name to Sheffield Dave. (DAI)


  • Dolphin's Mind is finally releasing a new single on June 13th. The single is entitled "Into The Blue" and
    contains 5 mixes and also the "Official Dream Dance Megamix". The song is in a clubby dreamscape style. (DAI)

  • Dance-act DJ Peter Project is back on track with "Doo Be Doo" which follows the hits "2 New York" and
    "The Party Plane" and will be the crash-boom-bang of the summer! (DAI & Byte Records)

  • Liquid feat. Silvy has released their first single which is called "Turn The Tide". The producers behind this project are Wout Van Dessel and Regi Penxten. Wout is known for his outstanding remixes and he's one of the resident DJ's in Illusion. Regi is the brain behind and the face of Milk Inc. The beautiful female voice on "Turn The Tide" comes from a 19-year old girl who already had a showbizz carreer as childstar Sylvie Melodie. (DAI & Byte Records)

  • Atlantic 6's next single, soon to be released, is "Set Me Free". (DAI)

  • Italian artist Giorgio Prezioso (29) known as Prezioso released a new album on May 29th entitled
    "Back To Life". (DAI)

  • French Affair has released an album called "Desire". (DAI)

  • Alice Deejay's newest single is "Will I Ever". (DAI)

  • Vengaboys has released a new single called "Uncle John From Jamaika". (DAI)

  • Storm is finally releasing their first album. In the beginning of June the album entitled
    "It's Time To Burn" will be released. (DAI)

  • Paul van Dyk will release a new album entitled "Out There And Back" on June 5th. (DAI)

  • On June 26th the next single from Chicane will be released. The single is called "No Ordinary Morning / Halcyon"
    and is taken from his latest album "Behind The Sun", which has sold gold. (DAI)

  • Irish duo Agnelli & Nelson will release a new single entitled "Embrace" on June 5th. (DAI)