• The next track from Lange will be "Drifting Away" and features Skye. (DAI)

  • The newly released single from Ian Van Dahl, "Will I", climbed to #5 in the official UK single chart last week. (DAI)

  • New from Phasio is the track "Svärje". (Roger Sandvik)

  • New from S Club 7 is the song "Have You Ever". (Roger Sandvik)

  • New from PPK is the track "Resurection (Rmx)". (Roger Sandvik)

  • New from Double N feat. Maria Rubia is the track "Forever And A Day". (Roger Sandvik)

  • New from Chemical Brothers is the track "Star Guitar". (Roger Sandvik)

  • New from D.H.S is the track "House Of God" (Roger Sandvik)

  • The single "Tarantula" from Faithless has been released in Norway. (Roger Sandvik)

  • Global Killer "God's Selection" has just been released. (DAI)

  • New from Junior Jack is the track "Thrill me". (Nolimits)

  • New from Kissogram vs. Woody is the track "If I Had Known This Before". (Nolimits)

  • New from Brian Laruso is the track "Sea of Love". (Nolimits)

  • New from Avanza is the track "Take Control". (Nolimits)

  • New from Gigi D`Agostino is the track "L`Amour Toujours". (Nolimits)

  • New from Derb is the track "Afrika". (Nolimits)

  • New from Rocco is the track "Everybody". (Nolimits)

  • New from Talla 2XLC is the track "Come with me / Always". (Nolimits)

  • New from Dumonde vs. Lange is the track "Memory". (Nolimits)

  • New from Ramin & Silver is the track "IBIZA 3000". (Nolimits)

  • Daddy DJ's full length album is now available and it's called "Let Your Body Talk". (Nolimits)

    01. Daddy Dj (Chico & Tonio Radio Edit)
    02. Where Are You?
    03. Over You (Original Radio Edit)
    04. Let Your Body Talk
    05. Little Baby Girl
    06. U See
    07. In My Dreams
    08. The Girl In Red (Live Mix)
    09. Louder
    10. Nightmares
    11. Daddy Dj (J & B Trance Club Mix)
    12. The Girl In Red (Chico & Tonio Feat. J & B Trance Club Mix)
    13. Daddy Dj (J & B Feat. Mr Mann Underground Mix)
    14. Over You (Ian Van Dahl Remix Radio Edit)

  • New from Hiver & Hammer is the track "Step by step". (Nolimits)

  • New from Cheero - Key is the track "I`m a RAVER Baby". (Nolimits)

  • New from Riva & Danii Minogue is the track "Who do you love now". (Nolimits)

  • New from 4Clubbers is the track "Children" (cover-track from the original Robert Miles). (Nolimits)

  • New from Blank & Jones is the track "Desire". (Nolimits)

  • New from York feat. Alaska is the track "Yesterday (Silence)". (Nolimits)

  • New from Storm is the track "We Love". (Nolimits)

  • New from Adrima is the track "I Can`t Stop Raving". (Nolimits)

  • New from Jeff & Jay vs. Every 1 is the track "I Want To Be A Hippy" (Technoheads cover??). (Nolimits)

  • New from Horny United is the track "Let`s Stay Together (Mixes)". (Nolimits)

  • New from DJ Gius is the track "Amnesia". (Nolimits)


  • According to Trance.nu ATB will release his third album on January 28th 2002. (Trance.nu)

  • Real McCoy just released the CD-Single "Another Night" in the USA again on the record label Arista.
    The date of release was November 24th. (Marlon)

  • Swedish Pandora is back with a new single which is called "Don`t Worry". (Nolimits)

  • New single from Hand in Hand for Children e.V is "Future In Your Hand". (Nolimits)

  • New from Tigerhook Corp. is the ep "The West Philly E.P." and it will be released on December 10th. (DAI)

  • Sash! is going to release a single "You'll Never Walk Alone" under the name Careca, it's their second release after "Indian Rave", done before the birth of Sash!. (RomRomSash)

  • New single from Storm is "We Love". (Nolimits)

  • New single from Ravers On Dope is "Hardcore Vibes". (Nolimits)

  • New single from Essential DJ Team is "Ong Diggi Dong". (Nolimits)

  • New single from Tomcraft is "Overdose". (Nolimits)

  • New single from Ohmboyz is "Deep Down Below". (Nolimits)

  • New single from Rochus is "High Noon". (Nolimits)

  • New single from Refine is "No Comment". (Nolimits)

  • New single from MK6 feat. K. K. Projekt is "Get Funky 2001". (Nolimits)


  • The new single from Milk Inc. is called "Wide Awake" and was released on October 30th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • On November 1st the greatest hits album "Double Cream" from Milk Inc. was released. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • The Milk Inc. single "Walk On Water/Oceans" was released on November 19th in Germany. (DAI)

  • The new single from Two In One or 2 In 1 is called "I Want You To Want Me". (Nolimits)

  • The next single from Faithless is "Crazy English Summers". (Nolimits)

  • The second German casting-band of the Popstars-show (after the successful girlgroup No Angels) is called Bro'Sis, surely it will mean Brothers and Sisters because the group consists of boys and girls, their first single will be called "I Believe". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Rednex is called "The Chase" [sounds like their former hit "Spirit Of The Hawk"]. (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Cliff Richard is called "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". (Nolimits)

  • Cher is back with a new album called "Living Proof". (Nolimits)

  • The new album from The Corrs is called "Best of...". (Nolimits)

  • The new album from All Saints is called "All Hits". (Nolimits)

  • The new album from Backstreet Boys is called "Greatest Hits - Chapter One". (Nolimits)

  • The new best of album from Mark`Oh is called "Never Stopped Livin' That Feeling". (DAI/Nolimits)

  • The second new single from Roger Sanchez is called "You Can`t Change Me". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from DJ Digress is called "Follow Up". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Safri Duo is called "Baya Baya". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Kraze is called "Party". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from DJ Cerla is called "Sahara Rave". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Ibiza United vs. K. K. Project" is called Baby Got Back". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Silicon Soul is called "Right On". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Schiller with the one and only Kim Sanders is called "Dancing With Loneliness". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Ramin & Silver is called "Ibiza 3000". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from DJ Steve L is called "Big Bad Party". (Nolimits)

  • Spiller's new single "Cry Baby" is out on Monday November 26th. (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Marc Green is called "Die Maschinen Laufen Weiter". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Vicious is called "Pfeifenalarm". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Timo Maas is called "To Get Down". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from C. J. Stone is called "Into The Sea". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from ATC is called "I`m In Heaven (When You Kiss Me)". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Max Linen is called "The Soulshaker". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Burnie B. is called "The Music Turns Me On". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from The Pumpers is called "Bailar / Soul Sheka". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Brian Laruso is called "Sea Of Love". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Steve Rhyner is called "Dark Black Forest". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Matthias Schaffhäuser is called "Hey Little Girl (Mixes)". (Nolimits)

  • Lasgo's first full album is called "Some Things" and was released on November 19th, 2001 in Belgium. (Nolimits)

  • Drasstic has released a new clubtrance single called "Paradise", including remixes by Fiocco. (DAI)

  • The new single from Paradisio with singer Alexandra is called "Vamos A La Discoteca ´2001". It's the third single ("Samba Del Diablo"/"La Propaganda") from the forthcoming album. (DJ Toko)

    The new single from Scandinavian group Alcazar is "Sexual Guarantee". (DJ Toko)

  • The new single from DJ Sammy with new singer Yanou is called "Heaven". (DJ Toko)

  • New from Prezioso Feat.Marvin is the single "Bonjour". (DJ Toko)

  • New from Vengaboys is the single "Skinnydipin´". (DJ Toko)

  • New from Mabel is the single "Come To Light". (DJ Toko)

  • New from Carolina Marquez is the single "Discomani". (DJ Toko)

  • New from Public Domain is the single "Too Many Mc´s". (DJ Toko)

  • New from No Angels is the single "When The Angels Sing". (DJ Toko)

  • New from Cosmic Gate is the single "Back To Earth/Hardcore". (DJ Toko)

  • New from Right Said Fred is the single "Love Song". (DJ Toko)

  • New from Lady Violet is the single "No Way No Time". (DJ Toko)

  • New from Eiffel 65 is the single "80´s Star". (DJ Toko)

  • New from E-Rotic is the single "Billy Jive (With Willy´s Wife)". (DJ Toko)

  • The next new single from Niels van Gogh will be called "Another Joy" - release in January 2002. (Nolimits)


  • Well, there seems to be a lot rumours on what's going to be the next Cappella single. There seems to be some confusing going on at Media Records, depending on who you talk to at Media Records you get a different answer on what should be the next single. So the best thing right now is just to wait and see what happens. (DAI)

  • E-Rotic has released a new album in Japan called "Sex Generation". (DAI)

    01. Billy Jive (With Willy's Wife) 3:39
    02. Mi Amante 4:23
    03. King Kong 4:01
    04. Untouchable Feeling 3:33
    05. Crying Like A Child 4:05
    06. Rock Me Baby 3:47
    07. It's Just A Little Flirt 3:35
    08. The Story Is Over 4:00
    09. Bad Boy 3:41
    10. Sex Machine 3:19
    11. Molly Dolly (Loves A Lolly) 4:06
    12. Skin To Skin 3:17
    13. Billy Jive (With Willy's Wife) (Extended Version) 6:53
    14. Mi Amante (Extended Version) 7:49
    15. King Kong (Extended Version) 6:10
    MM. Video of "Billy Jive (With Willy's Wife)"

  • Beam Vs. Cyrus will release the track "Lifestyle" on 3rd December. (DAI)

  • Scooter will release the single "Ramp! (The Logical Song)" on December 10th. They will also release their 2nd greatest hits-album on January 9th 2002, the album is entitled "The Beat To This Jam - The Singles 98-02". (DAI)


  • Fancy has released a new album called "Locomotion". (DAI)

    01. A Voice In The Dark 4.01
    02. Die For You 3.14
    03. Fools Cry 3.16
    04. Pretty Woman 2.53
    05. Sail Away 3.44
    06. Keep On Going 3.38
    07. Why Oh Why 3.37
    08. Love Has Called Me Home 5.10
    09. Locomotion 2.40
    10. Saltimbanco 4.02
    11. All My Loving 1.58
    12. Wear My Ring Around Your Neck 2.12
    13. Na Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye (Maxi Cut) 4.31

  • Edel Records has released the 7th chapter of the compilation "Trance Base". (DAI)

    01. Milk Inc. - Livin' A Lie
    02. Dance Nation - Sunshine
    03. Awex - It's Our Future
    04. The Megara - The Megara
    05. The Quest - Trying To Get Out
    06. K5 - Passion
    07. The Paragod vs. Vasquez - Open Your Mind
    08. Dave Joy - First Impression
    09. Y.O.M.C. - In My Mind
    11. Zenith vs. Avex - I'm Your DeeJay
    11. 2 Phaze - Up Da Bass
    12. DJ Cerla - Sahara Rave
    13. Plug 'n' Play - Time To Bob
    14. Foggy - Come (Into My Dreams)
    15. Carlos - The Simarillia
    16. Matt Darey's Mash Up - Beautiful
    17. Third Bass - Maid of Orleans
    18. Sonic Inc. - The Taste of Summer
    19. Neighbour DJ's - Frequency
    20. DJ Arne L II - Assimiliation
    01. F/X - Official Street Parade Hymn 2001
    01. Sylver - Forever In Love
    02. The MacKenzie - All I Need
    03. Marc et Claude - Tremble
    05. Future Breeze - Temple of Dreams
    06. Vanessa Mae - White Bird
    07. Kai Tracid - Too Many Times
    08. Joy Kitikonti - Joyenergizer
    09. Da Booka - Can U Feel The Rythm
    10. DJ Digress - Follow Up!
    11. DJ Vortex & Arpa's Dream - Incoming
    12. Hypetraxx - Paranoid
    13. Krid P. - Follow Me (Into The Light)
    14. DJ Tom - The Message
    15. Magic Box - Carillon
    16. Rainmaker - Renegade Master
    17. A-Nice - Orange Split
    18. Re-Animator - Rewire Your Brain
    19. Coast 2 Coast - Home
    20. Deep - Drop Out!

  • E-type's new song is called "Life", the single will be released on November 12th. This single is the
    first from the forthcoming album entitled "Euro IV Ever". (Roger Sandvik/DAI)

  • Warp Brothers new song is called "Blast The Speakers" (Roger Sandvik)

  • The new album from norwegian dance group Infinity entitled "Naked In The Rain" is out now! (Roger Sandvik)

    01. Naked In The Rain 3.42
    02. Running Down This Door 3.43
    03. Better Times 4.14
    04. Sleeping My Day Away 3.45
    05. Young, Free & Single 4.05
    06. Tears 5.21
    07. Hear Me Out 3.21
    08. Wild And Free 4.34
    09. Know My Name 4.20
    10. Stranger Than Before 4.36
    11. On My Own 4.41
    12. Ease Your Mind 4.11
    13. Take Me Back 4.22
    14. Groove Song 3.03

  • New from Central Seven feat. Khiara is the single "Mystery". (Nolimits)

  • New from Tonkopf is the single "Du Bist So Schön" ("You Are Great"). (Nolimits)

  • New from Jan Wayne meets Lena is the single "Total Eclipse Of The Heart". (Nolimits)

  • New from Planet Perfecto is the single "Bites Da Dust". (Nolimits)

  • New from Akyra is the single "Here Comes The Rain". (Nolimits)

  • New from ATB is the single "Hold You". (Nolimits)

  • New from D. H. S. is the single "House Of God". (Nolimits)

  • New from the french DJ's known as Daddy DJ: "Over You", include a Ian Van Dahl Mix. (RomRomSASH)

  • Latest DJ Mellow-D track: Mellow Traxx - "Sway", including a Mellow-D vs Pulsedriver mix. (RomRomSASH)

  • On many sites on the web, you can hear things about a track Sash! - Stand By Me 2001; This is a mistake, the track was done by DJ Shah not Sash!. Some people are trying to sell that non-existing single, so watch out. (RomRomSASH)

  • System Reduction feat. DJ OPI released the progressive trance-single "Progressivo" on October 29th. (DAI)

    (A-Side) "Progressivo" [OPIs Club Mix] 7:19
    (B-Side) "Progressivo" [Pat Looms U.K. Mix] 7:33

  • "Trance 2001 - 3rd Edition" was released on October 29th. (DAI)

    01 Castles In The Sky (Wippenberg Remix) - Ian Van Dahl ft. Marsha
    02 Home 5 Am Mix - Coast 2 Coast ft. Discovery
    03 Dancevalley 2001 (Radio Edit) - System F
    04 The Vision (On Air Mix) - Mario Piu AKA DJ Arabesque
    05 Liquidation (Original Mix) - Liquid DJ Team
    06 Good Time (Original Mix) - Peran Van Dijk
    07 The Crow Song (Radio Edit) - Galaxee
    08 Say Good Bye (Radio Cut) - William Hawk
    09 Exhale (Album Version) - System F
    10 Twin Peaks Theme (Radio Edit) - Minimalistix
    01 The Sound Of Goodbye (Armin´s Tribal Feel Radio-Edit) - Perpetuos Dreamer
    02 Be Cool (Rega Remix) - Paffendorf
    03 Pulsar (Album Version) - Mauro Picotto
    04 The Bells (Original Mix) - Exor
    05 Mystery (Come Follow Me) (Instrumental Radio Mix) - The Mystery
    06 Lost In A Dream (Original) - Matanka
    07 Let It Go (Radio Edit) - Kool De Sac ft. Aura
    08 Eternity (Armin Van Buuren´s Rising Star Edit) - Alibi
    09 Das Glockenspiel (DJ Tiesto Radio Edit) - Schiller
    10 Let´s Go (Original Mix) - Activex

  • The third single from the successful swedish group Excellence will be "Whats Up". It's taken from their debut album "The Region of Excellence". The single is to be released on November 5th. (DAI)


  • The new Alphaville album is called "Forever Pop" and was released on October 22nd. (DAI/Nolimits)

    01. Forever Young (F.A.F. Mix)
    02. Dance With Me (Paul van Dyk Mix)
    03. Big In Japan (Spremberg Mix)
    04. Romeos (ReWarped Mix)
    05. Summer Rain (De-Phazz Mix)
    06. Jerusalem (Georg Kaleve Mix)
    07. Summer In Berlin (Cristian Fleps Mix)
    08. Sounds Like A Melody (Staggman Mix)
    09. Lassie Come Home (Lloyd Mix)
    10. Jet Set (Saunaclub Mix)
    11. Victory Of Love (José Alvarez-Brill Mix)
    12. Red Rose (Mark Plati Mix)
    13. Big In Japan (Eiffel 65 Mix)

  • The new Angelic single "Stay With Me" will be released on October 29th. (DAI)

    01. Stay With Me (7" Radio Edit)
    02. Stay With Me (Mark O'Tool Mix)
    03. It's My Turn (Original Mix)

  • Iio will release the single "Rapture" on October 29th. (DAI)

  • 16B feat. Morel will release the track "Escape (Driving To Heaven)" on October 29th. (DAI)

    12" Disc One [HOOJ111]
    A. Omid's Full Vocal Mix
    B. Omid's Original Instrumental
    12" Disc Two [HOOJ111R]
    A. Francisco Savier Remix
    B. Omid's Dark Dub
    CD [HOOJ111CD]
    1. Omid's Full Vocal Mix
    2. Omid's Original Instrumental
    3. Francisco Savier Remix
    4. Omid's Dark Dub

  • Basement Jaxx is to release the new track "Where's Your Head At" on November 26th. (DAI)

  • Soundlovers has released the single "Living In Your Head". (Nolimits)

  • Beam vs. Cyrus has released the single "Lifestyle". (Nolimits)

  • Tom Novy has released the single "Back To The Streets". (Nolimits)

  • Eddy Grant has released the single "Walking On Sunshine". (Nolimits)

  • Kai Tracid has released the single "Life Is Too Short". (Nolimits)


  • N-Trance has re-released "Set You Free". This time it contains remixes by Rob Searle,
    Voodoo & Serano, BM Dubs and N-Trance vs.Tidy Trax-Paul Maddox. (DAI)

  • Fragma will release a new single called "Say That You're Here" on November 19th. (DAI)

    1 Say That You`re Here (Radio Version)       03:27
    2 Say That You`re Here (Duderstadt Remix)    06:00
    3 Say That You`re Here (Extended Mix)        05:52
    4 Say That You`re Here (Liquid Love Dub Mix) 07:46
    5 Say That You`re Here (Hennes & Cold Remix) 08:20
    6 Say That You`re Here (Liquid Love Remix)   08:00

  • Coast2Coast released the progressive-trance track "Home" on October 15th. (DAI)

    1 Home (Radio Edit)     03:09
    2 Home (5am Radio Edit) 03:18
    3 Home (Tiesto Remix)   06:58
    4 Home (Cequenza Remix) 07:27
    5 Home (5am Remix)      08:17

  • According to several sources Cappella will be back with a new single, title still unknown. According to Media Records the single will be released in almost every European country. (DAI/Marlon Treep/Slayo2000)

  • Sylver will soon release a special edition of the album "Chances". The 2 cd album will contain acoustic versions, exclusive remixes and video clips of "Skin", "Forever In Love", "Forgiven" and "Turn The Tide". (DAI)

  • New from Kosmonova Vs. C-Star is the single "The Day-Dream". (Nolimits)

  • New from Renegate Master is the single "Renegate Master". (Nolimits)

  • New from Bump is the single "I'm Rushin 2001". (Nolimits)

  • New from Norman Dj is the single "Electronic Technology". (Nolimits)

  • New from Mango Maniax is the single "Hit The Floor". (Nolimits)

  • New from Bang Gang is the single "I Like To Move It". (Nolimits)

  • Paps'N'Skar's new single is called "Get It On". (Nolimits)

  • New from Sono is the single "Keep Control". (Nolimits)

  • New from Grossmann / Spranger is the single "Die Sehnsucht". (Nolimits)

  • New from RZA is the single "La Rhumba". (Nolimits)

  • New from DuMonde vs. Lange is the single "Memory". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Boca is called "Miami". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Cabballero is called "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes". (Nolimits)

  • The new dance-single from Kyau vs. Albert is called "Outside". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Mario Lopez is a "cover-dance-track" which is called "The Sun Always Shines On Tv". (Nolimits)

  • Brooklyn Bounce are back with an cover-dance-track which is called "Club Bizarre".
    "Club Bizarre" was an great success for U 96. (Nolimits)

  • Re-flex's new singe is called "Babadeng". (Nolimits)

  • Balloon's new single is called "Bad & Sexy". (Nolimits)

  • Orinoko's new single is called "Island (Mixes)". (Nolimits)

  • Airplay's new single is called "The Music Is Moving". (Nolimits)

  • Ultrakomm's new single is called "UK Disco". (Nolimits)

  • Yes they are back in old (successful)-style: Prezioso feat. Marvin's new single
    is called "Let's Talk About A Man". (Nolimits)

  • Adama-n-Cast's new single is called "Get On Up (Part 2)". (Nolimits)


  • 666 will release a new single called "Supa Dupa Fly" on November 12th. (DAI)

  • Enigma released two albums on October 8th: (DAI)

    * "Love Sensuality Devotion - The Greatest Hits":

    The Landing 1:40
    Turn Around 3:52
    Gravity Of Love 3:59
    TNT For The Brain 5:18
    Modern Crusaders 3:53
    Shadows In Silence 4:19
    Return To Innocence 4:16
    I Love You... I´ll Kill You 8:20
    Principles Of Lust 3:90
    Sadeness 4:15
    Silence Must Be Heard 4:47
    Smell Of Desire 4:32
    Mea Culpa 4:31
    Push The Limits 3:48
    Beyond The Invisible 4:51
    Age Of Loneliness 4:10
    Morphing Thru Me 5:26
    The Cross Of Changes 2:15

    * "Love Sensuality Devotion - The Remix Collection":

    Turn Around (Northern Lights Club Mix) 10:27
    Age Of Loneliness (Enigmatic Club Mix) 6:15
    Push The Limits (ATB Remix) 7:42
    Gravity Of Love (Judgement Day Club Mix) 5:59
    Return To Innocence (380 Midnight Mix) 5:43
    Sadeness (Violent U.S. Remix) 4:43
    Principles Of Lust (Everlasting Lust Mix) 4:56
    Mea Culpa (Fading Shades Mix) 6:40
    TNT For The Brain (Midnight Man Mix) 5:57

  • A-Teens will release a DVD in the US/Canada called "A-Teens | The DVD Collection".
    It's scheduled to be released on November 13th. (DAI)

  • Dave Gappa, former frontman of the band H-Blockx and Oliver Froning, producer and former frontman of the dance act Dune has joined forces with sounddesigner and producer Kai Niggemann (Canine) and drummer Jörg Dartmann for a stunning new project: 3AD is the groove of funk, dance, breakbeat, the power of alternative rock and the lyrics of rapper/shouter Dave Gappa. (DAI)

  • Earthbound will release a new a single in November called "Mission: Dreams". (DAI)

  • Paul van Dyk released and EP called "Columbia EP" on October 8th. (DAI)

    Columbia (PVD RMX) 7:52
    Out There 7:23
    Movement 6:56
    Vega(Starecase RMX) 8:51
    A Different Journey to Vega 6:24

  • The "Nightlife DVD" from Pet Shop Boys will be released on November 12th. (DAI/OPSB)

  • Pet Shop Boys's new DVD "Montage" will be released in the US on November 20th. (DAI/OPSB)

  • According to the Official Pet Shop Boys homepage PSB has finished recording their new album.
    The tracks will now be mixed and the release is set to early Spring 2002. (DAI/OPSB)

  • RMB will release a DVD called "Mission Horizon" on October 29th. (DAI)

  • According to Trance.nu Rank 1 has finished their next single. The single is still unnamed but is said to contain three remixes ("Original", "Radio Mix" and "Benicio Remix".). The release of the single is set to early 2002.

    Also according to Trance.nu a Rank 1 album will be released in approx. 2 months. (DAI/Trance.nu)

  • Rimini Project new single is called "Scream My Name". (DAI)

  • Rimini Project has released their second album. It's entitled "Remixed". (DAI)

    Movin' Around (Bertelson Mix) (04:23)
    Bum Digi (Pulse Accelerator Mix) (03:42)
    Wake Up (Summer Mix) (06:17)
    Scream My Name (Base Frequency Version) (06:05)
    Movin' Around (Moonchild Mix) (06:11)
    Sounds Good (Club Alarm Radio Edit) (03:30)
    Away (Trance Version) (04:07)
    Can I Have This Dance (Dub House Edit) (03:59)
    Movin' Around (Club Mix) (06:47)
    Wake Up (Marshmellow Edit) (05:07)
    Dancebalance Megamix (07:30)
    Remix Tools 1 (00:28)
    Remix Tools 2 (02:16)
    Remix Tools 3 (00:32)

  • Sylver will release a new single called "Forgiven" on October 15th. (DAI)

  • The compilation "Trance Addiction vol.4" will be released on October 22nd. (DAI)

    01. Bacon Popper                    Free..(Theme 2001-Andy & Paul Farina Remix)
    02. System Reduction feat. DJ Opi   Progressivo (Pat Looms UK Mix)
    03. Niels van  Gogh                 Rushin (Kick'n Rush Mix)
    04. Le Petit Sam                    The Drive
    05. S.M.E.G.M.A                     Ticket to Berlin  (Bundesschranzler Mix)
    06. Mass Effect                     Alphascan (Arome Remix)
    07. Accenter & Three O.             Outsiders (Alibee aka DJ Weichei meets Pat Loom Rmx)
    08. JunkFood Junkies                The Game (Club Mix)
    09. Dave Joy                        Impression (S.H.O.O.K. Mix)
    10. Mark Brain                      Stonehenge (Paul Hutch Remix)
    11. Terence                         Maniac 2001 (Club Mix)
    12. RMF                             Spray (Andy & Paul Farina Remix)
    01. DJ Vortex & Apras Team          Incoming (Radio Mix)
    02. DJ Milo meet. DJ Rayden         I Take U There  (C Smooth Remix)
    03. Espuma                          The Ultimate (Unix Remix)
    04. Mike Dragon                     Infinity 2001 (Fridge vs Vectrex Remix)
    05. Cuadro                          Summerbreeze (Niels van Gogh Rmx)
    06. Velvet Skies                    Planet Violet (Mario Lopez Mix)
    07. The Mystery                     Mystery (Above & Beyond Mix)
    08. DJ High Jacker                  Given It All I Got (Arne L2 Mix)
    09. Orion vs. Ayla                  Eternity (Gizeh Remix)
    10. William Hawk                    Say Good Bye (Marc Van Linden vs D-Gor Club Rmx)
    11. System Reduction feat. DJ Opi   Progressivo (Opis Club Mix)
    12. 2 Men Ahead                     Blue Moon (Original)

  • New from Luna Park is the track "Space Melody". (DAI)

  • Lasgo's next single "Alone" will be released on October 29th. (DAI)


  • Sandra has released a long-awaited single on October 1st entitled "Forever". The single is co-written by
    Peter Ries, who collaborated with Tillman for songs like "Bassfly" and "Free". As usual, it's produced by her husband, producer Michael Cretu aka Enigma. An album named "Wheel Of Time" will soon be released too. (Albert Foo)

  • Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo present Starsplash released the track "Wonderful Days 2001"
    on October 8th. (Nejc Vugrinec)

  • Green Velvet has released an album called "Whatever". (Nolimits)

  • Roger Sanchez has released an album called "First Contact". (Nolimits)

  • The new album from Floorfilla is called "Floorfilla Mix Nation". (Nolimits)

  • The new album from Sugar Ray is called simply "Sugar Ray". (Nolimits)

  • The new album from Eiffel 65 is called "Contact". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from T Seven (ex Mr.President) is called "Passion". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from freestyle-dance-performer Stevie B. is called "In My Eyes". (Nolimits)

  • The new singles from Spike are called "A Moment of Love Version 1" and "A Moment of Love Version 2". (Nolimits)

  • Arman van Helden released a new album called "Gandhi Kahn" on October 1st. (DAI)

  • New single from Bacon Popper is "Trip To India". (DAI)

  • The next single from Beam vs. Cyrus is called "Lifestyle". (DAI)

  • Dido's new single is called "Hunter". (DAI)

  • New from Klubbingman is the single called "Welcome to the Club". (DAI)

  • New from Konkrete is the trancetrack "Law Unto Myself". (DAI)

  • New from Kurgan is the trancetrack "The Blue". (DAI)

  • The next single from Roger Sanchez is called "You Can't Change Me" and is to be released on October 29th. (DAI)


  • Red Sector has released a new single called "Invasion over Berlin". (Nolimits)

  • Klubbingman's new single is called "Welcome To The Club". (Nolimits)

  • Tall Paul versus INXS's single is called "Precious Heart". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Lars Palmas is called "Gang Bang Society". (Nolimits)

  • Kylie Minogue's new single is called "Can't Get You Out Of My Head". (Nolimits)

  • SQ 1 (also known as Sequential One) is back with the single "Dance" (seems to be a re-release or a new version of an old Sequential One-hit). (Nolimits)

  • New from Mark'Oh is a single called "Never Stop That Feelin' 2001". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Foggy is a called "Come...Into My Dreams". (Nolimits)

  • New from British Plastic is a single called "You Leave". (Nolimits)

  • Cuadro's new single is called "Summerbreeze". (Nolimits)

  • The group Maxx has released a new single (in fact it's a techno remix of "No More"). (Slayo)

  • On October 8th "Flawless" by The Ones is to be released. (DAI)

  • "Drop Some Drums" by [love] Tattoo has been released this week. (DAI)


  • Eyeleen will release the single "Sailing Away (On The Boat Of Love)" on September 24th. (DAI)

  • Oli.P together with Jan van der Thoorn has released the single called "Girl You Know It`s True".
    The song is a cover, it was originally done by Milli Vanilli. (Nolimits)

  • Chris Kain's first Trance/Techno-single is called "The Decision Is Yours", and is to be released on the label Modul / BMG on October 1st. This track is on the soundtrack from the movie Julietta too.

    Behind Chris Kain stands the producer Carsten Arnold from Munich. He is well known by projects like Lost'n'Alive or Kain & Abel.

    On the single "The Decision Is Yours" should be also remixes from 2 Men Ahead - Ibiza; DJ Steve - Munich; and The Horrorist - New York. (Nolimits)

  • New from Pounding Grooves 21 is the track "Fuk wida Beat". (Nolimits)

  • New from Alphaville is the Paul van Dyk-remix from their track "Dance With Me". (Nolimits)

  • New from Coast to Coast feat. Discovery is the track "Home". (Nolimits)

  • Lasgo - "Something" will be released in Germany on October 8th. (A&S)

  • Ian Van Dahl - "Castles In The Sky" has be re-released in Belgium for the third time. (A&S)


  • Barthezz will release the follow-up to "On The Move", "Infected", in the Netherlands and Germany on
    October 8th. (DAI)

  • Mario Piú will release a new single called "The Vision Mixes" on September 17th.
    Also a new album-release as a double-CD and as a double-vinyl in short time... (Nolimits)

  • New from Coast To Coast Feat. Discovery is the single "Home". (Nolimits)

  • New from Toby Lee Connor is the single "Wicked Games". (Nolimits)

  • New from Gloria Gaynor is the single "I Will Survive 2001". (Nolimits)

  • New from DJ Swam is the single "The Ground". (Nolimits)

  • New from Scotty is the single "Don`T Stop The Party". (Nolimits)

  • New from Kosheen is the single "Hide U". (Nolimits)

  • New from 3-Force is the single "Secrets". (Nolimits)

  • New from Seaflowers is the single "Easy Livin`". (Nolimits)

  • New from DJ Jean is the single "Lift Me Up". (Nolimits)

  • Enigma's new single is called "Turn Around". (Nolimits)

  • Roxette's new single is called "Milk And Toast And Honey". (Nolimits)

  • Floorfilla is back with a new single called "Enter The Arena". (Nolimits)

  • Brian Harvey (ex - East 17 - member) is back together with the Refugee Crew.
    The single-release is called Brian Harvey & The Refugee Crew - "Loving You". (Nolimits)

  • The next single from Hermes House Band is again an "refreshed old hit" (coversong!) -
    the single is called "Que Sera Sera". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Marc Anthony is called "Tragedy". (Nolimits)

  • The new single after their great charthit "Dream To Me" from Dario G is called "Say What`s On Your Mind". (Nolimits)

  • The new album from Haddaway is called . (Nolimits)

  • "Take Me Home" is the first single from female singer , she was the voice on the Spiller
    dance-single-release "Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)". (Nolimits)


  • Kay Cee will release the single "I Feel You" on September 15th. (DAI)

  • Good news about Masterboy. Rumors that Trixy Delgado (real name Beatrice Obrecht) would be back proved to be true. She is now back with Masterboy, after leaving the group back in Spring of 1996 to care about her family with her long time friend Thomas (actually she began a solo career for a project called La Tour).

    This is the first time in eurodance history that a female vocalist that left a project to begin a solo career comes back. Amazing, needles to say. A new single is coming out called "Living On Video", another cover, which should be released in September or possibly later this fall. (Alex Van Der Mal)

  • The label Hooj released the compilation "Form + Function" on September 3rd. "Form + Function" is "a two CD exploration into the deep house sound compiled and mixed by label head Red Jerry". (DAI)

  • Lovesky will release "Drums 4 Better Daze" on September 10th. It contains remixes by Sharam '16C+' Jey, Excession and Praha. The song is released on the label Hooj. (DAI)

  • "On The Move" by Barthezz will be released on CD and 12" in the UK on September 10th.
    The release contains the original version and also new remixes by Dumonde and Riva. (DAI)

  • The dance project Sqeezer is back with the single "Remember Summertime".
    The single was released on September 3rd in Germany. (Tobias Gerstenberg/DAI)

  • T-Seven will release on September 24th the single "Passion". (Tobias Gerstenberg)

  • French Affair want comeback with the single "Sexy". (Tobias Gerstenberg)

  • Duplex Trax has released the track "Maximum". (DAI/A&S)

  • Delinquents will release the track "M.F. Ep" in the near future. (DAI/A&S)

  • Drasstic will release the track "Paradise" in the near future. This clubtrance tune includes
    remixes by Fiocco, Razzle & Dazzle and Jan Vervloet. (DAI/A&S)

  • A new trance smash is on the way from Peter Luts vs G-Bric, the track is called "Pacific Wish"
    and will be released in the near future. (DAI/A&S)

  • Wax Attack - "Heart Attack", hardtrance to be released soon. (DAI/A&S)

  • Kraxler und Schwartz - "For Pleasure Only", trance to be released soon. (DAI/A&S)

  • Global Killer - "God's Selection", to be released soon. (DAI/A&S)

  • Dj Zé Mig.L - "Drunk Chicken", to be released soon. (DAI/A&S)

  • New from Mezziah is the track "Innocent As A Newborn Child". (Nolimits)

  • New from Luna Park is the track "Space Melody". (Nolimits)

  • New from Terence is the track "Maniac 2001". (Nolimits)

  • New from Marc Et Claude is the track "Tremble". (Nolimits)

  • New from Killer K. is the track "Ready For Take Off". (Nolimits)

  • New from Trisco is the track "Musak". (Nolimits)

  • New from Giresse is the track "Mon Ami". (Nolimits)

  • New from Starfunk is the track "Stupid Games". (Nolimits)

  • New from Gloss is the track "This Is All I Need". (Nolimits)

  • Mango Maniax released the track "Hit The Floor" on August 29th.
    The release includes remixes by Mario Lopez and Avancada. (DAI)


  • News about Ian van Dahl (provided by Christophe Chantzis):
    - USA: #93 (5th week back in TOP 100) Now 7 months on the chart!
      - Just back from 2 week tour in USA and Canada.
    - UK: #8 in the single chart (7 weeks TOP 10 now!)
      - Did a tour in the UK this week. All clubs sold out!
    - Ireland: #13
    - Netherland: DANCE SMASH ON RADIO 538!
    - Today recording for second appearance on "Staatsloterijshow" (3 million viewers) RTL on 14 September!
    - Japan: "Castles in the Sky" in the official dance chart at #8 (Tokyo Club Gang).
    - New single "Will I ?" on promo real soon!.

  • News about Lasgo (provided by Christophe Chantzis): The project around Peter Luts.
    - Germany: First Dance chart results for "Something":
      DDC : N°1 in the Bullet chart!
      DJ Playlist : 65
      DMC : 17
    - Belgium: Now 8th week TOP 10 in Belgium. #6
    - Netherlands: entry at #90

  • News about Dee Dee (provided by Christophe Chantzis):
    - "Forever" is doing great:
      USA: enters the USA Vinyl Charts at #39
      Release in Belgium the 3th September!
      Will be released all over Europe real soon.


  • David Forbes released a new track called "Questions (Must Be Asked)" on August 13th. (DAI)

  • After their cd-album "Kick You Hard (Their Masterworks & Best Remixes)" [was released on HouseNation/Dancestreet], they are back on Kontor Records, Klubbheads new single is called "Hiphopping". (Nolimits)

  • Darude (known from hits like "Sandstorm" or "Feel The Beat", the new single is called "Out of Control". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Scooter "Aiii Shot The DJ" was released on August 13th. (DAI)

  • DJ Tiesto "Suburban Train" will be released on September 10th. (DAI)

  • New from Dreamcatcher is the trance tune "I Don't Wanna Loose My Way". (DAI)

  • The next single from Faithless will be "Muhammed Ali" and is to be released on September 3rd. (DAI)

  • Pulsedriver vs. Geo will release a single called "Din da da" on August 27th. (DAI)

  • New from Toybox is the single "Superstar". (DAI)


  • The swedish producer/remixer Nello died last sunday due to an overdose of sleepingpills. (DAI)

  • La Bouche released the single "All I Want" in France on August 3rd. There is also a possible album release in France soon. (Slayo2000)

  • Sony Music in Germany is about to release the 21st doublealbum in the famous Dream Dance series.
    It's scheduled to be released on August 20th. (Nolimits)

     Kai Tracid - Too Many Times (Really Relaxed Cool Summer-Track!)
     The Love Commitee - Loveparade 2001 - You Can't Stop Us
     Barthezz - On The Move
     Tukan - Light A Rainbow
     Pulsedriver - Cambodia
     Blank & Jones - Nightclubbing
     Dj Scot Project - O (Overdrive)
     Mirco De Govia - Epic Monolith
     Anakin - Can You Hear Me
     Voodoo & Serano - Slide To The Vibe
     Delerium Feat. Leigh Nash - Innocente
     Dj Shah Feat. No Iron - Tides Of Time (Greencourt Rmx)
     Dance Nation - Sunshine
     Dj Sakin & Friends - Miami
     Paffendorf -    Be Cool (Dj Garry Trance Remix )
     Orgasmic Vibes -    Booming Sands
     Plaything - Into Space
     Moogue - China Girl
     Da Hool -  Meet Her At The Loveparade (Hooligans 2001 Radio Edit)
     Schiller Mit Heppner  - Dream Of You
     ATB - Let U Go
     Dario G -  Dream To Me
     System F Feat. Marc Almond -   Soul On Soul (Barthezz Remix )
     Lovestern Galaktika Project,Meets Daisy C.I.O. -  Galaktika - Are You
     Ready? (Dreamscape Edit)
     Mark Brain  - Stonehenge
     Milk  Inc. -  Livin' A Lie
     Detektor - Fly
     Jimmy Hill & Sarah G.  - The Joint Track
     Infernal - Muzaik
     2 Men Ahead - Blue Moon
     Liquid Breeze - State Of Mind
     Dj Cyglas - Read My Heart
     Skysurfer - Colors
     M-Shape - Cloudness Sky
     Portamento Players -  Thai Taleh
     Syntone -  C' Est Syntone
     Balearic Bastards - Avenue D' Amour
     Sarah Brightman Vs. Atb  -  A Whiter Shade Of Pale (Atb Remix )
     The Joker -  Milky Way 2001
     Future Breeze - Temple Of Dreams

  • Schiller's album "Weltreise" ["Worldtrip"] got straight in to the number one (1) spot in the german-Albumcharts. (Nolimits)

  • Alexia will soon release the single "Summerlovers" in Italy. (Jerry Antonsson)

  • The new SuReal single called "Always on my mind" will be released on the 14th of August 2001. (Lange-Music.com)

  • Space Brothers will release a new single called "Everywhere I Go" on August 27. (DAI)

  • The new single from norwegian group Reset is called "Say I´m The One". (DAI)


  • Ian van Dahl "Castles In The Sky" has climbed to no.3 in the Official UK Single chart!! (Christophe Chantzis)

  • The System F album "Out of The Blue" will be re-released on August 13. (DAI)

  • The new single from M-Shape is called "Cloudless Sky". (DAI)

  • Lyane Leigh has released a new single called "Auf der Suche". (DAI)

  • Millane Fernandez has released her follow-up to the single "Boom Boom". The new single
    is called "I Miss You (Dam Dubi Dam)" and will be released on August 13. (DAI)

  • The new SQ 1 (Sequential One) single will be called "Dance" and should be available in a few weeks. (Nolimits)

  • The next single from York is called "Silence". (DAI)

  • New from Lou Bega comes the double-side-single "Just a Gigolo / I Ain`t Got Nobody". (Nolimits)

  • New from Blue comes the single "Too Close" and it's going to be released on August 27. (DAI)

  • The new album from Culture Beat will be called "Obsession", date of release is currently unknown. (DAI)

  • New summer-feelings comes from King Africa with the single-track "La Bamba". (Nolimits)

  • New from Yakooza "Stronger" released on Overdose. (Nolimits)

  • New from The Joker "Milky Way 2001" released on Breeze/Urban. (Nolimits)

  • New from Bassraiders Raveolution" released on Kontor. (Nolimits)

  • New from Koala "Tribal Island" released on Dos or Die. (Nolimits)

  • New from 3 Years - 3 Days "Temple of Dance" released on A 45 Music. (Nolimits)

  • New from Accenter & Three O. "Outsiders" released on Balloon Records. (Nolimits)

  • Tony Esposito is back with the single "Kalimba de Luna 2001" released on Deep Culture. (Nolimits)

  • New from Crizz Lee "Why Not" released on More Music. (Nolimits)

  • New from Filur "Shame" released on Edel Dance Department. (Nolimits)

  • New from Silverstone "If I Had a Choice" released on East West/Fuel. (Nolimits)

  • New from Rank 1 feat. Shanokee "Such Is Life" released on Kontor. (Nolimits)

  • New from The Love Committee "You Can`t Stop Us (Loveparade 2001)" released on Low Spirit. (Nolimits)

  • New from Klubbheads "Hiphopping" released on Kontor. (Nolimits)

  • New from Scott Bells "Deep In My Heart" released on More Music. (Nolimits)

  • New from Soulforce "You & Me" released on Zeitgeist. (Nolimits)

  • New from Kai Tracid "Too Many Times" released on Tracid Traxx/Sony. (Nolimits)


  • Ian van Dahl "Castles In The Sky" is still doing great:
    - Now on No. 6 !!! in the UK chart, this means 3 weeks TOP 10.
    - Also TOP 20 in Ireland.
    - Re-entry Billboard TOP 100.
    - Release this week in the Netherlands and Scandinavia.
    - 5th of August BBC gig in Scotland (60 a 80 000 people)

    - A tour in August will take the girls to England, Scandinavia, USA, Canada, Holland and Scotland.

    - New single will be called "Will I ?"

    - Album planned for the end of this year.

    (Christophe Chantzis)

  • Lasgo "Something" now on No. 6 in the Belgian TOP 10 (4 weeks TOP 10). Video shoot postponed because of floods in Poland. Looking for an other location. Signed with Elektrola (Germany) and Positiva (UK). (Christophe Chantzis)

  • Dee Dee "Forever" getting major airplay already in the USA. Signed with Robbins/BMG for Canada/USA. (Christophe Chantzis)

  • On September 3rd the new single by Melanie Thornton will be released. It's a track from her debut
    solo album "Ready To Fly" "Ooh Ooh (Talking About Love)". The title of the song has slightly changed
    into "Makin' Ooh Ohh (Talking About Love)". The song has been remixed for the single release, and now
    has much more power than it already had. (Casper Janssen)

  • High in german-DJ-rotation - the new single "The Temple of Love" from Future Breeze. (Nolimits)

  • The new cd-album called "Weltreise" (translated means it "Worldtrip") from dance-act Schiller is now available in shops. Schiller are known from their single-hits "Dream of You" and "Ein schöner Tag (a Beautiful Day)". Some tracks are made together with Kim Sanders (ex-Culture Beat female singer).
    The cd-album contains 18 tracks. (Nolimits)

  • New from the group Touche is the cd-album "Another Part of Us" (50% powerful dance-pop & 50 % ballads). The album is produced by Dieter Bohlen. Dieter Bohlen is known from his own project Blue System and his Modern Talking (together with Thomas Anders). Touche could be the "german answer" to groups like Backstreet Boys, N`Sync, Caught in the Act, Worlds Apart, Boyzone... (Nolimits)

  • The new track from the girl-group No Angels is called "There Must Be An Angel" and is the title-track to the german movie "Der Kleine Eisbär" (translated "The Little Icebear"). It`s an groovy cover-version of the 80ies- Eurythmics-hit. (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Spike is called "Moment of Love", date of release should be August 27. (Nolimits)

  • New single should be from DJ Quicksilver meets Shaggy and is called "Boombastic" , date of release should be September 24. It seems that it will be a DJ Quicksilver-remix of Shaggy`s big hit! (Nolimits).

  • Seems that it will be an cover-song, the new single-release from Milk & Sugar vs. John Paul Young -
    "Love Is In The Air". Date of release is today unknown. (Nolimits)

  • Pulsedriver's new album "Sequence" was released on July 30. (Nolimits).

  • Edel Records in Germany has released the compilation "Trance Base Vol. 7". It was released on July 30. (DAI)

  • E.L.I.Records / Fever Records has released the compilation "Estilo Libre (Freestyle)". It was released on July 10. (DAI)

  • Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo will bring back the new song "Wonderful Days 2001" soon.
    This news comes from Charly Lownoise. (Nejc Vugrinec)


  • Ian van Dahl - "Castles In The Sky", signed to Nulife/BMG in the UK, has entered the official UK Top 75 singles chart at the number 5 spot!

    Next thursday the three girls will perform at Top of The Pops (BBC). (Christophe Chantzis)

  • On July 9th, the new single "Pata Pata" from Yamboo was released. (Tobias Gerstenberg)

  • According to Orbit Records' release schedule the Dune albums "History" and "Live!" will be re-released on August 06. (DAI)

  • Armin van Buuren's new compilation "AVB003 - 'In Motion'" will be released on August 13th.
    (United Recordings)


  • Ian van Dahl:
    - "Castles In The Sky", UK KISS FM rotation and now B-rotation on BBC Radio 1, expected to move to
    - "Castles In The Sky", released on Monday 02.07.01 in the UK. Promoted with succesfull release party
      in Ibiza, at club Eden.
    -"Castles In The Sky", re-release in the Netherlands soon with e.g. TV apperance on Staatsloterij-show
      (3 million viewers).
    - "Castles In The Sky", still growing rotation and sales in the USA.
    - "Castles In The Sky", release soon in Scandinavia and Australia also.
    - New single will be called "Will I ?".
    (Christophe Chantzis)

  • Christophe and Erik is introducing and producing a new talent Dee Dee. Official release on vinyl next week. Limited white label resulted in very good reactions. Expected release real soon in Spain, USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland. Other countries will follow. (Christophe Chantzis)

  • DJ Jan: The project from DJ Jan and Christophe Chantzis. Follow up from XSanto and Blaxo
    "My Impression" will appear on "Trance Nation USA"!!. (Christophe Chantzis)

  • Kraxler und Schwarz: A new hard trance project from Christophe and Erik. First single "For Pleasure Only" will be released right after the holidays. (Christophe Chantzis)

  • Verena feat. Jim Reeves (Jim Reeves is the male part of the euro-dance-act Sqeezer. Sqeezer is known from their cd-album "Drop Your Pants" and their also successful singles like "Blue Jeans"; "Saturday Night"; "Scandy Randy" or "Without You").

    The single Verena feat. Jim Reeves is called "Küss` mich nochmal" (translated means it "Kiss Me Once Again") and is released on the label ZYX / More Music. (Nolimits)

  • Passion Fruit are back with an new four-track-single which is called "Bongo Man",
    released on X-Cell Records / EPIC. (Nolimits)

  • 2 Hawaii has released an four-track-single which is called "Come a` ama",
    released on Aloha Records / EDEL. (Nolimits)

  • New from Tukan is the single "Light a Rainbow Part 1" on Drizzly. (Nolimits)

  • New from Mooque the Sequel is the single "China Girl" on Polydor / Zeitgeist. (Nolimits)

  • New from Groove Coverage is the single "Are You Ready" on Urban. (Nolimits)

  • New from Big Tim Charlie is the single Chasing Rainbows" on East West. (Nolimits)

  • New from Gitta vs. Rozalla" is the single "Everbody`s Turning Back" on Balloon Records. (Nolimits)

  • New from DJ Taylor & Flow is the single "Dance to the planet" on EAMS. (Nolimits)


  • Armin van Buuren new single is "Perpetuous Dreamer - The Sound of Goodbye". (DAI)

  • The new Belgian dance formation Whyzer is about to release their second single! The song is called
    "Teach me How". Belgium, watch out for this new single! http://way.to/whyzer. (Whyzer)

  • "Mad For Music" is the name of Alexia's new album. The album will be released in Italy on June 25. (Jerry Antonsson)
  • The new single from Billy More (known from the track "Up and Down") is called "Come On and Do It". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Spike (known from the track "Respect Yourself") is called "A Moment of Love". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Sugar M. is called "Wonderful Life". (Nolimits)

  • The brandnew single from, in Austria best known DJ, DJ Doozer & Palermo is called
    "Music (Here We Go Again)" - the tracks sounds like Cappella or Corona or Twenty 4 Seven. (Nolimits)

  • New single from The Disco Boys feat. RB" (RB stands for the black-male-singer Roberto Blanco) is
    "Born To Be Alive". (Nolimits)

  • New single from Sunfire LTD. is the track "End of Time". (Nolimits)

  • New single from SMP pres. DJ T-Kay is the track "In Your Mind". (Nolimits)

  • New single from Qube is "I Can Do It". (Nolimits)

  • New single from Norlin & Sloop feat. Phoebe Hall is the track "Free". (Nolimits)

  • New single from Liquid Overdose is the track "Contact". (Nolimits)

  • New single from Disko Bitch is the track "Rock da Beat (Supastar)". (Nolimits)

  • New single from Boris Dlugosch feat. Roisin Murphy is the track "Never Enough". (Nolimits)

  • New single from FMF Greg @ SMP with the track "False Witness". (Nolimits)

  • New single from Molella (the italian DJ / producer and radio speaker) is the track "Genik". (Nolimits)

  • New single from Naive is the track "Looking For Happiness". (Nolimits)

  • New single from Apoptagma Berzerk is "Kathy`s Song". (Nolimits)

  • New single from Bedrock is "Beautiful Strange". (Nolimits)

  • New single from Jam X (aka Juergen Mutschall) is the track "Warriors". (Nolimits)

  • New single from Yanny & Gollum is the track "Shadows & Lights". (Nolimits)

  • New single from Solo Plastic is the track "What Do You Want Me To Do?". (Nolimits)

  • New single from Vorsprung Durch Technik is the track "Solar". (Nolimits)

  • New single from Gardeweg is his new track "It`s Time". (Nolimits)

  • New single from IT-Girls is the track "My Heart It Feels Like...Dub Dub". (Nolimits)

  • New single from Ian Pooely feat. Esthero is the track "Balmes (a Better Life)". (Nolimits)

  • New single from Lima is the track "Turn On The Night". (Nolimits)

  • Pulsedriver (his real name is Slobodan Petrovic) comes with his first CD-album called "Sequence" on the label Zeitgeist (589 077-2), date of release should be July 16. (Nolimits)


  • The new single from T-Spoon is called "Sexy Lady" and it will be released within a week or so. "Sexy Lady"
    is a warm and vibrant song which will bring a summer feeling everywhere. (T-Spoon)

  • Paul van Dyk is set to release an EP featuring remixes of tracks from his lastest album release
    "Out There And Back". (Trance.nu)

  • On June 25 the new Paffendorf single "Be Cool" is to be released. (DAI)

  • Bob Sinclais's new single "Ich Rocke" will be released on June 25. (DAI)

  • The cooperation between DJ Eskimo and Pacific Blue has resulted in a new single called "Take Me Up".
    The single is soon finished and will be released in a short while. (DAI)

  • The compilation "Café Del Mar Volume 8", the original chillout album of the summer, has been released.
    It features exclusive tracks from Dido, Lamb, Goldfrapp, Afterlife and many more. (DAI)

  • Palmer vs. Ramone's new cd-single is called "Club Nights" and will be released on June 28. (DAI)

  • New from Basement Jaxx is the single "Romeo". (DAI)

  • The next single from Depeche Mode is called "I Feel Loved" and will be released on July 16. (DAI)

  • New from Dj Aligator is the single "Temple Of India". (DAI)

  • "Lucky" is the title of the forthcoming single from Eiffel 65. (DAI)

  • Jan Johnson's EP "City EP" is out now.

  • The next single from Jan Johnson is "Silent Words" and will be released on July 9. (DAI)

  • On June 18 Lady Violet released the new single "Calling Your Name". (DAI)

  • Niels van Gogh next single is "Rushin". (DAI)


  • Playlist of Ian van Dahls's radio show "The Sound Factory" (Christophe Chantzis)
      01. Trancesetters - Synergy
      02. Durango 95 - Lectronic
      03. DJ Remy - Serious Damage
      04. Circuit Boy - The Door
      05. Mark Lownder - Indya
      06. Quivver - One Last Time
      07. H Two - Release
      08. Kamaya Painters - Wasteland
      09. Koma & Bones - Face Facts
      10. Mara - One
      11. Phaser - Driven
      12. Sandra Collins - Flutterby
      13. Armin - Virgo
      14. HH - Ice 869
      15. Origin - Yellow
      16. Novocaine - Rainmaker
      17. Purple Haze - Genetic
      18. LSG - Shecan
      19. G Lock - Preacher
      20. Ayumi Hamasaki - Vogue
      21. Star - Rockrose

  • The debut single from the swedish singer Jessie is called "I´m Dreaming" and will be released on June 21.
    It will be released on Dr.Records (Dr.Alban's recordcompany). (DAI)

  • The new single from 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor is called "Stand up and Live" (not "Live" as stated earlier) and it will be released on June, 29th 2001. (2BOT4F)

  • Everbody should know his greatest "happy-dance-italo-styled" chart-singles "Another Way", "La Passion" and "The Riddle" (an cover of the 80ies- Nik Kershaw - hit). He is back once again with an new single which is called "L`Amour Toujours", Gigi D`Agostino the italian DJ and producer, the single is once again an track from his explosive-chart-entry double-cd-album "L`AmourR Toujours - Chansons for the heart / Beats for the feet" which was released on ZYX / Media Records / Noise Maker. (Nolimits)

  • New from Deja-vu is the single "I Can`t Stop". (Nolimits)

  • New from 300 MT is the single "Feelin` Emotion". (Nolimits)

  • New from Phats & Small is the single "This Time Around". (Nolimits)

  • New from Waldmeister is the single "Kahlschlag". (Nolimits)

  • New from Bel Amour is the selftitled single "Bel Amour". (Nolimits)

  • New from DJ's @ Work is the single "Someday...". (Nolimits)

  • New from DJ Schwede presents 3 R is the single "The Ultimate". (Nolimits)

  • New from Jay Frog is the single "Pushin`". (Nolimits)

  • New from DJ Shah feat. No Iron is the single "Tides of Time". (Nolimits)

  • New from S.O.L. vs. Gat-Cha is the single "We Call It Techno". This track was the official theme of the
    "2001 GENERATION MOVE", an outdoor-dance-party in Hamburg/Germany, which is like the "LOVEPARADE" in Berlin/Germany. (Nolimits)

  • Maybe you could bring the following on your page too!

    If you have an good demo-tape (on normal cassette) and you think that it is really good - it can be your own or from an person who you had heard somewhere you could send it to "a + r"-manager Ramon Zenker
    (Bellini, Paffendorf, Celvin Rotane, Hardfloor) to the following record-company-adress:

    no respect records gmbh
    c/o a+r-manager Ramon Zenker
    robert-bosch-str. 6
    D-40668 meerbusch
    G E R M A N Y
    Homepage: http://www.nrr.de/ (nrr = no respect records)


  • Playlist of Ian van Dahls's radio show "The Sound Factory" (Christophe Chantzis)
      01. Alex Bartlett & DJ Air vs Ticienne - Amnesia
      02. M-shape - Cloudless sky (Ian van Dahl Remix)
      03. Dee Dee - Forever (Ian van Dahl Remix)
      04. Dario G - Dream To Me
      05. Chicane - Autumn Tactics
      06. Tukan - Light A Rainbow
      07. Ian van Dahl - Castles In The Sky
      08. Chakra - Home
      09. Planet Perfecto - Not Over Yet
      10. Dj Jan - Blaxo
      11. Factor E - Amazing
      12. BT - Mercury And Solace
      13. Technique - Sun Is Shining
      14. Delirium - Innocente
      15. Lasgo - Something
      16. Barthezz - On The Move
      17. DJ Jan - My Impression
      18. DJ Air - Alone With Me
      19. Madonna - What It Feels Like...
      20. Mario Piu - The Vision
      21. Mauro Picotto - Proximus
      22. Taiko - Silence

  • Schiller with Heppner's new single is "Dream Of You" and was released on June 11. (Nolimits)

  • Schiller will release an album on July 16 called "Weltreise". (Nolimits)

  • New from Voodoo & Serano is the single "Slide To The Vibe". (Nolimits)

  • New from DJ Merlyn is the single "Braunkohle / Frequenzberatung". (Nolimits)

  • New from Genik is the selftitled single "Genik (Mixes)". (Nolimits)

  • New from Lautsprecher is the single "Orient Express". (Nolimits)

  • New from E-Motion it the single "Broken Wings". (Nolimits)

  • New from Kluster feat. Ron Carroll is the single "My Love (Mixes)". (Nolimits)

  • New from Diskobitch is the single "Rock Da Beat Supastar". (Nolimits)

  • New from Jam X is the single "Warriors". (Nolimits)

  • New from Naive is the single "Looking 4 Happiness". (Nolimits)

  • New from Eddie Grant is the single "Electric Avenue 2001". (Nolimits)

  • New from Schwarze Puppen is the single "Schwarze Puppen". (Nolimits)

  • New from DI Combo is the single "Rock It To The Beat". (Nolimits)

  • New from DJ Hitch Hiker is the single "Show Me Heaven". (Nolimits)

  • New from DJ Mirko Milano is the single "Stop & Go". (Nolimits)

  • New from Africa Islam is the single "Ghetto Wax E.P.". (Nolimits)

  • The next single from Paffendorf will be "Be Cool" and is to be released on June 25. (DAI)


  • Playlist of Ian van Dahls's radio show "The Sound Factory" (Christophe Chantzis)
      01. Mad Dogs - Sudden Journey
      02. Rozzo - Into your heart
      03. Pascal FEOS - Can Dance
      04. Kid Vicious - Re-form
      05. Tatabox Inhibitors
      06. Loafer - Travellouge
      07. BT - Never gonna come..
      08. Oliver Lieb - Lightspeed
      09. Grayson Shipley - Under water
      10. Ogenki Clinic - First light
      11. Slusnik Luna - Sun
      12. The Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia
      13. Satoshi Tomiie - Love in trafic
      14. Delerium - Innocente
      15. Joshua Ryan - Pistol Whip
      16. Tenth Planet - Ghosts
      17. Freefall - Skydive
      18. Marc et Claude - Loving you
      19. Mario Piu - The Vision
      20. Warrior - Voodoo
      21. Norman Bass - How you like bass
      22. Cosmic Gate - Fire Wire
      23. DJ Tiësto - Flight 643

  • Ian van Dahl has reached the number 1 place in the canadian dance charts. (Christophe Chantzis)

  • The new single from Milk Inc. is called "Never Again". (Remco van der Galiën)

  • The third and last single from DJ BoBo's album "Planet Colors" is his personal favorite - "Colors Of Life".
    In June DJ BoBo will go to the studio and produce this track over again. Date of release will be
    August 6th, 2001. (DAI)

  • "Never Enough" by Boris Dlugosch featuring Roisin Murphy is released on June 4th on enhanced CD,
    cassette and 12". Formats include the video and the massive club mixes. (DAI)

  • The group Londonbeat known from their greatful chart-hits (like: "I`ve Been Thinking About You",
    "You Bring On The Sun", "Lover You Send Me Colours") are back with more dance-beats and with new
    name New Londonbeat - the latest single is called "Read Between Your Eyes". (Nolimits)

  • New from Faithless is the singel called "We Come 1" and it will be released on June 5th. (DAI)

  • New from DJ Scot Project is the single "O (Overdrive)". (Nolimits)

  • New from Groove Coverage is the single "Are You Ready". (Nolimits)

  • New from Sergeant Pepper is the single "Charge (Mixes)". (Nolimits)

  • New from Floorfilla is the single "Anthem #5". (Nolimits)

  • New from Legend B. feat Diana Perez is the single "Voyage / Journey". (Nolimits)

  • New from Chante Moore is the single "Straight Up". (Nolimits)

  • Juliette (known from the dance-project In Mood feat. Juliette) is back with an own single which is called "Unstoppable". The next possible single is "It's My Life" and in July she will release her debut album called "007". (Nolimits)

  • Commercial Breakup had made an female-vocal-dance-cover-remix-single of the 80ies-New Order - hit "Bizarre Love Triangle" - which should be too on the Commercial Breakup cd-album "Global Player". (Nolimits)

  • On May 18th Rimini Project released a new album called "Dance Balance". (Danny Tabakov)

  • Alphaville known from their big hit "Big in Japan" will release an cd-album which is called
    "Forever Pop (Remixes)". (Nolimits)

  • Balloon (former DJ Balloon) known from his latest single-hit "Technorocker" will bring an cd-album in near future. (Nolimits)

  • Barcode Brothers known from their singles "Dooh Dooh" and "Flute" will release an cd-album - title currently unknown. (Nolimits)

  • Lou Bega, known for the summer-hit "Mambo No. 5", new cd-album is called "Ladies and gentlemen". (Nolimits)

  • Nicky Nyce has released a new single called "Lucky Star". (Nolimits)

  • Captain Jack known from their chart-hit-albums "Captain Jack" and "Operation Dance" or their single
    "Drill Instructor" will be back with a new single which is called "Iko Iko". (Nolimits)

  • Rui da Silva feat. Cassandra known from their top-chart-single "Touch me" will release in near future
    an cd-album, title currently unknown. (Nolimits)

  • New from Daft Punk is the single "Digital Love". (Nolimits)

  • Disc-o-magic has released a new single called "Partytime". (Nolimits)

  • Down Low (known from tracks like "Murder" or "Johnny B") or their latest cd-album-release "The Fourth Level" (SHIFT / ZYX 2001) will be back with an single "Down Low feat. La Mazz" - the single will
    be called "Wouldn`t It Be Good". (Nolimits)

  • Flying Steps are back with a new cd-album which is called "B-Town". (Nolimits)

  • Loona's next cd album will be released in July. (Nolimits)

  • Members of Mayday known from single-hits like "Great" or "The Bells of Reformation" will release an
    cd-album which will be called "Anthems of The Decade". (Nolimits)

  • Modjo known from the high-entry-chart-hits like "Chillin`" or their best known track "Lady (Hear Me Tonight)" will release an cd-album in september 2001, title currently unknown. (Nolimits)

  • OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark) will release an cd-album which will be called "Navigation - The B-Sides". (Nolimits)

  • Public Domain known from the dj-chart-hit "Operation Blade" will release an new single which will be called "New". (Nolimits)

  • New from Rollergirl is the single "Close To You". (Nolimits)

  • Maria Rubia's new single is called "Say It". (Nolimits)

  • Sweetbox will release an cd-album called "Classified". (Nolimits)

  • New single from Tiefschwarz will be called "No More Trouble" and their cd-album will be called "RAL 9005". (Nolimits)

  • Kai Tracid's new single is called "Too Many Times". (Nolimits)


  • Playlist of Ian van Dahl's radio show "The Sound Factory" (Christophe Chantzis)
      01. Paul van Dyk - Tell me why
      02. Jakatta - American Dream
      03. Salsoul Nugget - I U wanna
      04. Rui Da Silva - Touch me
      05. Delirium - Innocent
      06. Schiller - Das Glockenspiel
      07. Trisco - Muzak
      08. Ian van Dahl - Castles in the sky (Coast 2 Coast)
      09. Timo Maas - Der Schieber
      10. Rhythm of life - You put me in Heaven..
      11. Da Bat - Lock out
      12. DJ Al Jay - Destiny
      13. Prime - Optimus
      14. Alan Baxe - Running
      15. BT - Mercury and Solace
      16. Agnelli and Nelson - Hudson Street
      17. DJ Jan - My impression
      18. Faithless - We come one
      19. Madonna - What it feels like..
      20. Tenth Planet - Ghost
      21. DJ Quicksilver - Ameno
      22. Ian van Dahl - Castles in the Sky (Rocco&Heist)

  • The new single from ATC is "Why O Why". (DAI)

  • This summer the euroqueen Evelyn will release her third album, title and date of release
    is still unknown. (Peter Valjebeck)

  • The new single from DJ Jean is called "Lift Me Up" and it has a very nice remix made by Barthezz.
    (Twan van Loon)

  • There will be a new remix vinyl from System F vs Marc Almond - "Soul On Soul" with remixes from
    Kay Cee and Barthezz. (Twan van Loon)

  • The Vengaboys are back in the studio and they are recording a new album. On their new single will be a Barthezz-remix from "Cheekah Bow Bow (That Computer Song)". Barthezz was the winner of the
    Vengaboys remix contest that was held in the Summer of 2000. (Twan van Loon)

  • The new System F single is out now: System F vs Armin van Buuren - "Exhale". (Twan van Loon)

  • Lock 'n Load made a remix album for South Africa ("Kiss FM Vol. 2" mixed and compiled by:
    Lock 'n Load for the David Gresham Music Group in South Africa). (Twan van Loon)

  • The new Klubbheads single is called "La Di Da Di". (Twan van Loon)

  • Ferry Corsten is producing the new album for the Japanes singer Ayumi Hamasaki.
    She is a really popular singer in Japan. (Twan van Loon)

  • Musique vs. U2 has released a new single called "New Years Dub" featuring mixes from Mauro Picotto, Hybrid, Steve Lawler, DJ Elite and Skynet. (DAI)


  • They are back again! Finally some new material from Culture Beat.
    This time with the new single "Insanity" including seven track inclusive remixes from Tom Novy
    and Kay Cee. The single was released on vinyl on May 21 and will be released on CD on July 2.

    The "Insanity" production brings new trends: House-Pop with hypnotic beats, atmospheric trance
    elements with the right touch of the 80ies-feeling.

    Culture Beat now also got a new singer, Jacky Sangster. She is originally from England but
    now lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands. (Nolimits & DAI)

  • The Underdog Project's new single is called "I Can`t Handle It" (freestyle-sound for the summer)
    from the cd-album "It Doesn`t Matter". (Nolimits)

  • Hermes House Band are back with their new single "Country Roads". (Nolimits)

  • The next single from S Club 7 will be called "Don´t Stop Movin`". The date of release should be on
    July 2 and it will be released on Polydor. (Nolimits)

  • Schiller, known from their hit-single "Dream Of You", will release the cd-album "Weltreise"
    (translated means it "Worldtrip") on July 16. It will be released on Polydor. (Nolimits)

  • Björk will release an cd-album called "Vespertine" on August 27. (Nolimits)

  • RMB will release the cd-album "Mission Horizon" September 3. (Nolimits)


  • Scooter's single "Posse (I Need You On The Floor)" will be in the recordshops on May 21. (DAI)

  • Robert Miles first single for three years "Paths" will be released on May 21 in Italy and in the
    rest of the world on June 25. (DAI)

  • Also Robert Miles' new album entitled Organik is to be released in USA/Canda/Mexico on May 22
    and in the rest of the world on June 11. It includes 12 brand new tracks. (DAI)

  • RMB's new single "Horizon" will be released on May 21, and the remixes will be released in June. (DAI)

  • Way Out West are set to release their single "Intensify" on July 30. The new album, which
    will also be entitled "Intensify", are going to be released on August 13. (DAI)

  • The norwegian group Reset has released their second single from the forthcoming album "Europop",
    the single is entitled "Say I`m The One". The first single from the album "Calling you", was one of
    the biggest hits in Norway last year. (DAI & Reset)

  • The danish Safri Duo's next single will be called "Samb-Adagio". Their CD-Album will be called
    "Episode II" and will be released in Denmark on May 28. (Nolimits)

  • The label Tracid Traxx (Kai Tracid) celebrate these days their 3rd birthday party. (Nolimits)
    The latest "Tracid"-tracks are from:
    • Derb - the single is called "Derb" ("derb" means in english "rough"!) released on Tracid Beta.
    • A.S.Y.S - the single is called "Acid Nightmare" released on Tracid Traxx.
    • Angel of Death - the single is called "Angel of Death". released on Tracid Traxx.

  • The official themesound from the G-Move in Hamburg/Germany is from S.O.L. vs. Gat-Cha
    and is called "We Call It Techno". (Nolimits)

  • The latest releases from Polydor are coming from: (Nolimits)
    • Pulsedriver`s single is called "Cambodia (known from Kim Wilde) / Recycle".
    • Mauro Picotto's single is called "Like This, Like That".
    • Really new in charts: Plaything's single ""Into Space".
    • Cygnus X - the single is called "Superstring".
    • After his great track "Sunshine" Kay Cee is back with the new (with powerful female vocals)-single "Unsolved Mysteries".
    • Schiller with Heppner - the latest single is called "Dream of You".
    • The really great dance-release from Vincent De Moor is called "Fly Away".
    • Blue Nature are with the single "Now We Are Free (Mixes)" in the charts this week.
    • Balloon - (The former DJ Balloon) is back with his single which is called "Technorocker".
    • The latest release from Taucher is called "Pictures of a Gallery".
    • The single from Samantha Mumba is called "Always Come Back To Your Love".

  • DJ Shah [feat. No Iron] - the new single is called "Tides of Time". (Nolimits)

  • DJ Shah's younger brother Pedro Del Mar's new single is called "Harder?". (Nolimits)

  • Mario Lopez had released the single "Blind" on the label Fairlight. (Nolimits)

  • Members of Mayday single is called "10 in 01 (Ten In One)" - released on the label Low Spirit. (Nolimits)

  • Cosmic Gate's single "Exploration of Space / Melt To The Ocean" is released on EMI. (Nolimits)

  • DJ Sakin & Friends (known by their hit "Nomansland") are back with the single "Miami (Mixes)" -
    released on EMI/OVERDOSE. (Nolimits)

  • The latest successful (German Dance Charts) dance-releases on the label Kontor are coming from: (Nolimits)
    • ATB - "Let You Go".
    • CJ Stone - "Shining Star".
    • Re-Flex - "Ubap".
    • Sunbeam - "Do It".
    • Ratty - "Sunrise (Here I Am)".
    • Disco-Tex pres. Cloudburst - "I Can Cast a Spell On You".
    • Potatoheads - "Mix The Master".
    • Really new in charts: Birdie with "Movin To That".
    • Pound Boys - "K Passa".
    • Nino Lopez Project - "Experience".
    • Hatiras feat. Slarta John - "Spaced Invader".

  • The latest single-release from Paffendorf is called "Be Cool" - they had before released
    the single "Rhythm & Sex" on the label Edel. (Nolimits)

  • After the single-release "When I Rock" from Elektrochemie LK on the label Leaded, their are
    back again with the single "Girl" on the label East West. (Nolimits)

  • A really great single-club-hit in Germany is from Malaria vs. Chicks On Speed called "Kaltes Klares Wasser" (the text means translated in english "Cold Clear Water") - the female-vocals on this track are really "fun"-tastic! - it is released on Superstar Recordings. (Nolimits)

  • Lexy & K-Paul new single is "You`re The One", released on Low Spirit. (Nolimits)

  • David Morales pres. The Face - "Needin´ U 2001" released on Club Tools. (Nolimits)

  • Tunnel Allstars feat. Accufase new is "Let Your Mind Fly", released on Tunnel Records. (Nolimits)

  • Fatboy Slim new single is "Star 69", released on Sony/Epic. (Nolimits)

  • Dumonde new is "Never Look Back (Kein Weg Zurück)", released on Superstar Recordings.
    Featuring mixes from DJ Tiesto And Mario Lopez. (Nolimits)

  • Bob Sinclair has released "Ich Rocke... (Part 1)", released on Club Tools. (Nolimits)

  • DJ Tomcraft new single is "Prosac", released on Kosmo Records. (Nolimits)

  • Delerium feat. Leigh Nash (she is the female-singer from the group Sixpence None The Richer) are back with the track which is called "Innocent (Falling in love)". (Nolimits)

  • Hi-gate new is "We Gonna Work It Out". (Nolimits)

  • New from Daft Punk is the single "Digital Love". (Nolimits)


  • Flying Steps" released their latest single on April 09 and it`s called "Breakin` It Down". (Nolimits)

  • Imperio releases their new single "Voices Of Eternity" very soon. This will be the first single
    since "Wings Of Love" was released in 1997. (Nolimits)

  • E-Rotic are to release a new album entitled "Sexual Healing". (Nolimits)

  • Kim Sanders has released a new album called "Food for thought" (Remix-Edition). (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Dario G is "Dream To Me". (Nolimits)

  • Millane Fernandez (the "new" Blümchen) has released a single called "Boom Boom".
    The single is produced by Dieter Bohlen (Modern Talking). (Nolimits)

  • Loona's new single is "Baila Mi Ritmo". (Nolimits)

  • New from Gigi D'Agostino is the track "Super". (Nolimits)

  • "Trance Nation 2001" mixed by Ferry Corsten has been released on the label Ministry of Sound. (DAI)

  • Fragma's new single is called "You Are Alive" and it's out on May 7th, and it's released on enhanced CD,
    CD and cassette, with a 12" out on May 14th. Formats include the original mixes, new mixes from
    Warp Brothers and Blank & Jones, the video and a megamix of all of Fragma's hits. (Positiva)

  • The name of the new single from 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor is "Live" and will be released on May 25th. (2BOT4F)

  • Alexia's new single is "Money Honey". (Yannick)

  • The new released single from the group Paffendorf is called "Be Cool". (Nolimits)

  • Masterboy's new single is "Ride Like The Wind". (Nolimits)

  • Floorfilla has released the single "Italo Dancer/The Hypno". (Nolimits)

  • Dirty Vegas new single is "Days Go By". (DAI)

  • N'Sync will release their next album on June 26, it will be called "Celebrity". (Nolimits)

  • Are you interested in becoming a singer or do you already have experiences?
    Or do you make music yourself. Send your demo or an acapella (with or without music) and your c.v. to:

    Z-MINOR RECORDS (Record Company from the producer of "TWENTY 4 SEVEN")
    P.O.Box 729
    5550 AS Valkenswaard
    The Netherlands
  • On May 14 the new single from Antique which is called "(I Would) Die For You" will be released. (Nolimits)

  • On May 14 the new single from Marc Aurel which is called "The Sun" will be released. (Nolimits)

  • The single from Barthezz which is called "On The Move" was released on April 23. (Nolimits)

  • The newest single from the "Mambo No. 5"-man Lou Bega is called "Gentleman" and was released on April 30. (Nolimits)

  • Dario G's new single "Say What's On Your Mind" is set for release on June 4th in the UK.
    The album "In Full Colour" will be released throughout Europe on June 11th. (DAI)

  • Captain Hollywood will release a new single which will be called "Danger Sign" on May 14. (Nolimits)

  • The single from Double Dee feat. Danny is called "You" and wa released on April 23. (Nolimits)

  • A new group will start with the album "Weekend-time", the group is called Fresh Caramel, and the album was released on May 07. Fresh Caramel will go with the one and only DJ BoBo on tour. (Nolimits)

  • The newest single from Green Court feat. De/Vision is called "Take (My Breath Away)..." and will be released on May 14. (Nolimits)

  • Schiller will bring in May an album, the title of the album is currently unknown. (Nolimits)

  • Jam Tronic are back with the new-once again-released single "Another Day In Paradise". It was released on April 23. (Nolimits)

  • Spike will bring an album in May, the title of the album is currently unknown. (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Verena Stanley is called "Baby I Need You" and was released on April 23. (Nolimits)

  • Sylver has released their first album "Chances" on May 07. (Nolimits)

  • Technotronic will release a new single in May called "Runaway Blues". (Keven Johnson II)


  • According to a report of MTV Online you'll get in Jam & Spoon's new videoclip "Be Angeled" a foretaste on the forthcoming movie with the same title. The movie is about the Love Parade where Spoon had spun the wheels several times.

    Now there is the question if the two DJ's play a part in that movie. The track "Be Angeled" is a
    cooperation of the two DJ's with Rae, the lead singer of the rockband "Raemonn".

    Why did Jam & Spoon choose this soundmix as a main theme for a techno-movie?
    Jam: "We had the opinion we shouldn't produce something stereotype-like which sounds like Techno but rather something what transports feelings well. So the track has good beatsand is forward- pressing too but it is tansporting feelings primarily: the thing - Love Parade!". (http://www.in2trance.com)

  • On May 14th, DJ BoBo's brand-new single "It's Hard To Say I'm Sorry" will be released. (DAI)

  • Naimee Coleman's new single is "My Star", and it's out on June 4th.
    It'll be followed 2 weeks later on June 18th by the album "Bring Down The Moon". (DAI)

  • Marc Et Claude are back with the new single "Loving You", featuring mixes by Ratty, Quo Vadis and Dark Moon. (DAI)

  • New album from DJ Tomcraft is "All I Got". (Nolimits)

  • New album from Resistance D. is "A Modern World Of Today". (Nolimits)


  • On May 14th, the new single "Hard To Say I'm Sorry" from DJ Bobo with as many as six different versions will be released. The video will be included as CD-ROM part. (DAI)

  • The single "Ameno" by DJ Quicksilver was released on March 5th. (DAI)

  • Plaything's "Into Space" is due for release 23rd April. This wicked club track which samples Sheila B Devotion's disco classic "Spacer" shot to No. 1 in the club charts and has been remixed by Public Domain and Hatiras. (Manifesto)

  • The new Cafe Del Mar album is to be released in May. (Manifesto)


  • A new group is born! Whyzer is it's name. A Belgian dance group. The first single is "Love is Calling",
    Whyzer are Caroline and Yannick. Yannick is the co-producer and Caroline is the lead singer.
    Koen De Beir, was one of the members of Good Shape, but is now the producer of Whyzer.
    Label Vie is the Belgian record company, and the single will be released by Tempo Music Spain within
    a couple of weeks! The song "Love is Calling is available on Single CD and Vinyl, the club mix has been
    made by DJ Thorne. (Thomas Vierstraete)


  • The count-down for the new Imperio single has already started! "Voices Of Eternity" will soon be available together with cool remixes. They are just waiting for the approval by the record company, which is preparing a big marketing and promotion campaign, therefore a release-date hasn`t been fixed yet. (DAI)

  • The next single from RMB will be "Horizon". Release date is unknown. (DAI)

  • Modern Talking's second single from their current album "America" will be "Last Exit To Brooklyn". (Casper Janssen)

  • Melanie Thornton (ex-La Bouche) will release her first solo album entitled "Ready To Fly" (X-Cell/Epic/Sony Music) on April 30th. Of course, the album will include Melanie's solo singles "Love How You Love Me" and "Heartbeat". (Casper Janssen)

  • La Bouche also still exists! Lane McCray and his new female partner Natascha Wright a working hard
    finishing the new La Bouche record with producer Frank Farian. Lane McCray will also release a solo CD
    entitled "Songs In The Key of Love"; release date to be determined. Other than that La Bouche is still doing
    shows the world over, in fact they are in Denver and Chicago this month and will be in San Jose Califonia,
    Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Providence
    , and Washington DC as well in June. Then they are back in
    Germany for more coporate events. (Casper Janssen)

  • Aqua Autumn Album?

    Yes, it is true! Aqua are back in the studio, working on the band’s 3rd album. So far it looks as if we can all look forward to an album release date in the autumn, with a single coming out before summer. This is, however, not confirmed yet. Don’t forget to check back here for more updates as recordings move on.

    "For this album we have chosen an approach different from what we did when we recorded ’Aquarius’ in various rented
    houses where we were locked away for months"
    , explains Søren Rasted.

    "We have actually bought or own recording studio in London where we all live. So now we can go to the studio and work as long as we like and then go back to our homes and relax, without having that feeling of working, eating and sleeping in the same house for ages. I think it applies a more spontaneous approach to the whole work process."

    So, what’s the new Aqua music gonna be like, then?

    "Erm, just wait and see. No, honestly, it’s too early to go into details. Let’s just say that is different... very different.
    And probably something that will come as a surprise to a quite few people out there"
    . (Aqua.dk)


  • The next single from Agnelli & Nelson is "Singing For The Future". (DAI)

  • On April 30 Blank & Jones will release the track "DJ's Fans & Freak". (DAI)

  • Cosmic Gate will release "Firewire" on April 23. (DAI)

  • The new hit from Fragma will be the song "You Are Alive". The release is scheduled to April 30. (DAI)

  • Finally a new track from Jam & Spoon is about to hit the recordstores. The song "Be Angeled" will be released on April 30. (DAI)

  • On March 18 Melanie Thornton (ex-La Bouche vocalist) released her latest single "Heartbeat". (DAI)

  • Niels Van Gogh next single is "Electronic Confusion" and will be released on April 30. (DAI)

  • DJ Eskimo has a new internet release available, this time a massive trance stormer produced in co-operation with Italian dj and producer Giorgio Ponticelli aka DJ PNT. Check out http://www.mp3.com/djeskimo. (DAI)


  • Christophe Chantzis and Erik Vanspauwen are planning the release of a new project called "Dee Dee".
    It will be released real soon in Belgium and Spain. Other country's will follow later. (Christophe Chantzis).

  • E-Rotic has released a new album entitled "Sexual Healing". (DAI)

  • Rank1's next single will probably be called "Such A Life" and is expected to be released in June. (Dance Paradise Mailinglist)

  • DJ Eskimo has made a remix for PPK feat. Sveta. The single "What?" should be out in Russia in a few days. (DAI)

  • "The Anthem" is the new single from GrooveTek. It's the first single to be released on the new label
    Solidwave Records. (DAI)

  • "Clubbed"is the name of the new mix album by Judge Jules. (DAI)


  • Simon has released a new club track called "Free At Last". (Positiva)

  • The new studio of 2 Brothers Productions VOF located at Amersfoort has been finished.

    As you all know the release of the new song has been delayed because of the (fusion)
    getting together and some reorganizing at CNR/Arcade.

    There was a meeting organized thursday March 15th and everyone involved was there. The name (title) of the
    song and the release date was discussed, among other things. (2 Brothers on the 4th Floor Offical Homepage)

  • The new single from ATB is "Let U Go" featuring the singer from the canadian rockgroup Wild Strawberries.
    The single will be released on vinyl on March 19th and on cd in the beginning of May. (DAI)

  • Aqua won three awards at the Danish music awards. Best Music Video (’Around The World’), Best Pop Album (’Aquarius’) and the Danish government’s special award for international success leading to high export figures. (DAI)

  • New from Prezioso feat. Marvin is the single "Rock The Discothek". (DAI)


  • The belgian EMI office has confirmed that EMI is to release a brand new album by Kraftwerk in June.
    The release has no title yet. There's no news either whether there will be a single released as well. (FS)

  • R.B.A. has released a new single called "No Alternative", including Brooklyn Bounce remixes. (DAI)

  • DJ Valium release a new single on March 5th, called "Doin It Again". (DAI)

  • Lucien Foort has released the single "Singularity 02". (DAI)


  • Scooter is releasing new single in March and the album is scheduled to be released in June.
    The single is a cover of Dead Or Alive - "You Spin Me Round". (Olli Pärnänen)

  • Scooter has also made a new remix for Modern Talking's latest single "Win The Race". (Olli Pärnänen)


  • Solib Base first song from the upcoming 4th album has been released as a promo 12". The song is
    called "I Like It" and the cd-maxi of it should be expected soon. (Jeff Drouin)

  • Me & My will release the new album "Fly High" on February 26th. The new single is "Making My Day Away" and is a DAD cover. (Tobias Gerstenberg)

  • Smile.dk has released the new single "Do Be Di Boy" and the album "Future Girls". (Tobias Gerstenberg)

  • Yamboo has released the new single "Kalinka". (Tobias Gerstenberg)

  • Modern Talking's new album entitled "America" will be released on March 19th, 2001.
    Their new single entitled "Win The Race" will be out on February 26, 2001. (DAI)

  • "Born 2 Bounce" is the new single from Brooklyn Bounce.

  • The next single from Robert Miles will be "Paths" and it's the first single from the forthcoming album "Organik"
    which is set to be released in the end of May or the beginning of June. (DAI)

  • Alice Deejay is hitting the road for a U.S tour in March. (DAI)

  • The new single from Suezia is "I Wanna Feel". (DAI)

  • The next single from Modjo will be release on March 16th and is called "Chillin". (DAI)

  • Milk Inc. has released a new single called "Livin' A Lie". (DAI)


  • The new single from Imperio will be in shops on March 2001 and its called "Voices of Eternity".

    New Act, new singer, new woman and new man! Imperio is now making the video to the new single,
    the album is coming in May 2001. (Lexi Sterling)


  • The single "Castles In The Sky" from Ian van Dahl is out from this week in Germany, [DosOrDie]
    with remixes of Wippenberg and De Donatis. Soon to be released in the UK [Nulife/BMG]. (Christophe Chantzis)

  • Ian van Dahl is live on tv the 30th of January on NBC Giga TV and VIVA Interactiv.
    Club rotation performance of Ian van Dahl will be on tv the 3th of February.
    Watch out also for the video on VIVA. (Christophe Chantzis)

  • The new single of Ian van Dahl is almost ready. (Christophe Chantzis)

  • The new single of Absolom is soon to be released in Germany. It's called "Stars". (Christophe Chantzis)

  • Therese Grankvist (ex-Drömhus) is currently recording a new album. The first single from the new album
    is to be released in Sweden in April. The new album will be released in the fall. (Samir Castro Zapata)

  • New from Barcode Brothers is the album "Swip Me". (Zinahe A.)

  • DJ BoBo's single "What A Feeling" is the best-selling new release in its first days out in the stores! (DAI)


  • Alice Deejay has released a new single called "Celebrate Our Love". (DAI)

  • System F will be releasing a new track called "Soul On Soul", featuring Marc Almond, in February.
    (Ferry Corsten Unofficial Homepage)

  • Bass Bumpers has released yet another remix of "The Music's Got Me", this time it's a hard house version.
    (Rogier Verkroost)

  • New from Future Breeze is the new single "Mind In Motion". (DAI)

  • Junkfood Junkies new track is called "The Journey". (DAI)

  • "Nightclubbing" is the name of the 3rd Blank & Jones album which is set to be released on May 14. (DAI)

  • New from Paul Oakenfold is the track "Someone Like You". (Pat Iaconi)

  • Hatiras new track is entitled "Spaced Invaders". (Pat Iaconi)

  • Fragma's back with a new club hit called "Everytime You Need Me". (Pat Iaconi)

  • New from Billy Ray Martin is the song "Honey". (Pat Iaconi)

  • Aqua have been nominated no less than nine times for the Danish Music Awards 2001. (DAI)


  • Sash! has decided not to release "Together Again" after talking with his management.

    The next brandnew single is scheduled for release in the summer of 2001.
    Rumours says that the new single is to be called "Don't Stop". (Sash!World)

  • J.K. will release her new single "You Got Me Dancing" on January 15, 2001. (Tobias Gerstenberg)

  • Danish singer Whigfield will release her new single "Much More" on January 29, 2001. (Tobias Gerstenberg)

  • The Thrillseekers released the trancehymn "Synaesthesia" on December 27, 2000. (DAI)

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