• Positiva, UK, will release one of this year's biggest anthems on January 5th, 2004. Motorcycle
    "As The Rush Comes" will be available on CD and 2 x 12 inch with mixes from Above & Beyond, Gabriel & Dresden, Markus Schulz and Armin van Buuren plus the enhanced video. (DAI)
  • New from Central Seven is ther 12""Proper II Men Recovered". (Denis ZHabkin)

    A1.  Proper II Men Recovered (Club Mix)
    B1.  Proper II Men Recovered (Alternative Mix)

  • The new album from Jam & Spoon, "Tripomatic Fairytales 3003" has been postponed to April 2004. (DAI)
  • The new single from Novaspace is "Beds Are Burning". It's to be released on January 12th 2004. (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Beds Are Burning (Radio Edit)
    02.  Beds Are Burning (Video Edit)
    03.  Beds Are Burning (Extended Mix)
    04.  Run To You (Video)

  • Laura Branigan will release "Self Control 2004" on January 5th 2004. (DAI)

    01.  Self Control 2004 (Mindworkers Radio Mix) 		3.21
    02.  Self Control 2004 (Flip & Fill Remix) 		6.45
    03.  Self Control 2004 (Mindworkers Remix)	 	7.06
    04.  Self Control 2004 (Force Four Remix) 		7.48
    05.  Self Control 2004 (Kenny Hayes Club Mix)	 	6.06
    06.  Self Control 2004 (Mindworkers Instrumental) 	7.04

  • S.W.A.T. feat. Real released Modo's old hit "Eins, Zwei Polizei" on December 15th. (DAI)

    01.  Eins, Zwei Polizei (Radio Edit) 		3.23
    02.  Eins, Zwei Polizei (Radio Remix) 		3.37
    03.  Eins, Zwei Polizei (Extended Version)	5.06
    04.  Eins, Zwei Polizei (Polgi E Gabani Remix)	6.08
    05.  Eins, Zwei Polizei (Dj Omega Club Mix) 	6.25

  • New from Score Age is the single "Cosmo Fragrance", released December 15th. (DAI)

    01.  Cosmo Fragrance (Radio Cut) 		3.20
    02.  Cosmo Fragrance (Main Mix) 		8.20
    03.  Cosmo Fragrance (Electronic Nova)	8.10

  • New from Dixy Disco is the single "A Touch of Velvet", it's to be released January 5th 2004. (DAI)

    01.  A Touch Of Velvet (Radio Edit) 		3.50
    02.  A Touch Of Velvet (Club Mix) 		7.23
    03.  A Touch Of Velvet (Tommy Gant Remix) 	7.51
    04.  A Touch Of Velvet (Boogie Mix) 		5.23
    05.  Give Me More (Club Mix) 		6.52

  • New from Dj Fred Feat. Ange is the single "Show Me The Way", it's to be released January 5th 2004. (DAI)

    01.  Show Me The Way (Original Edit Mix) 	3.28
    02.  Show Me The Way (Jungle Queen Edit Mix) 	3.10
    03.  Show Me The Way (Original Mix) 		6.00
    04.  Show Me The Way (Jungle Queen Mix) 	5.55
    05.  Show Me The Way (Housesurfer Mix)	7.10

  • New from Blue 6 is the single "Day After The Party", it's to be released on January 12th 2004. (DAI)

    01.  Day After The Party (Radio Edit) 	3.32
    02.  Day After The Party (Scotty Dix Club Mix)	6.30
    03.  Day After The Party (Full Gainer Mix) 	5.50
    04.  Day After The Party (Terence Mix) 	7.25
    05.  Leave U (Tommy Gant Remix) 		3.13

  • New from The Love Pack is the single "Boom Boom Boom", it's to be released on January 12th 2004. (DAI)

    01.  Boom Boom Boom (Radio Version)	4.19
    02.  Boom Boom Boom (Extended Mix)	5.30
    03.  Boom Boom Boom (Scotty Remix)	6.20
    04.  Boom Boom Boom (Instrumental)	5.26
    05.  Boom Boom Boom (Acapellas)		4.01

  • New from Manella is the single "I'm Falling"
    01.  I'm Falling (Tom Pulse Radio Mix) 	3.29
    02.  I'm Falling (Sonic Dezignaz Radio Mix `A`)	3.48
    03.  I'm Falling (Dj Bass Master Club Mix) 	6.00
    04.  I'm Falling (Beat Checkazz Remix) 	7.06
    05.  I'm Falling (Tom Pulse Mix) 		5.53
    06.  I'm Falling (Sonic Dezignaz Mix `B`)	7.55

  • New from 2 Eivissa is the single "Hey Boy (Are You Ready)", it's to be released in January 2004. (DAI)
  • New from Spagna Vs. Ice & Cream is the single "Easy Lady 2004", it's to be released in January 2004. (DAI)
  • Therese released the single "Time" on November 12th. (DAI)


  • DJ Sammy will release another single from his album "Heaven". It will be called "Beautiful Smile" and is already released as promosingle. (Denis ZHabkin)
  • New from Oceanlab featuring Justine Suissa is "Satellite". Oceanlab is a project by Above & Beyond. (Denis ZHabkin)
  • New from Dr.Alban is a remake of his old hit "Sing Hallelujah", the new single is entitled "Sing Hallelujah Recall". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Sing Hallelujah 2004 (Recall Mix) 			3.44
    02.  Sing Hallelujah 2004 (Atm Sunseeker Remix Radio Edit) 	3.30
    03.  Sing Hallelujah 2004 (Bitcruscher Club Mix)  		7.17
    04.  Sing Hallelujah 2004 (Atm Sunseeker Club Mix) 	5.16
    05.  Sing Hallelujah 2004 (Dub-e-lujah) 		3.52

  • New from Energy 52 is "Cafe Del Mar 2003 Remixes (Limited Edition)". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Cafe Del Mar (Cosmic Baby's Impression) 		6.45
    02.  Cafe Del Mar (Dj Kid Paul Mix) 			7.25
    03.  Cafe Del Mar (Hybrid's Time Traveller Remix) 		6.41
    04.  Cafe Del Mar (John '00' Fleming Remix) 		10.09
    05.  Cafe Del Mar (Marco V Remix Radio Edit) 		3.10
    06.  Cafe Del Mar (Nalin & Kane Remix Radio Edit) 		4.00
    07.  Cafe Del Mar (Oliver Lieb Club Mix) 		8.09
    08.  Cafe Del Mar (Three 'N' One Radio Edit) 		3.54

  • New from Neo Cortex is the 12" " Elements'2004", released on December 16th. (Denis ZHabkin & DAI)

    A.  Elements (2004 Club Mix)
    B.  Elements (Original Vocal Club Mix)

  • The Space Brothers 12" "One More Chance (Remixes)", released on December 17th. (DJ Hoolian & DAI)

    A.  One More Change (Super 8 Remix)
    B.  One More Change (Durrant & Riley Remix)

  • New from Steve B feat. Alexia Phillips is the single "If You Leave Me Now'2004". (Denis ZHabkin)
  • New from 4 Strings is the single "Summer Sun". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Summer Sun (Ibiza Radio Edit) 		3.35
    02.  Summer Sun (Original Radio Edit) 	3.48
    03.  Summer Sun (Mega Mix) 		5.45
    04.  Summer Sun (DJ 4 Strings Remix) 	7.07

  • New from Kylie Minogue is the single "Sweet Music". (Denis ZHabkin)
  • New from Raver's Nature is the 12" "Feel The Heat", released December 10th. (Denis ZHabkin & DAI)

    01.  Feel The Heat 		5.48
    02.  Sparkling In Your Eyes 	5.58
    03.  Stroke My Love 		5.06

  • New from Spike vs Nomad is "(I Wanna Give You) Devotion". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  (I Wanna Give You) Devotion (Radio Mix-Club Anthem Short)	3.33
    02.  (I Wanna Give You) Devotion (Lichtenfels Short Edit)		3.36
    03.  (I Wanna Give You) Devotion (Club Anthem Extended)	 	5.42
    04.  (I Wanna Give You) Devotion (Lichtenfels Remix) 		6.10
    05.  Spike's Groove 					4.11

  • DJ Paul Elstak has released an hardcore 2xCD album entitled "A Hardcore State of Mind". (Denis ZHabkin)

    CD 1 [65.04]
    01.  Paul Elstak Feat. MC Ruffian - Witness The Renaissance
    02.  Paul Elstak Feat. Firestone & MC Ruffian - A Hardcore State of Mind
    03.  Paul Elstak Feat. Adrien - You Wanna Battle
    04.  Paul Elstak Feat. Dione - Here Comes The Prozac
    05.  Paul Elstak Feat. Tommyknocker & MC Ruffian - Danger Danger (Remix)
    06.  Paul Elstak Feat. Infamous - Die In Seven Days
    07.  Paul Elstak Feat. MC Ruffian - Down With The Offensive
    08.  Paul Elstak Feat. Headbanger - Fuck Him
    09.  Paul Elstak - Ik Haat Je! (Offensive Remix)
    10.  Paul Elstak Feat. Infamous - They Want To Kill Me
    11.  Paul Elstak Feat. Adrien - Punk MF
    12.  Paul Elstak Feat. Dione - The Game
    13.  Paul Elstak Feat. Headbanger - Your Mother Sucks Cocks in Hell (Remix)
    14.  Paul Elstak Feat. Firestone - Welcome To Hardcore Hell
    CD 2 [65.45]
    01.   Paul Elstak Feat. J.D.A. & MC Ruffian - Hardcore by Nature
    02.   Paul Elstak Feat. Tommyknocker - Party Hard
    03.   Paul Elstak Feat. Adrien - This Is Real Life
    04.   Paul Elstak Feat. Firestone - Bang Your Head (Adrenaline O.D.)
    05.   Paul Elstak - I Am A God (Evil Activities Remix)
    06.   Paul Elstak Feat. Firestone - Shit 4 Brains
    07.   Paul Elstak Feat. Distortion - There Is No God
    08.   Paul Elstak Feat. Firestone & MC Ruffian - Pogo Action (Dione Remix)
    09.   Paul Elstak Feat. Infamous - Captive In The Darkness
    10.   Paul Elstak Feat. Tommyknocker & MC Ruffian - Danger Danger (Paul Mix)
    11.   Paul Elstak - This Is The Core
    12.   Paul Elstak Feat. Headbanger - I Am Darkness
    13.   Paul Elstak Feat. Firestone - Hardcore 4 Life (Prisoners of Core Remix)
    14.   Paul Elstak Feat. MC Ruffian - For Now The Time Has Come

  • New from Candee Jay is the "If I Were You" (US Release).
    This is a new project from the producers behind Alice Deejay. (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  If I Were You (Hit Radio Mix XXL) 		6.10
    02.  If I Were You (New Kids on the Rave Remix)	 	8.13
    03.  If I Were You (Pronto & Kalmani Vocal Remix) 	6.41
    04.  If I Were You (Teddy Girls Radio Fix XXL) 		5.13

  • New from Mario Piu is the 12" "Incanto Per Ginevra". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Incanto (Joy Mix)	6.06
    02.  Incanto Per Ginevra	7.04

  • Ari Gold will release the album "Space Under Sun" in January 2004. This release will be an intergalactic hybrid of the 80’s, Contemporary R&B, Jazzy Future-Soul and Spacey-Pop that includes collaborations with Marsha Malamet (Luther Vandross, Jessica Simpson), Kendra Ross (Talib Kweli), Peter Amato (Leanne Rimes) and Desmond Child. (DAI)


  • New rumours about the new Cappella-Performers: The new female performer is "Jessy M" and the new singer (not rapper) is Dave Bee. The new single "(U R An) Angel" will be released in January 2004. (DJ BB)


  • The new Cappella will have 2 members like the years before! (Christian)
  • New from Sqeezer is "Hot Ski Teeny". (Denis ZHabkin)
    01.  Hot Ski Teeny (Radio Version) 		3.20
    02.  Hot Ski Teeny (Extended Version) 	4.44
    03.  Hot Ski Teeny (Instrumental Version) 	3.21
    04.  Tamagotchi (Radio Version) 		3.51

  • New from The Joker is the trance track "Leaving You". It was released on December 9th. (Denis ZHabkin & DAI)

    The Joker (Original Mix)
    The Joker (Club Mix)
    The Joker (Keemo & The Joker Remix)
    The Joker (He Joker's Sam Mix)

  • New from Mellow Trax featuring Inxs is "Mystify" and was released on 12" December 9th.
    The CD-single will be released on January 26, 2004. (Denis ZHabkin & DAI)

    Mystify (Extended Club Mix)
    Mystify (Mellow's Rock-A-Lot Mix)
    Mystify (Kaiser Souzai Remix)
    Mystify (Reeloop Klitzing Remix)
    Mystify (Kaiser Souzai's Residenza Remix)

  • New from Signum is "Push Through Remixes" released on November 27th. (DAI)

    Push Through (Jaron Inc Remix)
    Push Through (M.o.r.p.h. Remix)

  • Also new from Signum is "First Strike Remixes" released on December 8th. (Denis ZHabkin)

    A1.  First Strike (ATB Remix)
    B1.  First Strike (Mark Norman Remix)

  • New from Marcel Woods is the 12" "Time Is Running Out" and was released on December 13th. (DAI)
  • New from Katana is "Fancy Fair" and was released on December 8th. (Denis ZHabkin)

    A1.  Fancy Fair (Original 2001 Mix)
    B1.  Fancy Fair (Dj Albert Vs Katana Remix)
    B2.  Fancy Fair (Mac Zimms & Scot Mac Remix)

  • New from Marco V vs Jens is "Loops & Things Reloaded" and was released on December 13th. (Denis ZHabkin)

    A1.   Loops & Things Reloaded (Marco V Original Mix)
    B1.   Loops & Things Reloaded (Jens Mix)

  • New from Drugface is the 12" "Fill Me " with December 9th. (Denis ZHabkin)

    A1.  Fill Me (Uberdruck Mix)
    B1.  Fill Me (DJ The Crow Mix)

  • New from Nightwatchers is "Visions". (Denis ZHabkin)

    Visions (Extended Version)
    Visions (Bonito Trooper Remix)
    Visions (Marla Dub Mix)

  • New from Clokx is the 12" "Overdrive" and was released on November 21st. (Denis ZHabkin)

    A1.  Overdrive (Original Mix)
    B1.  Overdrive (Ron Van Beuken Remix)

  • New from Project Medusa vs Exor is the 12" "Eclipse". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Eclipse (Donald & Giles Vocal Mix) 	9.18
    02.  Eclipse (Donald & Giles Club Mix) 		9.17
    03.  Eclipse (Stagediver Mix) 		8.29
    04.  Eclipse (Soho Mix) 			6.27

  • New from Chicane featuring Bryan Adams is the 12" "Don't Give Up '2004" and was released on
    December 9th. (Denis ZHabkin)

    A1.  Don't Give Up '2004 (Alex Gold & The Sound Express Mix)
    B1.  Don't Give Up '2004 (Agnelli & Nelson Mix)

  • New from Madonna is the 12" "Love Profusion / Nobody Knows Me" and it was released on December 9th. (Denis ZHabkin)

    A1.  Love Profusion (Passengerz Club Mix)
    B1.  Nobody Knows Me (Above & Beyond Remix)

  • New from Moguai is "Freaks". (Denis ZHabkin)
  • After years of silence, Magic Affair is now finally back. The 12" "Fly Away" was released on 10th of December. (Denis ZHabkin & DAI & Christian)
  • Melanie Thornton, "Wonderful Dream" jumps up to #28 of Austrian singles chart. (Denis ZHabkin)
  • Groove Coverage, "Poison" reached #3 in Austria & #7 in Germany. (Denis ZHabkin)
  • New Bros Music' project Desire with "Why Me" become highest new entry of this week in German DJ playlist. (Denis ZHabkin)
  • Agnelli & Nelson released "Holding On To Nothing" on December 1st. (DAI)
  • Alex Gold will release the CDS/12" "Electric Places" in January 2004. (DAI)
  • Ritmo Dynamic releaed "Calinda" on November 3rd. (DAI)
  • The new single from 666 will be called "Dance Now!" and will be released in January 2004.
    666 has also started working on a new album. (Denis ZHabkin)
  • "Aéro Dynamik", from the recently released Kraftwerk album "Tour de France Soundtracks", will be released on March 15th, 2004 by EMI in United Kingdom. The "Aéro Dynamik" single will be available in CD and 12" formats with exclusive remixes. (Kraftwerk News Newsletter)
  • Gigi d'Agostino has released his new album entitled "Under Construction". (EE & Nico)
  • The 2 Unlimited 12" entitled "Tribal Dance 2.4" is out. (Denis ZHabkin)
    1.  Tribal Dance 2.4 (Long Version)
    2.  Tribal Dance 2.4 (2 Chains Club Mix)
    3.  Tribal Dance 2.4 (Revil O Remix)
    4.  Tribal Dance 2.4 (Original Extended Mix)

  • New from Sander Kleinenberg is the 12" "4 Season Ep Part 1/3" and was released December 9th. (DAI)

    A1.  Sacred (Dub)
    B1.  Penso Positivo
    C1.  My Lexicon
    D1.  Frog Dancing (Way Down In My Soul)

  • New from Disco Freaks is the 12" "Off The Ground", released December 9th. (DAI)

    A1.  Off The Ground (Original)
    B1.  Off The Ground (Mr Groove & Vergas Remix)


  • The new Jam & Spoon album, "Tripomatic Fairytales 3003", has been postponed to "early" 2004. (DAI)
  • New from 2 Unlimited is "Tribal Dance Refreshed" and it uses the original voices of Ray and Anita.
    The 12" is out now and the Maxi-cd release is set to January 26, 2004. (Denis ZHabkin & DAI)

    01.  Tribal Dance Refreshed (Xtrem Sound Radio Edit)  	3.22
    02.  Tribal Dance Refreshed (Xtrem Sound Long Version) 	5.48
    03.  Tribal Dance Refreshed (Revil'o Short Mix)  		3.39
    04.  Tribal Dance Refreshed (Revil'o Extended Remix) 	7.33
    05.  Tribal Dance Refreshed (2 Chains Radio Cut)  		3.45
    06.  Tribal Dance Refreshed (2 Chains Club Mix) 		5.09
    07.  Tribal Dance Refreshed (Original Radio Edit No Rap) 	3.41
    08.  Tribal Dance Refreshed (Original Extended No Rap)  	5.11

  • The new Sylver single is entitled "Wild Horses" (EE & Nico & Denis ZHabkin)
  • General Base released the 12" "Base Of Love Rebased" on November 13th. (DAI)
  • Scooter released the single "Jigga Jigga!" on December 8th. (KaiFred & DAI)

    01.  Jigga Jigga! (Radio Edit) 	3.55
    02.  Jigga Jigga! (Club Mix) 	7.36
    03.  Jigga Jigga! (Extended) 	6.01
    04.  Shinjuku 		4.02
    01.  Jigga Jigga (Radio Edit) 	3.55
    02.  Jigga Jigga (Extended) 	6.01
    12" #1
    A1.  Jigga Jigga! (Club Mix) 	7.33
    12" #2
    A1.  Jigga Jigga! (Club Mix) 	7.33
    B1.  Jigga Jigga! (Extended) 	6.01

  • Kate Ryan will release a brand new single in the end of January 2004. The new album is ready and will be released in March 2004. (DAI)
  • The new 12" from Ziggy X is entitled "Geschwindigkeitsrausch". (Denis ZHabkin)
  • The new 12" from Tom La Roche is entitled "The Number Of The Beast". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  The Number Of The Beast (Original Mix)
    02.  The Number Of The Beast (JC La Mar Remix)
    03.  The Number Of The Beast (666 Mix)

  • New from Brooklyn Bounce is the track "All Hands Up"". (Denis ZHabkin)
  • New from Niels Van Gogh is the 12" "Six Ways/Try To Believe". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Six Ways 		6.55
    02.  Try To Believe (Electro Club Mix) 	5.58
    03.  Try To Believe (Extended Mix) 	7.10

  • The 2xCD compilation "Trance X-Mas" was released on December 1st. (Denis ZHabkin & DAI)

    CD 1
    01.  Jan Wayne - "Christmas Time" 			4.04
    02.  DJ Sammy - "Do they know it's Christmas" 		3.59
    03.  Cyber Nation - "Have yourself a Merry ..." 		3.31
    04.  Micro X-Mas - "Jingle Bells" 			3.04
    05.  Frozen Snowman - "Go tell it to the Mountain" 		3.34
    06.  Crispy - "DJ Santa" 				3.31
    07.  X Bass - "Es ist ein ros entsprungen" 		3.13
    08.  Plasticmen - "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer" 	3.15
    09.  Celtic Dreamer - "Santa Claus is coming to Town" 	3.59
    10.  DJ-O.Skoo - "Schneefloeckchen 2003" 		3.22
    11.  2 Chains - "Alle Jahre wieder" 			3.49
    12.  Santa Baby - "Ihr Kinderlein kommet" 		3.03
    13.  Villa & Vince - "Leise rieselt der Schnee" 		3.15
    14.  Proj-Act M. - "Mary's Boy Child 2003" 		3.11
    15.  TTN ft DJ Tatana - "Ave Maria" 			3.58
    16.  Halle-Lujah - "Gloria in Excelsis Deo" 		3.12
    17.  X-Mas Noise - "Adeste Fideles" 			3.45
    18.  Roadsted Turkey - "Wishes for Christmas" 		3.22
    19.  Yule - "Amazing Grace" 			3.23
    CD 2
    01.  Scooter - "Dutch Christmas" 			4.32
    02.  Charly & M.Theo - "This Christmas" 		3.35
    03.  Raving Snowman - "Slammin' Christmas" 		3.56
    04.  Masterboy - "Wonderful Christmas Time" 		3.26
    05.  Frosty Mc - "Oh Tannenbaum" 			3.20
    06.  Cyber X - "My Love, Santa Claus" 		3.46
    07.  Treysa - "Burning Lamp" 			3.28
    08.  C.R.U. - "Little Drummer Boy" 			3.53
    09.  DJ Navidad - "Kling Gloeckchen Kling"		3.04
    10.  Angelvoice - "Vom Himmel hoch da komm ich her"	3.58
    11.  Winterdrive - "Lasst uns froh und munter sein" 	3.07
    12.  Hiver & Hammer - "Wonderful Christmas Time" 	4.02
    13.  Merry-X Mas - "Winter Wonderland" 		2.59
    14.  Pathfinder - "Himmelsstuermer" 			3.41
    15.  DB-B.Mig - "S-Claus" 			4.01
    16.  Joga - "White Christmas" 			3.52
    17.  Three Kings - "We wish you a Merry Christmas" 	3.21
    18.  Idela's Dream - "Oh du Froehliche" 		3.35
    19.  Cinnamon - "Silent Night"	 		4.05
    20.  Lazard - "Little Star" 			3.16

  • Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo has released "Speedcity". (Denis ZHabkin)

    CD 1
    01.  "Wonderful Days" 		3.45
    02.  "Stars" 			3.37
    03.  "Together In Wonderland" 	3.40
    04.  "Hardcore Feelings" 		3.47
    05.  "Fantasy World" 		3.26
    06.  "Party" 		3.33
    07.  "Next 2 Me" 		3.45
    08.  "Your Smile" 		3.36
    09.  "Just Can't Get Enough" 	4.12
    10.  "Live @ London" 		3.26
    11.  "Streetkids" 		3.48
    12.  "Girls" 			3.11
    13.  "This Christmas"	 	4.05
    14.  "Radio Megamix" 		4.32
    CD 2
    01.  "Dj Fuck" 			3.46
    02.  "Rebel" 			4.26
    03.  "Ultimate Sex Track"	 	3.38
    04.  "Verrotted" 			2.57
    05.  "Tiroler Kaboemsch" 			3.20
    06.  "The Bird" 			4.07
    07.  "1-2-3 For Germany" 		4.25
    08.  "Motherfuck" 			3.54
    09.  "Wonderfull Days" (Hard Remix)	 	5.48
    10.  "Stars" (Hard Remix) 		5.42
    11.  "Live @ London" (Hard Remix) 		5.07
    12.  "Together In Wonderland" (Hard Remix) 	5.18
    13.  "Speedcity" 			4.44

  • The new single from Dance Nation will be called "I'm Gonna Get You". It will be released at the end of January 2004 & will includes remixes from: DJ Zahny, Bradski & Jenski and Chew Fu Phat. (Denis ZHabkin)
  • New from DJ Lee is the 12" "X-Perience". (Denis ZHabkin)

    A.  X-Perience (Club Mix)
    B.  X-Perience (Chemistry Remix)

  • Volume 30 of Sony's compilation Dream Dance was released on December 1st. (Denis ZHabkin & DAI)

    CD 1
    01.  ATB - Sunset Girl (Limited Club Mix Edit)
    02.  Chicane - Daylight (Album Version)
    03.  Voodoo & Serano - Give Me The Power (Radio Club Mix)
    04.  Tiësto - Traffic (Radio Edit)
    05.  Kate Ryan - Scream For More (Radio Edit 2002)
    06.  Tomcraft - Brainwashed (Call You) (Radio Edit)
    07.  Rocco - Generation Of Love (Single Version)
    08.  E Nomine - Schwarze Sonne (Talla 2XLC Remix/Deutsche Version Edit)
    09.  Project Medusa vs. Exor - Eclipse (Donald & Giles Vocal Edit)
    10.  Master Blaster - Pay 4 Ur Life (Album Version Edit)
    11.  Kay Cee - The Truth (Jan Driver Remix)
    12.  Marc et Claude feat. Maria Nayler - Free Spirit (Original Radio Version)
    13.  Mario Lopez - Alone (Special Radio & Video Edit)
    14.  Michael Parsberg - Evolution (Tukan & Michael Parsberg Radio Cut)
    15.  Moonheads - Your Eyes
    16.  Novaspace - Run To You (Radio Edit)
    17.  DJ Red 5 vs. MC Miker G - Da Beat Goes-Reanimated (Radio Edit)
    18.  Yakooza - French Kiss (DJ Wag Mix)
    19.  DJ Gollum - Take My Heart (Club Edit)
    20.  Cirque - You & Me (Original Vocal Mix) (Nature One Edit)
    21.  DJ Digress - Night System (Original Mix Edit)
    CD 2
    01.  DJ Shog - Tribute (Radio Edit)
    02.  Woody van Eyden - Unfinished Symphony (Original Radio Edit)
    03.  AYU - M (Above & Beyond Edit)
    04.  Evolution - Walking On Fire (Original Short Cut)
    05.  The KS feat. Robert Owens - Living A Life (Radio Edit)
    06.  Faraway Project - Without Fear (Goldenscan Remix Radio Cut)
    07.  D-Illusion - XTC & Harmony
    08.  Driftwood - Anything Goes (Album Version)
    09.  Y-Traxx - Mysteryland (CJ Stone's Sunset In Ibiza Mix Edit)
    10.  Mirco De Govia - Final Emotion (Radio Edit)
    11.  Soulmate - Moments Of Silence (Radio Edit)
    12.  Ultrabeat - Pretty Green Eyes (CJ Stone Radio Edit)
    13.  Paul Oakenfold - Hypnotised (Deepsky's Radio Reaktor Remix) (Radio Edit)
    14.  Duderstadt - Sunrise (Original Edit)
    15.  Clockworkers - Two Worlds
    16.  Modulation - Spirits (Slusnik Luna Remix Edit)
    17.  Plummet - Damaged (Antillas Remix Radio Edit)
    18.  Ron van den Beuken - Keep On Movin' (Timeless) (Vocal Radio Mix)
    19.  Martin Eyerer - Rhythm As Such (Driftwood Mix Edit)
    20.  Tronic Heads - Oxygen (Radio Edit)
    21.  Yello - The Race (Tomcraft On Yellow Radio Edit)

  • Masterblaster feat. Turbo B will release "Ballet Dancer" on December 15th. (Denis ZHabkin & DAI)

    01.  Ballet Dancer (Video Mix)
    02.  Ballet Dancer (Club Mix)
    03.  Ballet Dancer (Jens O. Remix)
    04.  Pay 4 Ur Life (Album Version Edit)

  • New 12" from DJs @ Work is "Some Years Ago / Will Be Free". (Denis ZHabkin)
    Some Years (Original Mix)
    Some Years (Lenny McDust Remix)
    Will Be Free (Clubmix)

  • New from Delerium is the single "Truly". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Truly (Wise Buddah Radio Mix)	3.48
    02.  Truly (Signum Club Mix)	8.05
    03.  Truly (Wise Buddah Club Mix)	7.23
    04.  Truly (Infusion Remix)	9.52
    05.  Truly (Brother Brown Remix)	9.33
    06.  Truly (Brother Brown Dub)	9.29


  • The single "Cynical Heart" from Jam & Spoon featuring Jim Kerr has been postponed to December 8th. (DAI)

    01.  Cynical Heart (Radio Mix)		3.45
    02.  Cynical Heart (Extended Radio Mix)	6.07
    03.  Cynical Heart (Cet Merlin Mix)		7.43
    04.  Show Me Your Strength L.G		6.19

  • The new Jam & Spoon album will be entitled "Tripomatic Fairytales 3003" and NOT "Tripomatic Fairytales 2003". The album will be released on January 5, 2004. A limited edition will also be released. (DAI)

    01.  Moment Gone (featuring Plavka)			5.54
    02.  Cynical Heart (featuring Jim Kerr)		3.45
    03.  Set Me Free (featuring Rea)			3.53
    04.  Mirror Lover (featuring Dolores O'Riordan)		6.24
    05.  Bianche Le Mie Mani (featuring Tricky)		5.24
    06.  None Of This (featuring Xavier Naidoo)		3.43
    07.  Vata (featuring Shweta)			8.32
    08.  So Sweet (featuring Virginia)			4.30
    09.  Butterfly Sign (featuring Plavka)			3.13
    10.  Something To Remind Me (featuring Midge Ure)	5.06
    11.  Mary Jane (featuring Marc Gardener)		5.10
    12.  Why? (featuring Rea)			5.56
    13.  Blue Moon Tidal (featuring Plavka)		6.37
    14.  Junoon (featuring Shweta & Mike Romeo)		5.44
    15.  Be.Angeled (featuring Rea)			3.37

  • Mario Lopez has released the DVD "Experience DVD". (Denis ZHabkin)

    Mario Lopez Megamix	29.48
    	- Intro
    	- Eternal Sound
    	- Free Your Mind
    	- Always And Forever
    	- What Are U Looking 4
    	- Alone
    	- Where Are You
    Alone (Special Radio & Video Edit)
    Where Are You (Club Mix)
    Eternaly (Short Cut)
    The Sound Of Nature (Part 1) (Video Clip)
    Into My Brain (Plug'n Play Video Edit)
    Blind (Video)
    The Sun Always Shines On Tv (Video & Radio Cut)
    Free Your Mind (Video & Radio Version)
    Feel So Good (Paul 'N' Johnsen Video Remix)
    Always & Forever (Video Clip)
    Alone (Special Radio & Video Edit)

  • The next single from Schiller will be "Leben...I Feel You" featuring Peter Heppner.
    It's to be released on January 5, 2004. (DAI)
  • New from DJs@Work is the 12" "Some Years Ago Remix". (Denis ZHabkin)

    A1.  Some Years Ago (DJ Shog Remix)
    A2.  Some Years Ago (Pulsedriver Remix)
    B1.  Will Be Free (Rocco Remix)
    B2.  Will Be Free (Herby F Mix)

  • E-Rotic has released the album "Total Recall (Germany version)" in Germany. (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex 		3.42
    02.  Fred Come To Bed 				3.45
    03.  Sexual Healing 				3.18
    04.  I'm Over You 				3.14
    05.  L.O.V.E. (Sex On The Beach) 			3.57
    06.  Willy Use A Billy ... Boy 			3.42
    07.  Kiss My Lips 				3.13
    08.  Lemmings On The Run 			3.22
    09.  Gimme Gimme Gimme 			7.08
    10.  Do It All Night 				3.55
    11.  Don't You See The Light 			3.50
    12.  Turn Me On 				3.45
    13.  Gotta Get It Groovin' 			3.54
    14.  Dangerous Kiss 				3.27
    15.  Is That The Way You Are? 			3.57
    16.  Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex (Extended Version) 	5.23
    17.  Multimedia-Track: The Sweet Sexperience

  • On December 3rd, Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo will release the "Speedcity". The release includes 2 CD's and 1 DVD. (DAI)
  • Party Animals - "Xanadu" was released on November 21st. (Denis ZHabkin)
  • ATB has released "The DJ (In The Mix) Limited edition". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  ATB - In love with a dj (New Vocal Club Mix)
    02.  Darren Tate vs Jono Grant - Nocturnal Creatures (Jono Grant Remix)
    03.  Paul van Dyk - Time Of Your Lives (Original Mix)
    04.  Ayu - M (van Eyden And M.o.r.p.h. Remix)
    05.  All Grace feat Mr Sam And Rani - Surrender
    06.  Armin van Buuren - Slipstream
    07.  Farrago - Union (1st Club Mix)
    08.  Jushi - Requiem (Vectrex Remix)
    09.  Rusch and Murray - Epic (Above And Beyond Remix)
    10.  EBTG - Missing (Todd Terry Club Mix)
    11.  ATB - 9pm Till I Come (Sequential One Remix)
    12.  Aalto - Rush (Super 8 vs Orkidea Remix)
    13.  Woody van Eyden - Unfinished Symphony (Funaki Remix)
    14.  Ron van den Beuken - Timeless
    15.  Scott Mac vs Aj Gibson - Twilight (Woody van Eyden Remix)
    16.  Salt Lake - Sunset Highway
    01.  ATB - Sunset Girl (Limited Clubb Mix)
    02.  Blank and Jones - Summer Sun
    03.  Mirco De Govia - Final Emotion
    04.  Wellenrausch - On The Run (M.o.r.p.h. vs Van Eyden Experience Mix)
    05.  Humate - Love Stimulation
    06.  Alex Morph - Flaming Clouds
    07.  ATB - I Don't Wanna Stop (Kenny Hayes Remix)
    08.  Binary Finary - 1998 (Ronski Speed Remix)
    09.  2Trance - In My Dreams (M.o.r.p.h. vs Van Eyden Remix)
    10.  Chicane - Daylight (ATB Remix)
    11.  Schiller - Liebe (ATB Dub Remix)
    12.  Starshine - Melodic
    13.  Fractals - Livelab
    14.  Rapid Eye - Stealing Beauty
    15.  Metalmaster - Is This Hard Enough (Spanish Fly Mix)
    16.  Mac Zimms - I Annonce Des Couleurs
    01.  ATB - 9PM Till I Come (Bent Remix)
    02.  ATB and Enigma - Enigmatic Encounter
    03.  ATB - Remember
    04.  ATB - Get High
    05.  ATB - Trilogy
    06.  ATB - Everything Is Wrong
    07.  ATB - We Belong
    08.  ATB - First Love

  • Cappella's new song is called "Angel". Releasedate is currently unknown. (Cappella2000)
  • New from Ian Van Dahl is the single "I Can't Let You Go". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  I Can't Let You Go (Radio Edit) 			3.47
    02.  I Can't Let You Go (Extended Mix) 		6.18
    03.  I Can't Let You Go (Jan Vervloet Remix) 		5.59
    04.  I Can't Let You Go (Chantzis And Vanspauwen Remix) 	6.35
    05.  I Can't Let You Go (Dave McCullen Berlin Mix) 		7.23
    06.  I Can't Let You Go (Peter Luts Remix) 		7.01
    07.  I Can't Let You Go (Push Full Vocalised Remix) 	7.50
    08.  I Can't Let You Go (Push Dub Remix) 		7.49

  • Kosmonova has released "Raumpatrouille" as a 12" Promo. (Denis ZHabkin)

    A.  Raumpatrouille (Dream Mix) 	7.03
    B.  Raumpatrouille (DJ Thoka Remix) 	6.06


  • Jam & Spoon has announced that they will title their newest album "Tripomatic Fairytales 2003", the natural choice after their previous two albums, "Tripomatic Fairytales 2001" and "Tripomatic Fairytales 2002". According to the German online zine Minimag, "Tripomatic Fairtales 2003" is due for an early December release.
    (The album was originally scheduled for an October release.) In addition to The Cranberries' Dolores O'Riordan, guest vocals will be provided by Xavier Naidoo, Rae (Raemon), Jim Kerr (Simple Minds), Tricky and Midge Ure (Ultravox). (Alex Kraus & Minimag)
  • On December 1st the new Jam & Spoon single "Cynical Heart" will be released. It features Jim Kerr, from Simple Minds on vocals. (Denis ZHabkin & DAI)
  • New from Mandy & Randy featuring Skedee Wedee is "Jump!" and will be released on November 24th.
    (Denis ZHabkin & DAI)

    01.  Jump! (Radio Cut) 		3:53
    02.  Jump! (Mark'Oh Mix)		7:06
    03.  Jump! (Rocco Remix)	6:04

  • New from Mark'Oh featuring Tjerk is the single "Words" and is to be released on December 8th.
    (Denis ZHabkin & DAI)
  • New from Dave 202 & Phil Green / Slash is the 12" "Hypnotize". (Denis ZHabkin)

    Hypnotize (Dave 202 & Phil Green Mix)
    Hypnotize (Slash Mix)
    Hypnotize (Tectonic Shift Vs Andre Visior Mix)

  • New from Space Brothers is the 12" "One More Chance" and it was released on November 12th.
    (Denis ZHabkin & DAI)

    One More Chance (Original)
    One More Chance (Rezonance Q Mix)

  • New from Lasgo is the 12" "Surrender Part 1". (Denis ZHabkin)

    Surrender (Peter Luts Remix)
    Surrender (Ronald Van Gelderen Remix)
    Surrender (Pulsedriver Remix)

  • New from Ole van Dansk is the 12" "How I Wish". (Denis ZHabkin)

    How I Wish (Club Mix)
    How I Wish (Dub Mix)

  • New from Master Blaster featuring Turbo B is the 12" "Ballet Dancer". (Denis ZHabkin)
  • New from David Forbes is the 12" "Simpatico". (Denis ZHabkin)
  • New from Tomcraft & Eniac is the 12" "Great Stuff". (Denis ZHabkin)
    Great Stuff (Original Mix)
    Great Stuff (Lily Was Here Mix)

  • New from Ultrabeat is the 2x12" promo "Feelin' Fine". (Denis ZHabkin)

    A1.  Feelin' Fine (Extended Mix) 		7.25
    B1.  Feelin' Fine (CJ Stone Remix)	 	7.38
    C1.  Feelin' Fine (Darren Styles Remix) 	7.04
    C2.  Feelin' Fine (Scott Brown Remix) 	5.54
    D1.  Feelin' Fine (KB Project Remix) 		5.41
    D2.  Feelin' Fine (Flip & Fill Remix) 		6.50

  • New from Boom Boxx is the single "Boom Boom Boom". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Boom Boom Boom (Radio Edit) 			3.26
    02.  Boom Boom Boom (Potatoheads Remix) 		3.40
    03.  Boom Boom Boom (House of Wax & Plastique Club Remix)	5.59
    04.  Boom Boom Boom (Original 1 to 1 Mix) 		3.12
    05.  You're A Superstar (featuring Captain Hollywood) 	3.09

  • New from Lichtenfels is the 12" "Kill The Silence". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Kill The Silence (Original Club Mix)	6.54
    02.  Kill The Silence (Original Dub Mix)	6.53
    03.  Kill The Silence (89er Remix)		5.34
    04.  Kill The Silence (Clubwanderer Remix)	5.29
    05.  DJ Tools 			0.33

  • New from Enigma is the single "Follow The Sun". (Denis ZHabkin)
    01.  Follow The Sun (Radio Edit) 	4.15
    02.  Follow The Sun (Album Edit) 	5.17
    03.  Voyageur (Fab 4 Mix) 	4.29

  • The new Brooklyn Bounce album will be called "X-pect The Un-X-Pected" and it will be released on December 1st. (Denis ZHabkin)
  • Mario Lopez has released his 3rd album, the new album is entitled "Eternal Sounds". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Intro				1.28
    02.  Alone (Video Mix)			3.10
    03.  Angel (Club Edit)			3.36
    04.  Eternal Sound (Radio Edit)		3.11
    05.  Always & Forever (Radio Remix)		3.25
    06.  How Long Is A Minute (Radio Edit)	3.12
    07.  Where Are You (Radio Edit)		3.33
    08.  Cocaine (Club Edit)			2.34
    09.  Magic Islands (Radio Edit)		3.17
    10.  Africa (Club Mix)			5.48
    11.  What Are U Looking 4 (Radio Edit)	3.04
    12.  Colours Of Rain (Radio Edit)		3.44
    13.  You're The One (Radio Edit)		3.35
    14.  Secret Ocean (Radio Edit)		3.18
    15.  Trip To Reality (Club Mix)		7.18

  • Kate Ryan's new single is planned to be released at the end of January 2004. (DAI)
  • A new compilation of Melanie Thornton will be released on December 1st through X-Cell Records / Sony Music Germany, and is entitled "Memories - Her Most Beautiful Ballads". (Casper Janssen)

    01.  Wonderful Dream (Holidays Are Coming)
    02.  Love How You Love Me
    03.  Sweet Dreams - Ballad Version
    04.  Heartbeat
    05.  Walk On By - Remix 2003
    06.  Fallin' In Love
    07.  Forever
    08.  Memories
    09.  I Wish It Was Love
    10.  A Moment Of Love
    11.  Straight From The Heart
    12.  Say You'll Be Mine
    13.  Say It With Love
    14.  Take Me To Heaven Tonight
    15.  Wonderful Dream (Holidays Are Coming) - Remix 2003

  • "Wonderful Dream (Holidays Are Coming)" by Melanie Thornton will be re-released on November 24th, 2 years after her death. (DAI)

    01.  Wonderful Dream (Holidays Are Coming) (Radio Version)
    02.  Wonderful Dream (Holidays Are Coming) (Art-Of-Soul Tight Mix)
    03.  Memories
    04.  Wonderful Dream (Holidays Are Coming) (Video)

  • New from DJ Wag is the 12" "Music Non-Stop". (Denis ZHabkin)

    Music Non-Stop (DJ Wag Mix)
    Music Non-Stop (YOMC Mix)

  • Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo will release the album "Speedcity" on December 3rd. (Nejc Vugrinec)
  • The new single from the Party Animals will be released November 21st. (Denis ZHabkin)
  • The brand new Scooter single "Jigga Jigga" will be released on December 8th. (Denis ZHabkin)
  • New from DJ Shah is the 12" "Sunday Morning". (Denis ZHabkin)

    Sunday Morning (Sunday Club Mix)
    Sunday Morning (Main Mix)

    Taucher - The More You Work, The Better

    The More You Work, The Better (Main Mix)
    The More You Work, The Better (Adult Mix)

  • The D!Nation album entitled "Two Tribes - The First Mission" was released on November 3rd. (DAI)
  • The new single from Kaycee entitled "The Truth" was released on November 11th. (DAI)


  • Pet Shop Boys will release their brand new single "Miracles" on Parlophone on November 17.

    The single was produced by and co-written with Adam F (the hip hop/drum 'n' bass producer of "Kaos") and Dan Fresh (drum 'n' bass producer and DJ). Anne Dudley the Oscar-winning composer and Art of Noise member, arranged and conducted the orchestra. Stuart Crichton then did the final mix.

    "Miracles" will be available on two CDs and vinyl 12". The bonus track, "We're the Pet Shop Boys" was originally written and recorded by the New York electro artist My Robot Friend on his album "Hot Action!" as an homage to Pet Shop Boys, who then decided to record their own version of it because, according to Neil Tennant,
    "it sums us up".

    The other new bonus song, "Transparent", is a Kraftwerkesque track recorded during the sessions for Pet Shop Boys last album, "Release". Remixes of "Miracles" are by Lemon Jelly and Eric Prydz. There is also an extended mix by Stuart Crichton. (LeDJ Fab)

    01. Miracles
    02. We're The Pet Shop Boys
    01. Miracles (Extended Mix)
    02. Miracles (Lemon Jelly Remix)
    03. Transparent
    12" Vinyl
    01. Miracles (Extended Mix)
    02. Miracles (Lemon Jelly Remix)
    03. Miracles (Eric Prydz Remix)

    The video for the track has been directed by Howard Greenhalgh, the man behind all the videos for the "Very" album.

  • New from Lange is the single "I Believe / Follow Me'2003". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  I Believe (Lange Mix) 		8.00
    02.  I Believe (Tandu Remix) 		8.40
    03.  I Believe (Lange 2003 Remix) 		9.25
    04.  Follow Me (Lange Club) 		6.32
    05.  Follow Me (Jam X & De Leon Remix) 	7.39
    06.  Follow Me (Agnelli & Nelson Remix) 	6.20
    07.  Follow Me (H.H. Follow You Remix) 	7.50
    08.  Follow Me (16C+ Remix) 		7.07

  • New from Watergate is the single "Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (Heart Of Asia)". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (Heart Of Asia) (Radio Edit)  		3.07
    02.  Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (Heart Of Asia) (Quicksilvers Q Edit)  		7.12
    03.  Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (Heart Of Asia) (Hemstock And Jennings Remix)  	8.04
    04.  Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (Heart Of Asia) (Des Mitchell Remix)  		7.57
    05.  Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (Heart Of Asia) (James Holden Remix)  		7.58
    06.  Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (Heart Of Asia) (Astro Heavenly Remix)	 	7.14
    07.  Infinity (Club Mix)  						5.59

  • New from Rocco is the album "Dancecore" and was released on October 20th. (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Intro			0.32
    02.  Generation of Love 		3.28
    03.  Skit: "der Gino" 		0.21
    04.  Dancecore 		5.42
    05.  Skit: "der Trend" 		0.14
    06.  Everybody 		3.19
    07.  Skit: "die Sparkasse" 	0.18
    08.  Go Ahead 		5.11
    09.  Ruebennase Feat. Adam V 	1.56
    10.  Fire 			3.05
    11.  Skit: "der Promoter Teil 1" 	0.22
    12.  Drop The Bass (In Da Mix) 	3.12
    13.  Pump This Party 		7.04
    14.  Skit: "der Promoter Teil 2" 	0.30
    15.  Bass Is Kickin' 		4.03
    16.  Skit "der Thomas"	 	0.10
    17.  Let It Go 		6.06
    18.  Back in Town 		3.20
    19.  Skit "der Psychopath" 	0.37
    20.  One, Two, Three 		5.53
    21.  Drop The Bass (Single)	3.32
    22.  Outro: Auf Wiedersehen 	0.12

  • New from Seven is the single "A Spaceman Came Travelling", featuring Kyra (from Pharao).
    The maxi-single will be released on December 1st. (DAI)

    01.  Spaceman Came Travelling (Video Version)
    02.  Spaceman Came Travelling (Radio Version)
    03.  Spaceman Came Travelling (Groove Coverage Remix)
    04.  Spaceman Came Travelling (Noemi Remix)
    05.  Love Is Just A Game

  • On 20th October Orbital released the soundtrack to the movie Octane, the first film to be entirely soundtracked by the UK techno pioneers. (DAI)
  • Chemical Brothers - "Get Yourself High" is the second new track to be taken from the singles collection, and is being released as a double 12" and enhanced CD. (DAI)
  • Daft Punk released their directorial debut feature film "Interstellar 5555" on 24th October. (DAI)
  • The new cd from DJ Bobo is "DJ Bobo - Live In Concert" and will be released on 3rd November. (DAI)
  • New from Van Nuys featuring Grace Pump is the 12" "Wonderful World". (DAI)

    A1.  Wonderful World (Plasmatek Remix)
    A2.  Wonderful World (DJ Dutch Remix)
    B1.  Wonderful World (Axel Coon Remix)
    B2.  Wonderful World (Extended Version)

  • New from Duderstadt is the 12" "Sun Rise". The track is produced by Fragma. (DAI)
  • New from LNG is the 12" "Inter City". The track is produced by Lange. (DAI)
  • New from M.I.K.E. is the 12" "Turn Out The Lights". The track is produced by Push. (DAI)
  • New from Mac Mark is the 12" "The Jam Is Pumpin'". (DAI)
  • New from Mr X & Mr Y is the 12" "Dancing With Rebels". (DAI)
  • New from Alex Romano / Olav Basoski is the 12" "Penetration". (DAI)
  • New from Paula is the 12" "Jimmy / Als Es Passierte". (DAI)
  • Scott Brown's single "I Would Stay" been signed to AATW for commercial release. (DAI)
  • In-Grid will release the single "Shock" on 3rd November. (DAI)
  • CP Project will release the single "Tik Tac" on 10th November. (DAI)
  • Sharon T will release the single "Tell Me" on 10th November. (DAI)
  • Pierre Pulsar will release the single "Calling" on 17th November. (DAI)
  • Alex B. Meets John P will release the single "Enjoy Your Dreams" on 17th November. (DAI)
  • Fr Feat. Jenny B will release the single "Love Is The Music" on 17th November. (DAI)
  • Benassi Bros. Feat. Sandy will release the single "Illusion" on 17th November. (DAI)
  • The new single from Daft Punk is entitled "Something About Us" and will be released on 17th November. (DAI)

    01.  Something About Us (Love Theme From Interstella 5555)
    02.  Veridis Quo (Album Version)
    03.  Voyager (Torti Edit)
    04.  Something About Us (Album Version)
    05.  Something About Us (Love Theme From Interstella 5555 - Live)

  • New album from Daft Punk is entitled "Daft Club - The Remixes" and will be released 1st December. (DAI)

    01.  Ouverture
    02.  Aerodynamic (Daft Punk Remix)
    03.  Harder Better Stronger Faster (Neptunes Remix)
    04.  Face to Face (Cosmo Vitelli Remix)
    05.  Phoenix (Basement Jaxx Remix)
    06.  Digital Love (Boris Dlugosh Remix)
    07.  Harder Better Faster Stronger (Jess & Crabe Remix)
    08.  Face to Face (Demon Remix)
    09.  Crescendolls (Laidback Remix)
    10.  Aerodynamic (Slum Village Remix)
    11.  Too Long (Gonzales Version)
    12.  Aerodynamite
    13.  One More Time (Romanthony's Unplugged)
    14.  Something About US (Radio Edit)
    15.  CD-ROM track (www.daftpunk.com)

  • Ayla release the 2003 remake of "Liebe" on 27th October. (DAI)

    01.  Liebe 03 (Single Mix)  	3.45
    02.  Liebe 03 (Ultimate Treat)	7.49
    03.  Liebe 03 (Seikos Remix) 	8.02
    04.  Liebe 03 (Uplifting Mix)	7.17
    05.  Liebe 03 (ATB Remix 98) 	6.18
    06.  Liebe 03 (Club Mix)  		6.21

  • The DVD "Tiesto In Concert" was released in Sweden on 20th October. (DAI)
  • The single/12" "Music & You" by Room 5 feat. Oliver Cheatham will be released in Sweden on 10th November. (DAI)
  • The album "Music & You" by Room 5 will be released in Sweden on 24th November. (DAI)


  • New from Harry's Afrohut (Kurtis Mantronik and Sande Urquhart) is the 12" "C'mon Lady". (DAI)

  • DJ BoBo is receiving the World Music Award for the 8th time in the category "The World's Best Selling Swiss Recording Artist". (DAI)

  • New from Spike vs. Nomad is "I Wanna Give You Devotion". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Lexy and K-Paul is "Dancing". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Hypetraxx & Sabrina Setlur is "Ich Bin So". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Gary D feat Ruffian is "Raise Your Hands". (Denis ZHabkin)

    Raise Your Hands (Gary D Hardstyle Mix)
    Raise Your Hands (Clubb Mix)

  • New from Miss Shiva is "Love Is Never Easy". (Denis ZHabkin)

    Love Is Never Easy (Bio Tronic Trance Mix)
    Love Is Never Easy (Shiva's Special Club Mix)
    Love Is Never Easy (Sonic Force Mix)

  • New from G-Spott is "No Comment". (Denis ZHabkin)

    No Comment (Hardbass Mix)
    No Comment (Club Mix)
    No Comment (Jeremy Banks Remix)

  • New from DJ Session One is "In The Way". (Denis ZHabkin)

    In The Way (A Lusion Hardstyle Mix)
    In The Way (DJ Neo Trance Mix)

  • French FunkPunksters, Daft Punk, have gone one step further than their beat dropping, funk popping peers...and made a full length animated feature film! The film was launched by the men behind the masks in person at the Cannes Film Festival this summer. (Inside Trax News)

  • If "10,000Hz Legend" was the "Darkside of the Moonsafari", welcome back the light with Air's brand new album "Talkie Walkie". The album is produced by Air and Nigel Goddrich (Radioheads maestro producer). In a nutshell it is a barrage of super stylistic beauty, motion and melody! You wont be able to get the album 'til next year though (it's planned that it will come out on 26th January 2004). (Inside Trax News)

  • New 12" from ATB is "Sunset Girl / In Love With The Dj" (2 New Vocal Epic Tracks by Andre Tanneberger taken from the forthcoming ATB Compilation "The DJ In the Mix"). (Denis ZHabkin)

    Sunset Girl (Limited Club Mix)
    I'm In Love With The DJ (New Version)

  • New 12" from Ron van Beuken is "Keep On Movin' (Timeless)". (Denis ZHabkin)

    Keep On Movin' (Timeless) (Ron Van Beuken Remix)
    Keep On Movin' (Timeless) (Ratty Full on Vocals Remix)
    Keep On Movin' (Timeless) (Ron Van Beuekn Vocal Mix)

  • New 12" from Balthazar is "Insanity". (Denis ZHabkin)

    Insanity (Dumonde Remix)
    Insanity (Original Vocal Mix)
    Insanity (Dumonde Dub)

  • New 12" from Motorcycle is "As The Rush Comes". (Denis ZHabkin)

    As The Rush Comes (Gabriel & Dresden Sweep)
    As The Rush Comes (Armin van Buurens Universe Mix)


  • New from Commander Tom is the vinyl "Are Am Eye 2.3 (The Rebirth)". (Denis ZHabkin)

    Are Am Eye 2.3 (Lazard Remix)
    Are Am Eye 2.3 (Reeloop & Kaylab Remix)

  • New from Lambda is the vinyl "Live Together". (Denis ZHabkin)

    Live Together (Club Mix)
    Live Together (Kaylab + Reeloop Remix)

  • New single from E Nomine is "Schwarze Sonne". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Schwarze Sonne (Radio Deutsch)	 		3.56
    02.  Schwarze Sonne (Radio English) 			3.53
    03.  Schwarze Sonne (Extended Deutsch)	 	5.36
    04.  Schwarze Sonne (Extended English) 		5.37
    05.  Schwarze Sonne (Extended Instrumental) 		5.34
    06.  Schwarze Sonne (Talla 2XLC Remix Deutsch)	 	6.12
    07.  Schwarze Sonne (Talla 2XLC Remix English) 		6.12
    08.  Schwarze Sonne (Talla 2XLC Less Vox Deutsch) 	8.30
    09.  Schwarze Sonne (Talla 2XLC Less Vox English) 	8.26

  • New from Kira is "All My Love". (Denis ZHabkin)
  • New from Marc Et Claude featuring Maria Nayler is the vinyl "Free_Spirit". (Denis ZHabkin)

    A.  Free Spirit (Marc Van Linden Remix) 	8.18
    B.  Free Spirit (Original Mix)	 	7.13

  • New from Matt Darey and Marcella Woods is the promo-vinyl "Voice Of An Angel". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Voice Of An Angel (Full Vocal) 	8.22
    02.  Voice Of An Angel (Vocal Dub) 	8.20

  • Brooklyn Bounce has released the maxi-cd "X2X We Want More". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  X2X We Want More (Single Edit) 		3.35
    02.  X2X We Want More (Club Mix) 		7.01
    03.  X2X We Want More (Freakbrothers Remix) 	6.26
    04.  X2X We Want More (Armani & Ghost Remix) 	5.50
    05.  X2X We Want More (Deepack Remix) 	5.15

  • New from 666 is the single "Insanity - Limited Edition". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Insanity (Flashback Edit) 		3.55
    02.  Insanity (666 Mix) 			8.55
    03.  Insanity (Noemi Mix) 		7.52
    04.  Insanity (Megara Vs. DJ Lee Remix) 	6.17
    05.  Insanity (Sector 5 Vs. D-Kay Remix) 	6.34
    06.  Insanity (Beatz N Voices) 		2.46

  • New from 2 DJs & One is the single "Mary's Prayer". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Rocco is the single "Generation Of Love". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Generation Of Love (Single Version) 	3.31
    02.  Generation Of Love (Rave Edit) 		3.47
    03.  Generation Of Love (Pit Bailay Remix) 	3.22
    04.  Generation Of Love (Club Mix) 		5.38
    05.  Generation Of Love (Tune Up Remix) 	6.36
    06.  Generation Of Love (Walt And Feliz Remix) 	6.41
    07.  Generation Of Love (Axel Coon Remix) 	6.08
    08.  Generation Of Love (Bass-T Remix) 	5.54

  • New from Novaspace is the single "Run To You". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Run To You (Radio Edit)	2.55
    02.  Run To You (Video Edit)	3.39
    03.  Run To You (Extended Version)	6.21
    04.  Run To You (Burn Out Mix)	6.45
    05.  Homeless		2.54

  • New from Westbam is the album "WestBam Super DJ Mix Elektropogo Jam 133.3". (Nibjo)

    01.  [Westbam Super Dj Mix Elektropogo Jam133.3] Intro 			 	1.02
    02.  Westbam 133.3 - "Roy Orbison" 		 				1.37
    03.  Los Heroes Del Noise - "Why Is Everybody 2 Loud + Slow 4 Me"  			2.40
    04.  Chemical Reaction Food - "Are You Mad?"  					3.01
    05.  Die Raketen - "Tokyo, Tokyo (...Ey Mädchen)" 			 		1.30
    06.  Lexy & K. Paul - "Der Fernsehturm (Lexy & K-Paul / Westbam Fuck Off And Die Rmx)"	2.40
    07.  Warren Suicide - "Trash Technology" 					3.36
    08.  Westbam - "Right On" 						3.00
    09.  Westbam 133.3 - "Bo Diddley" 						4.26
    10.  Die Raketen - "The Sound Für Zwischendurch"  				4.06
    11.  Moguai - "Get:On (Original Mix / Elektro Pogo Edit)"  				3.52
    12.  Chemical Reaction Food - "Neunhundertdrei" 					3.45
    13.  La.Di.Da - "Life Master" 						3.22
    14.  Westbam 133.3 - "Sweet Smoke" 					6.04
    15.  2Raumwohnung - "Freie Liebe (Westbam`s Electropogo Remix)" 			4.14
    16.  Mr. X & Mr. Y - "The Flavour´s In The Fat" 					1.52
    17.  Members Of Mayday - "Troopa Of Tomorrow" 					6.38
    18.  Reprise: Westbam 133.3 - "Elvis (Late)" 					5.45

  • New from Paul van Dyk is the album "Reflections". The album will be released in Germany on October 27th, in Sweden and the UK on October 20th and was released in the US on October 7th. (Nibjo)

    01.  Crush [feat. Second Crush]
    02.  Time Of Our Lives [feat. Vega 4]
    03.  Like a Friend
    04.  Reflections
    05.  Nothing But You [feat. Hemstock & Jennings]
    06.  Buenaventura
    07.  Homage
    08.  Never Forget
    09.  Knowledge [feat. Atomek Dogg & Trooper Da Don]
    10.  That´s Life
    11.  Connected
    12.  Spellbound
    13.  Kaleidoscope

  • Masterboy "Feel The Heat Of The Night'2003" was new entry at #67 in german singles sales chart last week. A video for this song will not be shoot. Tommy said that he is preparing to work on a new Klubbingman single. New material from Masterboy will be not earlier than next year. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Groove Coverage is the vinyl "Poison Remixes". (Denis ZHabkin)

    Posion (Tune Up! Remix)
    Posion (The Paragod Remix)

  • The single "Maria (I Like It Loud)" from Scooter vs. Marc Acardipane & Dick Rules was released in the UK on October 6th. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • E-Rotic's album "Total Recall" was released in Germany on September 8th. This version of "Total Recall" is a mixture between the Japanese "Total Recall" and "Cocktail E-Rotic" and the first E-Rotic album with a Multimedia-Track. (Denis ZHabkin/DAI)

  • New from Driftwood is the single "Anything Goes". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Anything Goes (Vocal Radio Mix)		3.42
    02.  Anything Goes (Instrumental Radio Mix) 	3.43
    03.  Anything Goes (Original Mix)	 	7.49

  • New from Marco V is the single "Bells". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • The new album from Milk Inc will be entitled "Closer" and was released on October 6th. (Denis ZHabkin/Milkinc.be)

    01.  The Sun Always Shines On TV (Full Version)
    02.  Shine On
    03.  Time
    04.  Goodbye Says It All
    05.  I Don't Care
    06.  Wish
    07.  Closer
    08.  Breathe Without You
    09.  November
    10.  Wide Awake
    11.  Nothing To You
    12.  Sleepwalker
    13.  Blown Away
    14.  Maybe

  • Tiësto released "Traffic", containing the "Original Mix" and the "Max Walder Remix", in the UK September 29th on Nebula. (DAI)

  • New single from Lasgo will be "Surrender". (DAI)

  • New single from Ian Van Dahl will be "I Can't Let You Go". The UK releasedate for the new single is October 20th, rest of the world will follow soon. (DAI)

  • Tara Lowé's first single "Be With You" will be released in 14 countries. Tara Lowé is already working hard in the studio for a follow up of her first single. (DAI)

  • According to the Official Cranberries Website, Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan has contributed with vocals to a track on Jam & Spoon's new album and that the album will be released on October 26th. (Alex Kraus)

  • DJ Sammy released the single "Sunlight" in the US on September 9th. (DAI)

  • There's gonna be a Mandy & Randy liveshow in Germany. Mark'Oh's Randy Booking Agency says the people behind the voices of Mandy & Randy, Martha Zaremba and Peter Bendel, will perform Mandy & Randy songs like "How Can I Fall", "Sunshine" and ofcourse their hitsongs "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now", "Mandy" and "Let This Party Never End". Also they will perform their new single "Jump" which is supposedly planned to be released somewhere in October. The show will be about 30 minutes and be accompanied by 4 dancers. (Yvie)

  • New from 89ers is "Kingston Town", a cover of the wellknown song from UB40. (Yvie)

  • New from Dj Gollum is "Take My Heart". (Yvie)

  • New from Staccato is "Move Your Body". (Yvie)

  • New 12" from Miss Distess X is "The Beat Goes". (Yvie)

  • New 12" from the Hard Body Babes is called "Going Crazy". (Yvie)

  • New from Mad Donna is "Holiday", ofcourse a remake of Madonna's hitsong from the '80's. (Yvie)

  • The new Dj Boozywoozy single is called "Raise Ya Hands Up (Uh Oh)". It contains a sample from Lumidee's song "Never Leave You". (Yvie)

  • The new Drunkenmunky is called "The Bootleg". (Yvie)

  • The summerhitsong in France this summer was from Just A Man called "I'm Sorry". (Yvie)

  • New from Moby feat. Princess Superstar is "Jam For The Ladies". (Yvie)

  • New single from Jaimeson is called "Complete", a song in 2-step style. (Yvie)

  • New from Junkie XL feat. Peter Tosh & Friends is the single "Don't Wake Up Policeman". (Yvie)

  • New Paul Oakenfold is the single called "Hypnotised". It's a remake of the song which comes from an earlier album. (Yvie)

  • New 12" from Ron van den Beuken is "Timeless". (Yvie)

  • New single from Dutch 'dance-band' Soulvation is called "Reset Your Brain". (Yvie)

  • New from Despina Vandi is "Gia". (Yvie)

  • Tiësto has made a successful dance remix of the Dutch hitsong "Rain Down On Me", from the in Holland very popular rockband Kane.

  • New single from Lee Cabrera feat. Alex Cartana is called "Shake It (Move A Little Closer)". (Yvie)

  • New from Laze is "Steppin' Out". A song which reminds of the Safri Duo style, but then not with drums but tapdancing. (Yvie)

  • Big hit in Holland: Ricky Fobis with "No Regular". This was the themesong of the annual dance event Sensation (Black Edition). (Yvie)

  • The themesong of the biggest openair dance event in Holland, Dance Valley, this year was made by Laidback Luke called "We Can Not Get Enough". (Yvie)

  • Conjure One feat. Sinead O'Connor released "Tears From The Moon". For the video they used the Tiësto remix. (Yvie)

  • New from Chipz is "Chipz In Black (Who You Gonna Call)". (Yvie)


  • New from Milk & Sugar is the single "Let The Sun Shine", to be released on September 29th. (DAI)

  • Armin van Buuren will release the EP "Album Sampler 3/3" on September 29th. (DAI)

    A1.  From the Heart (feat. System F)
    B1.  Communication
    B2.  Astronauts

  • New from DJ Digress is the single "Night System". (Denis ZHabkin)

    A.  Night System (Club Mix)
    B.  Night System (Original Mix)

  • Paul van Dyk's next solo album "Reflections" is due out on October 13th. (DAI)

  • New single from Erasure is the reworked "Oh L'Amour". (Claude M.)

    Oh L'Amour (August Mix)
    Love Me All Night Long
    Nothing Lasts Forever
    Oh L'Amour (LMC Extended Remix)
    Oh L'Amour (Shanghai Remix)
    Oh L'Amour (Kenny Hayes Remix)
    Oh L'Amour (Carsten Kroeyer Mix)
    Oh L'Amour (Dark Brothers and Andy Bell Mix)
    Victim Of Love - Video (Exclusive live footage of performance from 'The Other Tour')

  • Erasure will release a greatest hits album entitled "Hits! - The Very Best Of Erasure" on October 20th.
    (Claude M.)

    01.  Oh L'Amour
    02.  Sometimes
    03.  Victim Of Love
    04.  Ship Of Fools
    05.  Chains Of Love
    06.  A Little Respect
    07.  Stop!
    08.  Blue Savannah
    09.  Chorus
    10.  Love To Hate You
    11.  Breath Of Life
    12.  Lay All Your Love On Me
    13.  Take A Chance On Me
    14.  Voulez Vouz
    15.  Always
    16.  Stay With Me
    17.  In My Arms
    18.  Freedom
    19.  Solsbury Hill
    20.  Oh L'Amour (August Mix)

  • DJ Bobo will release the single "Chihuahua" in England on the label "Fuelin Records".
    The release is set to October 13th. (Dj Sokol)


  • On November 24 Parlophone/EMI will release internationally a double-CD of Pet Shop Boys' hits: "PopArt". Since 1985, Pet Shop Boys have had 33 Top 20 hits in the UK and they will all be included on "PopArt" plus two new tracks: "Miracles", the forthcoming new single, and "Flamboyant", a new song.

    The songs are split between the two discs as either "Pop" or "Art", a decision made by Neil and Chris (which will no doubt prove controversial). A limited edition of "PopArt" will be made available, including a third CD, "Mix", which is Neil and Chris's choice of their favourite PSB remixes. (LeDJ Fab)

    01.  Go West
    02.  Suburbia (Video Edit)
    03.  Se A Vida E
    04.  What Have I Done To Deserve This?
    05.  Always On My Mind
    06.  I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing
    07.  Home And Dry
    08.  Heart
    09.  Miracles
    10.  Love Comes Quickly
    11.  It's A Sin
    12.  Domino Dancing
    13.  Before
    14.  New York City Boy (U.S. Radio Edit)
    15.  It's Alright
    16.  Where The Streets Have No Name (I Can't Take My Eyes Off You)
    17.  A Red Letter Day
    01.  Left To My Own Devices
    02.  I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Any More
    03.  Flamboyant
    04.  Being Boring
    05.  Can You Forgive Her?
    06.  West End Girls
    07.  I Get Along (Radio Edit)
    08.  So Hard
    09.  Rent
    10.  Jealousy
    11.  Dj Culture
    12.  You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk
    13.  Liberation
    14.  Paninaro '95
    15.  Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)
    16.  Yesterday, When I Was Mad
    17.  Single-Bilingual
    18.  Somewhere
    MIX (Limited Edition)
    01.  Can You Forgive Her? (Rollo Mix)
    02.  So Hard (David Morales Red Zone Mix)
    03.  What Have I Done To Deserve This? (Shep Pettibone Mix)
    04.  West End Girls (Sasha Mix)
    05.  Miserablism (Moby Electro Mix)
    06.  Before (Danny Tenaglia Classic Paradise Mix)
    07.  I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Any More (Peter Rauhoffer New York Mix)
    08.  New York City Boy (Lange Mix)
    09.  Young Offender (Jam And Spoon Trip-O-Matic Fairytale Mix)
    10.  Love Comes Quickly (Blank And Jones Mix)

  • U & K has released "The Ignite EP on Cuba Recordings. (DAI)

    A1.  Ignite
    A2.  Neurope
    B1.  Pixie Pants
    B2.  Füssball

  • Prezioso has released their new single entitled "Vogli Vedorti Panzane". (EE)

  • Eiffel 65's new single is called "Viaggia Insieme A Me". (EE)

  • New from Jurgen Vries is the single "Wilderness". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Wilderness (Radio Edit) 	3.12
    02.  Wilderness (Jurgen Radio Edit)	3.39
    03.  Wilderness (Instrumental)	8.01

  • New from DJ Quicksilver is the album "Clubfiles - The Album". (Denis ZHabkin)


    01.  Equinoxe IV 		5.53
    02.  Embrace 		4.04
    03.  Anthem 		3.23
    04.  Rising Up (Club Mix) 		6.29
    05.  New Life (Single Edit) 	3.21
    06.  Power Of G.O.D. 		4.45
    07.  Ameno (Video Mix) 		3.29
    08.  Boombastic (Feat Shaggy) 	3.28
    09.  Ohm 			3.39
    10.  Voyage 			6.10
    11.  Tsunami 		5.53
    12.  Lost At Sea 		6.46
    13.  Out In The Dark 		6.54

  • New from Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo is the 3xCD album "Total Contrast 1 (Promo)". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Fiesta Italiani 		3.43
    02.  Viva La Revolution	 	5.08
    03.  Mental Atmosphere	 	4.08
    04.  Acoustic Elements	 	4.37
    05.  Quest Of Thousands		5.45
    06.  Ultimate Sextrack	 	5.02
    07.  Are You Ready 		4.43
    08.  Go Down 		5.56
    09.  Bang To The Beat	 	7.03
    10.  Electro Tracker 		3.20
    11.  Leningrad 		3.28
    01.  Chemical Concept 		5.00
    02.  I Miss You 		4.54
    03.  Dj-Fuck 		4.58
    04.  We Want Some Pussy 	4.40
    05.  Mother Fuck 		3.57
    06.  The Bird 		4.06
    07.  Jump It.Pump It 		4.14
    08.  Verrotted 		4.00
    09.  Harm Me 		4.15
    10.  The Introduction 		5.37
    11.  Lesnath 		4.27
    12.  Love Is In The Air 		3.50
    01.  Girls 			3.13
    02.  Whole 			3.21
    03.  Tiroler Kaboemsch 		3.21
    04.  Berlin Kick'm 		4.09
    05.  Direkt From Brooklyn 	4.02
    06.  Rebel 			3.46
    07.  1, 2, 3 For Germany 		4.27
    08.  White Borderline 		4.12
    09.  Can You Feel It 		6.36
    10.  Children Of The Night 	5.17
    11.  All My Love 		4.26
    12.  Boom Goes The Beat 	3.37

  • Safri Duo feat. Clark Anderson will release the single "All The People In The World" soon. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • The new Scooter single will be presented at a great concert on December 12, in Hamburg called Scooter's "10th Anniversary" Party with special guests. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • Next single from DJ Shah will be called "Sunday Morning". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Sylver is the vinyl "Shallow Water/Confused". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Shallow Water 			3.39
    02.  Confused (CJ Stone Remix) 		7.26
    03.  Confused (CJ Stone Alternative Mix) 	7.15
    04.  Confused (Original Version) 		3.34

  • New single from Mario Lopez is "Alone". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Alone (Special Radio & Video Edit) 	3.10
    02.  Alone (Original Club Mix) 		6.51
    03.  Alone (M & R Project Remix)	 	8.05
    04.  Alone (Longy Acid Remix) 		6.39
    05.  Alone (Vince The Saint Idol Remix) 	7.24

  • New from Novaspace is the vinyl "Run To You (Promo)". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Run To You (Extended Version) 	6.17
    02.  Run To You (Burn Out Mix) 	6.40

  • Freyia has released the single "Mist" on Nebula, UK. (DAI)

  • Brooklyn Bounce new 12" is entitled "X2X We Want More!". (Denis ZHabkin)

    X2X We Want More! (Club Mix)
    X2X We Want More! (Instrumental)

  • New from Thomas Rubin is "Cold Night (Remixes)". (Denis ZHabkin)

    DJ Scot Project Rmx
    Kramer & Pogal Rmx

  • New from Vatos Locos Brothers is "Dedicated (Day One)". (Denis ZHabkin)

    Dedicated (Dj Sakin's Candy Mix)

  • New from Blank & Jones is the 10" vinyl "Summer Sun". (Denis ZHabkin)

    Summer Sun (Original)
    Summer Sun (Wellenrausch Remix)

  • New from Lightforce is the single "Big Girls Dont Cry / Right Here Waiting". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Big Girls Don't Cry (Original Mix)		6.41
    02.  Big Girls Don't Cry (Lazard Remix)	6.08
    03.  Big Girls Don't Cry (Rock Ryders Remix)	7.58
    04.  Right Here Waiting (Original Mix)		6.21
    05.  Right Here Waiting (Mario Lopez Remix)	6.08

  • New from DJ Volume (ex-Valium) is the single "Spirit Of Yesterday". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Spirit Of Yesterday (Club Version) 	6.26
    02.  Spirit Of Yesterday (Extended Version)	5.01

  • DJ Gregory will release the 2x12"/Maxi CD "Elle" on September 29th. (DAI)

  • P.I.M.P. (Partners In Music Productions) has released "Ekkovibe (Touché)". (DAI)

  • New from Benny B. feat. Sandy is the single "Illusion". (Pelle Maverick)


  • Technotronic is going to release a new single entitled "Re-Pump Up The Jam 2003". Also Ya Kid K is planning her comeback. (EE)

  • "Shining" by Double Dee will be released September 15th on Positiva, UK. It's released on CD & 12", with formats including the original plus remixes by Cicada and The Scumfrog. (DAI)

  • Kate Ryan is nominated for a TMF award in the category Belgian Female Singer. (DAI)

  • The new single from Molella is called "Jolly". (Mr. Mad)

  • The new single from Erica is "I Don't Know". (Mr. Mad)

  • The new single from Beatbone feat. Panther Paulchen is "Wer hat an der Uhr..". (Mr. Mad)

  • New from Jan Wayne is the album "Gonna Move Ya". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Intro 			2.00
    02.  Love Is A Soldier 		3.38
    03.  Lonely Heart 		4.48
    04.  1,2,3 (Keep The Spirit Alive) 	3.36
    05.  In The Name Of Love 	3.39
    06.  Angel's Eyes 		5.06
    07.  I Say Shut Up 		4.52
    08.  Still Crying Over You 	4.17
    09.  Dance The Night Away 	3.12
    10.  Groovin'		3.49
    11.  I Can't Decide 		4.11
    12.  Say Goodbye 		4.00
    13.  Stay With Me 		6.28

  • New from Paul van Dyk featuring Vega 4 is the single "Time Of Our Lives / Connected". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Time of Our Lives (Radio Mix) 		3.41
    02.  Time of Our Lives (PVD Club Mix)	 	7.50
    03.  Connected (Motomix 05)		7.16
    04.  Connected (Marco V Mix)		8.48
    05.  Time of Our Lives (PVD Time to Chill Mix)	3.00

  • New from Marc Acardipane featuring Dick Rules is the single "Alive". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Alive (Video Edit) 		3.47
    02.  Alive (Extended Play) 	7.15
    03.  Alive (Club Version)	 	6.17

  • New from Kenny Takito present Crash'N'Burn is the single "Somebody Scream". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Somebody Scream (Kenny Takito Remix)
    02.  Somebody Scream (Wavetraxx Remix)
    03.  Somebody Scream (Original Extended)

  • New from RBA is the single "Daywalker". (Denis ZHabkin)
  • New from TJ feat Eve D Loren is the single "Loops God & Fire". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Loops God & Fire (Original Club Mix)
    02.  Loops God & Fire (Brooklyn Bounce Remix)
    03.  Loops God & Fire (Klubbingman Remix)
    04.  Loops God & Fire (Jordan Remix)

  • New from Questia is the single "Crystal Clouds". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Crystal Clouds (Vincent de Moor Original Mix)
    02.  Crystal Clouds (Evolving Moods)
    03.  Crystal Clouds (Subsphere Remix)

  • New from Yves De Ruyter is the single "Spiritual Feeling (Remix) / Y.D.O.T.". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Spiritual Feeling (Dolphin's Remix)
    02.  Spiritual Feeling (Original Mix)
    03.  Y.D.O.T. (Original Mix)

  • New form Plastic Boy featuring Rozalla is the single "Live Another Life". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Live Another Life (Radio Edit) 		2.58
    02.  Live Another Life (12" Vocal) 		7.48
    03.  Live Another Life (Extended Full Vocal Mix)	6.20

  • Junior Jack will release "E Samba" on September 15th in the UK. (DAI)

  • New from French Affair is the single "Ring Ding Dong" and will be released on September 15th. (DAI)

  • New from GLX vs Larossa is the melodic trance single "Stranger / Summer Of Love". (DAI)


  • New single from Scooter will be presented during the tour "We Like It Loud (10 Years of Scooter)" which
    starts at 17 January, 2004. A new album will be released after the tour. (Denis ZHabkin)
  • New from Hemstock & Jennings Feat Adam White is the single "Reverence". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from RMB is 12" "Touch The Sky / Feel The Flame" and is taken from the forthcoming album "Evolution".
    (Denis ZHabkin)

    A1.  Touch The Sky (Instrumental)	 7:48
    B1.  Feel The Flame (Club Mix)	 7:10

  • After Riva's successful LeAnn Rimes remix it is now their remix for Laura Turner "Soul Deep" that
    moves up to #36 in the prestigious Billboard Dance Chart! (DAI)

  • New from Captain Hollywood is the single "Flying High'2003". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Flying High (Radio Mix)    		3.34
    02.  Flying High (CJ Stone Club Mix) 		6.39
    03.  Flying High (Bigroom Remix)   		7.03
    04.  Flying High (Boombox Remix)	 	6.53
    05.  Flying High (Offcast Remix)		7.12

  • Faraway Project released the double A-side "Believer / Savannah" September 1st on Lost Language. (DAI)

    12" [LOST032]
    A.  Believer
    B.  Savannah

  • Aphasia released "Acapulco" September 1st on Hooj. (DAI)

    12" Disc One [HOOJ136]
    A.  Acapulco (Chris & Kai's Acid Island Trip)
    B. Acapulco (Sean Cusick Remix)
    12" Disc Two [HOOJ136R]
    A.  Acapulco (Original Mix)
    B.  Say Hello (The Crazy Tron Mix)
    CDR [HOOJ136-CDR]
    01.  Acapulco (Chris & Kai's Acid Island Trip)
    02.  Acapulco (Sean Cusick Remix)
    03.  Acapulco (Original Mix)
    04.  Say Hello (The Crazy Tron Mix)

  • Milk Inc's new single is a cover of A-Ha's hit "The Sun Always Shine On TV".
    It includes a B-side called "Nothing To You". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Captain Jack is the album "Cafe Cubar". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Greatest Summerhits (Intro) 		0.33
    02.  Viva La Vida (Radio Video Mix) 		3.33
    03.  Volare (Radio Mix) 			2.46
    04.  Vamos A La Playa (Mallorca Mix)	 	3.30
    05.  Sunshine Reggae (Radio Mix) 		3.31
    06.  Miss Ibiza (Radio Mix) 		3.18
    07.  Holiday (Radio Mix)			3.24
    08.  Get Up Ft. The Gipsy Kings (The Mix) 	3.02
    09.  Blame It On The Boogie (Sunshine Mix)	3.27
    10.  Escape (Radio Mix) 			3.54
    11.  Sing Halleluja (Dj Jack Mix) 		3.57
    12.  Viva La Vida (Spanish Guitar Clubmix) 	5.07
    13.  Miss Ibiza (Gina Wild-Clubmix) 		5.05
    14.  Copy Kills Music (Outro) 		0.25

  • New from Loft is the single "Summer Summer (Recall)". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Summer Summer (Radio 120bpm Mix) 	3.52
    02.  Summer Summer (Rio Trance Mix) 	3.30
    03.  Summer Summer (Club Mix) 		5.50
    04.  Ayaya (Radio Mix)		 	3.47

  • New from Armin Van Buuren is the promo 12" "Blue_Fear". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from DJ Roos is the single "Lonely (Emotion)". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Lonely (Emotion) (Phonomatika Radio Cut)		3.19
    02.  Lonely (Emotion) (89ers Remix Radio Edit) 		3.16
    03.  Lonely (Emotion) (Phonomatika Extended Remix) 	4.16
    04.  Lonely (Emotion) (Emotion XXL Radio Version) 	4.52
    05.  Lonely (Emotion) (89ers Remix) 			5.40
    06.  Lonely (Emotion) (Phonomatika Mix) 		7.30

  • New from Tomcraft is the promo 12" "Brainwashed". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Brainwashed (Laurent Konrad Remix) 	7.01
    02.  Brainwashed (Club Mix) 		6.22

  • The new single from Schiller will be released on September 22nd and is entitled "Liebe". It will include remixes
    by ATB and The Modernist. The new Schiller album is scheduled to be released on October 6th. (DAI)

  • 4 Strings - "Let It Rain" was released on Nebula, UK, September 8th. (DAI)

    01.  Let It Rain (Original Vocal Mix)
    02.  Let It Rain (The Mystery Vocal Remix)
    03.  Let It Rain (DJ 4 Strings Vocal Mix)
    04.  Let It Rain (Driftwood Vocal Mix)

  • DJ Red 5 vs MC Miker - "Da Beat Goes - Reanimation" is out now. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New 12" released in Germany by Right Said Fred is "We Are The Fred". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New 12" released in Germany by Mr.X is "Hip Hop Dj's Don't Play Techno". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New 12" released in Germany by Amen UK is " Passion'2003". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New 12" released in Germany by Chicane is "Daylight / Locking Down". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • Boomfunk MC's new single "Dynamite" has been released as a promo. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • The new single from Groove Coverage will be "Poison" and will be released in September. (DJ r2)


  • On August 25 Camouflage's new single "I Can't Feel You" will be released.
    The single will be available in 3 formats: CD1, CD2 - Remixes, and 12" Vinyl. (DAI)

    I Can't Feel You - CD1
    01.  I Can't Feel You (Radio Edit) 				3:48
    02.  I Can't Feel You (Extended Version) 			5:19
    03.  I Can't Feel You (Mellow Trax Short Full Vocal Club Remix) 		3:59
    04.  Telephone Sensor 					4:17
    I Can't Feel You - CD2
    01.  I Can't Feel You (Mesh Remix) 			7:00
    02.  I Can't Feel You (Mellow Trax Full Vocal Remix) 	7:47
    03.  I Can't Feel You (Mellow Trax Club Remix) 		6:03
    I Can't Feel You - 12"
    A1.  I Can't Feel You (Mellow Trax Club Remix) 		6:03
    A2.  I Can't Feel You (Extended Version) 		5:19
    B1.  I Can't Feel You (Mellow Trax Full Vocal Remix) 	7:47
    B2.  Telephone Sensor 				4:17

  • L.A. Work has released a new 12", it's entitled "Congas Del Sol" and was released on August 20th. (DAI)

  • DJ BoBo will release a CD/DVD/VHS called "Live in Concert" on September 8th. (DAI)

    01.  Intro
    02.  Rock My World
    03.  Pray
    04.  Change The World
    05.  I'm Living A Dream
    06.  Medley: It's My Life / Celebrate
    07.  I Believe
    08.  Your Heart Is My Home
    09.  Do You Remember
    10.  Medley: Discovery, Visions, Somebody Dance With Me, Take Control
    11.  Around The World
    12.  Chihuahua
    13.  Everybody
    14.  One Vision One World
    15.  Shadows Of The Night
    16.  Together
    17.  Love Is The Price
    18.  What A Feeling
    19.  Let The Dream Come True
    20.  Freedom
    21.  Chihuahua
    22.  There Is A Party
    23.  Celebration
      DJ BoBo Superstar (Documentary)
      DJ BoBo Tour-History
      Making Of "I Believe" & "Chihuahua"
    01.  Rock My World
    02.  Pray
    03.  Change The World
    04.  I'm Living A Dream
    05.  It's My Life
    06.  Celebrate
    07.  I Believe
    08.  Your Heart Is My Home
    09.  Do You Remember
    10.  One Visions One World
    11.  Somebody Dance With Me
    12.  Take Control
    13.  Let The Dream Come True
    14.  Around The World
    15.  Chihuahua
    16.  Everybody
    17.  Together
    18.  Love Is The Price
    19.  What A Feeling
    20.  There Is A Party
    21.  Celebration

  • The DVD "90's Reloaded" was released on August 18th. (DAI)

    01.  Culture Beat - Mr. Vain
    02.  Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam
    03.  Rozalla - Everybody's Free
    04.  C & C Music Factory - A Deeper Love
    05.  Robin S. - Show Me Love
    06.  Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On
    07.  Chicane - Saltwater
    08.  Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman
    09.  Jam & Spoon - Right In The Night
    10.  Marrs - Pump Up The Volume
    11.  Dr. Alban - Sing Hallelujah
    12.  B.G. Prince Of Rap - The Colour Of My Dreams
    13.  Heavy D And The Boyz - Now That We Found Love
    14.  Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe
    15.  Shanks & Bigfoot - Sweet Like Chocolate
    16.  Haddaway - What Is Love
    17.  Watergate - Heart Of Asia
    18.  Pharao - I Show You Secrets
    19.  Ann Lee - 2 Times
    20.  Loona - Bailando
    21.  Vengaboys - We Like To Party!
    22.  Whigfield - Saturday Night
    23.  Bellini - Samba De Janeiro
    24.  Cappella - U Got 2 Let The Music
    25.  2 Unlimited - No Limit
    26.  Mo-Do - Eins Zwei Polizei
    27.  Star Wash - Disco Fans
    28.  Space Frog - Follow Me
    29.  Dolphin´s Mind - The Flow
    30.  U96 - Das Boot
    31.  Blümchen - Boomerang
    32.  Dune - Who Wants To Live Forever

  • Seduction feat. Valerie has released the 12" "Let Me Be Your Fantasy", which is a remake
    of the hit by Baby D. (Denis ZHabkin)

    A1.  Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Damage Control Mix)
    B1.  Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Club Mix)

  • New from Mario Lopez is the single "Alone". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Lange is the single "I Believe (2003 Remix)" and will be released on September 29th. The new 2003 remix was made because Lange wanted a new darker dub mix to play out + the track is to be re-released on Positiva Records as part of their 10th Anniversary celebrations. (DAI/Denis ZHabkin)

  • A new Pet Shop Boys Greatest Hits compilation is planned for release in late autumn. It is likely to be preceded by a new PSB single in October with the album following in November. Precise details of the album's track-listing have yet to be finalised. The album will have a worldwide release. (LeDJ Fab)

  • Syndicated People has released the 2x12" "Be Right!", it's released on Defected Records, UK. (DAI)

  • Sonorous released the track "Second Run" on August 18th. It's released on Lost Language, UK. (DAI)

    12" Disc One [LOST031]
    A. Second Run (Leama & Moor Remix)
    B.  Second Run (Original Mix)
    12" Disc Two [LOST031R]
    A.  Second Run (Dale Askew Remix)
    B.  Second Run (Mirco De Govia Remix)
    CDR [LOST031CDR]
    01.  Second Run (Leama & Moor Remix)
    02.  Second Run (Original Mix)
    03.  Second Run (Dale Askew Remix)
    04.  Second Run (Mirco De Govia Remix)

  • LOFT has released the 2003 remix of their hit "Summer Summer Summer". (EE/Thanatos)

  • Media Records confirmed the rumour according to which Cappella would be preparing a new single for 2004. (EE)


  • New from Neo Cortex is the single "Don't You" and it was released on August 4th. (DAI)

    01.  Don't You (Trance Radio Edit)
    02.  Don't You (Extended Radio Edit)
    03.  Don't You (Trance Club Mix)
    04.  Don't You (Extended Mix)

  • Kosheen will release the single "All In My Head" on August 25th. (DAI)

  • Ravers On Dope released the single "Trip 2 Wonderland" on August 11th. (DAI)

    01.  Trip 2 wonderland (Video Mix)
    02.  Trip 2 wonderland (Original Mix)
    03.  Trip 2 wonderland (DJs@ Work Remix)
    04.  Big.Bass.Drum (Short Cut)
    05.  Big.Bass.Drum (Original Mix)
    06.  Big.Bass.Drum (Alex Butcher Remix)

  • Westbam will release the single "Right On / Like Ice In The Sunshine" on September 1st. (DAI)

  • Trinity will release the single "Everytime We Touch" on September 8th. (DAI)

  • Captain Future Orch.Feat.Perry will release the single "Back In Space" on September 22nd. (DAI)

  • Gigi D'Agostino will release the singles "Silence - Under Construction Ep1 - Ep4" on September 15th. (DAI)


  • Ralf Hütter, Kraftwerk, said in an interview in Swedish daily magazine Dagens Nyheter
    that Kraftwerk plans a new world tour starting in January 2004. (DAI)

  • The next single taken from Paul van Dyk's forthcoming album "Reflections", is called "Time Of Our Lives"
    and is a cooperation with the indie-rock band Vega Four. (Nibjo)

  • New from Emm X is the track "I Can't Stand The Rain". (Alessandro di Savoia)

  • Coming soon from Yello is the 12" "The Race / Planet Dada". (DAI)

  • Coming soon from Mr Sam feat. Rani is the 12" "Surrender". (DAI)

  • Coming soon from Emmanuel Top is the 12" "Mars". Release in September. (DAI)

  • Coming soon from Perry Colo presents Fuzzbuster's is the 12" "Tonite". (DAI)

  • Ronski Speed's debut single "Iris" is out now, including the Original Mix and a John Askew Remix. (DAI)

  • Enigma's new album will be released on September 8th. (DAI)

    01.  From East To West
    02.  Voyageur
    03.  Incognito
    04.  Page Of Cups
    05.  Boum-Boum [Lead Vocals: Ruth-Ann (From Olive) & Andru Donalds]
    06.  Total Eclipse Of The Moon
    07.  Look Of Today
    08.  In The Shadow, In The Light [Lead Vocals: Andru Donalds]
    09.  Weightless
    10.  The Piano
    11.  Following The Sun [Lead Vocals: Ruth-Ann (From Olive)]

  • New single from Kid Alex is "Young Love (Topless)" and was released on August 11th.
    It's taken from the forthcoming debut album "Colorz", which is set to be released on September 15th. (DAI)


  • Mike Shiver - "Feelings" was released in the UK on July 28th. (DAI)

    12" Disc One [LOST030]
    A.  Feelings (Cosmicman's Meesah Remix)
    B.  Feelings (Harry Peat Remix)
    12" Disc Two [LOST030R]
    A.  Feelings (Original Vocal Mix)
    B.  Feelings (Rusch & Murray Remix)
    CDR [LOST030CDR]
    01.  Feelings (Cosmicman's Meesah Remix)
    02.  Feelings (Harry Peat Remix)
    03.  Feelings (Original Vocal Mix)
    04.  Feelings (Rusch & Murray Remix)

  • New single from Voodoo & Serano is "Give Me The Power". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Jan Wayne is the single "1, 2, 3, Keep The Spirit Alive". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  1,2,3 Keep The Spirit Alive (Single Edit)  		3.37
    02.  1,2,3 Keep The Spirit Alive (Club Mix)  		6.34
    03.  1,2,3 Keep The Spirit Alive (Special D Mix)	  	6.45
    04.  1,2,3 Keep The Spirit Alive (Dub Mix)  		6.32
    05.  1,2,3 Keep The Spirit Alive (Drunkenmunky Remix) 	6.19

  • New single from The Soundlovers is "Hyperfolk". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01.  Hyperfolk (Radio Mix)
    02.  All Day All Night (Beep Radio)
    03.  Hyperfolk (Struscio Mix)
    04.  All Day All Night (Beep Mix)
    05.  All Day All Night (Pizza Mix)

  • Dubtribe Sound System has released the album "Baggage" on CD or 3x12". (DAI)

  • New from Echofalls is 12" "Shiver". (DAI)

    A1.  Shiver (Original Mix)
    A2.  Shiver (Dave Robvertson's A+D Remix)
    B1.  Shiver (Blue Haze Melodic Extract)

  • New from Masterboy is the 12" "Feel The Heat of The Night'2003". (Denis ZHabkin)

    A.  Feel The Heat of The Night (Club Mix)
    B.  Feel The Heat of The Night (Special D Remix)

  • New from Captain Hollywood is the 12" "Flying High". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New album from Haddaway will be entitled "Overdrive". It will include new version of "What Is Love (Reloaded)". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Milk Inc is the 12" "Breathe Without You", released in Germany. (Denis ZHabkin)

    A.  Breathe Without You (DJ Wout Remix)
    B.  Breathe Without You (O2 Expanded)

  • New from Rocco is the 12" "Generation of Love". (Denis ZHabkin)

    A1.  Generation of Love (Club Mix)
    A2.  Generation of Love (Rave Mix)
    B1.  Tune Up (Bass T Remix)

  • New from Talla 2XLC is the 12" "Innocence". (Denis ZHabkin)

    A.  Innocence (Club Mix)
    B.  Innocence (Retro Mix)

  • New from Ferry Corsten is the 12" "Indigo". (Denis ZHabkin)

    A.  Indigo (Original)
    B.  Indigo (Passiva Mix)

  • New single from Futureshock is "Pride's Paranoia". (DAI)


  • Richard X will be releasing his new single "Finest Dreams" feat. Kelis on August 11th. (DAI)

  • Bob Sinclair has released "Kiss My Eyes" in the UK. It's available as a Maxi CD and 2x12".
    It features mixes from Radio Slave, G Club and Antoine Clamaran. (DAI)

  • Rune has released "Calabria" on Credence in the UK. (DAI)

  • New from DJ Taylor is the single "Luv Me Bad". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Airplay is the single "Live Forever". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • Kate Ryan is in the studio working on her new album. (DAI)

  • New from Double You is the single "Everything I Do" - a cover of Bryan Adams' hit. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Lexy and K-Paul is the single "Dancing". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Gigi D'Agostino is the single "Taurus". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Ayla is the single "Liebe'03". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • Snap! has released a new 2 x CD compilation entitled "The Cult Of Snap! 1990-2003".
    The 1st CD features remixes and the 2nd CD features the originals. (Denis ZHabkin)

    CD1 The Remixes
    01 The Power Of Bhangra (vs. Motivo) 03:27
    02 Ooops Up! (vs. DJ Tomekk feat. NG3) 03:33
    03 Mary Had A Little Boy (vs. Milky & N2F) 03:25
    04 The World In My Hands (vs. Fu Tourist) 04:34
    05 Exterminate (vs. Naidoo) 04:20
    06 Colour Of Love (vs. Chris Zippel feat. Youssou N'Dour) 06:59
    07 Cult Of Snap (vs. Roy Malone) 05:38
    08 Rhythm Is A Dancer 2003 (vs. CJ Stone) 03:19
    09 When You're Near (vs. Twin) 04:40
    10 Do You See The Light (vs. Plaything) 04:29
    11 Rame (vs. Ron van Kroonenburg) 04:43
    12 Green Grass Grows (vs. Martin Eyerer) 04:11
    13 The First The Last Eternity (vs. Tom Novy) 04:03
    14 Welcome To Tomorrow (vs. Fragma) 03:44
    15 Angel (Rays Of Love) 06:21
    CD2 The Originals
    01 Rhythm Is A Dancer 03:43
    02 The Power 03:49
    03 Mary Had A Little Boy 03:42
    04 Ooops Up! 04:02
    05 Cult of Snap! 04:00
    06 Colour Of Love 04:13
    07 Exterminate 04:17
    08 Do You See The Light 04:12
    09 The First The Last Eternity 03:54
    10 Believe The Hype 04:51
    11 The Power (Jungle Fever Remix '90) 06:01

  • DJ Chus has released a 2 x CD album entitled "Amplified". It was released on Defected, UK. (DAI)

  • Edel in Germany has released the compilation Trance Nation 17". (DAI)

  • Jasmin Wagner (ex-Blümchen) will release her single "Leb' Deinen Traum" on September 8th. (Daniel)

  • Blank & Jones will release their new single "A Forest", featuring the voice of Robert Smith. (EE)

  • Billy More has released a new single entitled "Weekend". (Piraz)

  • New from Benny Benassi is the single "Able To Love". (DAI)


  • Maxx is currently in the studio working on a remix record 2003 for "Get A Way". They hope to release it in
    August or September. After that they plan a complete new Maxx record, a single & album in 2004. (DAI)

  • There is also plans for a new remix for Real McCoy's - "Another Night" and also for brand new material: a new single and album for 2004, but for now there are some problems with the Record Company to clear. (DAI)

  • New from Dj Quicksilver is the 12" "Clubfiles One". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Armand Van Helden is the 12" Let Me Lead You". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • Audio Bullys will release the single "Way Too Long" on August 18th. (DAI)

  • New from Clubworxx Vs The Monsterz is the 12" "Keep On Swingin'". (DAI)

  • New from El Amor is the 12" "Es Mas". (DAI)

  • New from Wild Pitcher is the 12" "Always Wild". (DAI)

  • 3st Vs Dash will release the 12" "You Can Bomb Me In Five Minute" on August 4th. (DAI)

  • B Bommersheim will release the 12" Switch The Off On on July 28th. (DAI)

  • New from Chris Zander is the 12" "Female Summer EP". (DAI)

  • BT will release the album "Emotional Technology" on August 5th. (DAI)

    01. Intro (aka The Meeting of a Hundred Yang)
    02. Knowledge of Self (feat. Guru)
    03. Superfabulous (feat. Rose McGowan & Scott McCloud)
    04. Somnambulist
    05. Force of Gravity (feat. JC Chasez)
    06. Dark Heart Dawning
    07. The Great Escape (feat. Caroline Lavelle)
    08. Paris
    09. Circles
    10. Last Moment of Clarity (feat. Karina Ware)
    11. Communicate (feat. Jan Johnston)
    12. Animals
    13. The Only Constant is Change

  • Blank & Jones will release the album "The Mix Vol. 2" on August 4th. (DAI)

    CD 1
    01. Blank & Jones - The Mix Intro
    02. Evolution - Walking On Fire (Blank & Jones RMX)
    03. Blank & Jones - Summer Sun
    04. System F - Spaceman (Matti Laamanen RMX)
    05. RMB Vs. B&J - Re-Reality (Blank & Jones RMX)
    06. Pulser - Cloudwalking (Astral RMX)
    07. Aalto - Rush (Original Mix)
    08. Wellenrausch - On The Run (TMT Remix)
    09. The Mystery - Feel 4 You (Dub Mix)
    10. A Force - Spectral Spike (Original Mix)
    11. Duderstadt - Sunrise (Original Mix)
    12. The Disco Brother - First Contact (Regenr. RMX)
    13. Floyd - 4 Ever (Original Mix)
    14. Charger - Turtle Beach (Original Mix)
    15. NU NRG - Connective (Original Mix)
    16. B&J - A Night To Remember (Brutus & N. RMX)
    17. Ron van den Beuken - Timeless (Floyd RMX)
    18. A. Clark - Sleeper In Metropolis 3000 (B&N RMX)
    19. Blank & Jones feat. Robert Smith - A Forest (Snippet)
    CD 2
    01. Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes (G&D RMX)
    02. B&J - Unknown Treasure (Mr. Sam RMX)
    03. Holden & Thompson - Nothing (H&H RMX)
    04. Cultivate - Broken Pieces (Dale Askew RMX)
    05. LL m. Ernesto Vs. Bast. - Being Single (LL RMX)
    06. Rapid Eye - Stealing Beauty (R.E. Mix)
    07. Chicane - Love On The Run (B&J RMX)
    08. Rusch & Murray - Epic (Above & Beyond RMX)
    09. Goldenscan - Of Our Times (Original Mix)
    10. B&J - Flaming June (B&J Reconstruction Mix)
    11. T. Bones Vs. F. Baker - Return To Innocence (Mr. Sam RMX)
    12. Cor Fijneman - Venus (DJ Tiesto RMX)
    13. Project Medusa Vs. Exor - Eclipse (Soho RMX)
    14. Insigma - Avalon (Midway RMX)
    15. Mr. S. Vs. T. Coltrane - One More Day (RMX)
    16. Wolfsheim - Wundervoll (Blank & Jones RMX)
    CD 3 (only in the limited edition)
    01. Blank & Jones - The Chill Mix Intro
    02. Blank & Jones - Counting Clouds (Sunset Session Mix)
    03. Rapid Eye - Circo Forever (Chill Seeking Mix)
    04. Evolution - Walking on Fire (Ambient Mix)
    05. Blank & Jones - Relax (Revisited Mix)

  • In the early morning on Sunday the 13th of July, Thomas Jahnke, one of the producers behind the
    Cosmic Culture project, died in a tragically car accident at the age of only 20 years old.
    His musical partner Axel Jäger is still in the hospital. (Trance.nu)

  • Firewall (aka. Lange) will release "Sincere" on September 8th. (DAI)


  • Again the Kraftwerk album "Tour de France Soundtracks" scheduled releasedate in the US has been
    moved, this time to August 19th. (DAI)

  • Karl Bartos will release a new album entitled "Communication" in September. (DAI)

    01. The Camera
    02. I'm the Message
    03. 15 Minutes of Fame
    04. Reality
    05. Electronic Apeman
    06. Life
    07. Cyberspace
    08. Interview
    09. Ultraviolet
    10. Another Reality

  • New from M Factor is "Come Together", released by Credence, UK. (DAI)

  • New from Klubbingman is the single "No Limit On The Beach". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01 No Limit On The Beach (Radio Edit) 03:07
    02 No Limit On The Beach (Axel Coon Radio Edit) 03:16
    03 No Limit On The Beach (Cosmic Culture Radio Cut) 03:23
    04 No Limit On The Beach (Mirco Milano Radio Cut) 03:39
    05 No Limit On The Beach (Original Club Mix) 07:20
    06 No Limit On The Beach (Extented Mix) 06:12
    07 No Limit On The Beach (Axel Coon Club Mix) 06:17
    08 No Limit On The Beach (Cosmic Culture Vocal Remix) 06:50
    09 No Limit On The Beach (Cosmic Culture Non Vocal Remix) 06:50
    10 No Limit On The Beach (Mirco Milano Hard Club Mix) 07:22

  • New from Space Brothers is the 12" "One More Chance". (Denis ZHabkin)

    One More Change (Original Mix) 08:10
    One More Change (Dub) 05:38

  • Mark'Oh has released the single "Stuck On You (Limited Fan Edition)", it was released on July 14th. (Denis ZHabkin)

    01. Stuck On You (Radio Version) 03:57
    02. Stuck On You (Clubversion) 08:01
    03. Stuck On You (DJ Cosmo Remix) 08:40
    04. Stand Up 02:16
    05. Stuck On You [Video]

  • DJs@Work's new album "Past Was Yesterday" will be released on July 21st. (Denis ZHabkin)

    01. Past Was Yesterday 03:31
    02. Free Your Mind 05:18
    03. Let Me Be 03:54
    04. The Final Dance 03:49
    05. Some Years Ago 04:14
    06. Spin Me 03:45
    07. Rock Da Beat 03:55
    08. Will Be Free 04:40
    09. Give in Tonight 05:32
    10. Do You Remember 04:57
    11. You Take Me Away 03:48
    12. My Mind 05:13
    13. Houze Muzik 04:48
    14. Tell Me Why 04:04

  • Captain Jack's new single is entitled "Viva La Vida" and will be out in Germany on the July 28th.
    An album called "Greatest Summerhits" is also on its way. (EE)

    01. Viva La Vida (Radio/Video Version)
    02. Viva La Vida (Spanish Guitar Mix)
    03. Viva La Vida (Spanish Drums Clubmix)
    04. Viva La Vida (Spanish Guitar Clubmix)
    05. Viva La Vida (Instrumental Mix)

  • New track appeared, to be released on vinyl soon??, DJ Scot Project - "Club Bizzare". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • Critical Mass - "I Your Eyes" ("In Your Eyes") has been released in Spain by Virtual Records. (Denis ZHabkin/DAI)

  • New from Arome (DJ Scot Project) is the 12" "Visions Of Paradize". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • Scooter - "Maria (I Like It Loud)" 12" was released on July 10th, the maxi-single will be released on August 18th. (Denis ZHabkin/DAI)

    A. Maria (I Like It Loud) (Clubmix) 6:11
    B. Maria (I Like It Loud) (Extended) 5:08

  • New from Dreamcatcher is the 12" "I Feel Love". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New hardhousehit of Hi-Skool (aka DJ ACESONE [Dorpzicht]) will be a remake of "Summer Nights",
    taken from the movie Grease. The 12" was released July 9th and the CD-Maxi will be released on
    August 11th. (DJ WackManiac)

  • Groove Coverage will release a new single at the end of summer and they will release their second
    album this winter. (DJ r2)

  • New single from Ann Lee is "No No No". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • Flip'n'Fill has released a 2-cd album entitled "Floorfillas". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01 Shooting Star                              05:25
    02 I Wanna Dance With Somebody                03:02
    03 Shake Ya Shimmy (Porn Kings)               05:37
    04 Field Of Dreams                            03:19
    05 Memory                                     05:12
    06 Follow Me                                  05:15
    07 Sunset In San Antonio                      06:40
    08 Beat It                                    04:15
    09 Freedom                                    04:19
    10 Walkin On Sunshine                         04:38
    11 Precoius Little Diamond                    05:36
    12 Time To Move                               05:36
    13 Rhythm Rock                                04:42
    14 True Love Never Dies                       06:38
    01 The Remixes				57:04


  • Again the Kraftwerk album "Tour de France Soundtracks" scheduled releasedate has been
    moved, this time to August 4th for Germany and to August 5th for the US. (DAI)

  • The Chemical Brothers have announced full details of their singles and rarities album and DVD set
    for release on September 22nd entitled "Singles 93-03". The package will consist of singles released from the hugely successful albums "Exit Planet Dust", "Dig Your Own Hole", "Surrender" and "Come With Us" as well as various EP's over the last ten years. Two brand new tracks will be included on the collection, collaboration with The Flaming Lips called "The Golden Path" and a track with Canadian rapper K-OS called "Get Yourself High".

    A second disk will accompany the collection for a limited period, consisting of rare tracks and previously unreleased tracks.

    The DVD will consist of The Chemical Brothers videos, made by renowned directors such as Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry, WIZ and Dom & Nic. It will also feature live and rare unreleased footage. (TCB Newsletter)


    DISC 1
    Song To The Siren
    Chemical Beats
    Leave Home
    Setting Sun
    Block Rockin' Beats
    Private Psychedelic Reel
    Hey Boy Hey Girl
    Let Forever Be
    Out Of Control
    Star Guitar
    The Test
    Get Yourself High
    The Golden Path
    DISC 2 (Limited Edition)
    Not Another Drugstore (Planet Nine Mix)
    The Duke
    If You Kling To Me I'll Klong to You
    Otter Rock
    Morning Lemon
    Galaxy Bounce (Original Version)
    Loops Of Fury
    Elektrobank (Live From The Roxy, NYC, Nov 96)
    Under the Influence (Mix 2)
    Piku Playground (Live)

  • The Chemical Brothers are currently in the studio working on a brand new studio album, which is due in 2004. Tom and Ed will be playing a special DJ set at Creamfields on August 23rd. "The Golden Path" will be released as a single on September 8th 2003. (TCB Newsletter)

  • Eric Prydz has released an EP entitled "EP3" on Credence, UK. (DAI)


    A1 Slammin'
    B1 Inner Space
    B2 Slammin' (Acapella)

  • N-Trance's new single "Destiny" was released on July 7th. (DAI)

  • New from Safri Duo is the single "Fallin' High". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Origiene is the track "Close To You". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Driftwood is the track "Anything Goes". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Scooter is the 12" "Maria (I Like It Loud)". (DAI)

  • New from DJ Gollum is the Euro-Trance 12" "Take My Heart". (DAI)

  • New from Nivago is the Dance 12" "I Feel Free". (DAI)

  • New from E-Magicans is the Trance 12" "Out Of Stock / Not Enough". (DAI)

  • New from Klubbheads is the Trance 12" "Bounce To Da Beat". (DAI)

  • New from Pulser is the Trance 12" "My Religion". (DAI)

  • New from Westbam is the Techno 12" "Der Blaue Planet". (DAI)

  • New from Kayestone Ft. General Levy is the Trance 12" "Backburner". (DAI)

  • New from GLX / Larossa is the Trance 12" "Stranger / Summer Love". (DAI)

  • New from Divine is the Trance 12" "Shoot Your Shot 2003". (DAI)

  • New from P.A. Enhancers is the Hard-Trance 12" "Feel It". (DAI)

  • New from The Brattice is the Techno 12" "Ipanema". (DAI)

  • New from Kenny Takito presents Crash & Burn is the Trance 12" "Somebody Scream". (DAI)

  • New from Tranns Motion is the House 12" "Ultraviolet EP". (DAI)

  • New from DJ T.T.Hacky is the Tech-Trance 12" "I Wan't You 2003". (DAI)

  • New from Aggregat is the Tribal-Trance 12" "Tribal / Fife". (DAI)

  • New from Franky G vs. Eddy Tango is the House 12" "House Muzak". (DAI)

  • New from Chapter & Page is the Tech-Trance 12" "Relevation". (DAI)

  • New from Defunct is the Trance 12" "Together". (DAI)

  • New from Montana is the Disco-House 12" "The One 4 Me". (DAI)

  • New from Claudio Mangione is the Tech-House 12" "Mondo Grande". (DAI)

  • New from Elektromulch is the Hard-Trance 12" "Das Nichts". (DAI)

  • New from Thomas Rubin is the Hard-Trance 12" "Cold Night". (DAI)

  • New from Taucher is the Tribal-Trance 12" "The More You Work...". (DAI)

  • New from Torsten Kanzler is the Techno 12" "The Sounds Of Kanzler". (DAI)

  • New from Ironbase is the Techno 12" "Electrosmoker". (DAI)

  • New from Marco Remus is the Techno 12" "Indian Beast EP". (DAI)

  • New from Tomcraft is the Tech-Trance 12" "Great Stuff". (DAI)

  • New from Arome is the Trance 12" "Visions of Paradize". (DAI)

  • New from Johnny Fiasco is the House 12" "Get On The Dancefloor". (DAI)

  • Ole van Dansk, member of the dance-project DJ's @ Work, has also an own new title, called "Shining Star". (DTM NoLimits)

  • Jenny's new dance-title is using the melody from the Bad Boys Blue-hit "You`re a Woman". Her title is called "Der Sommer War Noch Jung", also taken from her first-album-CD called "Ich Geh' Meinen Weg". (DTM NoLimits)

  • The Gibson Brothers are back again with the title called "Cecilia". "Cecilia" is a former hit originally from
    Art & Garfunkel. (DTM NoLimits)

  • The next Ronny Krappmann single is an uptempo song called "Fantasy". Some parts of this title are in english, some with german vocals. (DTM NoLimits)

  • The new compilation from KONTOR Records is called "Bump!". (DTM NoLimits)


    01. Scooter - The Night
    02. Boogie Pimps - Somebody To Love (Salt Shaker Remix)
    03. Lambda - Hold On Tight (Kaylab & Reeloop Radio Mix)
    04. Beam Vs. Cyrus feat. MC Hammer - U Can´t Touch This (Beam Vs. Cyrus Radio Mix)
    05. ATB - I Don´t Wanna Stop (Molella Remix)
    06. Master Blaster - How Old Are U ?
    07. Groove Coverage - The End
    08. Benni Benassi - Satisfaction (Mokkas Radio)
    09. Starsplash - Endless Fantasy
    10. Jan Wayne - Love Is A Soldier
    11. Steve Murano - Passion
    12. Future Mind - Drum And Bass
    13. Sunbeam - Watching The Stars
    14. Safeway - I´m In Love
    15. Happymen Vs. Gala - Freed From Desire 2003 (HSP Radio Cut)
    16. 56K feat . Bejay - Save A Prayer
    17. Nightwatchers - Darkside Of My Dreams
    18. RSDJ - Sorry (Original Latin House Edit)
    19. Woofer vs. Boytronic - You
    20. Bitter Suite - Run With Me (Italian Style Radio Edit)
    21. Underdog Project Vs. Sunclub -  Summer Jam 2003  (Nr. 1 in Belgien)
    22. Aaliyah - Don´t Know What To Tell Ya (Intenso Project Remix)
    23. ATB - Long Way Home


  • Paul van Dyk featuring Hemstock & Jennings released "Nothing But You" on June 30th in the UK. (DAI)

  • DJ Bobo will release "Chihuahua - The Album (Special Summer Edition)" on July 11th. (DAI)


    Rock My World
    I Believe
    What A Feeling (with Irene Cara)
    Around The Wolrd
    Let The Party Begin
    There Is A Party
    Angel (with Patricia Manterola)
    One Visions One World
    Music Is My Life
    Do You Remember
    Where Is Your Love

  • According to EMI in Germany, the new Kraftwerk album will have 10 tracks and will be entitled
    "Tour De France Soundtracks" (and not "Tour De France 2003" as mentioned earlier).

    It will be released on July 28th by EMI in Germany and on August 5th by Astralwerks in the US. (DAI)

  • James Zabiela - "Sound In Motion" will be released on July 14th by Hooj, UK. (DAI)

    2 x CD [Mixed]
    Disc One
    00. Intro
    01. Edward Shearmur's 'Taxi Ride' (JZ DJ Re-edit)
    02. Sunday Brunch 'My World' (Nightdrive Mix)
    03. Earth Deuley 'Spacial Gathering'
    04. Natural Rhythm 'Your World'
    05. Q6 'Out In The Shed'
    06. Lanoiraude 'j.j scenario'
    07. Animated 'Come On'
    08. Jigga What - Sleeping In
    09. Echomen 'Thru 2 You' (Bushwacka! Remix)
    10. Maffia Soundsystem 'Fact Da Floor'
    11. Timmy S '..he's in the bar'
    12. ODD 'Don't Look at Me' (Paul Rogers Dub)
    * Space Manoeuvres 'Stage One' Accapella
    13. Bermuda Triangle 'Tay Do 22'
    Disc Two
    00. Intro
    01. Simon & Levin 'Gone'
    02. Dave Robertson 'Slang for Funky'
    03. The Silence 'Acid Attack'
    04. PJ Davy 'Call it what you like'
    * Halo Varga 'Future'
    05. PJ Davy 'Freezing Point' (Dave Robertson Remix)
    06. Aphasia 'Acapulco'
    07. Dave Brennan 'Drink Deep' (Zabiela's Vox Version)
    * Buck meets Dub Theory Sound 'Bwoy Vol 1' (Dub Theory Outro)
    08. Bushwacka! 'Break your Face' (Plank)
    09. Star Spangled Banner 'Mr Negative' (Freestyle Man Thirsty Monk Mix)
    10. Ebon 'Sleepless 2' (Original Tribal Mix)
    11. Ant 'Process Cyan'
    12. Aidan Lavelle / Mode 'Eli'
    12" x 3 [UNMIXED]
    A1. PJ Davy 'Freezing Point' (Dave Robertson Remix)
    A2. Bermuda Triangle 'Tay Do 22'
    B1. Dave Robertson 'Slang for Funky'
    B2. Animated 'Come On'
    C1. Simon & Levin 'Gone'
    C2. Ebon 'Sleepless 2' (Original Tribal Mix)
    D1. Bushwacka! 'Break your Face' (Plank)
    D2. Ant 'Process Cyan Min'
    E1. Lanoiraude 'j.j scenario'
    E2. Earth Deuley 'Spacial Gathering'
    F1. The Silence 'Acid Attack'
    F2. Natural Rhythm 'Your World'

  • New from Mainframe ft Paul Elstak is the track "All Will Be Destroyed". (DAI)

  • New from Lady Tom is the track "Up In The Air". (DAI)

  • Debut single from Candee Jay "If I Were You" was released on July 1st. (Predrag Mavrak)

  • Sylver's next single will be "Shallow Water" and it will be released at the end of September. (Predrag Mavrak)

  • New single from Ian Van Dahl will be "I Can't Let You Go..." and is to be released in the UK on September 8th.
    The new album is currently under production and is to be released in November. (DAI/Eurodance Dance Music)

  • Red Jerry featuring B J Robson released "When It Comes Around" on June 30th. (DAI)

    12" Disc One [HOOJ134]
    A. When It Comes Around (Red Jerry's Banned From The Roxy Mix)
    B. When It Comes Around (Red Jerry's Airtight Mix)
    12" Disc Two [HOOJ134R]
    A. When It Comes Around (Red Jerry's Cut One Mix)
    B. When It Comes Around (Nova Scotia's Aversion Version)
    CDR [HOOJ134-CDR]
    1. When It Comes Around (Red Jerry's Banned From The Roxy Mix)
    2. When It Comes Around (Red Jerry's Airtight Mix)
    3. When It Comes Around (Red Jerry's Cut One Mix)
    4. When It Comes Around (Nova Scotia's Aversion Version)

  • New from DJ Scot Project is "Visions of Paradize". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Special D is "Home Alone". (Denis ZHabkin)


  • Enigma (aka Michael Cretu) will release the new album "Voyageur" on September 8th.
    The single with the same name will be released two weeks earlier on August 25th. (DAI)

  • Sandra will release the DVD "The Complete History", which includes all videos and much more,
    will be released on September 8th. (DAI)

  • Lambda - "Hold On Tight" will be released in the Benelux only on June 30th. The track is available in two formats. The CD-Single contains the "Kaylab vs Reeloop Edit" and "DJ Spud House Edit", the CD-Maxi also contains the extended versions of both mixes. (DAI)

  • DJ Shah - "High" was released on June 23rd in the UK (on Nebula), including remixes by Pedro Del Mar
    and Pasha Bros. (DAI)

  • Kate Ryan - "Scream For More / Désenchantée" will be released on July 21st in the UK (on Nebula). (DAI)

    Scream For More (Radio Edit)
    Scream For More (Original Extended Mix)
    Scream For More (Monsoon & Dreamwurx Club Mix)
    Scream For More (Cor Fijneman Remix)
    Scream For More (Monsoon & Dreamwurx Hard Club Mix)
    Désenchantée (Radio Edit)
    Désenchantée (Original Extended)

  • David Guetta Vs Bowie - "Just For One Day (Heroes)" will be released on July 30th. (DAI)

  • New track from CJ Stone is "Don't Look Back". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New track from DJ Lee is Ready Or Not / Take Me Away". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New 12" from Starsplash is "Fly Away (Owner Of You Heart) feat Daisy Dee" and was released on June 27th.
    The CD-maxi will be released on August 4th. (Denis ZHabkin/DAI)

    Fly Away (Owner Of Your Heart) (New Club Mix)
    Listen To Mummy And Daddy

  • New from Methods of Mayhem is the 12" "FYU" and it was released on June 27th. (Denis ZHabkin/DAI)

    F.Y.U. (Shotek Remix)
    F.Y.U. (Dark Dub Mix)

  • New from M-Xpress is "Sweet Dreams'2003" and it's a remake of the hit from La Bouche.
    The release is set to July 14th. (Denis ZHabkin/DAI)

    Sweet Dreams (Extended Mix)
    Sweet Dreams (Plexxus Extended Mix)
    Sweet Dreams (Acrylite Remix)

  • New from Alex C. feat. Yasmine K. is the single "Angel Of Darkness" and will be released on July 14th. (DAI)

  • New from Haddaway is the 12" "What Is Love Reloaded" released on June 20th. (Denis ZHabkin/DAI)

    What Is Love (Reloaded Mix)
    What Is Love (Jens O's Hard Remix)
    What Is Love (What Is Club)

  • New from 666 is the 12" "Insanity" released on June 18th. (Denis ZHabkin/DAI)

    Insanity (666 In The Mix)
    Insanity (Megara Vs Dj Lee Remix)
    Insanity (Noemi Mix)
    Insanity (Sector 5 Mix)

  • New from DJ Jean is the 12" "Supersounds" and it was released on June 11th. (Denis ZHabkin/DAI)

    Supersounds (Extended Mix)
    Supersounds (Zany Mix)
    Party People In The House

  • New 12" from Push is "Journey Of Life" and will be released on July 3rd. (DAI)

  • Sex Appeal's new single will be entitled "Do You Love Me". (EE)

  • General Base released a 2003 version of their hit "Poison". (EE)

  • Real McCoy has just released a best of album in the US entitled "Platinum & Gold Collection". (BookmanJones)

    Another Night (Radio Mix)
    Run Away (Single Version)
    Come And Get Your Love (Single Mix)
    Automatic Lover (Single Version)
    One More Time (Single Mix)
    I Wanna Come (With You) (Original Radio Edit)
    (If You'er Not In It For Love)  I'm Outta Here (Radio Mix)
    Tonight (Album Version)
    Love And Devotion (Airplay Mix)
    Ooh Boy (Radio Edit)
    Sleeping With An Angel (Single Fade)
    Operator (Album Version)

  • Jan Johnston is currently working on solo material for a new album. No details have been released yet. (DAI)

  • BT will release his fourth album of new material, "Emotional Technology", in August. (DAI)

  • New from Bob Ltd is the track "Piano 2003". (DAI)

  • The new Kraftwerk album has been rescheduled for July 28th. (DAI)

  • New from Junior Jack & Kid Creme is the 2xCD/3xLP compilation "In The House".
    It will be released on June 30th on Defected in the UK. (DAI)

  • New from Dubtribe Sound System is the track "Autosoul" and will be released on June 30th.
    It's the first single taken from their forthcoming album "Baggage". (DAI)

  • New from Powers That Be is the track "Planet Rock" to be released on July 14th. (DAI)

  • New from Bob Sinclar is the track "Kiss My Eyes" to be released on July 21st. (DAI)

  • Junior Jack - "E Samba" will be released on Defected (UK) this summer. (DAI)

  • Syndicated People - "Be Right" will be released on Defected (UK) this summer. (DAI)

  • DJ Gregory - "Elle" will be released on Defected (UK) this summer. (DAI)

  • Mood II Swing - "Can't Get Away From You" (UK) will be released on Defected this summer. (DAI)

  • Martin Solveig - "Sur la terre" (UK) will be released on Defected this summer. (DAI)

  • The compilation "Credence Club Hots Vol.1" has been released in the UK. (DAI)

  • New from Vincent de Moor Pres. Questia is the 12" "Nexus Asia". (DAI)

  • New from Westbam is the 12" "Rigth On/Like Ice In The Sunshine". (DAI)

  • New from Masters & Nickson ft. Justine Suissa is the 12" "Out There". (DAI)

  • New from Paul van Dyk is the 12" "The Remixes" released on June 24th. (DAI)

    Faith Evans - All Night Long
    ATFC - Found A Bad Habit
    M-People - Don't Need Ur Love
    Blondie - 21st Century Way

  • New from Minimalistix is the 12" "Magic Fly" released on June 24th. (DAI)

    Magic Fly (PPK Space Club Remix)
    Magic Fly (Original Vocal Mix)
    Magic Fly (Ultrabeat Remix)


  • The new single from Kraftwerk is called "Tour de France 2003", it's a remake of their old hit, and it will be released on July 7th. The album entitled "Tour de France 2003", which is their first studioalbum since 1986, is due for release on July 21st. The album features the all-new recordings of "Tour De France 2003" alongside brand new compositions and a new version of "Tour De France" from 1983. The album has a cycling theme/concept running throughout the entire album. (DAI)
    1. Tour De France 03 (Version 1)
    2. Tour De France 03 (Version 2)
    3. Tour De France 03 (Version 3)
    4. Tour De France 03 (Long Distance Version 2)
    A1. Tour De France 03 (Long Distance Version 2)
    B1. Tour De France 03 (Version 1)
    B2. Tour De France 03 (Version 3)

  • Culture Beat will release a "Best Of" album on July 7th. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New 12" from DJ Isaac is "Going Insane". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New 12" from Orion Roo is "Travelling Remixes" (Denis ZHabkin)

    Travelling (Extended Mix)
    Travelling (Spanish Extended)
    Travelling (Elektro Kid Remix)

  • New 12" from Above & Beyond is "Far From In Love (New Edition)". (Denis ZHabkin)

    Far From In Love (Original Version)
    Far From In Love (Airbase Remix)
    Far From In Love (Joker Remix)

  • New 12" from Liquinoid is "Substance". (Denis ZHabkin)

    Substance (Original Mix)
    Substance (PPK Club Mix)

  • Several artists will make a tribute cd to RMB. It will be called "RMB & Friends - A Tribute To RMB"
    and will be released on August 4th. (Nibjo)

  • Jan Wayne new album will be entitled "Gonna Move Ya!". (Nibjo)

  • DJs@work's new album will be entitled "Past Was Yesterday", just like their first single from the forthcoming album. (Nibjo)

  • Ultra sonic has release a "Best Of" album. It contains 16 songs on the first cd and a live concert from 1996 on the second cd. (Nibjo)


  • New 12" from ATB is "Long Way Home" and was released on June 11th. (Denis ZHabkin/DAI)

    Long Way Home (Original Mix)
    Long Way Home (Clubb Mix)
    Long Way Home (Steve Murano Remix)
    Long Way Home (Starfighter 2 Remix)

  • Gary D released the 12" "Bass Kick Down" on June 6th. (Denis ZHabkin/DAI)

    Bass Kick Down (Hard Bass Mix)
    Bass Kick Down (Daywalker Remix)

  • New from Max B Grant is the 12" "Chewing Gum". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Prophet is the 12" "Hardstyle Baby". (Denis ZHabkin)

    Hardstyle Baby (Vocal Mix)
    Hardstyle Baby (Instrumental)
    Hardstyle Baby (Acapellas)

  • New from RMB feat.Talla 2XLC is the 12" "Spring'2003" to be released on July 21st. (Denis ZHabkin/DAI)

  • The Dj Cosmo meets Digital Rockers - "Love Song" maxisingle will be released on June 30th and the video is already shot. Mark'Oh also plays a short role in the video. (Yvonne Tienstra)

    1. Love Song (Radio Edit)               3.02
    2. Love Song (Digital Rockers Remix)    7.30
    3. Love Song (Dj Cosmo Club Mix)        8.28
    4. Love Song (Mark'Oh Remix)            7.39
    5. Love Song (Groove Coverage Remix)    6.35

  • Mark'Oh's video for his new single "Stuck On You", which will be released somewhere this summer, has also been shot. It was shot in Marko's hometown Dorsten and features a whole lot of youth from Dorsten who 'play' a crowd watching Marko perform. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • The new single from Tatu is called "How Soon Is Now?". Anybody who thinks the lyrics sometimes sound a bit familiar is right, cause it's a remake of the themesong from the popular tv serie Charmed, which was done by Love Spit Love. But the original song is not from Love Spit Love though, that credit goes to The Smiths. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New 12" from Aquagen vs. 666 is "Bomba". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Shakedown is the single "Drowsy With Hope" and will be released on June 16th. It contains mixes by
    K Klass, Shadow Company and John Ciafone. It also includes new mixes of their previous hit "At Night". (DAI)

  • Becky Baeling will release her debut album "Becstasy" on June 24th. (DAI)


  • Nance (former member of Twenty 4 Seven) is still working in Holland as the presentor of the Dutch gameshow Lingo. But has now decided to try it again in the musicbusiness, cause she recently released a single in Holland. It's called "If U Wanna Dance". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • The new 12" from DJ Jean is called "Supersounds". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • The Klubbheads will release a new single in July. It's called "Bounze 2 Da Beat". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • The 12" of DJ Cosmo meets Digital Rockers - "Love Song Remixes" with the Digital Rockers remix and the Groove Coverage remix was released on May 21st. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • The 12" of Mark'Oh - "Stuck On You" contains a club mix and a DJ Cosmo mix. It was released on May 28th. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • Additional info about the Mandy & Randy album "Together Forever":
    * It contains 2 more coversongs (next to the singles "Mandy" and "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now"):
      "Together Forever" originally by Rick Astley, and "How Can I Fall" originally by Breathe.
    * The song "Wonderful Land" is written by the men behind Dune. It has a typical Dune sound.
    * The vocals from Mandy are done by Miss Martha.
    (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • The new Dannii Minogue single "Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling" also has another version called "Don't Wanna Lose This Groove" (with videoclip). This version has the lyrics of the original "Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling" song combined with the music of Madonna's classic "Into The Groove". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from DJ Murphy Brown vs. Captain Hollywood is "Axel F. 2003", a cover of the Beverly Hills Cop themesong by Harold Faltermeyer. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Der Verfall vs. Alex Butcher is "Der Verfall 2003". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from is the 12" "Where Are You". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • Dutch best hardtrance DJ Lady Dana's latest is "Excuse Me". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • DJ Tiësto recently had a full stadium 'concert' in Holland in the Gelredome in Arnhem. It was sold out and a big succes. The themsong of this 'concert' was by Dj Cor Fijneman feat. Jan Johnston - Venus (Meant To Be Your Lover) (Dj Tiësto Remix)". This song has also been released on single. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • Also Svenson & Gielen have a new single featuring Jan Johnston. It's called "Beachbreeze". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from is "In-Tango". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Beat Factory is "Take On Me 2003", ofcource a cover from the original song by A-Ha. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from DJ Sputnik is "All The Things She Said" a remake of the hitsong by Tatu. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • Tatu performed at the Eurovision songfestival with the song "Ne Ver, Ne Bojsia". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • Sertab Erener won the Eurovision songfestival for Turkey with the song "Everyway That I Can". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • From Anjali is the song "Im Nin Alu", a cover from the Israelian singer Offra Haza, who unfortunatly died of Aids. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Klea is "Tic Toc (Magik Muzik Mix)". (Magik Muzik = DJ Tiësto). (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • There are 2 new versions of Sunclubs old hitsong "Fiësta":
    Summerlove with "Remember" and The Underdog Project vs. Sunclub with "Summer Jam". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • The new single from Celine Dion will be "One Heart", just like her previous "I Drove All Night" a more
    uptempo song compared to her previous ballads. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from DJ Chuckie is "Da Partycrasher". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Sven-R-G vs. Bass T is "The Sign". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Igor S is "Boomerang". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Dutch dj E-Craig is "DrumBeats". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New 12" from Dutch dj Marco V is "Solarize". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Mental Miracle is "After The Storm". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New 12" from Sasha de Vries is "Who Wants To Live Forever", previously covered by Dune
    and originally done by Queen. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Impala People is "Margherita". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • Beam vs Cyrus released the album "Lifestyle" on June 2nd. (DAI/DJ r2)

    01. Intro 2.16
    02. All Over The World (Video Mix) 3.20
    03. U Can´t Touch This (Radio Mix) 3.36
    04. Lifestyle (Megara Vs. DJ Lee Remix) 3.19
    05. Take This Sound (Radio Mix) 3.17
    06. Global Evolution (Original Mix) 7.00
    07. Launch In Progress (Video Mix) 3.52
    08. Thunder In Paradise (Video Mix) 3.18
    09. Mission Started (Original Mix) 7.23
    10. Lifestyle (Original Mix) 7.41
    11. All Over The World (DJ Isaac Remix) 7.06
    12. Hard Stuff (Original Mix) 6.229
    13. Thunder In Paradise (DJ Scot Project Remix)9.27
    14. Outro 2.07

  • Pulsedriver - "Night Moves" released on June 3rd. (DAI/DJ r2)

    01. Intro 2.10
    02. Galaxy 3.50
    03. Spaced Out 4.41
    04. Koma 4.52
    05. Touch the Sky 4.55
    06. Backyard 4.42
    07. Time 5.06
    08. Take me Away 4.34
    09. Move for Freedom 4.27
    10. Lovesong for a Vampire 4.42
    11. Close my Eyes 4.12
    12. Night Moves 4.37
    13. Toxicated Smoke 4.17
    14. From the Deep 3.02

  • The Dolphins released the single "House Panic" in the UK on June 2nd (on the Hooj label). (DAI)

    12" Disc One [HOOJ133]
    A1. House Panic (Original Mix)
    B1. House Panic (Paul Woolford's Jack Factory Mix)
    B2. House Panic (Inland Knights Fast Taxi Mix)
    12" Disc Two [HOOJ133R]
    A1. House Panic (Paul Woolford's Box Workin' Dub)
    B1. House Panic (Dexter's D-Funked Mix)
    B2. House Panic (This Is Radio Dolphins Dub)
    CDR [HOOJ133-CDR]
    1. House Panic (Original Mix)
    2. House Panic (Paul Woolford's Jack Factory Mix)
    3. House Panic (Inland Knights Fast Taxi Mix)
    4. House Panic (Paul Woolford's Box Workin' Dub)
    5. House Panic (Dexter's D-Funked Mix)
    6. House Panic (This Is Radio Dolphins Dub)

  • "Butterfly Caught" is the second single to be taken from Massive Attack's "100th Window". The single features 3D on vocals and is a darkly beautiful track, where dirty beats and the raw, beautiful emotion of Eastern strings compliment each other perfectly. It will be released on June 16th. (DAI)

    1. Butterfly Caught (Album Version)
    2. Butterfly Caught (Paul Daley Remix)
    3. Butterfly Caught (Octave One Remix)
    4. Butterfly Caught (RJD2 Remix)
    5. Butterfly Caught (Jagz Kooner Remix)
    6. Butterfly Caught (Version Point Five)
    7. Butterfly Caught

  • New from DJ Philip is the 12" "Let The Music Guide You". (DAI)

  • New from Nico Parisi is the 12" "Niagara". (DAI)

  • New from Quadrophonic is the 12" "I Can Feel Your". (DAI)

  • New from BBB (Bad Boys Blue) is the single "Lover On The Line". (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. Lover On The Line (Novaspace Remix)
    2. Lover On The Line (Pulsedriver Remix)

  • The BBB (Bad Boys Blue) album "Around The World" will be released on August 4th according to producer David Brandes. (DAI)

  • New from System F is the single "Spaceman". (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. Spaceman (Extended Mix)
    2. Spaceman (Matti Laamanen Remix)

  • New from Lovestern Galaktika meets Dance Nation is the single "My First Love". (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. My First Love (Extended Version)
    2. My First Love (Axel Konrad Remix)
    3. My First Love (Bradski & Jenski Remix)

  • New from Unique feat.Robin Beck is "First Time". (Denis ZHabkin)


  • The new Master Blaster album called "We Love Italo Disco" was released on May 26th. (DJ r2)

    01. Intro 02:32
    02. How Old R U 03:19
    03. Hypnotic Tango 02:55
    04. Pamana (Qu Ma Ya) 07:33
    05. Another Life 03:34
    06. Delirium Mind 05:33
    07. The One (Back In Your Arms) 06:16
    08. Pay 4 Ur Life 06:23
    09. Get Closer 07:31
    10. Happy Children 07:38
    11. Master Blaster Italo Boot Mix 11:36
    12. Outro 02:09

  • New 12" from Max B. Grant is "Maximum". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New 12" from ATB is "Long Way Home". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New 12" from Mark'Oh is "Stuck On You". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • Lovestern Galaktika Project will be release "My First Love" this summer. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New single from Barthezz under name Steroshaker is "Rock & Roll". (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. Rock & Roll (Original Mix)
    2. Rock & Roll (JamX & DeLeon's DuMonde remix)
    3. Rock & Roll (Bart Claessen Rollin Remix)

  • New 12" from Neo Cortex is "Don't You". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New 12" from Patrick Scott vs Taucher is "Torched / Inexorable Lust". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • Audio Bullys album "Ego War" will be released on June 2nd. (DAI)


  • Jan Wayne will release a new album in the middle/end of June. (Nibjo)

  • Pulsedriver will release a new album called "Night Moves" on June 3rd. (Nibjo)

  • Starsplash will release the album "Friends" on June 3rd. The album will also be released as a limited edition including a DVD with all the videos. (Nibjo)

  • Paul van Dyk will release a new album entitled "Reflections". (Nibjo)

  • The new Mandy & Randy album is entitled "Together Forever" and was released on May 26th. (DJ r2/DAI)

    01 Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now 03:18
    02 Sunshine 02:56
    03 Music Touched My Heart 03:46
    04 How Can I Fall 03:47
    05 Mandy 03:06
    06 Wonderful Land 04:03
    07 Everlasting Dream 04:20
    08 Let This Party Never End 03:47
    09 My Love 03:45
    10 Open Your Heart 03:52
    11 Together Forever 04:40

  • DJ Cosmo meets Digital Rockers - "Love Song" (Vinyl 2) is out now. (Denis ZHabkin)

    A. Love Song (Groove Coverage Remix)
    B. Love Song (Digital Rockers Remix)


  • "Roger Sanchez presents Release Yourself" has been released by Defected in the UK on 2xCD or 3x12". (DAI)

  • Alexia released a new single in Italy on May 15th entitled "Egoista". (Anthony)

  • Alexia will start her tour on June 26 in Italy. (Anthony)

  • New from Ravers On Dope is "Trip 2 Wonderland". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from G Park is "U Got Me Fallin". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from 4 Clubbers is "Why Dont You Dance With Me". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • In September 2003, The Chemical Brothers will release a collection of their singles and rarities on album and DVD. The album will consist of tracks from the hugely successful albums "Exit Planet Dust", "Dig Your Own Hole", "Surrender" and "Come With Us" as well as various EP's over the last ten years. Two brand new Chemical Brothers tracks will be included on the album. (DAI)

  • New from Trackhackers is "Oops Up". (DAI)

  • New from Armand Van Helden is Wasn't The Only". (DAI)

  • New from Barbara Tucker is "Hot Shot". (DAI)

  • New from Drummatic Twins is "Feeling Kinda Strange". (DAI)

  • New from Sister Sledge is "Lost In Music". (DAI)

  • New from Cultivate is "Broken Pieces (Disc 1+2)". (DAI)

  • Michael Woods Ft. Imogen Bailey will release the single "If U Want Me" on June 2nd. (DAI)


  • Dune - "Rainbow To The Stars 2003" single will be released on June 2nd. (Jurgen Joosten)

    1. Rainbow To The Stars (Video Mix)
    2. Rainbow To The Stars (12 Inch Mix)
    3. Rainbow To The Stars (Dj Janis Remix)
    4. Rainbow To The Stars (Dj Cosmo Remix)

  • A second Dune single will follow in the summer and the new album will probably released end this year.
    Dune also has plans touring this year in Germany. (Forever Dune)

  • Rob Dougan - "Furious Angels" will be released in the US on June 3rd and includes a bonus disc of instrumental tracks. The limited edition features a 30-page booklet with photos and lyrics. (DAI)

  • Audiobullys released "The Things" on May 19th. It's their new single off their first album "Ego War" being released on June 2nd. (DAI)

  • Positiva in the UK has released a compilation entitled "A Decade Of Dance", to celebrate their 10th anniversary. The compilation features 46 anthems from the last 10 years over 2 CDs. (DAI)

  • Cosmic Gate has released the album "Back2Back: In The Mix" in the UK. (DAI)

  • New from 2 Unlimited is the single "No Limit 2.3" and it was released on May 12th. (Denis ZHabkin/DAI)

    1. No Limit (Master Blaster Remix)
    2. No Limit (Marco De Jonge Club Mix)
    3. No Limit (Dj Digress Hamburg Style Remix)
    4. No Limit (Original Extended Mix)

  • New from Baracuda is the 12" "I Leave The World Today" incl. Special D remix. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Dumonde is the 12" "Human". (Denis ZHabkin)

    A. Human (Original Mix)
    B. Human (Observer vs Spacecase Remix)

  • New from Ole van Dansk (from DJs@Work) is the 12" "Shining Star / Wicked". (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. Shining Star (Club Mix)
    2. Shining Star (Extended)
    3. Wicked (Club Mix)

  • The new single from Snap! is "The Power (Of Bhangra) 2003". (Blue-Angel/DAI)

  • Snap! are producing a new album with Turbo B.. (Blue-Angel)

  • The new single from Masterboy will probably be "Feel The Heat Of The Night 2003". (Blue-Angel/DAI)

  • Echomen (Chris Scott and Anton Fielding) released the single "Thru 2 You" on May 12th. It was released
    in the UK by Hooj and features mixes by Nova Scotia, The Dolphins and Bushwacka!. (DAI)

    12" [HOOJ132]
    A. Thru 2 You (Nova Scotia's Concrete Mix)
    B. Thru 2 You (Bushwacka! Remix)
    12" [HOOJ132R]
    A. Thru 2 You (The Dolphins Electrock Mix)
    B. Thru 2 You (Original Vocal Mix)
    CDR [HOOJ132CDR]
    1. Thru 2 You (Nova Scotia's Concrete Mix)
    2. Thru 2 You (Bushwacka! Remix)
    3. Thru 2 You (The Dolphins Electrock Mix)
    4. Thru 2 You (Original Vocal Mix)

  • Blümchen will release a DVD + a double-CD album with all the hits and videoclips on June 2nd. (DAI)

  • The new single from Jasmin (Wagner, former Blümchen) will be released in July or August and the new album will follow most likely in September. The music style is supposed to be Chart Pop and it will be music in the German language. (The Jasmin Shrine)


  • Delerium has released a new single entitled "After All". The radio edit was made by Svenson & Gielen
    (they also did the most successful radio/video edit of their single "Silence" in 2000). (Denis ZHabkin)

  • The new single from Milk Inc is entitled "Time". (Denis ZHabkin)


  • Whigfield will release "Saturday Night 2003" on CD in Germany on May 26th. (Whigfield Official Fanpage)

    01. Saturday Night 2003 (Villa Club Mix/140 bpm) 5.49
    02. Saturday Night 2003 (Villa Radio Cut/140bpm) 3.51
    03. Saturday Night 2003 (Lion Project Club Cut/136 bpm) 6.37
    04. Saturday Night 2003 (Lion Project Radio Cut/136 bpm) 3.47

  • Out now is the single "Love Song" by DJ Cosmo & Digital Rockers, including a Mark'Oh remix.
    This song is a cover of Mark'Oh's "Love Song" from 1994. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from DJ Sakin & Friends is the single "Sometimes" and is another conver of "Fade To Grey". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Marusha is the single "Cha Cha Maharadsha". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New 12" from DJs@Work is "Past Was Yesterday". (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. Past Was Yesterday (Extended Mix)
    2. Past Was Yesterday (Club Mix)
    3. Past Was Yesterday (Full Vocal Ambient Edit)

  • New 12" from Sunbeam is "Watching The Stars" and it was released on May 8th. (Denis ZHabkin/DAI)

    A. Watching The Stars (Club Mix)
    B. Watching The Stars (Pete Plastic Remix)

  • New from Da Hool is the 12" entitled "Hazy/Crazy" and it was released on May 9th. (Denis ZHabkin/DAI)

  • New from Commander Tom is the 12" entitled "Next 1000 Years" and it was released on May 5th.
    (Denis ZHabkin/DAI)

    A. Next 1000 Years (Commander Tom)
    B. Next 1000 Years (Tom De Luxe)

  • Starsplash new album will be entitled "Friends" as told earlier and now the release has been set to June 02 according to Franky Tunes. (Nibjo)

  • Asian Dub Foundation released a new single entitled "1000 Mirrors" on April 21st. This is the second
    track to be taken from "Enemy of the Enemy" album and features the haunting vocals of legendary singer
    Sinead O'Connor. (DAI)

  • New from Puretone is the single "Stuck In A Groove" and was released on May 6th in Sweden. (DAI)

  • The single "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" from Mandy & Randy was finally released on April 22nd.
    Now Marko has announced that there will be a whole Mandy & Randy album released which will go
    by the name "Together Forever". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • Mark'Oh will also release a new single under his own name: It will be called "Stuck On You", a cover from
    Lionel Richie. The song will be a little harder then we have heard from him in his last few singles.
    (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Camisra is "Let Me Show You 2003". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • The new Dannii Minogue single will be "Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Kelvin is "Alone". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • Dutch girlgroup Dare (had a small hit in Holland with Cyndi Lauper song "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"), also made a version of the Coca Cola song "Chihuahua". Their version is in Spanish and has a more Latin vibe in it. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • Dj Boozywoozy has a single featuring Joyz called "I Wanna Fly". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • The new single from Gigi D'Agostino is called "Onene". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Kenny Takito is "All Systems Go". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Redwing is "My Heart Is Calling". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Sarah Whatmore is "When I Lost You". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Summerlove is "Remember". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Spitfire is "Ready For This". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • The Roc has a single together with Tina Arena called "Never (Past Tense)". They have a 'normal' videoversion, but also a shortmix from the Filterheadz as videoversion. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • Warp Brothers have 2 new songs: one together with Public Domain called "Rave Charmer" and one together with Red Monkey called "Going Insane". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • The new Drunkenmunky "The Grabbing Hands" has a sample of Depeche Mode's song "Everything Counts". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • ATB "Addicted To Music" DVD. In addition to the CD album, for the first time an ATB DVD has simultaneously been released, also entitled "Addicted To Music". The jam-packed DVD features all ATB videos, the big USA tour diary, photo galleries, making-ofs, electronic press kits, the big ATB quiz and loads of other stuff. (DAI)

  • ATB longplayer "Addicted To Music" entered the German sales charts on #8! (DAI)


  • The new album from Beam vs. Cyrus entitled "Lifestyle" will be release in June. (DAI)

  • Beam vs. Cyrus released "U Can't Touch This" today. (DAI)

    1. U Can't Touch This (Radio Mix)
    2. U Can't Touch This (Beam vs Cyrus Mix)
    3. U Can't Touch This (Flashrider Remix)
    4. U Can't Touch This (Jens O. Remix)
    5. Global Evolution

  • Logic Records (US) is closing their doors after a decade long run of putting out dance hit after dance hit. The immediate future for the artists on Logic Records is currently unknown. They will close their doors on Friday,
    May 9th. (DAI)

  • The new T-Spoon single will be called "No Time 2 Waste 2k3" and there is a bonustrack on the single too:
    "Alive & Kicking!". (Jamie J)

  • New from Jordan & Baker is the 12" "Millions". (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. Millions (Driftwood Remix)
    2. Millions (Bonito & Trooper Mix)
    3. Millions (Seikos E 2 Mix)

  • The new project from Axel Conrad (Groove Coverage) is called Kinky and has just released a
    12" entitled "Forbidden Things". (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. Forbidden Things (Extended Version)
    2. Forbidden Things (Special D Remix)
    3. Forbidden Things (Club Mix)

  • The new Sylver single "Why Worry" was released on April 28th: 2 vinyls will be available with
    remixes of "Why Worry". Then on May 12th the CD-single will follow. (EE)

  • "My Shadow Dances" from NY-based producer type, Legend Of Talking Dog (aka Jas aka Chonga) was released in the UK on April 28th on Hooj. After his really rather well-received "Hitchhiking" release under the name of Jas, Phil Jason returns on Hooj with another tripped out, hypnotic number backed up with a suitably diverse remix package ensuring that everyone will be happy with something. (DAI)

    12" [HOOJ131]
    A. My Shadow Dances (Mr Velcro Fastener Remix)
    B. My Shadow Dances (Red Jerry's Disco Dog Remix)
    12" [HOOJ131R]
    A.  My Shadow Dances (Original Mix)
    B1. My Shadow Dances (Mr Velcro Fastener Instrumental)
    B2. My Shadow Dances (Acapella)
    CDR [HOOJ131CDR]
    1. My Shadow Dances (Mr Velcro Fastener Remix)
    2. My Shadow Dances (Red Jerry's Disco Dog Remix)
    3. My Shadow Dances (Original Mix)
    4. My Shadow Dances (Mr Velcro Fastener Instrumental)
    5. My Shadow Dances (Acapella)

  • ZYX will releasee the compilation "Italo Anthology - 20 Years Of Italo Dance" on May 12th. (DAI)

    CD 1
    In-Grid - In-Tango, 03:25
    Valerie - Dore The Night, 03:54
    My Mine -Hypnotic Tango, 03:45
    Mauro Picotto - Komodo, 03:23
    Scotch - Disco Band, 04:01
    Mo-Do - Eins, Zwei, Polizei, 03:13
    Fun Fun - Happy Station, 03:15
    Ivan - Fotonovela, 04:32
    Black Box - Ride On Time, 04:33
    Mike Mareen - Love Spy, 04:22
    Mike Mission - The World Is You, 03:59
    Ice Mc - Easy, 02:45
    Den Harrow - Don't Break My Heart, 03:40
    49Ers - Touch Me, 03:43
    Tullio De Piscopo - Stop Bajon, 04:31
    Usura - Open Your Mind, 03:43
    M.C. Sar & The Real Mccoy - It's On You, 04:00
    Sabrina - Boys, 03:56
    Lee Marrow - Shanghai, 04:22
    Hypnosis - Pulstar, 03:51
    CD 2
    Robert Miles - Fable, 03:25
    Cappella - U Got 2 Let The Music, 03:35
    Kano - Another Life, 04:10
    Ann Lee - 2 Times, 03:46
    Eddie Huntington - U.S.S.R., 03:26
    In-Grid - Tu Es Foutu, 03:41
    La Bionda - One For You One For Me, 03:33
    Righeira - Vamos A La Playa, 03:40
    FPI Project - Going Back To My Roots (Rich In Paradise), 03:34
    Gigi D`Agostino - La Passion, 02:58
    Gazebo - I Like Chaupin (Portrait `94 Version), 04:51
    Spagna - Easy Lady, 04:50
    Floorfilla - Italodancer, 03:50
    Corona - Rhythm Of The Night, 03:45
    Ryan Paris - Dolce Vita, 03:55
    Silver Pozzoli - Around My Dream, 04:18
    Radiorama - Aliens, 04:23
    Whigfield - Saturday Night, 03:42
    Martinelli - Cenerentola, 03:56
    Koto - Jabdah, 04:35

  • DJWK - "Mission-003 Remixes" was released on May 1st in the US. (DAI)

    Sida 1
    1. Mission-003 (Surrounder Remix Listen)
    2. Mission-003 (Surrounder Edit)
    Side 2:
    1. Mission-003 (Djwk Boom Remix)
    2. Mission-003 (Djwk Boom Dub)

  • The new single from Mr.President is entitled "Forever & One Day" and will be released on May 26th. (DAI)

  • You all know In-Grid and her title "Tu Es Foutu" - the italian girl who likes the french language... - now the title comes from an italian singer-girl called Rosanna Rocci, who sings mostly in german language, she had made an german version of this hit; it is called "(Cheri, Cheri) Das schaffst Du nie" (translated: "You can`t do this") - the melody seems to be nearly the same as by In-Grid. (DTM NoLimits)

  • Mandy & Randy (project of Mark'Oh) and the summer-feeling-sound-title "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" (a remake of the Starship-hit) has gone in it's first week straight to place 19 (of the top 100) German-Single-Sales-Charts. (DTM NoLimits)

  • Jan Wayne's new title is called "Love Is A Soldier" - a video is also available. (DTM NoLimits)

  • The german group Tuesdays had made a german version of the DSDS (Deutschland sucht den Superstar)-hit "We Have A Dream". It is called "Zusammen geh`n" (translated: "Go together"). It is originally written by
    Dieter Bohlen. (DTM NoLimits)

  • Illusion has released "Wind Of Change 2003", which is originally a pop-title from the group Scorpions. (DTM NoLimits)

  • Cordalis (known from his early work for Masterboy) do have an new title which is sung in german, it is called "Gib mir Deine Liebe" (translated: "Give me your love"). It is an dancesound-title and sounds like Masterboy+
    No Mercy+Pharao. (DTM NoLimits)

  • New from D!Nation comes the title . Behind this production should stand the person "D", who has
    casted people for the german DSDS-music-TV-project. (DTM NoLimits)

  • New from Bolenski Beat comes the dance-title "You're My Heart, You're My Soul", which was originally
    done by Modern Talking. (DTM NoLimits)

  • Starsplash new album will be entitled "Friends", releasedate is currently unknown. (Nibjo)


  • Beam vs. Cyrus feat. MC Hammer will release the single "U Can't Touch This" on May 5th. (Nibjo)

  • ATB has released a new album entitled "Addicted To Music". (Denis ZHabkin)

    Tracklisting (Ltd.Edition):

    01 In Love with the DJ 06:47
    02 I dont wanna Stop 03:34
    03 Everything is Wrong 05:04
    04 Long Way Home 05:17
    05 We Belong 04:26
    06 Gentle Melody 05:20
    07 I will not Forget 04:57
    08 Break my Heart 04:25
    09 Sunset Girl 06:52
    10 Do you love Me 06:31
    11 Peace Illusion 04:32
    12 Trilogy 03:34
    13 Cabana Moon 10:50

  • Lexy & K-Paul has released the single "Girls Get It First". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • JK has released the single "Hit My Heart". (Denis ZHabkin)


  • "You Own The Sound", Marc Et Claude's debut album, was released on April 21st on Positiva in the UK. (DAI)

  • Kid Cream will release "Hypnotizing" on Positiva in the UK on April 28th. It will include the original mix, the Fashionista Mix and another new mix from Tony Senghore. (DAI)

  • Paul van Dyk has signed with Positiva in the UK. They will release his next single "Nothing But You" in June, followed by another single and a new album in early autumn. (DAI)

  • Scumfrog's (Jesse Houk) album "Extended Engagment", a 2 CD collection of his productions and remixes.
    It includes both previous singles, "We Love You" & "Loving The Alien", and his forthcoming single "Music Revolution". The album will be out on April 28th and the single "Music Revolution" is to be released on May 19th. Both the album and single will be released by Positiva in the UK. (DAI)

  • Edel in Germany will release volume 16 in their Trance-Compilation-Serie "Trance Nation".
    "Trance Nation 16" will be released on April 18th. (DAI)

  • Sylver is nominated for the prestigious Radio Donna Award on Saturday 26th of April. (DAI)

  • The new single from Scooter will be released on May 26th and it's called "The Night". It will include remixes from Starsplash, Langenhagen and maybe a UK remix as ususal. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • On April 28th, Ferris' (ex-Scooter member) will be releasing his solo single "Living Without Your Love" on Maxi-CD. It is a cover of on an Interactive song. Action-style video will appear very soon. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • DJ Bobo has released the single "Chihuahua" in Germany. (DAI)

    1. Chihuahua (Radio Version)
    2. Chihuahua (XTN-Remix)
    3. Chihuahua (Instrumental)
    4. No More Pain
    5. Angel (Duett mit Patricia Manterola)
    6. Chihuahua (Video Clip)


  • Bermuda Triangle, norwegians Ariane, Nils Noa and Jan-Tore Diesen, released the single
    "Mooger Fooger", on Hooj, in the UK on April 14th. (DAI)

    12" [HOOJ130]
    A. Mooger Fooger (Original Mix)
    B. Mooger Fooger (Subway Remix)
    CDR [HOOJ130CDR]
    1. Mooger Fooger (Original Mix)
    2. Mooger Fooger (Subway Remix)

  • The new single from female dance-act Novaspace is called "Paradise". (DTM NoLimits)

  • The new album-cd from A Touch of Class (former ATC) is called "Touch The Sky". (DTM NoLimits)

  • The new title from Toni Cottura is called "Fly". (DTM NoLimits)

  • Richard X vs. Liberty X - their new title is called "Being Nobody". (DTM NoLimits)

  • Intermission feat. Grey & Frost - "Piece Of My Heart" was released on March 12. (DAI)

    01. Piece Of My Heart (Grey B Frost Club Mix)
    02. Piece Of My Heart (Dito Remix)
    03. Piece Of My Heart (André Visior Vocal Remix)

  • In-Grid (single "Tu Es Foutu") - the girl from Italy, who likes the french language -
    has released her debut album, it is called "Rendez-vous". (DTM NoLimits)

    01. In-Tango 03:25
    02. Tu Es Foutu 03:38
    03. Mais La Nuit...Il Dort! 03:45
    04. Shock 03:36
    05. Dans Ma Memoire 03:45
    06. Pour Toujours 03:58
    07. Souvenir D`Été 03:31
    08. I`M Folle De Toi 03:34
    09. Je Ne Crois Pas 03:26
    10. Esclave De Toi 03:35
    11. Ah L`Amour L`Amour 03:28
    12. Va Au Diable 03:20

  • Bob Sinclar III has released the single "The Beat Goes On" on Defected. (DAI)

  • After being released in Germany, Robin S - "Luv 4 Luv" will be released in the UK on April 28th. The tracklist will be much shorter, comparing to the one in Germany, but still with some stunning new remixes. (Robin S Fanclub)

    1. Luv 4 Luv (Tonka's 2003 New Radio Mix)
    2. Luv 4 Luv (Tonka's 2003 First Club Mix)
    3. Luv 4 Luv (Original Stonebridge Club Mix)

  • E-Type news (from E-Type Official Danish Homepage) :
    Just recently we have received the official word from Johan Dereborn what the plans are for E-type
    for the next 1½ years or so. Ever since the end of the Euro Metal Tour in March of 2003 there has been
    a lot of speculation going on as to what the future for E-type will be.

    During the last few months a lot of discussing has been going on at our message boards as to the statement posted at our site last fall about Martin and Johan going Euro-country - and people were also sceptical about
    the Euro Metal Tour this winter. BUT we are now proud to be the first people to confirm - first of all - that Martin has decided to extend his cooperation with Stockholm Records and that he right now has started the work with the next "traditional" E-type album. This means - NO euro-country or metal album, but a traditional E-type album.

    Because of Martin's decision to start writing the new album he has dropped the prior plans of performing at
    some festivals this summer, so he can focus all his energy on the writing.

    So to sum it all up... Martin has started the work on the new traditional E-type album which will be released somewhere around winter. If everything goes well a few traditional promotion gigs will take place next spring
    and a BIG summer tour in summer 2004. This is what has been planned so far. Nothing has been arranged yet though, but we will be hoping for the best and for this plan to work out!

  • 4 Strings will release her debut album "Believe" on April 22nd. It will contain 3 smash hits "Take Me Away", "Diving", "Let It Rain" and more. (DJ Luongo)

  • The new album from Modern Talking called "Universe" in it's first week (April 14) went to place 2nd of the Top-100-Album-Sales-Chart-List in Germany. (DTM NoLimits)

  • The new album from Erasure is called "Other People's Songs". (DTM NoLimits)

  • The new album from DJ Dean called like his single "Protect Your Ears" has gone in it's first week (April 14) to place 81st of the Top-100-Album-Sales-Chart-List in Germany. (DTM NoLimits)

  • The new and first single from Deutschland sucht den Superstar - participant Daniel K. aka Daniel Küblböck (produced by Dieter Bohlen) is called "You Drive Me Crazy". (DTM NoLimits)

  • The new single from DJ Sputnik is called "All The Things She Said". (DTM NoLimits)

  • The new single from Kyau vs. Albert is called "Velvet morning Remix". (DTM NoLimits)

  • The new single from Oliver Moldan is called "Freefall". (DTM NoLimits)

  • The new single from KIKI & Silversurfer is called "Restless". (DTM NoLimits)

  • The new single from Shaun Baker & Marc van Linden is called "Sex On The Streets". (DTM NoLimits)

  • The new single from Cosmic Gate is called "Human Beings". (DTM NoLimits)

  • The new single from Wax Poetic is called "Angels". (DTM NoLimits)

  • The new single from Freestyle Project is called "I'm Your Dance Instructor". (DTM NoLimits)

  • The new single from Love Corporation is called "You Are A Superstar". (DTM NoLimits)

  • The new album from Stevie B is called "A Tribute To A Legend". (DTM NoLimits)

  • New from dance-label Polystar is the sampler called "Deep Dance 2003 Vol. 1". (DTM NoLimits)

  • The new album from DJ Magic Mike is called "Magics Kingdom" under label Rykodisc. (DTM NoLimits)

  • The new mix album from Cosmic Gate is called "Back 2 Back". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • The new mix album from DJ Tatana is called "Wildlife". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • Also out is Cosmic Gate - "Human Beings Remixes" on vinyl. (Denis ZHabkin)

    A. Human Beings (Dave 202 & Phil Green Remix)
    B. Human Beings (Cream Team Remix)


  • N-Trance's new single will be "Destiny", Kevin O'Toole is again teaming up with Kelly Llorenna.
    The single will precede an album which will be out in the summer. (DAI)

  • Paul van Dyk feat. Hemstock & Jennings' vinyl "Nothing But You" is to be released on April 17th. (DAI)

    01. Nothing But You (Pvd Club Mix)
    02. Nothing But You (Vandit Club Mix)
    03. Nothing But You (Cirrus Mix)

  • Castor & Pollux released the vinyl "Serenity" on April 10th. (DAI)

    01. Serenity (JF Sebastian Remix)
    02. Serenity (Dj Gary Remix)
    03. Serenity (Originial)

  • Cosmic Gate's 12" "Human Beings" will be released on April 17th. (Denis ZHabkin/DAI)

    01. Human Beings (Extended)
    02. Human Beings (G&M Project Remix)

  • Novaspace released the 12" "Paradise" on April 11th. The CD-maxi will be released on April 22nd.
    (Denis ZHabkin/DAI)

    01. Paradise (Extended Version)
    02. Paradise (Starfighter Teckattack Remix)
    03. Paradise (Club)

  • Lasgo news: At this moment Peter, David & Evi are working very hard in the studio on new songs. The new single is almost finished and will be released just before the summer. The second album will be released at the
    end of this year. (DJ Luongo)

  • Ian van Dahl news: At this moment Ian Van Dahl is working very hard on a new album. Six tracks are almost finished. A new single will be released before the summer and the new upcoming album in november. (DJ Luongo)

  • In April the Tsunami label will make available in limited amounts on vinyl only the Ferry Corsten track entitled "Indigo". This track will be included on the upcoming artist album of Ferry to be released in Europe later in this year. (DAI)

  • The new System F single is on the way and will be released coming May on Tsunami. The single is entitled "Spaceman" and this release will be accompanied by a Matti Laamanen remix. (DAI)

  • MONOTONE feat. L.A. WORK - "Collector 1" has been released in the Netherlands thru Digidance. (DAI)

  • The new single from Dune is called "Rainbow To The Stars 2003". The single might be released on May 26th. (DAI)


  • Sylver has released the album "Little Things" in Belgium. (DAI)

    01. Livin' My Life
    02. Why Worry
    03. Shallow Waters
    04. Wild Horses
    05. Confused
    06. So Afraid
    07. Weeping Willows
    08. Never Ever
    09. Heal My Heart
    10. Little Things

  • Blank & Jones has released their album "Relax". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01. Breezin'
    02. Unknown Treasure [Claudia Brücken]
    03. Beyond Time
    04. Love Comes Quickly [Pet Shop Boys] (Blank & Jones Ambient Remix)
    05. Watching The Waves
    06. Flaming June [Elles]
    07. Relax
    08. Angel [Sarah McLachlan]
    09. Counting Clouds
    10. Desire
    11. Secrets & Lies
    12. Daydreamin'
    13. The Hardest Heart [Anne Clark]
    14. Driftin'

  • Hypetraxx has released a new vinyl entitled "The Promiseland". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01. Promiseland
    02. Promiseland (Subcentral Mix)
    03. Promiseland (Acapellas)

  • New vinyl from Kyau vs Albert feat Damae is "Velvet Morning". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01. Velvet Morning (Megara vs DJ Lee Remix)
    02. Velvet Morning (Original Extended)
    03. Velvet Morning (DJ Digress Sundream Club Mix)

  • New vinyl from Dance Nation is entitled "You Take Me Away". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01. You Take Me Away (Flashrider Remix)
    02. You Take Me Away (Master Blaster Remix)
    03. You Take Me Away (Original Video Edit)

  • New vinyl from 4 Strings is "Let It Rain Remixes". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01. Let It Rain (Mystery Remix)
    02. Let It Rain (Driftwood Remix)
    03. Let It Rain (E Craig Dub)

  • New from DJ Ballon is the vinyl "Are U Ready 4 This?" (Denis ZHabkin)

    Are U Ready 4 This? (X-tended Mix)
    Are U Ready 4 This? (X-tended Hard Mix)

  • Marc Et Claude has released the single "Loving You 03" on Positiva in the UK.
    Their debut album "You Own The Sound" will be released on April 21st in the UK. (DAI)

  • Lee-Cabrera released the 12" "Shake It" on March 31st. Lee-Cabrera are 25 yr old New Your based DJ & Producer Steven Lee and legendary producer Albert Cabrere. (DAI)

  • Their new Culture Beat single is called "Mr. Vain Recall". They start promotion mid April. It will feature mixes from Cosmic Gate, C.J. Stone and Doug Laurent. The vinyl will be released on April 17th and the CD in May/June (Frank Fenslau)

  • The new X-Perience single "It's A Sin" has been canceled, their are currently working on their 4th album. (DAI)

  • New vinyl from Warp Brothers feat. Red Monkey is entitled "Going Insane". (Denis ZHabkin)


  • The single "Out Of This World" by Basic Element has NOT yet been released as stated earlier.
    The date of release is currently unknown. (DAI)


  • ATC (project from Alex Christensen) should no more be called ATC, ATC will take the complete name:
    A Touch of Class. (DTM NoLimits)

  • Offcast Project has made a cover of 2 Unlimited's hit "Get Ready For This". (DTM NoLimits)

  • The new title from DJ's Unity Against War will be called "Change This World". (DTM NoLimits)

  • The new single from Julia is called "Heaven Is A Place On Earth". (DTM NoLimits)

    01. Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Extended)
    02. Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Mircos Club)
    03. Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Johnboy Walton)
    04. Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Germanys Election)

  • The new album from Modern Talking should be called "Universe" and should also include the new single
    "TV Makes The Superstar". (DTM NoLimits)

  • The new album from Wolfsheim [Peter Heppner (singing + lyrics) & Markus Reinhard (music)] will be called "Casting Shadows". The current single is called "Kein Zurück". The album will be released on April 7th and the single was released on Februry 17th. (DTM NoLimits/DAI).

    Casting Shadows
    01. Everyone Who Casts a Shadow
    02. Care For You
    03. I Won't Believe
    04. Kein Zurück
    05. And I...
    06. Underneath the Veil
    07. Find You're Gone
    08. This is for Love
    09. Wundervoll
    10. Approaching Lightspeed
    11. In Time

  • The new album from Wackside will be called "Doggy Bag" and is to be released on April 7th. Wackside feat. Sister Sledge current single is "Lost In Music" and was released on March 3rd. (DTM NoLimits/DAI)

  • The new album from Marc Almond will be called "Open All Night". (DTM NoLimits)

  • The new title from Drunken Munky will be called "The Grabbing Hands". (DTM NoLimits)

  • The new album from female artist will be called "Cirems Of Passion / In The Heat" - she has again become famous these days by some dance-covers of her former hits. "Love Is A Battlefield" has been covered by Joey Perone - "We Belong" has been covered by Kiki. (DTM NoLimits)

  • The new single from A*Teens is "Perfect Match" and was released on March 17th. (DTM NoLimits/DAI)

  • D!-Nation's new title will be called "Take Your Chance". (DTM NoLimits)

  • Camouflage's new single is called "Me And You" - also a remix-edition should be ready. The singles will be released on April 14th. Their new album will be called "Sensor". (DTM NoLimits/DAI)

  • Tom Wax's new title will be called "My Definition". (DTM NoLimits)

  • 4 Strings new title is called "Let It Rain". Their upcoming album will be called "Daytime". (DTM NoLimits)

  • Kim Sanders will be back. Her new single will be called "Something About You".
    Her upcoming album will be called "Pretty On Edge". (DTM NoLimits)

  • Mr. President's new album is called (like their current new single + video) "Love, Sex & Sunshine". (DTM NoLimits)

  • Lexy & K.Paul new single is called "Girls Get It First" and will be released on April 7th. (DTM NoLimits/DAI)

  • Divine Inspiration's new single is called "The Way (Put Your Hand In My Hand)" and was released
    on March 24th. (DTM NoLimits)

    01. The Way (Put Your Hand In My Hand) (Radio Edit)
    02. The Way (Put Your Hand In My Hand) (Svenson & Gielen Vocal Remix)
    03. The Way (Put Your Hand In My Hand) (N-Trance Remix)
    04. The Way (Put Your Hand In My Hand) (Voodoo & Serano Remix)
    05. The Way (Put Your Hand In My Hand) (Green Martian Remix)
    06. The Way (Put Your Hand In My Hand) (Video - Data Track)

  • Yoko Ono's single "Walking On Thin Ice" last week wass the No 1 breakout track on the Billboard dance chart and will be released in the UK by (through Mind Train Records) on May 12th. The track, composed by Ono,
    was originally released in 1981 and has remained an underground classic since then. Largely unavailable since its initial release, "Walking On Thin Ice" now appears in a new guise, remixed by Pet Shop BoysDanny Tenaglia, Felix da Housecat, Peter Rauhofer, Rui Da Silva, Orange Factory and house music legends Francois K and Eric Kupper. In the UK, Pet Shop Boys' remix will be the 7" single. (Le DJ Fab)

  • New single from Nightcrawlers is the single "Push The Feeling On'2002" a remake of their old hit. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Paul Van Dyk is the single "Nothing But You". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New single from U96 will probably be called "We Call It Love". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • Culture Beat - "Mr. Vain Recall" will be released on April 17th. (DAI)

  • The new single of Denise (ex-Vengaboy), "Straight Up", is actually a cover. It's a cover of the song "Straight Up" by Paula Abdul. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • The releasedate of the new Groove Coverage single, "The End", is planned to April 12th. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Gabry Ponte (one of the members of Eiffel 65) is the single "Time To Rock". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • After the single Cosa Resertà, Eiffel 65 has a new song called "Quelli Che Non Hanno Eta", which they performed for the first time at Italy's Sanremo festival. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • Alexia performed her new single at the Sanremo festival, it's called "Per Dire Di No". (Yvonne Tienstra)

    01. Per Dire Di No
    02. Per Dire Di No (Reprise)

  • Alexia's new album is called "Il Cuore A Modo Mio". As you can see it's in different languages: Italian, French and English, but the releases of the single and album are (at least till now) only in Italian. (Yvonne Tienstra)

    01. Intro
    02. Cuore Non Hai
    03. Preludio 1
    04. Saturday Night
    05. Preludio 2
    06. Per Dire Di No
    07. Crazy War
    08. Four Jumps
    09. Egoista
    10. C'est La Vie
    11. Freddo Nell'Anima
    12. Fatti Insegnare Dalla Mamma
    13. Qualcosa Di Forte
    14. Tu Mi Fai Vivere
    15. I never Loved A Man (Like A Love You)
    16. Per Dire Di No (Reprise)

  • New from Kelvin is the single "Dance 4 Me Baby". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • The new Mandy & Randy has again been postponed, this time to April 14th. (Yvonne Tienstra)

    01. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (Single Version)
    02. Mandy And The Stars
    03. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (Digital Rockers Remix)


  • Great news from Dune:

    Dune comes back in 2003 ! Right now we´re working like crazy on our new single
    which will be probably released in May 2003.

    We´re going back to our roots wich means thar we will not work with permanent singers
    like Vanessa and Verena in the past but with different vocal artists like in the beginning
    of our career.

    We hope that you will enjoy it like we do during the work on it!!!



    Oliver, Bernd, Jens". (DAI, thanks to Frank Callebaut for the tip)

  • Taken from the critically-acclaimed LP, "How To Live 100 Years", Omid Nourizadeh aka 16B showcases his songwriting abilities alongside his sublime production skills with the techy vocal house number, "Doubt".
    It was released on 2 x 12" and a CD-single March 17th on Hooj. (DAI)

    12" [Disc One] [HOOJ128]
    A. Doubt (Omid's Original Full Vocal Mix)
    B. Doubt (Flatline's Viva La Revolution Mix)
    12" [Disc Two] [HOOJ128R]
    A1. Doubt (The Danmass Remix)
    A2. Doubt (Brooks' Slickquickfix Mix)
    B.  Doubt (Omid's Original Instrumental)
    CDR [HOOJ128CDR]
    1. Doubt (Omid's Original Full Vocal Mix)
    2. Doubt (Flatline's Viva La Revolution Mix)
    3. Doubt (The Danmass Remix)
    4. Doubt (Brooks' Slickquickfix Mix)
    5. Doubt (Omid's Original Instrumental)

  • Lane McCray, La Bouche told me that he and Kayo willl start the USA Promo tour on April 6, 2003. (DAI)

  • On April 01, Sandra will release the album "Essential" in Europe. (DAI)

    01. Maria Magdalena
    02. In The Heat Of The Night
    03. Little Girl
    04. Innocent Love
    05. Hi! Hi! Hi!
    06. Loreen
    07. Midnight Man
    08. Everlasting Love
    09. Stop For A Minute
    10. Heaven Can Wait
    11. Secret Land
    12. We´ll Be Together
    13. Around My Heart
    14. Hiroshima
    15. (Life May Be) A Big Insanity
    16. One More Night
    17. Don´t Be Aggressive
    18. Johnny Wanna Live

    Queen+Vanguard release the single "Flash", a remake of Queen's hit "Flash". It was released on
    March 17th in the UK. It features remixes by Tomcraft and Christian Smith & John Selway. (DAI)

    1. Flash (Radio Mix)
    2. Flash (Extended Mix)
    3. Flash (Electro Remix)
    4. Flash (Tomcraft Remix)
    5. Flash (Christian Smith & John Selway Remix)
    6. Vanguard - Jam

  • New from Starsplash is the Trance 12" "Endless Fantasy / Daytona Beach", released on March 21st.
    (Denis ZHabkin/DAI)

    A. Endless Fantasy
    B. Daytona Beach

  • New from Jan Wayne is the Trance 12" "Love Is A Soldier", released on March 21st. (Denis ZHabkin/DAI)

    A1. Love Is A Soldier (Club Mix)
    B1. Love Is A Soldier (Dub Mix)

  • New from Nightwatchers is the Trance 12" "Darkside Of Dreams", released on March 21st. (Denis ZHabkin/DAI)

    A1. Darkside Of Dreams (Extended Version)
    B1. Darkside Of Dreams (Marla Dub)

  • New from DJ Dave is the Trance 12" "Killing Me Softly", a cover of the Fugees hit, released on March 19th.
    (Denis ZHabkin/DAI)

    A1. Killing Me Softly (Club)
    B1. Killing Me Softly (Dub)

  • New from Dance Nation is the Trance 12" "You Take Me Away", released on March 19th.
    The CD-Maxi release will be on May 5th. (Denis ZHabkin/DAI)

    A. You Take Me Away (Original Extended Mix)
    B. You Take Me Away (Bradski & Jenski Edit)

  • March 24th sees the long awaited release of Room 5 - "Make Luv" on Positiva Records, UK.
    Produced by Junior Jack, one of Belgium's finest DJs/Producers, it features the well known vocal from
    "Get Down Saturday Night" by Oliver Cheatham - a soul classic from 1983. Exclusive new remixes from
    Junior Jack himself and Sweden's Axwell will be available on CD, 12" and cassette. (DAI)

  • The new single from Junkfood Junkies is called "Partytime". Junkfood Junkies are two people who are also an half-part of the dance-project Future Breeze. The other part of Future Breeze are also two people who making also an solo-project called 4 Clubbers. The new single of 4 Clubbers is called "Someday". (Christian aka nolimits)

  • The new single from Culture Beat should be called "Mr. Vain 2003". It should be after 10 years an remake of their former hit which should contain also the original vocals from Tania Evans and Jay Supreme like in 1993. (Christian aka nolimits)

  • The new title from Lou is called "Let's Get Happy" and had been produced by Ralph Siegel. The single was released on February 17th. (Christian aka nolimits)

  • The new title from Harddrive should be called "Bring Me In Sadness" and it should be produced by Armin van Buuren and Vincent de Moor.The Harddrive title "Bring Me In Sadness" should be with the female voice of Kosheen. (Christian aka nolimits)


  • DJ Bobo - "Chihuahua" - video will be shoot soon & single will be released in Switzerland & Germany. The single will include multimedia part with "making of video". As you remember "Chihuahua" is a cover on old mambo-style classic song & it was a #1 in Spain last year. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • Rank 1 new single is "Airwave'2003 (Breathing)", now with female vocals. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • It's official: The new Mandy & Randy single is "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" and will be
    released at the 7th of April. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Sophie Ellis-Bextor is "Music Gets The Best Of Me". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • Atomic Kitten made a discosong, "Be With You" is their new single. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Special D is "Come With Me", it's a remake of Nena's "Nur Geträumt"
    (the English version was called "Just A Dream"). (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • Celine Dion's new single is an uptempo song called "I Drove All Night" (also done in the 80's by Cyndi Lauper). (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Project Medusa vs. Exor is the single "Moonshine". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from is "I'll Be Your Angel". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • Denise, ex-Vengaboys member, is back! She will release her first solo single "Straight Up" on the
    4th of April in Holland. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • Also Dutch actress Touriya Haoud wants to try it as a singer. Her first single is called "In The Name Of Love", a remake of the song "I'm Nin Alu", by Ofra Haza. It has just recently been released in Holland. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • UK-band DOG released their album "Neverland" on March 10th. (DAI)

  • Sylver's new album will be called "Little things". (Nibjo)

  • Kid Q will release an album entitled "True feelings". (Nibjo)

  • Kid Q's song "This Feeling" is a cover of the same song as Scooter's "Weekend", Earth Wind & Fire's song "Weekend". In Kid Q's video they're making fun of Scooter by having a guy in light hair with a t-shirt saying
    "How Much Is The Fish". He goes around with a tape-recorder taping the song. (Nibjo)

  • New from Marc et Claude is "It's All For Love / You Own The Sound". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Chris Menzi presents Wavetraxx is the "Das Boot 2003", a remake of U96's hit. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Nouky is the single "When The Rain Begins To Fall". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Happymen Vs. Gala is the single "Freed From Desire 2003". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • The newest Cream compilation - "Cream Future Trance 2003" - is set to hit the shops this May. (DAI)

  • DJ Tiesto feat. Nicola Hitchcock released the single "In My Memory". (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. In My Memory (Airwave Remix)
    2. In My Memory (Original Album Version)
    3. In My Memory (Quadras Bombworrxs Dub)

  • New from Svenson & Gielen feat. Jan Johnston is the single "Beachbreeze". (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. Beachbreeze (Svenson Remix)
    2. Beachbreeze (Beachbreeze Mix)

  • New from Nalin & Kane is the single "Open Your Eyes". (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. Open Your Eyes (Re-Worked Club Mix)
    2. Open Your Eyes (El Barco Para es Vedra)

  • New from Intermission feat. Grey? is the single "Piece Of My Heart". (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. Piece Of My Heart (Grey B Frost Club Mix)
    2. Piece Of My Heart (Dito Remix)
    3. Piece Of My Heart (Andre Visior Vocal Club)

  • New from Pulsedriver is the single "Galaxy Remixes". (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. Galaxy (Megara vs DJ Lee Remix)
    2. Galaxy (Floorfilla Remix)
    3. Galaxy (Pusledriver Remix Toxic)

  • New from Chicane is "Love On The Run (Blank & Jones Remix)". (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. Love On The Run (Blank & Jones Remix)
    2. Love On The Run (Blank & Jones Dub)

  • New from Armin van Buuren is the single "Sunburn (United Edition)". (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. Sunburn (Original Mix)
    2. Sunburn (Jamie Anderson Remix)

  • New from DJ Alpha is the single "Life Goes On". (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. Life Goes On (Extended Mix)
    2. Life Goes On (Club Caviar Remix)
    3. Life Goes On (Critical Mass Remix)


  • Jas (aka Phil Jason aka Chonga) released the single "Hitchiking" on March 3rd. (DAI)

    12" [Disc One] [HOOJ129]
    A. Hitchiking (Chicken Lips Dub Unlimited)
    B. Hitchiking (Streetlife Originals 'Message To The People' Dub)
    12" [Disc Two] [HOOJ129R]
    A. Hitchiking (Red Jerry Remix)
    B. Hitchiking (Original Mix)
    CDR [HOOJ129CDR]
    1. Hitchiking (Chicken Lips Dub Unlimited)
    2. Hitchiking (Streetlife Originals 'Message To The People' Dub)
    3. Hitchiking (Red Jerry Remix)
    4. Hitchiking (Original Mix)

  • Dirty Vegas released the EP "Simple Things" on March 10th. (DAI)

  • Blank & Jones will release their chillout album entitled "Relaxed" on April 7th. (Nibjo/Denis ZHabkin)

  • Blank & Jones have also lined up a special surprise as usual; a Limited Softbox Edition
    (only 5000 copies worldwide) of the album "Relaxed". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New single from Foggy is called "Your Eyes". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Groove Coverage is "The End (Remixes). (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. The End (Brooklyn Bounce Remix)
    2. The End (Axel Konrad Remix)

  • New from Lovestern Galaktika Project is the single "Superstar Remixes". (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. Superstar (Dance Nation Remix)
    2. Superstar (Jan Wayne Remix)
    3. Superstar (Pulsedriver Remix )

  • The new Fiocco will be called "Afflitto 2003". This is a cover of the song "Afflitto" released in 1997.
    The single will be released after the summer. (Dauvergne Guillaume)

  • The song from Crazy Doll "Mr. Dj (Play This Song)" is not in stores anymore. The reason of that is because the people from Crazy Doll used the Mark'Oh Remix of the song (they made a shortmix of that) as video/radio version and promoted the song as if Mark'Oh cooperated with this project (while he only made a remix of the song). This all without permission of Mark'Oh. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Dj Galaga is "It's On You", a cover of Mc Sar & The Real McCoy's hit. (Yvonne Tienstra)


  • The rapper from 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor, D-Rock, has released a hip-hop single named "Chi Ching".
    His artist name is Mr. Philips. (Han de Haan)

  • New single from Beam & Cyrus is "U Can't Touch This" and is a remake of MC Hammer's 80's hit. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • The other week the vinyl from MONOTONE feat. L.A. WORK "Monotone" - Collector 1 sold out in Belgium!
    New vinyl was available on February 24th. (DAI)

  • The new Mandy & Randy single (Mark'Oh project) will be called "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now". Probably this
    is a cover of the song from Jefferson Starship. The single will be released on March 31th. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Angel One is the single "Hold Me Tonight" and will be released on March 24th. (Yvonne Tienstra/DAI)

    1. Hold Me Tonight (Radio Version)
    2. Hold Me Tonight (DJ Pontos Remix)
    3. Hold Me Tonight (Eniac Remix)
    4. Into Your Eyes (Radio Version)

  • Master Blaster's new song will be called "How Old R U?", a cover of the song from Miko Mission,
    and will be released on April 7th. (Yvonne Tienstra/DAI)

  • Lock 'N' Load have a new song, featuring Mr. Bishi, called "Don't Be Silent". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Love Inc. is "You're A Superstar" and will be released on March 10th. (Yvonne Tienstra/DAI)

  • Daniel Bedingfield's new single is "If You're Not The One", it's a true ballad, will be released on March 17th. (Yvonne Tienstra/DAI)

    1. If You're Not The One
    2. James Dean (I Wanna Know) (Acoustic Version)
    3. If You're Not The One (Metro Mix)
    4. If You're Not The One (Video)

  • Cygnus X had a song called "Positron 2002" without vocals. Now it's out on single with vocals. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • Dannii Minogue's new single is called "I Begin To Wonder", which is ofcourse a remake of the same
    hitsong from J.C.A. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • Dannii Minogue will release her new album "Neon Nights" on March 17th. (Yvonne Tienstra)

    01. Put The Needle On It
    02. Creep
    03. I Begin To Wonder
    04. Hey! (So What)
    05. For The Record
    06. Mighty Fine
    07. On The Loop
    08. Push
    09. Mystified
    10. Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling
    11. Vibe On
    12. A Piece Of Time
    13. Who Do You Love Now
    14. It Won't Work Out
    15. Est-Ce Que Tu M'aimes Encore (Hidden Bonustrack)

  • The new Groove Coverage single will be called "The End". (Yvonne Tienstra/Denis ZHabkin)

    1. The End (Extended Mix)
    2. The End (Special D Remix)

  • Madonna's new single will be called "American Life". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Ian Van Dahl is the vinyl "Secret Love / Try". (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. Secret Love (C & V Extended Mix)
    2. Try (Original Dee Dee Club Mix)

  • New from ATC is the single "New York City". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Dance Nation is the single "You Take Me Away" and will be released in March. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from CJ feat Perplexer is the single "Centerfold". (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. Centerfold (Radio Edit)
    2. Centerfold (Mark'Oh Remix)
    3. Centerfold (Perplexer Short Edit)
    4. Party Warriors Out Fight Is Glorious)

  • New from 4 Strings is the single "Let It Rain". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Whigfield is the vinyl "Saturday Night'2003". (Denis ZHabkin)

    A1 Saturday Night'2003 (Villa Club Mix)
    A2 Saturday Night'2003 (Villa Radio Cut)
    B1 Saturday Night'2003 (Lion Project Club Cut)
    B2 Saturday Night'2003 (Lion Project Radio Cut)

  • New from Tomcraft is the single "Into The Light". (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. Into The Light (Kola Mix)
    2. Into The Light (Egoexpress Mix)
    3. Into The Light (Original Klubmix)

  • New from Members of Mayday is the single "Troopa Of Tomorrow". (Denis ZHabkin)

    1.Troopa Of Tomorrow
    2.Let It Rock

  • New from Pulsedriver is the single "Galaxy / Toxicated Smoke". (Denis ZHabkin)

    2.Toxicated Smoke

  • New from Fragma is the single "Man In The Moon", which is a remake of Energy 52 old hit. (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. Man In The Moon (2003 Club Mix)
    2. Man In The Moon (Duderstadt Remix)
    3. Man In The Moon (DJ Kadozer Remix)

  • New from DJ Energy is the single "Arya 001". (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. Arya 001 (Original Mix)
    2. Arya 001 (Reverb Mix)


  • Darude's new album called "Rush" will released 24th of April 2003 in Finland. (MikeBoy)


  • New from Noemi is the single "I Do 4 U" and is a cover of Bryan Adams smashhit
    "Everything I Do (I Do It For You)". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Kaylab is the single "Do Not Attempt". (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. Do Not Attempt (Original Mix)
    2. Do Not Attempt (Emmanuel Top Mix)

  • Dee Dee - "The One" is out now. (DAI)

  • Stuart will release the 12" "Free (Let It Be)" on February 24th in Benelux only. (DAI)

  • Plastika will release the 12" "Time Is Running Out" on March 3rd. (DAI)

  • New single from ATB is "I Don't Wanna Stop". (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. I Don't Wanna Stop (Original Mix)
    2. I Don't Wanna Stop (Clubb Mix)

  • New single from DJ Scot Project is "R (Rock)". (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. R Rock
    2. S Outer Space

  • Futureshock featuring Ben Onono will release the single "On My Mind" on March 3rd. (DAI)

  • Futureshock will release their debut album "Phantom Theory" on March 17th. (DAI)


  • New from Natalie is the single "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Marc Aurel Remix)
    02. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Yanou Remix)

  • New from Oceanlab is the single "Sky Falls Down". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01. Sky Falls Down (Armin van Buuren Remix)
    02. Sky Falls Down (Original Mix)

  • New from Mario Piu is the single "Devotion". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Ultra Sonic is the single "Annihilating Rhythm (2003 Remixes)". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01. Annihilating Rhythm (Warp Brothers Remix)
    02. Annihilating Rhythm (Revenge of the Rhythm 2)

  • New from Klubbheads is the single "Somebody Skreem". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01. Somebody Skreem (Da Techno Bohemian Mix)
    02. Somebody Skreem (Klubb Mix)

  • Darude's new single, entitled "Music", was released in Finland on February 14th. (Samuli Kiiskinen)

    (promo version)

    01. Music (Bostik Radio Edit)	3.30
    02. Music (Original Radio Edit)	3.44
    03. Music (Bostik Remix)		7.35
    04. Music (Original Version)	7.07

  • New from Snap feat. Turbo B. is the single "Rhythm Is A Dancer 2003". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01. Rhythm Is A Dancer 2003 (Cj Stone Radio Mix)
    02. Rhythm Is A Dancer 2003 (Cj Stone Lub Mix)
    03. Rhythm Is A Dancer 2003 (Brtschitsch & Wildermuth Latenight Mix)
    04. Rhythm Is A Dancer 2003 (X900 Remix)

  • New from Redwings is the single "My Heart Is Calling". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01. My Heart Is Calling (Club Mix)
    02. My Heart Is Calling (Pinball Remix)
    03. My Heart Is Calling (Special D Remix)

  • New from DJ Sakin presents Plexus is the single "Visions Of Igor". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New single from Sash! - "I Believe" will be released on March 17th and in the UK on March 31st. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New single from Miss Shiva feat. K is the single "Just More". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Mario Lopez is the single "Always And Forever". (Denis ZHabkin)

    01. Always And Forever (Original Vocal Mix)
    02. Always And Forever (Marc van Linden Vocal Mix)
    03. Always And Forever (Dito Club Remix)

  • The Ones are back! The follow up to "Flawless" is "Superstar" and it's out on February 17th on enhanced CD
    and 2x12". Formats include the video, the original version, remixes by Phunk Investigation, Scissor Sisters, Smith & Selway, and the club mix of "Flawless". (DAI)

  • The new DJ Bobo album "Visions" will be released on February 24th. (DAI)

  • E-rotic has released their new album called "Total Recall" in Japan. It contains remixes of all their past hits. (EE/DAI)

  • N-Trance's next single will be entitled "Destiny" and it will feature the voice of Kelly Llorenna. (EE/Pim)

  • There could be a new release from Culture Beat in about 3 months (EE/Dancefloor.de.vu)

  • Mr President's new single "Love, Sex & Sunshine" is now out, and already reached #24 in German sales chart. (EE)

  • Nina is back for good and is planning a new single called "Tomorrow's Yesterday". (EE)


  • Dune are currently in the studio recording new material! When a new single will be released is currently unknown. (DAI)

  • Lasgo have been nominated for Record Of The Year for "Something" at the American Dancestar Awards
    which take place next month. (DAI)

  • New single from Sylver "Living My Life" includes remixes from Groove Coverage & Filterheadz. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • Vinyl from Digital Rockers "I Believe - Remixes" includes Pulsedriver & Cosmo remixes. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • The vinyl of Mark'Oh's single "When The Children Cry" contains an Aquagen remix (which is not to be found on the maxi-single). More news from Mark'Oh is that he is planning a new single and even a whole album for his digital puppets Mandy & Randy (previous hit: "Mandy"). The single will be a popsong and again a coversong.
    For as far as a new single of his own, he only said it will be a song which is not to be found on his new album. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • The new Scooter single "Weekend" is a cover from the song "Weekend" from Earth & Fire. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • The new G-Spott single (in Holland) is called "Louder". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Dj José is the song "No Hard Feelings". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • The new single from the Dutch dance act Dance Nation will be called "Celebrate Your Life". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • 4 Clubbers new single "Someday" also has a b-side: "Hymn". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New single from Marc et Claude is "Loving You 2003". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Kate Ryan is "Libertine", just like "Désenchantée" this is a cover from the French singer
    Mylene Farmer. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • Ace Of Base has released the single "The Juvenile" in Germany, but in some scandinavian countries the new single is "Unspeakable". ("The Juvenile" single also has a yet unreleased b-side called "Don't Stop"). (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Crazy Doll is "Mr. DJ (Play This Song)". It's on the melody of the old wellknown song
    "Old McDonald Had A Farm". The single contains a Mark'Oh remix. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • TATU, the Russian lesbian girls from the song "All The Things She Said", have a new single called
    "Not Gonna Get Us". (The Russian version is called "Nas Ne Dogonjat"). (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Dj Galaga is "The Game". There is a normal dance version and a bubbling version. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Cj feat. Perplexer is "Centerfold", the melody is taken from the song "Centerfold" from J. Geils Band. The single contains a Mark'Oh remix. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Adrima is "Rainbowland (Follow Me)". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Nouky is "When The Rain Begins To Fall". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • Drunkenmunky (from previous single "E") has a new song called "Hungry For Your Love",
    which is a remake of the hit from Nelly & Kelly Rowland "Dilemma". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Master Blaster is "Hypnotic Tango". Yet another cover from the song "Hynotic Tango" by My Mine. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New Alex C. feat. Yasmin K. is "Amigos Forever". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • Robyn (previous single: "Keep The Fire Burning") has a new single called "Don't Stop The Music". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Reeloop (previous single: "Fucking Society") is "Important / Identification". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • There are 2 dance versions of the Lionel Richie song "Hello": one is from Vincent Parker and
    the other is from Bootz. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Dj Dean is "Protect Your Ears". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Covent Garden is "Enjoy The Silence", a cover of the wellknown song from Depeche Mode.
    (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Bolenski Beat is "You're My Heart You're My Soul", a cover of the song from Modern Talking. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Technoteacher is "The Hook". The single contains a Mark'Oh remix. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Silicon Brothers is "Million Miles From Home", a cover of the song from Dune. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • Darude has a new song called "Music". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • Dutch Dj's Alive & Kicken have a single called "I Wanna Dance With Somebody". Just like Flip 'N Fill they have covered the wellknown song from Whitney Houston. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • The Party Animals are back! (old singles: "I Wanna Be A Hippie" and "Have You Ever Been Mellow") The new single is called "Life Is Short". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • Hermes House Band had a song with Dj Ötzi called "Life Is Life" (cover of "Life Is Life" from Opus).
    Now they have a new song called "Those Were The Days". (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • After remixing the likes of Iio, Weekend Players and Armin van Buuren, superstar producer Riva now performed his wonders on American Beauty LeAnn Rimes. He delivered 2 killer mixes of "Suddenly". (DAI)

  • Armin Van Buuren will release the vinyl "Sunburn" on February 17th. (DAI)


  • Starsplash will release a new album in March. 7 songs are already finished and the next single after "Travel Time", to be released February 3rd, will be called "Friends". (Nibjo)

  • Who Da Funk featuring Terra Deva will release the single "Sting Me Red (You Think You're So Clever)" on February 3rd. (DAI)

  • Ciber People will release the album "The Return Of The Ciber People" on February 3rd. (DAI)

  • New from G-Spott, real name is Richard van Schooneveld, is the single "N-R-G" which was released on January 27th. (DAI)

    1. N-R-G (Radio Version)		3:24
    2. N-R-G (Club Version) 		6:14
    3. N-R-G (Club Version Vocal)	6:12
    4. N-R-G (DJ Stephen Remix)   	8:37
    5. N-R-G (S.A.M. Remix) 	  	5:12

  • Maya released the single "In The Name Of Love" on January 27th. (DAI)

    1. In The Name Of Love (Piraz Radio Edit) 	3:06
    2. In The Name Of Love (Piraz Dommu Mix) 	5:37
    3. In The Name Of Love (Rivellino`S Dub Mix) 	6:09

  • Dual Heat will release the single "Black White" on February 3rd. (DAI)

  • Duke, famous for 1996 hit "So In Love With You", will release a single called "Middle Air" on February 10th. (DAI)

  • Seventh Senth Feat. Mark Gille released the trance-single "Save Me", this is not a cover
    of the 80s hit, on January 27th. (DAI)

    1. Save Me (Original 7" Version) 		3:43
    2. Save Me (Rapid City Single Version) 	3:35
    3. Save Me (Remix Radio Edit) 		3:53
    4. Save Me (Original 12" Edit)		5:25
    5. Save Me (Hard House Mix) 		7:09

  • Outatime will release the trance-single "Juliet", a cover of Bee-Gee's hit, on February 10th. (DAI)

    1. Juliet (Radio Version) 		3:34
    2. Juliet (Club Mix) 		7:21
    3. Juliet (Tom Mountain Remix) 	7:27

  • New from Floorfilla is the single "Sister Golden Hair". Originally it's from the band America, but later it was covered by Spanic. (Denis ZHabkin/Yvonne Tienstra)

  • New from Digital Rockers is the single "I Believe", containing a Master Blaster Remix. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • Scooter will release a new single called "Weekend" on February 24th. The new single is in the same
    style as "The Logical Song". In March the new album will be released. (Denis ZHabkin, Erik Cannavo)

  • Mesh will release the single "Friends Like These" on February 10th. (DAI)

    01. Friends Like These (Video Edit)
    02. Friends Like These (Icon of Coil Xenomorph Mix)
    03. Friends Like These (Schiller Remix)
    04. Friends Like These (Decoder & Substance Remix)
    05. Friends Like These (Tom Wax Remix)
    06. Friends Like These (Mesh/biNARy_giRL Edit)
    07. Friends Like These (Hello2ufriendmix (biNARy_giRL))
    08. Leave You Nothing (Mesh 120 Club Mix)
    09. From This Height
    10. Leave You Nothing (Video)
    11. Friends Like These (Video)

  • Jan Johnston has signed a new artist deal with VANDIT Records, Paul Van Dyk's label. (DAI)

  • Jan Johnston was in the studio in Berlin early this year collaborating with Paul Van Dyk for his new album. (DAI)

  • Jan Johnston will be working with Paul Van Dyk on his new album, then going straight on to her new solo album. (DAI)

  • Loads of new stuff is coming from Ninja Tune in 2003, see below.

    Video Streams

      + Amon Tobin - "Verbal" (Real Video | Windows Media Video)
         Directed by award winning Alex Rutterford this slice of visual action will
         drive your desk top with its fuelled infested beats & speeding verbal
         delivery. Amon Tobin will be creating his dark and driven beat fuelled dj
         sets around Europe and North America this spring.

      + Hexstatic - "Telemetron" (Real Video | Windows Media Video)
         Have you heard of a group that create an exclusive track for a mix CD AND
         make their own video that scratches it all up? Hexstatic lay down the
         elements of their dope electro sound on this preview from Solid Steel's
      : "Listen & Learn". The visual masters are premiering the album
         with a night of 3D visuals timed to the music! Surely a worldwide clubbing

      + Jaga Jazzist - "Animal Chin" (Real Video | Windows Media Video)
         BBCi Jazz voted Jaga Jazzist their LP of the year & if you haven't seen
         this video that was voted "office favourite" by myvillage.com and all over
         MTV Europe then you don’t know what you’re missing. Just imagine "Herbie
         Hancock 1970
      's, Tortoise and Stereolab's post-rock guitar blues,
         Squarepusher's lunatic jazz electronica and mangled rhythm". Directed by AFF! -
         a Norwegian video web collective.

      + Mr. Scruff - "Sweetsmoke" (Real Video | Windows Media Video)
         Mr Scruff wrote this little story and drew all the pictures himself. It has
         something to do with fish. And pies. That fly. We think. It's animated.
         It's crazy. It's "Sweetsmoke". Huh?

    Audio Streams & Free MP3 downloads

      + Jaga Jazzist - "Lithuania" (Real Video | Windows Media Audio | MP3)
         "Like Charles Mingus with Aphex Twin up his arse". Not sure we can top
         that! Lithuania doesn’t tell you where Jaga Jazzist are from - it tells
         you where they're at - the bachelor pad somewhere between Norway and
         Iceland frozen in time from a classic sixties thriller.

      + Hexstatic - "Telemetron" (Real Video | Windows Media Audio | MP3)
         Solid Steel mixes are known world wide for their sampledelic quality and
         groove-ular beat factor. No exception here - this exclusive track created
         for the second Solid Steel presents: Hexstatic "Listen & Learn". 'This
         vigorous mini-history of DJing gains immediate entry to the premier league
         of mix CDs. It's the way they tell them, the emotions are engaged as well
         as the booty' **** Q Magazine The album drops end of January/February.
         Hexstatic will be hitting the wheels of steel and the visual mixer around
         the UK and Europe this spring.

      + Pest - "Slap On Tap" (Real Video | Windows Media Audio | MP3)
         BBC Collective tipped Pest for the Top of 2003. Ninja bright young uh.
         Pest. "They’re our favourite young things on Ninja and we hear their album
         is due March 2003. A bunch of scruffs from Deptford, England and the
         result is acid-fuelled jazz havoc. These guys are gonna be seriously
         huge." The Skam Ladyee at State 51 is never wrong. The album Necessary
         Measures is due out March. Pest will be touring around with Hexstatic.

      + Hint - "You Little Trooper" (Real Video | Windows Media Audio | MP3)
         Where has Hint been hiding? In a Portakabin out in the back garden. The
         LP Portakabin Fever drops in April. If you can't picture a 2 year old
         dancing in the back garden with all its delicious groovy keyboards & hidden
         steamy noises, gurgling with happiness when they hear the guitar then you
         need a trip to the country. Hint will be making his internet debut on
         www.groovetech.com on 12th of February. A Ninja Hombre, joint venture

      + Super Numeri - "Flaurent Carmin" (Real Video | Windows Media Audio | MP3)
         We're letting the press do the talking on this Super Ninja debut out in
         February. 'Super Numeri come over like Fleetwood Mac doing 'Albatross' on
         Quaaludes, with discordant strings and a divine moodiness' (Mixmag) 'a fine
         slice of spooky ambient pop.... utterly invigorating.' (NME) 'Beautiful.
         Like a long cold drink on a long warm day, Super Numeri hit your musical
         spots with alarming accuracy. Serene.' (Record Collector)

      + Mr. Scruff - "Champion Nibble" (Real Video | Windows Media Audio | MP3)
         After 60,000 sales in the UK alone, Mr. Scruff is nibbling on another
         little biscuit of his Trouser Jazz funk. You only have to listen to go -
         That's the tune!

      + Amon Tobin - "Cougar Merkin" (Real Video | Windows Media Audio | MP3)
         "A beat laden kaleidoscope that explores the dark side... A journey that
         dips its toes into ambient, dub, electronica, breaks, global flavours,
         strings and 'out there' adventures of numerous descriptions. Then hot-wires
         the lot into one tight ass, punchy sound-scape that thankfully avoids the
         pitfalls of the 'imaginary soundtrack' genre." Amon Tobin will be doing dj
         dates around Europe and North America this spring.

      + Skalpel - "Sculpture" (Real Video | Windows Media Audio | MP3)
         Polish jazz like you never heard it before. Sliced up. Moody. "Sound
         sculptured in space." Think distant cousins of Jaga Jazzist with an
         element of super smoky smoothness.

    See the whole promotion: Click here!

  • New from Breeeze is the single "Ready 4 Love" and it will be released on February 17th. (DAI)

  • New from Miles & Smiles is the trancesingle "Overdream" and it will be released on February 17th. (DAI)

  • New from Foggy is the single "Your Eyes", it's to be released on February 17th. (DAI)

  • The compilation "Sourcelabs - 16 Classiques de 1995 a 2002", it's the definitive collection of the best of "french touch" scene from 1995 to 2002. It was released on January 27th. (DAI)

  • La Bouche will be touring in support of "In Your Life" beginning in the spring of 2003. Lane McCray will bring his
    smooth dance, vocal and charisma to the stage. There will be a new face joining Lane on stage, Kayo Shekoni
    formerly the voice of Le Click. Kayo has her own string of Billboard charting hits including "Call Me" and
    "Tonight Is The Night". Together Lane and Kayo will continue the sounds, songs and style that will always
    remain La Bouche. (DJ Luongo, Adrian Bruno, Logic Records)


  • Chakra released a single called "Doors" on January 20th. (DAI)

  • New from Chicane is the single "Love On The Run". (DAI)

  • The new Bent single "Magic Love" is now due to be released on March 17th. (DAI)

  • Bent will release the album "The Everlasting Blink" March 3rd. (DAI)

  • E-rotic will release their album "Total Recall" in Japan on the 5th February. (Eurodance Encyclopaedia)

  • Hooj released discs four and five of the "Hooj Classics: Limited Repress Series" on January 20th. (DAI)

    12" Disc Four [HOOJRP004]
    A. Trancesetters - Roaches (Peace Division Remix)
    B. Lustral - Everytime (Nalin & Kane Remix)
    12" Disc Five [HOOJRP005]
    A. Space Manoeuvres - Stage One (Seperation Mix)
    B. CM - Dream Universe (Taucher Mix)

  • The brandnew DJ BoBo-single "I Believe" was released this week. (DAI)

  • Cosmic Gate track "Raging (Storm)" featuring Jan Johnston from their "No More Sleep" album
    has been released in the UK on the Nebula record label.

    Release Date: 13-01-2003. Available on CD single and two 12". (DAI)

    CD Single:
    1. The Wave (7" Mix)
    2. The Wave (Cosmic Mix)
    3. The Wave (The Video)
    Catalogue Number: NEBCD036
    12" LS1:
    1. The Wave (New Club Mix)
    2. Raging (New Club Mix)
    Catalogue Number: NEBT036
    12" LS2:
    1. The Wave (Svenson & Gielen remix)
    2. Raging (Flutlicht Vocal remix)
    Catalogue Number: NEBTX03

  • The new single from Mr President is entitled "Love, Sex & Sunshine" and will be released on February 3rd.
    The single will be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland followed by other countries across Europe
    and the whole world. (DAI)

  • Digital Rockers are planning on a new single, which will probably be released even this January.
    It will be without Mark'Oh now, but he will still be the producer. The song will be called "I Believe",
    which is a cover of "I Believe (That Love Is The Answer)" from Blessed Union Of Souls. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • Kate Ryan will release the european-smashhit "Désenchantée" in the US in March. (DAI)


  • Miss Thunderpussy has released a 12" called "Give It To Me". (Denis ZHabkin)

    A1. Give It To Me (Jay Frog Mix) 6:24
    A2. Give It To Me (Gorge Mix) 5:50
    B1. P.I.T. Electronic Journey 6:06

  • El Sueno has released "Dear Jesse 2002", a remix on Rollergirl's hit. (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. Dear Jesse 2002 (Club Version)
    2. Dear Jesse 2002 (Technomachine Club Mix)

  • Foudation has released "Somebodys Watching Me", a remake of the 80's hit with the same name.
    It's produced by Doug Laurent (from Culture Beat). (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. Somebodys Watching Me (DJ Errik Remix)
    2. Somebodys Watching Me (Taurus vs Laurent Remix)
    3. Somebodys Watching Me (Renegade Master Remix)

  • Armin van Buuren has released "Yet Another Day Remixes". (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. Yet Another Day (Hiver and Hammers Ground)
    2. Yet Another Day (Riva Remix)
    3. Yet Another Day (Riva Dub)

  • Tokker has released a single called "Sternenhimmel", the song is a remake. (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. Sternenhimmel (Mark Oh Remix)
    2. XXX Sternenholle
    3. Sternenhimmel (Extended Mix)

  • IIO has released a 12" called "At The End". (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. At The End (Made Mix Edit)
    2. At The End (Original Extended Mix)
    3. At The End (Extended Alternative Mix)

  • LNA has released a single called "Urgent", it's another 80's remake. (Denis ZHabkin)

    1. Urgent (Warp Brothers Remix)
    2. Urgent (Original)

  • Captain Jack released a new album entitled "Party Warrior" on December 16, 2002. It was only released in Japan. (EE)

  • Bob Sinclair - "The Beat Goes On" was released on January 13th on Defected. (DAI)

  • Hooj released discs two and three of the "Hooj Classics: Limited Repress Series" on January 6th. (DAI)

    12" Disc Two [HOOJRP002]
    A. Tilt - Invisible (Lost Tribe Remix)
    B. Lost Tribe - Gamemaster (Signum Remix)
    12" Disc Three [HOOJRP003]
    A. Pete Lazonby - Sacred Cycles (Quivver Mix)
    B. Jark Prongo - Movin Thru' Your User (Dave Clarke Remix)


  • Flip & Fill will release the single "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" on January 6th in the UK. (DAI)

  • On January 6th Axel Coon, ex-member of Scooter, will release the single "Close To You". (DAI)

  • Sylver will release the single "Living My Life" on February 24th. (DAI)

  • Sylver will release an album on March 24th, the album is entitled "On The Road". (DAI)

  • De/Vision will release an album called "Devolution" on January 6th. (DAI)

  • The new single from Mario Lopez is called . (Denis ZHabkin)

  • Milk Inc - "Land Of Living" starts at #18 in UK singles chart last weekend. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • Mr President's new single will be called Love, Sex & Sunshine" and their new album will be
    entitled "Love, Peace & Sunshine". (Eurodance Encyclopaedia)

  • Plavka, former vocalist for Jam & Spoon, released a single with the project Mistral called
    "Your Everything". (Eurodance Encyclopaedia)

  • DJ Bobo's new single "I Believe" will be out on January 20th and the new album "Visions"
    will be out on February 24th. (DAI)

  • Pet Shop Boys will soon release "Disco 3". This third volume of remixes will also feature new songs.
    "Disco 3" will be released internationally by Parlophone/EMI in early/mid February. A limited edition,
    three-disc vinyl version will also be issued with an enhanced track-listing including an extended mix of
    "Somebody Else's Business" and the WestBam remix of "London". (LeDJ Fab)

    01. Time On My Hands
    02. Positive Role Model
    03. Try It (I'm In Love With A Married Man)
    04. London (Thee Radikal Blaklite Edit) (Remixed By Felix Da Housecat)
    05. Somebody Else's Business
    06. Here (PSB New Extended Mix)
    07. If Looks Could Kill
    08. Sexy Northerner (Superchumbo Mix)
    09. Home And Dry (Blank And Jones Mix)
    10. London (Genuine Piano Mix)

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