New from Queen vs. The Miami Project is the single Another One Bits The Dust. One of Queen's best known classics gets brought bang up to date by the Miami Project (a.k.a. Space resident DJ, Cedric Gervais, and Canadian production duo Second Sun. Originally made as a bootleg for this year's Winter Music Conference in Miami, this new version now has Queen's approval.

01.	Another One Bits The Dust (Cedric Gervais & Second Sun Radio Edit)
02.	Another One Bits The Dust (Cedric Gervais & Second Sun Vocal Mix)
03.	Another One Bits The Dust (Oliver Koletski Remix)
04.	Another One Bits The Dust (A Skillz Remix)
05.	Another One Bits The Dust (Soul Averngerz Remix)
06.	Another One Bits The Dust (DJ Pedro & Olivier)
07.	Another One Bits The Dust (Berger Mix)
08.	Another One Bits The Dust (Video)

New from Paul Elstak & Firestone is the 12" Retaliate / A.C.A.B.. (DZ)

A1.	Retaliate
A2.	Our Gang
B1.	A.C.A.B. (All Cops Are Bastards!) [feat. Leo Sex]
B2.	Hakke klootzak! [feat. Blaka Pim & Ben Skeer]

New from Fireflies & Alexandra Prince is the CD5" I Can't Get Enough, released 20 November.

01.	I Can't Get Enough (Radio Edit)
02.	I Can't Get Enough (Club Mix (Clean))
03.	I Can't Get Enough (Ian Carey Remix)
04.	I Can't Get Enough (Ian Carey Dub)
05.	I Can't Get Enough (Richard F Spread Muzik ‘Horns’ Mix)

New from Ben Macklin ft. Tiger Lily is the CD5" Feel Together, released 27 November.

01.	Feel Together (Vocal Dub)
02.	Feel Together (Eddie Thoneick Mix)
03.	Feel Together (Lifelike Mix)
04.	Feel Together (Tom Novy Mix)

New from Eric Prydz vs Pink Floyd is the single Proper Education to be released 3 January.
New from DJ Aimin ft Crystal Re-Cleart is the single Give You to be released 5 January.

01.	Give You (Jamie Lewis House Cut)
02.	Give You (Pastaboys Club Mix)
03.	Give You (Pastaboys Dub Mix)
04.	Give You (Djaimin Zanz Mix)
05.	Give You (Groove Assassins Classic Club Mix)
06.	Give You (Groove Assassins Classic Dub Mix)

New from Dallas Superstars is the single Higher.

01.	Higher (Radio Edit)
02.	Higher (Original Mix)
03.	Higher (Judge Jules Remix)
04.	Higher (Komytea Remix)

New from Jamelia is the track Beware Of The Dog, released on CD, DVD & 12".

01.	Beware Of The Dog
02.	Thank You

01.	Beware Of The Dog
02.	Tripping Over You
03.	Real Love
04.	Beware Of The Dog (Video)

A1:	Beware Of The Dog (Alavi ReroX)
B1:	Beware Of The Dog (Radio Slave Instrumental)

New from Outwork ft. Mr Gee is the track Elektro, released CD, 12" & Digital Download.

01.	Elektro (The Cube Guys 'Delano' Remix)
02.	Elektro (Joey Negro Club Mix)
03.	Elektro (Scott Wozniak Remix)
04.	Elektro (Robbie Riviera Mix)

A1.	Elektro (The Cube Guys 'Delano' Remix)
A2.	Elektro (Robbie Riviera Mix)
B1.	Elektro (Joey Negro Club Mix)
B2.	Elektro (Scott Wozniak Remix)

1.	Elektro (The Cube Guys 'Delano' Remix)
2.	Elektro (Robbie Riviera Mix)
3.	Elektro (Joey Negro Club Mix)
4.	Elektro (Scott Wozniak Remix)

New from 2-4 Grooves (a.k.a. Steve Sound and Mr. Starfunk) is the single The Way I Do. It contains parts of Like The Way I Do originally performed by Melissa Etheridge in the 80s and will be released on Pulsive Media's in-house imprint Get Freaky!
New from Probspot (a.k.a. Rikkard Fredriksson) is the EP Heatsink EP, out now on CD & 12".

01.	Heatsink
02.	Renegade
03.	Blow
04.	Pinot Noir

A1.	Heatsink
B1.	Renegade

New from Dennis Ferrer is the 12" Transitions / Destination, out now.

A1.	Transitions
B1.	Destination

New from T2 (a.k.a. Talla 2XLC) is the 12" Lost Souls. (DZ)

A1.	T2 (Marcos Remix)
B1.	T2 (Retro Club Mix)

New from Melanie Flash is the 12" Halfway To Heaven. (DZ)

A1.	Halfway To Heaven (Groove Coverage Mix) 
B1.	Halfway To Heaven (Rob Mayth Remix) 
B2.	Halfway To Heaven (Original Mix)


New from September is the single Cry For You. (DZ)

01.	Cry For You (Singel Edit)		3:30
02.	Cry For You (Radio Extended)	5:26
03.	Cry For You (Jackal Remix Short)	4:00
04.	Cry For You (Jackal Remix Long)	5:48

New from Store N Forward feat. Mil Brokes is the 12" 4 Seasons In 1 Day. (DZ)

A1.	4 Seasons In 1 Day (Original Mix)
A2.	4 Seasons In 1 Day (Sean Tyas Mix)
B1.	4 Seasons In 1 Day (Cressida Mix)
B2.	Spaghetti

New from Brisk & Ham is the 12" I've Got A Feeling. (DZ)

A1.	I've Got A Feeling
B1.	I've Got A Feeling (Dougal & Gammer Remix)

New from Mike Koglin vs. P.O.S. is the 1"" Untitled Audio. (DZ)

A1.	Untitled Audio (Original Mix)
B1.	Untitled Audio (Nitrous Oxide Remix)

New from Ziggy X is the 12" X-Terminate. (DZ)

A1.	X-Terminate (Classixx Mix)
B1.	X-Terminate (Original Club Mix)
B2.	X-Terminate (HSV)

New from Nalin & Kane feat. Alex Prince is the 2x12" Cruising (Beachball 2006), released 17 November. (DZ & DAI)

A1.	Cruising (Steve Murano Remix)
B1.	Cruising (Alex K Remix)
C1.	Cruising (Friday Night Posse Remix)
D1.	Cruising (Flip & Fill Remix)
D2.	Cruising (Kenny Hayes Blue Sphere Remix)

Infernal has released the album From Paris To Berlin in Japan. (DZ)

01.	From Paris To Berlin
02.	Self Control
03.	A To The B
04.	Ten Miles
05.	Hey Hello!
06.	I Won't Be Crying
07.	Fairtale
08.	Peace Inside
09.	Vienna
10.	Dressed In Blue
11.	Ultimate Control (feat. John Rock)
12.	Keen On Disco (Hit's N Run 12 Radio Mix)
13.	Sunrise
14.	Careful With The Boys
15.	Cheap Trick Kinda' Girl
16.	Banjo Thing
17.	Sunday Morning March
18.	From Paris To Berlin (DJ Aligator Club Mix)

01.	From Paris To Berlin (Music Video)
02.	Self Control (Music Video)
03.	A To The B (Music Video)

Dance Street Records (Germany) released a DVD entitled The Very Best Of Eurodance on 20 November. (DZ & DAI)

01.	SNAP! - Rhythm Is A Dancer
02.	Ace of Base - All That She Wants
03.	Caught In The Act - Love Is Everywhere
04.	Yamboo feat. Dr.Alban - Sing Hallelujah
05.	Marcel Romanoff - I'd Love You To Want Me
06.	DJ Bobo - There Is A Party
07.	Ann Lee - 2 Times
08.	Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam - The Sequel
09.	Haddaway - Life
10.	Flying Steps - In Da Arena (Situation)
11.	Culture Beat - Mr Vain
12.	Whigfield - Saturday Night
13.	The Outhere Brothers -  Boom Boom Boom
14.	2 Unlimited -  No Limit
15.	Captain Jack - Captain Jack
16.	Diva DJs vs. Nicky French - Total Eclipse Of The Heart 2006
17.	DJ Red 5 vs. MC Miker G - Da Beat Goes - Reanimated
18.	Aqua - Barbie Girl
19.	TNN -  La Cucamarcha
20.	Carrilio -  Samba De Janeiro

New from DJ Dean is the double-cd album Eye of a Champ, release on 8 December. Buy@Amazon.de

01.	Kick da Bass (Radio Mix)
02.	If I could be you (Radio Mix)
03.	Fire & Water
04.	Kick Off (Radio Edit)
05.	Dreamworld (Album Cut)
06.	What I Need
07.	Music Is My Life (DJ Merlin & C-Bass Radio Mix)
08.	Magma
09.	BallaNation.04 (DJ Dean´s New Club Mix Short Cut)
10.	Teknika (Special Album Short Mix)
11.	It's a Dream (DJ Manian vs. Yanou Vocal Radio Cut)
12.	It's All Around
13.	BallaNation.06 (Album Mix)
14.	Planet Earth (World Mix Album Short Cut)
15.	Third Symphony
16.	Brazil (When You Look In My Eyes)
17.	Back To Rave

01.	If I Could Be You (Video)
02.	DJ Dean Interview
03.	Wallpaper
04.	Many more

New from Schiller is the DVD/album Tagtraum.

New from Underdog Project is the single Girls Of Summer, released 7 November.

01.	Girls Of Summer (Edit)
02.	Girls Of Summer (Benztown Mixdown)
03.	Girls Of Summer (Benny Benassi Radio Cut)
04.	Girls Of Summer (Benztown Mixdown Extended)
05.	Girls Of Summer (Benny Benassi Extended)
06.	Girls Of Summer (Original Mix)
07.	Girls Of Summer (Instrumental)

New from Yoshimoto is the single Du What You Du, released 7 November.

01.	Du What You Du (Radio Edit)
02.	Du What You Du (Trentemoller Remix)
03.	Du What You Du (Paul Woodford Remix)
04.	Du What You Du (H-Man Remix)
05.	Du What You Du (Markus Schultz Remix)

New from DJ Jose is the single Steppin' To The Beat, release 4 December.

01.	Steppin' To The Beat (Radio Edit)
02.	Steppin' To The Beat (Club Mix)
03.	Steppin' To The Beat (Soul Avengerz Remix)
04.	Steppin' To The Beat (Micky Modelle Remix)
05.	Steppin' To The Beat (Dave McDonald Remix)
06.	Steppin' To The Beat (Enzo Mori & Stephen Clark Remix)
07.	Steppin' To The Beat (Event Remix)
08.	Steppin' To The Beat (Panic Dub)

New from Depeche Mode is the single Martyr, released 30 October.

01.	Never Let Me Down Again (Digitalism Mix)
02.	Martyr (Paul Van Dyk Remix)
03.	Martyr (Booka Shade Dub Mix)

New from BWO (Bodies Without Organs) is the single Chariots Of Fire *Club Mixes*, released 22 November.

01.	Chariots Of Fire (Radio Edit)
02.	Chariots Of Fire (Soundfactory Reconstruction Club Mix)
03.	Chariots Of Fire (Soundfactory Reconstruction Dub)
04.	Chariots Of Fire (Credheadz Remix)
05.	Chariots Of Fire (Airbureau Chi Riots And Fire Mix)
06.	Chariots Of Fire (Brasco Remix Extended)

New from Cascada is the single Ready For Love, release 27 November.

01.	Ready For Love (Radio Edit)
02.	Ready For Love (Klubbingman Remix Edit)
03.	Ready For Love (Italobrothers New Vox Remix Edit)
04.	Ready For Love (Club Mix)
05.	Ready For Love (Klubbingman Remix)
06.	Ready For Love (Italobrothers New Vox Remix)

Also new from Cascada is the single Truly, Madly Deeply, release 4 December.

01.	Truly, Madly Deeply (Radio Edit)
02.	Truly, Madly Deeply (Album Version)
03.	Truly, Madly Deeply (Club Mix)
04.	Truly, Madly Deeply (Styles & Breeze Remix)
05.	Truly, Madly Deeply (Thomas Gold Remix)
06.	Truly, Madly Deeply (DJ Bomba & El Senor Remix)
07.	Truly, Madly Deeply (Frisco Remix)

New from Queen vs The MiamiProject is the single Another One Bites The Dust, release 11 December.

01.	Another One Bites The Dust (Cedric Gervais & Second Sun Radio Edit)
02.	Another One Bites The Dust (Cedric Gervais & Second Sun Vocal Mix)
03.	Another One Bites The Dust (Oliver Koletski Remix)
04.	Another One Bites The Dust (A Skillz Remix)
05.	Another One Bites The Dust (Soul Averngerz Remix)
06.	Another One Bites The Dust (DJ Pedro & Olivier)
07.	Another One Bites The Dust (Berger Mix)
08.	Another One Bites The Dust (Video)

New from Apopygma Berzerk is the album Sonic Diary Buy@Amazon.de and the single Cambodia Buy@Amazon.de.

Cover versions have always played a special role throughout the 15-year career of Apoptygma Berzerk. Even their last studio album, You And Me Against The World featured a cult classic: Shine On, originally by The House Of Love, stayed in heavy rotation for ages. Now Apoptygma Berzerk present Cambodia, their rock-anthem version of the 1982 Kim Wilde hit, kicking off the countdown to Sonic Diary(both released on Dec. 1st). This album is a compilation of all the cover versions Apoptygma Berzerk have recorded over the course of their long career - often simply as single B-sides or EPs: From Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters to The Cure’s A Strange Day and Electricity from OMD, from Ohm Sweet Ohm by electro-godfathers Kraftwerk to Com a White from shock-rocker Marilyn Manson. The album also features an extra bonus of three new, previously unreleased cover versions: Bend And Break by Keane, The Damned Don’t Cry by Visage and Bizarre Love Triangle from New Order. And the limited edition release of the album also contains a 9-song bonus CD featuring some fantastic new remixes.

Sonic Diary
01.	Cambodia
02.	Bend And Break
03.	Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
04.	A Strange Day
05.	Coma White
06.	Fade To Black
07.	Shine On
08.	The Damned Don't Cry
09.	All Tomorrow's Parties (Version '93)
10.	Electricity
11.	Ohm Sweet Ohm
12.	Bizarre Love Triangle
13.	All Tommorow's Parties (Nico Vs. APB Remix)
14.	Nothing Else Matters (Hidden Track)

CD2 (only on limited edition)
01.	Mourn (Mesh Remix)
02.	Back on track (Northern Lite Remix)
03.	Until the end of the world (Ladytron De-Shape Remix)
04.	Deep red (Blackmail Version)
05.	Maze (Zombie Girls Remix)
06.	Love to blame (Sono Remix)
07.	Pikachu (Darkdream Mix by SONI CODE)
08.	Love to blame (Pelton Trashy Remix)
09.	Tuning in to the frequency of your soul (Cyberpunk Remix)

01.	Cambodia
02.	Mourn (Mesh Remix)
03.	All Tomorrow's Parties (Version '93)
04.	Love To Blame (DJ Lee Perception Remix)
05.	Unicorn (Live)

New from Fish Go Deep feat. Tracy K is the 12"/CD-single The Cure And The Cause. Buy@Amazon.de

A1.	The Cure & The Cause (Dennis Ferrer Remix)
A2.	The Cure & The Cause (Original Mix)
B1.	The Cure & The Cause (Charles Webster Vocal)

01.	The Cure & The Cause (Radio Edit)
02.	The Cure & The Cause (Dennis Ferrer Club Mix)

01.	The Cure & The Cause (Dennis Ferrer Remix)
02.	The Cure & The Cause (Original Mix)
03.	The Cure & The Cause (Charles Webster Vocal Remix)
04.	The Cure & The Cause (Balearic Soul Remix)
05.	The Cure & The Cause (Balearic Soul Dub)

New from U96 feat. Das Bo is the single Mr. DJ Put On The Red Light. (DZ)

01.	Mr. DJ Put On The Red Light (Single Mix)
02.	Mr. DJ Put On The Red Light (Reiss Dei Bude Ab Remix)
03.	Mr. DJ Put On The Red Light (Potato Heads Remix)
04.	Mr. DJ Put On The Red Light (DJ Shah Electrance Remix)


New from Ray Burton & Titus is the CD-Maxi Secrets, to be released 8 December. (DZ)

01.	Secrets, (Radio Edit)	3:27
02.	Secrets, (Originai Mix)	6:36
03.	Secrets, (Trance Mix)	6:55
04.	Secrets, (Lazy Afternoon Mix)	4:20

New from Dj Tatana is the album A Tribute To Trance and it will be released 17 November. (DZ)
New fro Dave 202 is Solo and it will be released 24 November. (DZ)
New from Faithless is the album To All New Arrivals and it will be released 24 November. (DZ)
New from Moby is the best-of album Go: The Very Best Of Moby and it will be released 6 November. Buy@Amazon.co.uk Buy@Amazon.de (DZ & DAI)

01.	Go
02.	Why Does My Heart
03.	In This World
04.	Porcelain
05.	In My Heart
06.	New York New York
07.	Natural Blues
08.	Lift Me Up
09.	Bodyrock
10.	We Are All Made Of Stars
11.	Slipping Away
12.	Honey
13.	Move
14.	James Bond
15.	Feeling So Real 

New from Fedde le Grand is the Maxi-CD Put Your Hands Up for Detroit released on 27 October. Buy@Amazon.co.uk Buy@Amazon.de

01.	Put Your Hands Up For Detroit (Radio Edit)
02.	Put Your Hands Up For Detroit (featuring King Gordy & Bizarre)
03.	Put Your Hands Up For Detroit (Club Mix)
04.	Put Your Hands Up For Detroit (DJ Delicious & Till West Remix)
05.	Put Your Hands Up For Detroit (TV Rock & Dirty South Melbourne Militia Remix)

New from Moonbotica is the double-CD compilation album And Then We Started To Dance! released 27 October. Buy@Amazon.de

01.	Intro
02.	Baxendale - I Build This City
03.	Supermax - It Ain't Easy (MB Remix)
04.	St Sebastian - Dirt Bag (Dirty Jay)
05.	Ananda - Doppelwipper
06.	Gus Gus - Hold You (MB Remix)
07.	Huggotron - Are You A Killer
08.	Ascii Disco - Hey (MB Remix)
09.	Whirpool Productions - From: Disco To Disco (Trick&Kubic Remix)
10.	Dave Spoon - At Night

01.	Marc Romboy & Stephan Bodzin - Atlas
02.	Booka Shade - In White Rooms
03.	Ante Perry - Beachpower
04.	Fuckpony - Ride The Pony
05.	Dj T - Queen Lucid
06.	Marlow & Delhia - Movin (Matthias Tanzmann Remix)
07.	Gui Boratto - Sozinho
08.	Bini & Martini - Stop (Luca Bacetti Remix)
09.	Trentemoeller - Killer Kat
10.	Moonbootica - Support Wildside

New from Cosmic Gate is the album Earth Mover released 27 October. Buy@Amazon.co.uk Buy@Amazon.de

01.	A Mile In My Shoes [featuring Sir Adrian]
02.	I Feel Wonderful (Cosmic Gate's AM 2 PM Mix) [featuring Jan Johnston]
03.	Element Of Life
04.	Should've Known [featuring Tiff Lacey]
05.	Analog Feel
06.	A Day That Fades [featuring Roxanne Emery]
07.	Bilingual (Break Beat Edit)
08.	Guess Who? [featuring Wippenberg]
09.	Race Car Driver (Paddock Club Edit)
10.	Consciousness
11.	Earth Mover
12.	This Is The Party [featuring Jan Johnston]
13.	Ultra Curve

New from Fat Boy Slim is the Maxi-CD Champion Sound and it will be released 6 November.

01.	Champion Sound (Switch Remix)
02.	Champion Sound (Krafty Kuts Remix)
03.	Champion Sound (M Factor Remix)
04.	Champion Sound (Digital Dog Remix)
05.	Champion Sound (Album Version)
06.	Champion Sound (Accapella)

Pet Shop Boys first ever live album is now available on double CD & download. Concrete Buy@Amazon.co.uk, In Concert at the Mermaid Theatre for Radio 2 with the BBC Concert Orchestra, was recorded on Monday 8 May 2006 and features guests including Robbie Williams, Rufus Wainright and Frances Barber. The musical director was Trevor Horn.

Also the DVD documentary A Life In Pop Buy@Amazon.co.uk, a 140 min retrospective film, is also available.

01.	Left To My Own Devices [Ft Sally Bradshaw]
02.	Rent
03.	You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk
04.	The Sodom And Gomorrah Show
05.	Casanova In Hell [Ft Rufus Wainright]
06.	After All
07.	Friendly Fire [Ft Frances Barber]
08.	Integral

01.	Numb
02.	It's Alright [Ft Sally Bradshaw]
03.	Luna Park
04.	Nothing Has Been Proved
05.	Jealousy [Ft Robbie Williams]
06.	Dreaming Of The Queen
07.	It's A Sin
08.	Indefinite Leave To Remain
09.	West End Girls

New from Episodic is the 12" Nothing This Day released 9 October Buy@Amazon.co.uk.
New from Solaris Heights is the 12" Midnight released 9 October Buy@Amazon.co.uk.
Bloom 06 (Maury & Jeffrey from the former Eiffel 65) has released their first single In The City. Their first album Crash Test 01 was released in Italy on the 13 October. (EE & Italo-dancefloor)
Blank & Jones released the Maxi-CD Sound of Machines on 20 October. Buy@Amazon.de

01.	Sound Of Machines (RhythmusRaum Remix Edit)
02.	Sound Of Machines (Technopunk Remix)
03.	Sound Of Machines (Jay Frog Remix)
04.	Sound Of Machines (RhythmusRaum Dub Remix Edit)
05.	Sound Of Machines (Classic Original Retouched Edit)

New from Solarstone is the double-cd album AnthologyOne.

Disc One - Segued
01.	Solarcoaster
02.	Black Finished Crome
03.	Release
04.	Speak In Sympathy
05.	Seven Cities
06.	The Calling
07.	Intracity
08.	Jump The Next Train
09.	Crashing
10.	Like A Waterfall
11.	Shimmering Little Morphs
12.	Greenlight
13.	Late Summer Fields
14.	Jabberwock

Disc Two - Mixed
01.	Like A Waterfall
02.	U Write The Rules
03.	Destination
04.	Day By Day
05.	Universal
06.	Eastern Sea
07.	Red Line Highway
08.	Solarcoaster
09.	3rd Earth
10.	Naked Angel
11.	The Hymn
12.	I Want U
13.	Seven Cities

Jan Wayne's new single is a cover version from Intermission's 90's smash hit "Piece Of My Heart". (DZ)


The new vinyl from Vinylshakerz will be called Luv In Japan (Love's A Fragile Thing). (DZ)
666 will release a collection of rare mixes and previously unreleased tracks by the end of this year. All tracks are completly re-recorded in 24bit and digitally remastered for the very first time !!!! It's a kind of "Best of collection" but now with really rare items some tracks which are probably on this release:

The God (previously unreleased)
Alarma (ATB/SQ1 Remix Edit)
Le bruit de la porte (previously unreleased)
La formula (previously unreleased)
The Demon (Pulsedriver Remix Edit)
Supadupafly (Vinylshakerz Remix Edit)
Dance Now! (Axel Coon Remix Edit)
Policia (Alerta Mix)
Superstar DJ (previously unreleased)

This "Best of..." will be followed by a completly new album in April/May 2007 and a new single probably in March 2007.

The albums "PARADOXX" and "Who's Afraid Of?" will be totally re-recorded and remastered as well and will probably be re-issued by fall 2007. (DZ)

New from Freddy Fader is the 12" Time After Time. (DZ)

A1.	Time After Time (Extended Mix)
B1.	Time After Time (Rico NL Remix)
B2.	Time After Time (Forward Mix)

New from Dario G is the 12"/CD5 Ring Of Fire. (DZ & DAI)

A1.	Ring Of Fire (Stompin System Remix)
A2.	Ring Of Fire (Verano Remix)
B1.	Ring Of Fire (Stevie B Remix)
B2.	Ring Of Fire (F&W Remix)

01.	Ring Of Fire (Stadium Edit)
02.	Ring Of Fire (F&W Remix)
03.	Ring Of Fire (Verano Remix)
04.	Ring Of Fire (Stompin System Remix)
05.	Ring Of Fire (Stevie B Remix)
06.	Ring Of Fire (The Young Punx Mix)
07.	Ring Of Fire (Video)

New from CJ Stone is the 12" Storm (Part 1). (DZ)

A1.	Storm (Original Mix)
A2.	Storm (Lavkastor & Enyo Giove)
B1.	Storm (Milo NL vs CJ Stone Remix)
B2.	Storm (Instrumental)

New from Cosmic Gate is the 12" Should've Known. (DZ)

A1.	Should've Known (Extended Mix)
B1.	Should've Known (DJ Delicious Remix)
B2.	Should've Known (Wippenberg Remix)

1st NL 12"
A1.	Should've Know (Extended Mix)
B1.	Should've Know (Estura Inside Info Remix)

2nd NL 12"
A1.	Should've Know (Dj Delicious Remix)
B1.	Should've Know (Dub)

New from DT8 Project feat. Mory Kante is the single Narama. (DZ)

01.	Narama (Radio Edit)
02.	Narama (Original Mix)
03.	Narama (Jurgen Vries Remix)
04.	Narama (Dale Corderoy Remix)
05.	Narama (Sheriff Remix)
06.	Narama (Mde Alternative Elektro Remix)

New from Sy & Unknown feat. Lou Lou is the 12" Caught Up In Your Love. (DZ)

A1.	Caught Up In Your Love (Sy & Unknown Mix)
B1.	Caught Up In Your Love (Scott Brown Remix)
B2.	Caught Up In Your Love (original Mix)

New from Floorfilla is the single Cyberdream. (DZ)

01.	Cyberdream (Radio Cut)
02.	Cyberdream (Dr DJ Cerla Komputermix)
03.	Cyberdream (Basslovers United Remix)
04.	Cyberdream (Fortezza Remix)

Because of the expected publication of the jubilee album from X-Perience on the occasion of their 10th anniversary the planned second album of Angelzoom will be postponed until autumn 2007. (DZ)
New from Styles & Breeze is the single Heartbeatz, released 16 October.

01.	Heartbeatz (Radio Edit)
02.	Heartbeatz (Friday Night Posse Remix)
03.	Heartbeatz (Flip & Fill Remix)
04.	Heartbeatz (Alex K Remix)
05.	Heartbeatz (Rezonance Q Remix)
06.	Heartbeatz (Kuta Remix)
07.	Heartbeatz (Quadrosonic Remix)
08.	Heartbeatz (Hixxy Remix)
09.	Heartbeatz (Kaveh Remix)
10.	Heartbeatz (Extended Mix)
11.	Heartbeatz (Hardcore Remix)

New from Moby ft Debbie Harry is the single New York New York, release on 23 October.

01.	New York New York (Single Version)
02.	New York New York (Armand Van Helden Long Version R/Edit)
03.	New York New York (Armand Van Helden Long Version)
04.	New York New York (Armand Van Helden Dub)
05.	New York New York (Tocadisco's NYPD Mix)
06.	Go (Trentmoller Remix)

New from Depeche Mode is the single Martyr, release on 30 October.

01.	Never Let Me Down Again (Digitalism Mix)
02.	Martyr (Paul Van Dyk Remix)
03.	Martyr (Booka Shade Dub Mix)

New from Basement Jaxx is the single Take Me Back To Your House, release on 30 October.

01.	Take Me Back To Your House (Jaxx Extended Mix)
02.	Take Me Back To Your House (Kurd Maverick Remix)
03.	Take Me Back To Your House (Speaker Junk Remix)
04.	Take Me Back To Your House (Kwality Kontrol)
05.	Take Me Back To Your House (Balti Skool Mix)
06.	Take Me Back To Your House (Felix B Big Houz)

New from Paris Hilton is the single Nothing In This World, release on 31 October.

01.	Nothing In This World (Dave Aude Club Mix)
02.	Nothing In This World (Jason Nevins Mix)
03.	Nothing In This World (Kaskade Remix)
04.	Nothing In This World (Dave Aude Remix Edit)
05.	Nothing In This World (Jason Nevins Radio Mix)
06.	Nothing In This World (Kaskade Remix Edit)

New from Ferry Corsten ft Guru is the single Junk, release on 6 November.
New from Faithless is the single Bombs, release on 20 November.
New from Junior Jack is the single See You Dancin', release currently unknown.
The new single from Mario Lopez will be released in November and the new album Music For Masses in February. (DZ)
New from Kyau & Albert is the 12" Are You Fine?. (DZ)

A1.	Are You Fine? (Original)
B1.	Are You Fine? (Markus Schulz Remix)

New from Ian Van Dahl is the 12" Just A Girl (Megara Remixes). (DZ)

A1.	Just A Girl (Megara Vs Dj Lee Remix)
B1.	Just A Girl (Megara Vs Dj Lee Dub Remix)
B2.	Just A Girl (Original Extended)

September has released the Maxi-CD Satellites in the UK. (DZ)

01.	September (Radio Edit)
02.	September (Extended Mix)
03.	September (Acoustic Mix)
04.	September (Dancing Dj's Remix)
05.	September (Soulseekess Remix)
06.	September (Flip & Fill Remix)
07.	September (KB Project Remix)

New from Gina G is the UK Maxi-CD Tonights The Night. (DZ)

01.	Tonights The Night (Radio Edit)
02.	Undone (Bonus Track)

New from Mike Foyle is the 12" Shipwrecked, release on 16 October.

A1.	Shipwrecked (John O'Callaghan vs Mike Foyle Club Mix)
B1.	Shipwrecked (Sean Tyas Remix)
B2.	Shipwrecked (Gareth Emery Remix)

New from M.I.K.E. is the 12" Salvation, release on 23 October.

A1.	Salvation (Plastic Boy Remix)
B1.	Salvation (Album Re-Vised Mix)
B2.	Salvation (Valentino Kanzyani)

New from Tiernan O'Neill is the 12" Shine / Chloe, release on 30 October.

A1.	Shine
B1.	Chloe

New from Ahead is the 12" 3Gether / Back To Reality, release on 16 October.

A1.	3Gether
B1.	Back To Reality

New from True Form is the 12" Forbidden Colours, release on 16 October.

A1.	Forbidden Colours (Sean Tyas Rework)
B1.	Forbidden Colours (Mind Mix)

New from Zentribe ft. Linda Newman is the 12" I Just Love, release on 16 October.

A1.	I Just Love (Tom Belton Remix)
A2.	I Just Love (Playmaker Vocal Mix)
B1.	I Just Love (Playmaker Instrumental Mix)
B2.	I Just Love (Zentribe Mix)

New from Chakra is the 12" re-release of Love Shines Through with new mixes, released on 2 October.

A1.	Love Shines Through (Martin Roth Remix)
B1.	Love Shines Through (Danjo & Styles Remix)

New from Niklas Harding pres. Arcane is the 12" Red Jewel, released on 9 October.

A1.	Red Jewel (Original Mix)
B1.	Red Jewel (Basic Perspective's Blackout Remix)

New from Assure is the 12" Enemy Territory, released on 9 October.

A1.	Enemy Territory (Original Mix)
B1.	Enemy Territory (Leon Bolier pres. Precursor Remix)

E-type declared that he would start writing new songs this Fall/Winter so if we are lucky there will be a new album out next year. (EE/AquaStealth)
Nancy Baumann, DJ Bobo's wife, gave birth to a baby girl called Kayley. (EE/DJ Bobo France)
La Bouche will release a greatest hits compilation entitled Greatest Hits on 17 October. Buy@Amazon(Steven Lewis Jr.)

01.	Sweet Dreams
02.	Be My Lover
03.	In Your Life 
04.	Take Me 2 Heaven 2 Night
05.	Fallin' In Love
06.	Say You'll Be Mine
07.	Bolingo (Love Is In The Air)
08.	Unexpected Lovers
09.	A Moment Of Love
10.	Shoo Bee Do Bee Do (I Like That Way)
11.	Where Do You Go
12.	Do You Still Need Me
13.	Forget Me Nots
14.	SOS
15.	Whenever You Want
16.	You Won't Forget Me

Ministry of Sound has released a compilation called Fifteen Years to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the world's most famous nightclub. It will be released on 17 October. Buy@Amazon

01.	Intro  
02.	Finally (12" Choice Mix)  
03.	Givin' It Up (Roger Sanchez Uplifting Club Mix)  
04.	Moving On Up (Roger S. Gospel Revival Mix)  
05.	Play With The Voice (Jtv Dubby Mix)  
06.	Driving (Masters At Work Dub)  
07.	It's Gonna Be A Lovely Day (Palladium House Anthem I)  
08.	Brighter Days (Underground Goodies Mix)  
09.	I Get Lifted (Duck Beats)  
10.	Rushing  
11.	Strobelite Honey (Def Version)  
12.	Get With U (Riot Mix)  
13.	Wishing On A Star (Magic Sessions Dub)  
14.	A Watchers Point Of View (Don't Cha Think) (Todd Terry's Melody Mix)  
15.	I Can't Get No Sleep (Mk Mix)  
16.	Desire (Masters At Work Radio Edit)  
17.	The Pressure (Classic Radio Mix)  
18.	Beautiful People (The Underground Network Mix)  
19.	Pennies From Heaven  
20.	Music Sounds Better With You (Dub Remix)  
21.	The Funk Phenomena (Johnick Manhattan Special Mix)  
22.	Plastic Dreams (David Morales Mix)  
23.	Westworld  
24.	Remember (Mood II Swing Remix)  
25.	Cro-Magnon  
26.	I Feel For You  
27.	Saving Mary  
28.	Spaced Invader (Bob Sinclar Deep Dup)  
29.	Down Down Down (Jazzy M Mix) 
30.	Free  
31.	It's You  
32.	The Beginning  
33.	Night @ The Black  
34.	David (Tim Deluxe Remix)  
35.	Thrill Me  
36.	Slammin'  
37.	Calabria (Original)  
38.	Ac/Dc  
39.	I'm So Crazy (Original Mix)  
40.	Woz Not Woz  
41.	He Not In  
42.	Housetrack  
43.	Geht's Noch?  
44.	Kinda New (Tiefschwarz Dub)  
45.	Rocker  
46.	Lesser Meaning
47.	Body Language 


t.A.T.u. released the best-of album entitled The Best on 29 September. It is released in 2 editions, Standard Buy@Amazon and Limited Buy@Amazon. The limited edition contains a DVD with videos, making-of and TV spots.

01.	All About Us					3:01
02.	All The Things She Said				3:32
03.	Not Gonna Get Us				4:20
04.	How Soon Is Now?				3:14
05.	Loves Me Not				2:54
06.	Friend Or Foe (Radio Version)			3:06
07.	Gomenasai					3:42
08.	Null & Void					4:25
09.	Cosmos (Outer Space) (She Wants Revenge Remix)	5:36
10.	Show Me Love (Radio Version)			3:49
11.	Craving (I Only Want What I Can't Have) (Bollywood Mix)	4:08
12.	Ne Ver, Ne Boysia, Ne Prosi			3:02
13.	30 Minutes					3:16
14.	Divine (Extended Version)			3:17
15.	Perfect Enemy				4:09
16.	All The Things She Said (Dave Aude Remix Edit)		5:15
17.	Lyudi Invalidi (Remix)				3:22
18.	Loves Me Not (Glam As You Mix) (Radio Edit)		3:11
19.	Nas Ne Dagoniat				4:21
20.	Ya Soshla S Uma				3:34

01.	Glam As You Concert (Live In France)			20:04
02.	Gomenasai					3:41
03.	Gomenasai (Animated Version)			3:39
04.	How Soon Is Now?				3:13
05.	Lyudi Invalidi				4:32
06.	All About Us (Explicit Version)			3:26
07.	All About Us (Edited Version)			3:17
08.	Friend Or Foe				3:59
09.	All The Things She Said (Remix)			3:58
10.	Not Gonna Get Us (Remix)			3:51
11.	All About Us (Remix)				5:33
12.	Friend Or Foe (Remix)				5:33
13.	All About Us - The Making Of			21:11
14.	Friend Or Foe - The Making Of With Sting		21:53
15.	Gomenasai - The Making Of The Song With Richard Carpenter	1:50
16.	T.V. Spots (Japan)				1:03
17.	T.V. Spots (Germany)				0:11
18.	T.V. Spots (France)				0:51
19.	T.V. Spots (Taiwan)				0:21
20.	T.V. Spots (United Kingdom)			0:52
21.	T.V. Spots (Russia)				0:15

Delerium will release the album Nuages Du Monde on 2 October. Buy@Amazon

01.	Angelicus (feat. Isabel Bayrakdarian)
02.	Extollere (feat. Katharine Blake and Mediaeval Baebes)
03.	Way You Want It To Be (feat. Zoë Johnston)
04.	Indoctrination (feat. Kiran Ahluwalia)
05.	Self Saboteur (feat. Kristy Thirsk)
06.	Tectonic Shift
07.	Lumensis
08.	Fleeting Instant (feat. Isabel Bayrakdarian)
09.	Sister Sojourn Ghost (feat. Katharine Blake and Mediaeval Baebes)
10.	Lost And Found (feat. Joël)
11.	Apparition

New from Beatfreakz is the single Superfreak, to be released on 9 October.
New from Madonna is the single Jump, to be released on 10 October.
New from Basement Jaxx is the single Take Me Back To Your House, to be released on 30 October.

01.	Take Me Back To Your House (Jaxx Extended Mix)
02.	Take Me Back To Your House (Kurd Maverick Remix)
03.	Take Me Back To Your House (Speaker Junk Remix)
04.	Take Me Back To Your House (Kwality Kontrol)
05.	Take Me Back To Your House (Balti Skool mix)
06.	Take Me Back To Your House (Felix B Big Houz)

New from is the single Sex n Money, to be released on 30 October.

01.	Sex n Money (Radio Edit)
02.	Sex n Money (Club Mix)
03.	Sex n Money (Benny Benassi Pump-Kin Club)
04.	Sex n Money (Benny Benassi Pump-Kin Dub)
05.	Sex n Money (Kenneth Thomas Distorted Values Mix)
06.	Sex n Money (Nat Monday Mix)

New from Junior Jack is the single See You Dancin', release date is currently unknown.
New from Roger Sanchez is the single Lost released on 25 September.

01.	Lost (S-Man Radio Edit)
02.	Lost (Roger's 12" Mix)
03.	Lost (D Ramirez Lost In Rave Mix)
04.	Lost (The Cube Guys Vocal Mix)
05.	Lost (Dean Coleman's Vocal Love Mix)

ATB's new single will be entitled Justify and will be released as CD and mp3 in November. (EE)
New from Jam & Spoon is a double album entitled Remixes And Club Classics. (DZ & EE & Michael Rädel)

CD1 - Remixes
01.	Age Of Love - The Age Of Love (Watch Out For Stella Mix)			6:48
02.	Moby - Go (Jam & Spoon's Delirium Mix)				6:08
03.	Dr.Alban feat. Leila K - Hello Afrika Remix (Tech-Makossa-Mix)		7:42
04.	Giorgio Moroder vs Jam & Spoon - The Chase (Jam & Spoon Club Mix)		8:46
05.	Quincy Jones - Back On The Block (Club Trip Part One)			9:11
06.	Pet Shop Boys - Yesterday, When I Was Mad (Jam & Spoon Mix)			9:21
07.	Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax (Jam & Spoon Trip-O-Matic Fairytale Mix)	7:50
08.	Enigma - Age Of Loneliness (Jam & Spoon Remix)				6:30
09.	Marilyn Manson - The Nobodies (Burn 36 Mix)				5:41
10.	Jam & Spoons Hands On Yello - You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess/Great Mission	3:57

CD2 - Club Classics
01.	Follow Me!					12:29
02.	Odessey To Anyoona				10:00
03.	Can You Feel It				9:22
04.	My First Fatastic F.F.				7:23
05.	I Pull My Gun Once				5:04
06.	I Pull My Gun Twice				4:18
07.	Stella (Original Mix)				6:19
08.	Be.Angeled - Tribute To Mark Spoon (Loveparade-Mix 2006)	7:55
09.	Hispanos In Space				8:16

New from Dj Energy is the 12" Captain Future. (DZ)

A1.	Captain Future (Instrumental Mix)
B1.	Captain Future (Rocket Man Club Mix)
B2.	Captain Future (Patric & Timo Plastic Surgery Remix)

New from Pet Shop Boys is the track Numb. (DZ)

01.	Numb (New Radio Version)
02.	West End Girls (Live at the Mermaid Theatre)

01.	Numb (Original Demo)
02.	Party Song
03.	Bright Young Things
04.	Numb (Video)

7" Single
01.	Numb (New Radio Version)
02.	Party Song

New from Bangros is the album Viva La Bang, to be released 6 October. (DZ)

01.	Banigma Introvenos
02.	Stampfen (Club Mix)
03.	Hip Hop Shickn
04.	Bang Rulez
05.	Aal-Willy & Moruk Part I
06.	Play It Loud
07.	Bangjoy The Music (Club Mix)
08.	Synchronschwimmer Part I
09.	Franky B. Life's For Living (Bangbros Remix)
10.	Bangdutsch
11.	Feierschwein (Dem Loui Sein Song)
12.	1,2,3 Feierschweinerei (Bangbros Family)
13.	Aal-Willy & Moruk Part II
14.	Stampftoolz
15.	Yeah Yeah Yeah (Rock It Mix)
16.	Synchronschwimmer Part II
17.	Banging In Dreamworld (Club Mix)
18.	Olga (Da Da Da Das Stinkt)
19.	Say Hello (Special Albumtrack)
20.	Bang Die Kuh
21.	Bangboy Vs. Hansebanger: Kiezstyle (Disco Mix)
22.	Auf?m Kiez Quietsch (Ein Ganz Normaler Tag)
23.	Wir Bangen (Club Mix)
24.	Amerikanischer Birnenstoff (Party Alarm)
25.	Wir Machen Krach (Jump Mix)
26.	Banigma Outrovenos

01.	Stampfen (Radio Mix)
02.	Banging In Dreamworld (Radio Mix)
03.	Bangjoy The Music (Radio Mix)
04.	1,2,3 Feierschweinerei (Radio Mix)
05.	Rob Mayth Barbie Girl (Bangbros Remix Short Cut)
06.	Brooklyn Bounce Sex, Bass & Rock'n'Roll
07.	1,2,3 Feierschweinerei (Video)
08.	Video Credits
09.	Screensaver
10.	Wallpaper

New from Cascada is the 12" Ready For Love. (DZ)

A1.	Ready For Love (Club Mix)
B1.	One More Night (Club Mix)
B2.	Love Again (Club Mix)

New from Dream Dance Alliance & Mindhunters is the 12" Memento / Scream. (DZ)

A1.	Dream Dance Aliance - Memento (Extended Mix)
B1.	Mindhunters - Scream (Original Mix)
B2.	Mindhunters - Scream (Dave Joy Remix)

New from Patrick Bunton is the 12" Young Birds, release date 9 October. (PB)
Axwell feat. Steve Edwards single Watch The Sunrise is out now.
New from Kate Ryan is the single and album, both entitled Alive. The single was released 11 August and the album 15 September. (DZ)

01.	Je t’ Adore			3:00
02.	All For You			3:08
03.	Alive			3:31
04.	Tapping On the Table		3:28
05.	Spinning Around		3:29
06.	How Many Times		3:59
07.	Nothing			3:21
08.	Why Imagine		4:35
09.	Driving Away		3:40
10.	Love or Lust			3:41
11.	Wonderland			3:20
12.	Stepping Out		3:33
13.	That Kiss I Miss		3:12
14.	Je t’ Adore (French Version)	3:01
15.	Je Donnerais Tout (French Version)	3:08
16.	Alive (French Version)		3:29
17.	Combien de Fois (French Version)	3:59

On 20 October there will be the international mp3-release of Shiny Day, the new single from Experience of Music. The single will feature Sue (LOFT's new vocalist). (EE & Frank Winkelmann)

01.	Shiny Day (No Space For Grind Edit)		3:12
02.	Shiny Day (No Space For Grind Extended)	7:55
03.	Shiny Day (Pop Cut)			3:12

New from Mark'Oh is the single Let It Out (Shout, Shout, Shout). (DZ)

01.	Let It Out (Shout, Shout, Shout) (Pop Mix - Short Version)
02.	Let It Out (Shout, Shout, Shout) (House Mix)
03.	Let It Out (Shout, Shout, Shout) (Trance Mix)
04.	Let It Out (Shout, Shout, Shout) (Original Version)
05.	Let It Out (Shout, Shout, Shout) (Pop Mix - Long Version)
06.	Pimp The Party

Following on from the huge club success of Out of my Hans, the next D:Code single will be My Direction. (DZ)
Jan Wayne new single is soon finished. (DZ)
New from Pakito is the UK promo 12" Living On Video. (DZ)

A1.	Living On Video (Original Mix)
A2.	Living On Video (Alex K Remix)
B1.	Living On Video (Friday Night Posse Remix)
B2.	Living On Video (2 Klubbed Remix)


New from Michael Gray Feat. Shelly Poole is the single Borderline, released 8 September. Buy@Amazon

01.	Borderline (Radio Edit)
02.	Borderline (Lee "Muddy" Baker Acoustic Mix)
03.	Borderline (Original Mix)
04.	Borderline (Vocal Club Mix)
05.	Borderline (Ian Carey Mix)
06.	Borderline (Michael Gray's Neon Wave Vocal Mix)
07.	Borderline (Video)

The new album from Enigma, A Posteriori, will be released on 22 September.
The album (the sixth) will be released in a standard edition Buy@Amazon and a deluxe edition (digipak) Buy@Amazon.

01.	Eppur Si Muove
02.	Feel Me Heaven
03.	Dreaming Of Andromeda
04.	Dancing With Mephisto
05.	Northern Lights
06.	Invisible Love
07.	Message From Io
08.	Hello And Welcome
09.	20.000 Miles Over The Sea
10.	Sitting On The Moon
11.	The Alchemist
12.	Goodbye Milky Way

Sandra will release an album entitled Reflections (The Reproduced Hits) on 29 September. Buy@Amazon

01.	Around My Heart (2006)
02.	Stop For A Minute (2006)
03.	Hi Hi Hi (2006)
04.	Maria Magdalena (2006)
05.	In The Heat Of The Night (2006)
06.	Heaven Can Wait (2006)
07.	Everlasting Love (2006)
08.	Hiroshima (2006)
09.	One More Night (2006)
10.	Secret Land (2006)
11.	Innocent Love (2006)
12.	We'll Be Together (2006)

Jamelia released the single Something About You on 8 September. Buy@Amazon
The new album entitled Walk With Me will hit the stores 22 September. Buy@Amazon

Something About You
01.	Something About You (Single Edit)
02.	Love Me
03.	Superstar (Copenhaniacs Remix)
04.	Something About You

Walk With Me
01.	Something About You
02.	Do Me Right
03.	Window Shopping
04.	Know My Name
05.	No More
06.	Ain't A Love
07.	La La Love
08.	Go
09.	Beware Of The Dog
10.	Got It So Good
11.	Hustle

New from Mischa Daniels is the single Take Me Higher.

01.	Take Me Higher (Original Mix)
02.	Take Me Higher (Chevy Escolano Remix)
03.	Take Me Higher (Noir Remix)
04.	Take Me Higher (Stonebridge Remix)

New from Kyau & Albert is the album Worldvibe which will be released on 22 September. Buy@Amazon (DAI & DZ)

01.	Walk Down
02.	Always A Fool
03.	Kiksu
04.	Run
05.	Are You Fine
06.	Metrosun
07.	The Jitters
08.	7skies
09.	Our Own Devices
10.	Riding On A Star
11.	Hide & Seek
12.	Teddybears
13.	Hooked On Infinity

CD2 (Bonus CD)
01.	OceanLab - Sirens Of The Sea (Kyau & Albert Vocal Mix)
02.	Gabriel & Dresden Feat. Molly Bancroft - Tracking Treasure Down (Kyau & Albert Remix)
03.	Kyau & Albert - Walk Down (KVA Club Mix)
04.	Kyau & Albert - Kiksu (Original Mix)
05.	Kyau & Albert - Are You Fine (Original Mix)
06.	Ridgewalkers Feat. El - Find (Kyau & Albert Remix)
07.	Kyau & Albert - Are You Fine (Markus Schulz Remix)
08.	Kyau & Albert - Kiksu (Boom Jinx Remix)

The new single from Snap! is entitled Excited and will be released soon. (DZ)

A1.	Excitged (Original Mix)
B1.	Excitged (Wylde Pitch Remix)

New from Diva Dj's Vs Nicki French is the single Total Eclipse Of The Heart 2006. (DZ)

01.	Total Eclipse Of The Heart 2006 (Spit & Polish Radio Mix)
02.	Total Eclipse Of The Heart 2006 (Tropicana Radio Too Mix)
03.	Total Eclipse Of The Heart 2006 (Saint Radio Edit)
04.	Total Eclipse Of The Heart 2006 (Starlet Dj's Eclipsed Dub)
05.	Total Eclipse Of The Heart 2006 (Shanghai Surprize Remix)
06.	Total Eclipse Of The Heart 2006 (Twilight Mix)
07.	Total Eclipse Of The Heart 2006 (Video)

New from Yakooza is the 12" Cocaine. (DZ)

A1.	Cocaine (Dj Scot Remix)
B1.	Cocaine (Dj Wag Mix)

New from Paffendorf is the 12" Lalala Girl. (DZ)

A1.	Lalala Girl (Original Mix)
B1.	Lalala Girl (The Real Booty Babes Remix)

New from DJ Dean is the 12" Kick Da Bass. (DZ)

A1.	Kick Da Bass (Deans Club Mix)
B1.	Kick Da Bass (Ampire Remix)
B2.	Kick Da Bass (Dj Shokos Tech Trance Remix)

New from Antares vs Bigroom Society is the 12" Ride On A Meteorite. (DZ)

A1.	Ride On A Meteorite (Bigroom Society Club Mix)
B1.	Ride On A Meteorite (The Real Booty Babes Remix)
B2.	Ride On A Meteorite (Hands Up Squad Remix)

New from Tillmann Uhrmacher is the 12" The Pride In Your Eyes (Om Nama Shiva). (DZ)

A1.	The Pride In Your Eyes (Om Nama Shiva) (Tillman's Midnight Extended Club Mix)
B1.	The Pride In Your Eyes (Om Nama Shiva) (Martin Roth Remix)
B2.	The Pride In Your Eyes (Om Nama Shiva) (Matthew Kramer Ambient Mix)

New from Tomcraft & Jimmy Pop (from Bloodhound Gang) is the 12" Broadsward Calling Danny Boy. (DZ)

A1.	Broadsward Calling Danny Boy (Gregor Trasher Remix)
B1.	Broadsward Calling Danny Boy (Original Mix)

New from Milk Inc is the single Run and the album Supersized, both released on 1 September. (DZ & DAI)

01.	Run (Radio Edit)	3:33
02.	Run (Sunshine Mix)	6:27
03.	Run (Simple Mix)	6:35

01.	Run		3:52
02.	Tainted Love	3:15
03.	No Angel		3:20
04.	Go To Hell		3:43
05.	Answer Me		3:51
06.	It's Over		3:52
07.	Blind		3:55
08.	Fiction		3:14
09.	Breakin'		3:26
10.	Remember		3:43
11.	Whisper		3:38
12.	Secret		3:51
13.	Morning Light	5:15
14.	Things Change	3:06

New from DJ Aligator is the single Countdown. (DZ)

01.	Countdown (Radio Mix)			3:42
02.	Countdown (Club Mix)			6:15
03.	Countdown (CS-Jay Transmission Mix)		5:44
04.	Countdown (Payami Mix)			5:45
05.	Countdown (Trance Late Mix)		5:52
06.	Countdown (Morfeen Mix)		7:47
07.	Countdown (Khar 2 Khar Mix)		8:56

New from Sven R G vs Bass-T is the 12" Kinetic Dimension. (DZ)

A1.	Kinetic Dimension (Club Mix)	5:47
B1.	Kinetic Dimension (Gary D. Remix)	7:23

New from DJ Sakin vs Mason & Shepherd is the single At The Bottom, it will be released on 29 September. (DZ)

01.	At The Bottom (Dropout Radio Edit)
02.	At The Bottom (Dropout Club Mix)
03.	At The Bottom (The Bottle In The Dirty J. Mix)
04.	At The Bottom (Inside Out Mix)

New from N-Euro (produced by David Brandes) is the single Lover On The Line released on 25 August. (Marco & DZ)

01.	Lover On The Line (Radio Edit)		3:24
02.	Lover On The Line (Groove Coverage Remix)	4:46
03.	Lover On The Line (The Real Booty Babex Remix)	5:38
04.	Lover On The Line (Love A Dub Remix)	8:07

New from Parham & Dominic Plaza is the 12" Underwater Rivers released 28 August.

A1.	Underwater Rivers (Original Mix)
B1.	Underwater Rivers (Dean Coleman Remix)

New from Harry Lemon is the 12" Rise released 28 August.

A1.	Rise (Original Mix)
B1.	Rise (Jack Russell NYC Mix)

New from Under Sun is the 12" Capoeira released 21 August.

A1.	Capoeira (Airbase pres. Scarab Remix)
B1.	Capoeira (Hawk Remix)
B2.	Capoeira (Maori Remix)

New from F-Freaka is the 12" Tamba Baby released 21 August.

A1.	Tamba Baby (Original Mix)
B1.	Tamba Baby (Alex Romano)

New from Armin van Buuren feat. Racoon is the 12" Love You More released 21 August.

A1.	Love You More (Vocal Mix)
B1.	Love You More (Instrumental Mix)

New from Third Member is the 12" Tidal Flow released 14 August.

A1.	Tidal Flow (Wawa Remix)
B1.	Tidal Flow (Original Mix)
B2.	Tidal Flow (Dub Mix)

New from Lens is the 12" Dusk Till Dawn released 14 August.

A1.	Dusk Till Dawn (Original Mix)
B1.	Dusk Till Dawn (Stalker Remix)
B2.	Dusk Till Dawn (Alex Stealthy Remix)

New from Hiroyuki ODA is the 12" Transmigration / Injection released 7 August.

A1.	Transmigration
B1.	Injection

New from M.I.K.E. vs Andrew Bennett is the 12" Into The Danger released 7 August.

A1.	Into The Danger (Original Mix)
B1.	Into The Danger (M.I.K.E. Remix)

The new single from Amber will be entitled Melt With the Sun. It's a collaboration with Igor Kisil from Sweet Rains. (EE)
Infernal's new single will be entitled Self Control and it will be out in October. (EE)
X-perience's new single will be entitled Return To Paradise Buy@Amazon, and will be released on 27 October. The new album Lost In Paradise Buy@Amazon will be released on 10 November and contains 10 completely new tracks and 3 bonus-tracks.
(DAI & EE & Steffen)

Return To Paradise
01.	Return To Paradise (Single Mix)	3:36
02.	Let Me Show You (N_Ville Remix)	4:55
03.	Return To Paradise (Extended Mix)	5:34
04.	Return To Paradise (Diver's Cut)	3:39
05.	Return To Paradise (Instrumental)	3:36

Lost In Paradise
01.	I Feel Safe
02.	Return To Paradise
03.	Personal Heaven (Duet With Midge Ure)
04.	Let Me Show You
05.	I Feel Like You
06.	Dream Of Love
07.	Million Miles
08.	Poison Kiss
09.	Heart Of Mine
10.	Deeper Than Deep
11.	Circles Of Love (Alverez Album Edit)
12.	A Neverending Dream (Alverez A. Edit)
13.	Magic Fields (Alverez Album Edit)

New from DJ Machine is the 12" 7 Days 1 Week 2006. (DZ)

A1.	7 Days 1 Week 2006 (DJ Brush Time Tunnel II Remix)
A2.	7 Days 1 Week 2006 (DJ Daxx Remix)
B1.	7 Days 1 Week 2006 (DJ Merlin & C-Bass Remix)
B2.	7 Days 1 Week 2006 (Mark Sherry's 2006 Outburst Remix)

New from Breeze Feat. Mc Storm is the 12" Jump, Jump A Little Higher. (DZ)

A1.	Jump, Jump A Little Higher (Gammer Mix)
B1.	Jump, Jump A Little Higher (Reese Mix)

On 15 September the new single from Shanadoo (produced by David Brandes, My Samuari will be released. (Marco)
David Brandes is also working on a comeback for E-Rotic! It s planned for the end of this year! (Marco)
New from Bangbros is the album "Viva la Bang" to be released 6 October. (DZ)
New from Basic Element is the single I'll Never Let You Know and was released on 30 August in Sweden.


Mousse T Vs Dandy Warhols - Horny As A Dandy was released on August 7th by Positiva, UK. Originally the work of French mash-up producers, Loo & Placido, Horny As A Dandy splices together Mousse T's 1998 hit, Horny, with Dandy Warhols' Bohemian Like You.
Gabriel & Dresden their debut artist album in the US on August 7th.

01.	Let Go
02.	Eleven
03.	Enemy
04.	Mass Repeat
05.	Dust In The Wind
06.	Closer
07.	Not Enough
08.	Amsterdam Interlude
09.	New Path
10.	Sydney
11.	Dangerous Power
12.	Tracking Treasure Down

New from Sakin And Friends is the single For The Love Of Princess (Braveheart 2006). (DZ)

01.	For The Love Of Princess 2006 (Edit)		2:59
02.	For The Love Of Princess 2006 (Club Mix)	3:55
03.	For The Love Of Princess 2006 (Alternative Edit)	3:41
04.	For The Love Of Princess 2006 (Rework)	8:38
05.	For The Love Of Princess 2006 (Alternative Mix)	8:18

New from Yamboo is the single Oh Suzanna. (DZ)

01.	Oh Suzanna (Radio Mix)		3:27
02.	Oh Suzanna (Extended Mix)	5:36
03.	Oh Suzanna (Club Dance Mix)	6:14
04.	Oh Suzanna (Instrumental Mix)	3:13

New from Franky B is the 12" Life Is For Living. (DZ)

A1.	Life Is For Living (Club Mix)
A1.	Life Is For Living (Alex M vs Marc Van Damm)
A1.	Life Is For Living (Bangbros Remix)
A1.	Life Is For Living (Bangbros No Vox Remix)

Bangbros will release an album. Fan who provide a title for it will get personal thanx & photo in booklet of an album. (DZ)
New from Andre Visior is the 12" Skyline. (DZ)

A1.	Skyline (Original Mix)
B1.	Skyline (Funabashi Remix)
B2.	Skyline (Arizona Remix)

New from C.S.I. is the 12" Direct Dizko. (DZ)

A1.	Direct Dizko (The Real Booty Babes Remix)
A2.	Direct Dizko (Talla 2xlc Remix)
B1.	Direct Dizko (Klubbheads Remix)
B2.	Direct Dizko (Sander van Doorn Remix)

New from Freddy Fader is the 12" Time After Time. (DZ)
New from 4 Strings is the 12" Take Me Away (Into The Night) 2006 Remix. (DZ)

A1.	Take Me Away (Into The Night) (Purple Haze aka Sander van Doorn Remix)
B1.	Take Me Away (Into The Night) (Mac Zimms Remix)
B2.	Take Me Away (Into The Night) (4 Strings Remix)

New from Yakooza is the 12" Cocaine. (DZ)

A1.	Cocaine (Dj Scot Project 2006 Remix)
B1.	Cocaine (Dj Wag Original Mix)

New from Ian van Dahl is the single Just A Girl.

01.	Just A Girl (Radio Edit)		3:43
02.	Just A Girl (Original Extended)	6:32
03.	Just A Girl (Peter Luts Remix)	6:15
04.	Just A Girl (BASTO! Club Mix)	6:00

New from Reunion of Dance feat. Sue is the single Rebirth of Tonight. Singer of the single Rebirth of Tonight is the current vocalist of the top-act L.O.F.T. called Sue. The release is planned for 18th August 2006 on several famous download-stations like AOL, Musicload and others.

01.	Rebirth of Tonight (Radio Converted)		3:40
02.	Rebirth of Tonight (Experience Of Music Remix)	8:39
03.	Rebirth of Tonight (Instrumental Version)	3:40

Jamelia is set to return with her new album, which is due for an Autumn release. The first single from the new album will be Something About You, to be released on September 11th.
X-Perience is now signed under the label Major Records. Their new album entitled X will be released in October and it will be celebrating 10 years of X-Perience.
On August 4th, Brooklyn Bounce released a totally exclusive album called System Shock. It was originally produced in 1999, and includes the hits Canda, Tiempo de la Luna, Hack The Planet and 14 new songs. It was made available exclusive at Musicload.de starting 4 August. A totally new single is in the works, and is expected to be finished in September. (DZ)

01.	System Shock Launch (Interlude)
02.	Time & Space
03.	Canda! (Non Vox)
04.	Tiempo de la Luna
05.	History (interlude)
06.	Disco
07.	Take The Power Back
08.	Welcome To Slavery (Interlude)
09.	Hack The Planet
10.	Your Mind
11.	Preacher (Interlude)
12.	Chaos
13.	Raise Your Hands
14.	Beatnomore (Interlude)
15.	Quicksand
16.	Are You Ready To Go (Interlude)
17.	Funk U (Mellow Trax RMX)
18.	Funk U (DJ Bonebreaker RMX)

New from Mesh is the single My Hands Are Tied / Petrified, released in Germany on August 4th.

01.	My Hands Are Tied (Radio Mix)		3:58
02.	Petrified (New Edit)			4:51
03.	Document
04.	Petrified (Reasonably Priced Mix)		6:52
05.	Petrified (Claustrophobic Dance Floor Mix)	5:37

New from Paris Clubbin is the 12" Release Me, released on July 10th.

A1.	Release Me (Original Mix)
B1.	Release Me (Juicy Disco Mix)

New from Niklas Harding presents Arcane is the 12" Ice Beach, released on July 10th.

A1.	Ice Beach (Original Mix)
B1.	Ice Beach (Brandenburger Tech Mix)

New from Hammer & Funabashi is the 12" Moments, released on July 17th.

A1.	Moments (Original Mix)
B1.	Moments (Thomas Penton Remix)

New from C-Quence is the 12" Final Thoughts, released on July 17th.

A1.	Final Thoughts (Original Mix)
B1.	Final Thoughts (Passive Remix)

New from Arksun is the 12" Arisen, released on July 17th.

A1.	Arisen (Original Mix)
B1.	Arisen (Airbase pres. Parc Remix)

New from Kamil Polner is the 12" Ocean Waterfall / Energy Sublimation, released on Jyly 24th.

A1.	Kamil Polner - Ocean Waterfall
B1.	Polner & Sender - Energy Sublimation

New from Darude is the 12" Sandstorm (2006 Remix). (DZ)

A1.	Sandstorm (Dallas Superstars Remix)
A2.	Sandstorm (Ray Aka Tom Hafman Remix)
B1.	Sandstorm (Original Mix)
B2.	Sandstorm (#Komyter Remix)


The Shapeshifters & Chic released the single Sensitivity July 24th, on Positiva Records, UK.
The new Pet Shop Boys single Minimal is out now.

2-track CD
01.	Minimal
02.	In Private (Stuart Crichton 7" Mix)

Enhanced CD
01.	Minimal
02.	Minimal (Tocadisco's Sunday At Space Mix)
03.	Minimal (M-Factor Mix)
04.	Minimal (Video)

01.	Minimal (Telex Hell Remix)
02.	Blue On Blue
03.	No Time For Fears (7-inch Mix)
04.	Minimal (Video)

7" clear vinyl - released July 31
A1.	Minimal (Radio Edit)
B1.	In Private (Stuart Crichton 7" Mix)

Shanie, Alex Party's former lead singer is re-releasing Don't Give Me Your Life as a solo track. (Kalvin & EE)
New from Cuba Club is the 12" Cuba. (Dirk@Andorfine)
New from Fragma is the dutch 12" Radio Waves. (DZ)

A1.	Radio Waves (Ron Van Beuken Vocal Mix)
B1.	Radio Waves (Ron Van Beuken Dub Mix)

New from 2 Vibez is the 12" Move Alone/On My Way. (DZ)

A1.	Move Alone
B1.	On My Way

New from Above & Beyond is the 12" Can't Sleep. (DZ)

A1.	Can't Sleep (Sonoruous Remix)
B1.	Can't Sleep (Maori Remix)
B2.	Can't Sleep (Original Mix)

Raveboy released the single Check My Beat (...On The Floor) on July 21st.

01.	Check My Beat (...On The Floor) (Single Edit)
02.	Check My Beat (...On The Floor) (Original Mix)
03.	Check My Beat (...On The Floor) (Riba & Pulse Diskreter Schlatkreis Remix)
04.	Check My Beat (...On The Floor) (Pete Mazell Remix)
05.	Check My Beat (...On The Floor) (Real Raverz Remix)
06.	Check My Beat (...On The Floor) (Styelez Meetz Tonteufel Hardstyle Remix)

Beatshifters released the 12" More Than A Feeling, a cover of Boston's hit, on June 8th.
Chocolate Puma will release the single Always & Forever on August 14th.
Axwell featuring Steve Edwards will release the single Watch The Sunrise on September 4th.
KMC will release the single Soul on Fire on September 11th.
New from D-Tune is the 12" Burn It Up!. (Dirk@Andorfine)
Moloko have released Catalogue a collection of their singles including The Time Is Now and Sing It Back. There's a limited edition bonus live cd and digital packages available from i-Tunes, MSN and Napster!.

To celebrate the release of the new Moloko album Catalogue they've set up a bonus area on the new website to reward fans of Moloko past and present.

If you own any album by Moloko you can use it to join the Moloko Mailing list and access loads of exclusive content.

There's also a chance to win an exclusive Moloko Gold Disc.

In addition, if you own a copy of Catalogue you can use it to get free downloads of Sing It Back and The Time Is Now from Glastonbury 2003 and streamed video of the band performing at Benicássim 2003.

Check it out on http://www.moloko.co.uk

Kate Ryan's new single will be entitled Alive. It should be released in August. The new album is planned for September, in collaboration with Swedish producers Niclas Kings and Niklas Bergwall. Meanwhile, Je t'adore has already gained golden status. (Tavi Meran, EE)
Real Booty Babes has released the 12" Meet Her At The Loveparade. (DZ)

A1.	Meet Her At The Loveparade
B1.	It's A Fine Day

Tatana feat. Onita Boone has released the 12" Free. (DZ)

A1.	Free (Smith & Pledger Remix)
B1.	Free (Claudio Mangione Mix)

Armin Van Buuren has released the 12" Control Freak. (DZ)

A1.	Control Freak (Original Mix)
B1.	Control Freak (Sander Van Doorn Remix)

Dougal & Hammer feat. Lisa Marie has released the 12" Tell Me A Story. (DZ)

A1.	Tell Me A Story (Original Mix)
B1.	Tell Me A Story (Sy N Unknown Remix)

Dj Shah Meets Jan Johnston has released the 12" Beautiful. (DZ)

A1.	Beautiful (Long Island Dub Mix)
B1.	Beautiful (Original Mix)
B2.	Beautiful (High Noon At Salinas Mix)

Bizarre Love Triangle has released the 12" Here. (DZ)

A1.	Here (Rocco Vs Bass-T Remix)
B1.	Here (Extended Version)
B2.	Here (Thoka Remix)

The new Ian van Dahl single is entitled Just A Girl. (Apho, EE)
Bob Sinclair has released the album Western Dream.

01.	Love Generation
02.	World Hold On (Children Of The Sky)
03.	Tennesse
04.	In The Name Of Love
05.	Miss Me
06.	Sing My Song
07.	Rock This Party
08.	For You
09.	Everybody Movin'
10.	Amora, Amor
11.	Shining From Heaven
12.	Give A Lil'Love
13.	Love Generation (Ron Carroll Remix)

Regi and Wout released the 12" Larger Than Life. (DZ)

A1.	Larger Than Life (Regi's Vocal Mix)	5:14
B1.	Larger Than Life (Wout's Mix)	4:32

Neo Cortex has released the 12" I Want You. (DZ)

A1.	I Want You (Original)			5:59
B1.	I Want You (Rockteers Vs Lagonn Remix)	7:39
B2.	I Want You (Gollum Vs Yanny Remix)		5:36

September has released a promo CD-Maxi in the UK of Satellites. (DZ)

01.	Satellites (US Mix)		3:09
02.	Satellites (Electro Mix Edit)	3:29
03.	Satellites (Extended Mix)	4:35
04.	Satellites (Club Junkies Mix)	6:11
05.	Satellites (Electro Mix)		4:54
06.	Satellites (Clubstar Remix)	5:26
07.	Satellites (Flip & Fill Remix)	5:46
08.	Satellites (Dancing Dj's Remix)	5:49

Kadoc has released the 12" You Got To Be There 2006. (DZ)

A1.	You Got To Be There (The Bob & Rob Remix)
A2.	You Got To Be There (Warp Brothers Remix)
B1.	You Got To Be There (Original Mix)
B2.	The Night Train (Warp Brothers Remix)

Talla 2xlc has released the 12" Carry Me - Remixes. (DZ)

A1.	Carry Me (Martin Roth Full On Trance Remix)	7:50
B1.	Carry Me (Martin Roth Full On Trance Dub Mix)	7:50
B2.	Carry Me (Moonrush Remix)		8:33

Dream Dance Alliance has released the 12" In10City. (DZ)

A1.	In10City (12 Inch Mix)
B1.	In10City (10 Inch Mix)

Dean Projects has released the 12" EP. (DZ)

A1.	Dynamic DJs - Rock Da fLoor
A2.	Barbarez - I call you
B1.	Angelbeats - Under Pressure
B2.	Silver Liquid - Twilight

D.B.Reloaded has released the single Revenge. (DZ)

01.	Revenge (Simon P. Extended Mix)		6:33
02.	Revenge (Luca Zeta Power Extended Mix)	5:18
03.	Revenge (Luca Zeta Power Radio Mix)		4:05
04.	Revenge (Magia and Frog Remix)		4:56
05.	Revenge (Simon P. Alternative Mix)		6:42


New from Pulsedriver is the 12" Intention. (DZ)

A1.	Intention (Juanma Danny And Shusi Remix)	6:47
B1.	Intention (Original Instrumental Mix)		6:12

New from Ron Van Den Beuken is the 12" Find The Way. (DZ)

A1.	Find The Way	12:44
B1.	Find The Way (Dub)	13:53

New from Giuseppe Ottaviani & Marc Van Linden is the 12" Until Monday. (DZ)

A1.	Until Monday (Original Mix)
B1.	Until Monday (John Askew Mix)

New from Max Deejay vs DJ Miko is the 12" What's Up. (DZ)

A1.	What's Up (Groove Coverage Remix)
B1.	What's Up (Extended Mix)
B2.	What's Up (M&M R'n'B Remix)

New from DJ Wag is the 12" Feel It Raw. (DZ)

A1.	Feel It Raw (DJ Wag Mix)
B1.	Feel It Raw (Techy Mix)

New from Peter Luts & Dominico is the 12" What A Feeling. (DZ)

A1.	What A Feeling (Original Mix)
B1.	What A Feeling (Ping Pong Remix)

Groove Coverage will release their third album on July 7th, the album is entitled 21st Century Buy@Amazon
The CD-Maxi 21st Century Digital Girl Buy@Amazon was released on June 23rd.(DZ & DAI)

21st Century
01.	Summer Rain		3:59
02.	21st Century Digital Girl		2:51
03.	Never Ever Stop		3:04
04.	Holy Virgin			3:50
05.	Call Me			3:32
06.	What You C Is What You Get	3:34
07.	Angel From Above		3:09
08.	November Night		3:20
09.	When I Die			3:31
10.	On The Radio		3:02
11.	Rock			2:33
12.	When Love Lives In Heaven	3:40
13.	Moonlight Shadow		4:19
14.	Indonesia			3:06
15.	Let It Be			3:36

21st Century Digital Girl
01.	21st Century Digital Girl (Radio Version)		2:54
02.	21st Century Digital Girl (Club Mix)			5:37
03.	21st Century Digital Girl (Marco Viani Remix		8:57
04.	21st Century Digital Girl (Teenagerz Remix		5:35
05.	21st Century Digital Girl (Conways Remix Extended Version)	6:15
06.	21st Century Digital Girl (Extended Version)		4:15

New from Shaun Baker is the 12" Bakerman. (DZ)

A1.	Bakerman (Funktune Remix)		7:50
A2.	Bakerman (Sebastian Wolter Orginal Mix)	5:05
B1.	Bakerman (Arnold Palmer Remix)		7:11
B2.	1 (Sebastian Wolter Original Mix)		6:28

Pet Shop Boys released the single Minimal on June 23rd. It was released on 2xCDS and DVD. (DZ)

01.	Minimal (Radio Edit)
02.	In Private (Performed by Pet Shop Boys and Elton John) (Stuart Crichton 7")

01.	Minimal (Radio Edit)
02.	Minimal (Tocadisco's Sunday at Space Remix)
03.	Minimal (M Factor Remix)

01.	Minimal (Telex Hell mix)
02.	Blue On Blue
03.	No Time For Tears (Unreleased 7-Inch Mix)
04.	Minimal (video)

New from D-Tune is the Promo CD-Maxi Burn It Up. (DZ)

01.	Burn It Up (Radio Edit)		3:17
02.	Burn It Up (Club Edit)		3:19
03.	Burn It Up (Extended Mix)	5:34
04.	Burn It Up (Club Mix)		6:19
05.	Burn It Up (Sunics Remix)	5:46

New from Above & Beyond is the CD-Maxi Can't Sleep. (DZ)

01.	Can't Sleep (Radio Edit)		3:13
02.	Can't Sleep (Original Mix)	9:18
03.	Can't Sleep (Maori Remix)	8:18
04.	Can't Sleep (Ian Carey Vocal Mix)	7:05
05.	Can't Sleep (Signum Remix)	9:20
06.	Can't Sleep (ATB Remix)		9:08
07.	Can't Sleep (Ian Carey Dub Mix)	7:06

New from Dannii Minogue is the album The Hits And Beyond Buy@Amazon, released June 19th, and the single
So Under Pressure Buy@Amazon, released June 12th. (DZ & DAI)

The Hits And Beyond (CD+DVD)
01.	Put The Needle On It		3:25
02.	I Begin To Wonder		3:28
03.	So Under Pressure		3:52
04.	You Won't Forget About Me	3:43
05.	All I Wanna Do		4:29
06.	This Is It			3:33
07.	Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling	3:33
08.	Baby Love			4:11
09.	Everything I Wanted		3:45
10.	Disrememberance		4:05
11.	Jump To The Beat		3:36
12.	Love And Kisses		3:38
13.	Success			3:43
14.	Perfection			3:28
15.	Who Do You Love Now?		3:54
16.	Love Fight			3:04
17.	Sunrise			3:31
18.	I Can't Sleep At Night		3:26
19.	Gone			3:57
20.	Good Times			4:05

01.	Put The Needle On It
02.	I Begin To Wonder
03.	Who Do You Love Now
04.	You Won't Forget About Me
05.	Love And Kisses
06.	Success
07.	All I Wanna Do
08.	Jump To The Beat
09.	Perfection
10.	Baby Love
11.	This Is It
12.	Disrememberance
13.	Everything I Wanted
14.	Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling
15.	So Under Pressure 
16.	I Can't Sleep At Night

So Under Pressure
01.	So Under Pressure	3:27
02.	Feel Like I Do	3:49

New from Liquid Spill is the 12" My Tears Are Running Dry. (DZ)

A1.	My Tears Are Running Dry (Extended Mix)
A2.	My Tears Are Running Dry (The Art Remix)
B1.	My Tears Are Running Dry (Empyre One Remix)
B2.	My Tears Are Running Dry (Dirty Djs Remix)

Bob Sinclar feat. Gary Pine has release the 12" Love Generation (Trance Mix). (DZ)

A1.	Love Generation (Naksi vs Brunner Football Cup 2006 Remix)
B1.	Love Generation (Bob Sinclar Club Mix)

New from DJ Merlin & DJ C-bass is the 12" No Alternate / Deep In My Mind. (DZ)

A1.	No Alternative (Extended Mix)
B1.	No Alternative (Energyzer Remix)
B2.	Deep In My Mind

New from DJ Jean is the 12" Feel It 2006. (DZ)

A1.	Feel It 2006 (Greatest Deejay Remix)
B1.	Feel It 2006 (Main Anthem Mix)

The 12" Most Wanted Vol 2 has been released. (DZ)

A1.	Akira - Piece Of Heaven (Club Mix)
A2.	Akira - Wanna Be With You (Party Maniacs Remix)
B1.	Stonie - Torn (Club Mix)
B2.	Scarf - Club Inferno (Club Mix)

New from Deep Skies feat. Cass Fox is the 12" Little Bird. (DZ)

A1.	Little Bird (Mike Koglin Remix)
B1.	Little Bird (Mike Koglin Deeper Dub)

The new Mark'Oh single, entitled Shout, will be released soon. (DZ)
New from Real Booty Babes is the album Connected, it was released on May 26th. Buy@Amazon (DZ)

01.	Connected Intro
02.	Airport
03.	It's A Fine Day
04.	Meet Her At The Loveparade
05.	Since U Been Gone
06.	Ready To Go
07.	Somebody Else
08.	Das Partybreak
09.	Secret
10.	Derb
11.	Bam
12.	Ready To Go 2006
13.	It's A Fine Day (Club Mix)

New from 4 Clubbers is the 12" Let Me Be Your Fantasy. (DZ)

A1.	Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Extended Mix)	5:31
B1.	Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Club Mix)		6:06

Da Buzz has released a promo of the single Alive in the US. (DZ)

01.	Alive (Radio)		3:27
02.	Alive (Pop Edit)		3:28
03.	Alive (Us Version)		3:42
04.	Alive (Extended)		3:47
05.	Alive (German Club Remix)	7:17
06.	Alive (C&N Club Remix)		5:11

New single from Blue Lagoon is Isle Of Paradise and it will be released on July 7th. Buy@Amazon (DZ & DAI)
666 are currently back in the studio now to record a brand new track. (DZ)
New from Teamsters ft Errol Reid is the CD-Maxi Feels Like Love.

01.	Feels Like Love (Radio Edit)
02.	Feels Like Love (Vocal Extended)
03.	Feels Like Love (Morjac Club Mix)
04.	Feels Like Love (Soul Avengerz Remix)
05.	Feels Like Love (King Unique Qed Remix)

New from Depeche Mode is the CD-Maxi John The Revelator.

01.	John The Revelator (Dave Is In The Disco Tiefschwarz Remix)
02.	John The Revelator (Murk Mode Remix)
03.	John The Revelator (Uncle Re Construction)
04.	John The Revelator (Boosta Club Remix)
05.	John The Revelator (Tiefschwarz Dub)

New from Jaybee ft. Morris is the CD-Maxi Shattered Dreams.

01.	Shattered Dreams (Radio Edit)
02.	Shattered Dreams (Tito Torres Radio Edit)
03.	Shattered Dreams (Extended Mix)
04.	Shattered Dreams (Tito Torres Club Mix)

Apoptygma Berzerk released the single Love To Blame on June 16th. Buy@Amazon

01.	Love To Blame
02.	Tuning In To The Frequency Of Your Soul (F.A.Q Remix)
03.	Lost In Translation (Sweep Remix)
04.	Black Pawn (Elec This! Remix)
05.	Love To Blame (Video)

The next single from Corona will be Be Your Lady. (EE & Augusto Vilar)


At the beginning of June, the new single from Milk Inc. will be broadcasted on national radio in Belgium.
From June 9 on, Tainted Love will be available in the shops. (DZ)

01.	Tainted Love (Radio Edit)		3:15
02.	Tainted Love (Levelicious Radio Edit)		3:49
03.	Tainted Love (Delicious)			5:17
04.	Life In Your Suitcase			6:20

A1.	Tainted Love (Delicious)		5:17
B1.	Tainted Love (Extended)		5:31
B2.	Tainted Love (Levelicious)	5:37

The new 12" from Klubbingman feat. Beatrix Delgado is entitled Ride On A White Train and will be released in the end of June. (DZ)
New from Dario G is the CD-single Carneval De Paris'2006. (DZ)

01.	Carneval De Paris (Stadium Radio Edit)	3:19
02.	Carneval De Paris (Radio Edit)		3:58

New from Tiesto is the 12" with remixes from the theme from Pirates Of The Caribbean, He's A Pirate. (DZ)

A1.	He's A Pirate (Tiesto Orchestra Mix)
B1.	He's A Pirate (Tiesto Extended)

New from Yello is the 12" Oh Yeah 'Oh Six Remixes (Part 1)". (DZ)

A1.	Oh Yeah 'Oh Six (Bookashade Mix)
B1.	Oh Yeah 'Oh Six (Bodzin & Oliver Huntemann Mix)
B2.	Oh Yeah 'Oh Six (Luetzenkirchen Remix)

New from Dj Overdog is the 12" Ready. (DZ)

A1.	Ready (Mass In Orbit Remix)
B1.	Ready (Dj Slideout Remix)

New from Lexy is the 12" The Beginning/ The End. (DZ)
A1. The Beginning B1. The End

New from Shaun Baker is the 12" Bakerman 1. (DZ)

A1.	Bakerman 1 (Funktune Remix)
A2.	Bakerman 1 (Sebastian Wolter Original Mix)
B1.	Bakerman 1 (Arnold Palmer Remix)
B2.	Bakerman 1 (Sebastian Wolter Original Mix)

New from Fred Baker presents Odyssey is the 12" Magic Pad. (DZ)

A1.	Odyssey (Fred Baker 2006 Remix)
B1.	Odyssey (Marc Van Linden Remix)
B2.	Odyssey (Original)

New from Hypnosis is the 12" Pulstar (Remixes). (DZ)

A1.	Pulstar (Airwave Remix)
B1.	Pulstar (Jam X & Deleons Retro Mix)

New from Commander Tom is the 12" I Can't Sleep. (DZ)
New from Gavin & Nox Feat Sinatic is the 12" In Your Eyes. (DZ)

A1.	In Your Eyes (Extended Version)
A2.	In Your Eyes (Club Mix)
B1.	In Your Eyes (Alex M vs Marc Van Damme Remix)
B2.	In Your Eyes (Gavin & Nox Chillout Mix)

New from Titus is the 12" Endless Dreams 2006. (DZ)

A1.	Endless Dreams (2006 Remix)
B1.	Endless Dreams (Hi Beatz Remix)
B2.	Endless Dreams (Original Mix)

New from Visa is the 12" All Of My Life. (DZ)

A1.	All Of My Life (Original Hardcore Mix)
A2.	All Of My Life (Joey Riot Remix)
B1.	All Of My Life (Charlie G Vocal Remix)
B2.	All Of My Life (Visa Treatment Mix)

New from Ferry Corsten is the album L.E.F., released on May 26th. (DZ)

01.	Intro
02.	Are You Ready
03.	Fire
04.	L.E.F.
05.	Into The Dark
06.	Galaxia
07.	Beautiful
08.	Possession
09.	On My Mind
10.	Down On Love
11.	Forever
12.	Watch Out
13.	Junk
14.	Cubikated
15.	Freefalling
16.	Isolation" (Ferry Corsten Flashover Mix) (System F)

01.	Fire
02.	Rock Your Body Rock
03.	L.E.F. @ Avalon (LA) 04/03/2006 South America Tour
04.	Interview with Simon Le Bon
05.	Single Interview

New from Leama & Moor is the album Common Ground. (DZ)

01.	Waterdrop
02.	Hillside Climb
03.	Coming Of Age
04.	Neon Approach
05.	Everything Matters
06.	Forever
07.	New Division
08.	Cry For Help
09.	Calling
10.	Waiting
11.	Communications

New from Beatfreakz is the CD-Maxi Somebody's Watching Me, a cover of Rockwell's old 80's hit. It was released on June 9th.
New from Max Deejay vs Dj Miko is the 12" What's Up. (DZ)

A1.	What's Up (Groove Coverage Mix)
B1.	What's Up (Extended Mix)
B2.	What's Up (M & M R'n'b Remix)

New from Springlove is the 12" Porque Te Vas. (DZ)

A1.	Porque Te Vas (2-4 Grooves Remix)
B1.	Porque Te Vas (Vinylshakerz Remix)


New from Praga Khan is the album Soundscraper. (DZ)

01.	Heal Me			7:25
02.	We Fuel Our Own High		3:53
03.	Pick Up Truck		5:38
04.	Right Or Wrong		4:52
05.	Dont U Tell Me		4:30
06.	Picassos Dream		6:32
07.	Earth And Space		3:40
08.	United In Love		4:39
09.	Sweet Angel Ice		3:39
10.	China Lady			6:42
11.	You Break My Heart		4:22

New from Alex Morph presents Everest is the 12" Oree. (DZ)

A1.	Oree (Original Mix)
B1.	Oree (Robert Gitelman Remix)
B2.	Oree (Will B Transatlantic Remix)

New from G-Spott is the 12" Sadness. (DZ)

A1.	Sadness (Dub Mix (Non Vocal))
B1.	Sadness (Junk Food Remix)
B2.	Sadness (Tribal Non (Vocal))

New from Novaspace is the CDS All Through The Night Buy@Amazon and the album DJ Edition Buy@Amazon including remixes and DVD tracks. (DZ)

All Through The Night
01.	All Through The Night (Radio Edit)		3:12
02.	All Through The Night (Extended Mix)		5:19

DJ Edition
01.	Intro				0:26
02.	All Throught The Night (2006 Extended Mix)	5:18
03.	Send Me An ANgel (7th Heaven Mix)		5:59
04.	Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Nova Mix)	6:27
05.	So Lonely (Back To Basics Mix)		5:41
06.	Time After Time (After Time Mix)		6:30
07.	Paradise (Club Mix)			6:32
08.	Beds Are Burning (Marshall Mix)		5:17
09.	Summer Of Love (2006 Re-Touch)		5:56
10.	To France (Nova Mix)			6:14
11.	Run To You (Burn Out Mix)		6:46
12.	Guardian ANgel (Nova Mix)		5:50
13.	Wicked Games (Broken Mix)		5:24

01.	Time After Time			3:44
02.	To France				3:37
03.	Guardian Angel			3:41
04.	Paradise				3:36
05.	Run To You				3:38
06.	Beds Are Burning			3:20
07.	So Lonely				3:41
08.	Dancing With Tears In My Eyes		3:35

New from Tunnel Allstars is the 12" Captain Future. (DZ)

A1.	Captain Future (Radio Edit)		3:24
B1.	Captain Future (DJ Daxx Radio Edit)		3:03
B2.	Captain Future (Paragod Vs Jason X Remix)	5:47

New from East Clubbers is the single It's A Dream. (DZ)

01.	It's A Dream (Hitradio Vocal Mix)		3:17
02.	It's A Dream (Henny-M & Groove-T Vocal Club)	6:54
03.	It's A Dream (Trancepulse Inc. Vocal Radio)	3:02

New from Crazy Frog is the album More Crazy Hits. Buy@Amazon (DZ)

01.	Intro				0:59
02	We Are The Champions (Ding A Dang Dong)	3:00
03.	Crazy Frog In The House (Knightrider)		3:21
04.	I'm Too Sexy			3:11
05.	Hey Baby				2:53
06.	Crazy Jodeling			2:58
07.	The Final Countdown			2:55
08.	I Will Survive			3:27
09.	Nellie The Elefant			3:10
10.	Ice Ice Baby				4:02
11.	Kiss Him Goodbye ("Na Na Na, Hey Hey")	3:07
12.	Copa Banana			3:19
13.	Go Froggy Go			2:59
14.	Rock Steady				2:45
15.	Super Crazy Sounds			2:33

New from Green Court is the 12" The Green Series. (DZ)
New from Plus System is the 12" This Is How We Do It. (DZ)

A1.	This Is How We Do It (Gammers Muffin Mix)
1.	This Is How We Do It (Scott Brown Hardcore Mix)

The next single from Mesh will be a double A side of My Hands Are Tied and Petrified and will be released on July 21st.
New from Ron Hall & The MuthaFunkaz feat. Mark Evans is the 2x12" / CD / Download The Way You Love Me. Buy@Amazon

12" - 1
A1.	The Way You Love Me (Dim's T.S.O.P. Version)
B1.	The Way You Love Me (Tom's TSOVM Mix)

12" - 2
A1.	The Way You Love Me (Original)
B1.	The Way You Love Me (Sergio Flores Vocal Dub)
B2.	The Way You Love Me (David Penn Urbana Dub Mix)

CD & Digital
01.	The Way You Love Me (Original)
02.	The Way You Love Me (Dim's T.S.O.P. Version)
03.	The Way You Love Me (A Tom Moulton Mix)
04.	The Way You Love Me (Tom's TSOVM Mix)
05.	The Way You Love Me (Sergio Flores Vocal Dub)
06.	The Way You Love Me (Sergio Flores Tribe Dub)
07.	The Way You Love Me (David Penn Classic Vocal Remix)
08.	The Way You Love Me (David Penn Urbana Dub Mix)

New from Tina Cousins is the single Pretty Young Thing. Buy@Amazon(DZ)


New from Beam ft Michelle Aragon is the 12" Silent Tears. (DZ)

A1.	Silent Tears (Sean Tyas Remix)		7:45
A2.	Silent Tears (Shogs 2 Faces Vocal Mix)		7:22
B1.	Silent Tears (Shogs 2 Faces Dub)		7:01
B2.	Silent Tears (Michael Urgacz Mix)		7:40

New from Loleatta Holloway is the Maxi-CD Love Sensation: 2006, to be released on May 29th. Buy@Amazon (DZ & DAI)

01.	Love Sensation: 2006 (Hi_Tack Burnin' Up Radio Mix)	3:01
02.	Love Sensation: 2006 (Freemasons Radio Mix)		3:08
03.	Love Sensation: 2006 (Hi_Tack Burnin' Up Club Mix)	7:43
04.	Love Sensation: 2006 (Freemasons Club Mix)		9:14
05.	Love Sensation: 2006 (Original Mix)			6:33

New from D.O.N.S. is the 12" Big Fun. (DZ)

A1.	Big Fun (Oldschool Revival Mix)
B1.	Big Fun (Michi Lange Mix)
B2.	Big Fun (Work It To The Bone Mix)

New from Klubdriver is the 12" Quadrophenia. (DZ)

A1.	Quadrophenia (Klubbheads Electrovate Mix)
B1.	Quadrophenia (Pulsedrivers Reactive Mix)
B2.	Trappendijk

New from Midor & Six4Eight vs. 2XLC is the 12" Beyond Earth. (DZ)

A1.	Beyond Earth (Midor & Six4Eight Mix)
B1.	Beyond Earth (2XLC Mix)

New from Dougal & Gammer feat. Jemma is the 12" All The Tears I've Cried. (DZ)

A1.	All The Tears I've Cried
B1.	Know The Score 2

New from Limahl is the 12" Tell Me Why, released on May 3rd. (DZ & DAI)

A1.	Tell Me Why (Bass Bumpers Remix)
B1.	Tell Me Why (D.O.N.S. Remix)
B2.	Tell Me Why (Mainstream Dance Mix)

M.I.K.E. will release the double-CD album The Perfect Blend on June 5th.

01.	Lost My Way 
02.	For Always In My Heart
03.	Hollow Dream
04.	Salvation
05.	Time Is Running Out
06.	Swoon (Feat. Lux Lisbon)
07.	The Perfect Blend
08.	Innerlife
09.	Voices From The Inside
10.	Believe In Miracles 

01.	Totally Fascinated (Original Mix)
02.	One Night In N.Y.
03.	Massive Motion (Original Mix)
04.	Fuego Caliente (Original Mix)
05.	Intruder Feat. Armin (M.I.K.E.'S Rework)
06.	Pound (Original Mix) (Feat. Armin)
07.	Strange World (M.I.K.E.'S 2006 Rework)
08.	Turn Out The Lights And Outro


New from Bulldozzer is the 12" BBoy MC. (DZ)

A1.	BBoy MC (Dj Manian Remix)	5:30
B1.	BBoy MC (Dj Cyrus Remix)	6:08

Groove Coverage has released the 12" 21st Century Girl. (DZ)

A1.	21st Century Girl (Club Mix)
B1.	21st Century Girl (Extended Mix)

New from Mike Nero is the 12" Outside World. (DZ)

A1.	Outside World(Andy Jay Powell vs. Klubbingman Remix)
A2.	Outside World(2006 Club Mix)
B1.	Outside World(Mike Nero 2006 Remix)
B2.	Outside World(Para X aka van Roezel Remix)

New from Talla 2xlc is the 12" Carry Me. (DZ)

A1.	Carry Me (Club Mix)
B1.	Carry Me (Airbase Vocal Mix)
B2.	Carry Me (Airbase Dub Mix)

New from Benassi Bros feat. Sandy is the promo Feel Alive. (DZ)

01.	Feel Alive (Album Version)	4:48
02.	Feel Alive (Fuzzy Hair Vocal Mix)	7:11
03.	Feel Alive (Original Extended)	5:38
04.	Feel Alive (Radio Edit)		3:43

New from Mario Lopez is the track Lonely (Without You). (DZ)
New from Sylver is the album Cross Roads, which will be released on May 19th. Buy@Amazon (DZ)

01.	Lay All Your Love On Me		3:30
02.	Why			2:51
03.	One Night Stand		3:47
04.	Dance With Loneliness		3:38
05.	You And I			3:34
06.	Lovesong			3:50
07.	Half As Much		3:16
08.	On My Own			2:32
09.	Seven Tears			3:27
10.	Keep Your Hands		3:58
11.	Except Me			2:53
12.	The End			4:00

Milk Inc.'s fourth album will be called Supersized, like the concert at the Sportpaleis. Next to Whisper, Blind, Go To Hell and the new song Tainted Love, there will be 8 brand new songs + 1 bonus song. This time, we may expect 100% Milk Inc. songs, which means no ballads or instrumental songs like on the album Closer. (Milkinc.be & DZ)
New single from Party Animals is Bad Boys / Animal Song. It was released on May 5th in Netherlands. (DZ)
The 12" "Braveheart 2006" from Sakin & Friends is out now. The Maxi-CD will be released by Kontor Records on June 2nd. (DZ)
New from Dj Manian vs Tune Up! is the digital release Rhythm & Drums. (DZ)

01.	Rhythm & Drums (Club Mix)
02.	Rhythm & Drums (Rave Allstars Remix)
03.	Rhythm & Drums (Radio Mix)
04.	Rhythm & Drums (Rave Allstars Radio Edit)
05.	Bounce (DJ Manian Remix)
06.	Bounce (DJ Manian Radio Edit)

New from Dougal & Gammer is the 12" Tripod. (DZ)

A1.	Tripod
B1.	Underground

New from Heaven 7 is the 12" This Life. (DZ)

A1.	This Life
B1.	This Life (Breeze & Styles Remix)

New from Ultrabeat Vs Scott Brown is the Maxi-CD Elysium (I Go Crazy). Buy@Amazon (DZ)

01.	Elysium (I Go Crazy) (Radio Edit)
02.	Elysium (I Go Crazy) (Extended Mix)
03.	Elysium (I Go Crazy) (Styles & Breeze Remix)
04.	Elysium (I Go Crazy) (Scott Brown Remix)
05.	Elysium (I Go Crazy) (Friday Night Posse Remix)
06.	Elysium (I Go Crazy) (Major Players Remix)

New from Eddie Thoneick & Kurd Maverick is the Maxi-CD Love Sensation 2006, release on May 15th.
New from Kelly Llorenna is the Maxi-CD Nobody Like You. Promo is out now and release is set for June 12th.
New from Pawn Shop is the Maxi-CD Shot Away. It's a new version of the Rolling Stones' Gimme Shelter an is all cleared by the Stones themselves. Release is set for May 22nd.
New from Espen & Elusive is the EP Poetic EP.

01.	Poetic Penetration (Furry Nipples Remix)
02.	You Always Knew
03.	Poetic Penetration (Original)
04.	Internet Hugs

New from Patrick Bunton is the Bunton Beats - Hard & Style E.P. Vol. 1, released on May 5th.
A new version of Cappella's U Got 2 Let The Music called Technical Remix will soon be released on a compilation. (Apho & EE)
M.I.K.E. has just made the finishing touches to his new artist album The Perfect Blend. This double cd will be released May 29th.
New from Arctic Quest is the 12" Renassaince, released on May 8th.

A1.	Renaissance
B1.	Femme Fatale

New from Simon & Shaker is the 12" Zero, released on May 8th.

A1.	Zero (Original Mix)
B1.	Zero (Martin H Remix)
B2.	Zero (ClubState Mix)

New from Soul Avengerz is the Sing EP, out now.


New from Teenagerz is the 12" Slam Down. (DZ)

A1.	Slam Down (Extended Version)	5:30
B1.	Slam Down (Rob Mayth Mix)	5:37
B2.	Slam Down (4'o Clock Mix)	7:35

New from Roland Kenzo is the 12"Love Behind / Never Stop. (DZ)

A1.	Love Behind (Manox Mix)
B1.	Love Behind (Club Mix)
B2.	Never Stop

New from Party Animals is the 12" How Do You Do. (DZ)

A1.	How Do You Do (Original Mix)
A2.	How Do You Do (Dj Falk & Longy Mix)
B1.	How Do You Do (Clarence Hope Mix)
B2.	Jump (Extended Mix)

For the last year, a documentary about the history and music of Pet Shop Boys has been in production with the full cooperation of Neil and Chris. The hour-long film now has a provisional transmission date of May 31st on Channel 4 in the UK. It contains filmed interviews with PSB collaborators, friends and fans as well as Neil and Chris each being interviewed in their home towns of Newcastle and Blackpool. (Official PSB Homepage)
Masterboy has released a US album that is only available for download. All songs are resung by Linda Rocco & Freedom Williams. It's available on iTunes. (DZ)

01.	Intro			2:31
02.	Everybody Needs Somebody	4:02
03.	I Got To Give It Up		3:34
04.	Feel The Heat		3:40
05.	Land Of Dreaming		3:31
06.	Generation Of Love		3:36
07.	Dreams Within A Dream		5:33
08.	Nights On Broadway		3:32
09.	Just For You			3:44
10.	Children Of The Night		3:49
11.	Mister Feeling		3:51
12.	Show Me Colours		3:34
13.	Anybody			3:55
14.	I Want To Break Free		3:24
15.	Outro			0:13

New from Beam is the Maxi-CD On Your Mind, released on April 7th. Buy@Amazon (DZ)

01.	On Your Mind (Radio Mix)			3:15
02.	On Your Mind (Original Electro House Exodus)	7:03
03.	On Your Mind (Egohead Deluxe Remix)	6:58
04.	On Your Mind (Sean Tyas Hard Dub Remix)	7:04
05.	On Your Mind (Beam In Trance Mix)		7:33
06.	On Your Mind (Egohead Deluxe Dub Remix)	6:54

New from Tatana is the albums Electrify and Electrify (Remixed) released on April 7th. (DZ)

01.	The Eye (Intermezzo)
02.	Free
03.	Children Of Love
04.	Kiss Of The Sun
05.	Maybe
06.	Cute
07.	Interview With An Angel
08.	Remember
09.	What A Freak!
10.	Le Souk
11.	I Can
12.	Time Of My Life
13.	Summertime
14.	Thank You

Electrify (Remixed)
01.	The Eye (Intermezzo)
02.	Free (Smith & Pledger Remix)
03.	Children Of Love (Alex Morph Vs Woody Van Eyden Remix)
04.	Maybe (Cj Stone Remix)
05.	Interview With An Angel (Aly & Fila Remix)
06.	Time Of My Life (Mike Koglin Remix)
07.	Cute (Seashells Remix)
08.	Remember (Max 8 Remix)
09.	What A Freak! (Motu Remix)
10.	Le Souk (Tatana Re-Edit)
11.	I Can (Shane 54 Remix)
12.	Kiss Of The Sun (Albert Vorne Remix)
13.	Summertime (Abel Ramos Remix)
14.	Thank You (Outro)

Polystar released the double-cd compilation Hardbass Chapter 8 on April 28th. Buy@Amazon

01.	Bass-T & Sven-R-G - Hardbass 8 Intro
02.	Walt - Let The Music Play
03.	Verano - Disc-O-Tec
04.	Showtek - Puta Madre
05.	DJ Rob - Rainbow
06.	Zorneus DJ Team - Don't Leave Me
07.	The Boyscouts - Ubap
08.	Jens O. & Picco - Wicked
09.	S-te-Fan & D-Block - U Will Be Dancing
10.	Jesselyn - Iron
11.	Sonic Ti - In My Head
12.	O'Heller Project & Lazard - Living On Video
13.	Mike Newman - Dubble Dubby
14.	Dark Oscillators - Stereophobia
15.	Ultrasonic - Pump Up The Bass 2006
16.	Bass-T & Sven-R-G - Pumpin'
17.	Patrick Bunton - Listen (I Will Always Love You)
18.	The Ripper & Max B. Grant - Gimme Five
19.	Looney Tunez - Energetiq
20.	Bass-T & Sven-R-G - Raindrops
21.	Dancehall Terrorists - Move It!
22.	Ballistic & The Beholder feat. Max Enforcer - Nuclear Reaction
23.	Double Nation - Reach For The Light
24.	DJ Zany - Widowmaker
25.	Deepforces - Harder

01.	Teenagerz - Slam Down
02.	Aycan - Devil In Disguise
03.	Tune Up! & DJ Manian - Rhythm & Drums
04.	Greg City - Make Some Noise
05.	Red Light District - Dream Of
06.	Age Pee - Out Of The Dark
07.	Akira - Millon Miles From Home
08.	Mike Phobos - Hard 'n' Holy
09.	Rob Mayth - Barbie Girl
10.	Blutonium Boy - In Touch With Tomorrow
11.	Mikesh - Forcrime
12.	Vorwerk - Cambodia
13.	Don King - 5 Seconds
14.	Dana - Mash
15.	T4T4NK4 - GTP
16.	McBunn & Brian M - We Are The Bass
17.	Blutonium Boy vs. DJ Virus - The Master
18.	Max B. Grant - Hardstyle Champion
19.	The Gladiators - The Light
20.	CJ Mozart - Classic Attack
21.	Dark Angel & Kayem - Killashot
22.	Redbase - Rough Beat

Sylver released the Maxi-CD Lay All Your Love on Me on April 28th. It's taken from the forthcoming album Crossroads. Buy@Amazon

01.	Lay All Your Love On Me (Radio Edit)
02.	Lay All Your Love On Me (Extended Mix)
03.	Lay All Your Love On Me (Dj Wout Club Mix)
04.	Lay All Your Love On Me (2-4 Grooves Remix)
05.	Lay All Your Love On Me (Shaun Baker & Melino Remix)

Polystar will release the double-cd compilation Trance Voices (Vol.19) on May 12th. Buy@Amazon

01.	Sylver - Lay All Your Love On Me
02.	Kate Ryan - Je T'Adore
03.	Groove Coverage - On The Radio
04.	Cascada - A Neverending Dream
05.	Pulsedriver - Insane
06.	Tranceforma - Self Esteem
07.	Bonito & Louis - Rush
08.	Marc Korn & Mike Wind - On My Way
09.	Bass-T & Sven-R-G - Take My Hand
10.	Mainfield - Land Of Fantasy
11.	Accuface - Pure Energy
12.	DJ Cyrus - Don't Break My Heart
13.	Freddy Fader - Besoin De Toi
14.	Roland Kenzo - Love Behind
15.	Liquid Spill - Insanity
16.	Marco Larusso - World Collide
17.	Tunnel Allstars - Das Boot
18.	Damae - Control
19.	Paffendorf - Vogue
20.	Lazard feat. O'Heller Project - Living On Video

01.	Blank & Jones - Catch
02.	Ferry Corsten - Fire
03.	Denga & Manus - Shadowsong
04.	Kyau vs. Albert - Walk Down
05.	ATB - Summer Rain
06.	DJ Tiesto feat. Allure - The Loves We Lost
07.	Deep Dish feat. Stevie Nicks - Dreams
08.	Jupiter Ace feat. Shena - 1000 Years (Just Leave Me Now)
09.	Fedo & Jose Amnesia - I Need You
10.	Above & Beyond - Alone Tonight
11.	Sun Decade - Have It All
12.	CJ Stone feat. Tamara Rhodes - City Lights
13.	The Thrillseekers feat. Gina Dootson - By Your Side
14.	Woody van Eyden & Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Kate Peters - Heavenly
15.	Masters & Nickson feat. Justine Suissa - Out There (5th Dimension)
16.	Kay Stone - Alone
17.	Mindhunters - Scream
18.	Audio Lab Freaks - You & Me
19.	Schiller feat. Jette von Roth - Der Tag... Du bist erwacht
20.	Edmee & D.H.T. - Listen To Your Heart

New from Copyright ft. Song Williamson is 12"/CD He Is, out now.

01.	He Is (Classic Mix)
02.	He Is (My Shelter Dub)
03.	He Is (Ferrer & Sydenham Vox Mix)

A1.	He Is (Classic Mix)
A2.	He Is (My Shelter Dub)
B1.	He Is (Ferrer & Sydenham Vox Mix)

New from Groove Coverage is the single 21st Century Digital Girl. It's the third single from the album forthcoming album 21st Century. The album will be released this summer.
New from Jose Amnesia & Shawn Mitiska is the 12" My All, released April 24th.

A1.	My All (Markus Schulz Remix)
B1.	My All (Flash Brothers Remix)
B2.	My All (Original Mix)

New from Fragile is the 12" Shugyo, released April 24th.

A1.	Shugyo (Original Mix)
B1.	Shugyo (Perry O'Neil Remix)

New from t.A.T.u. is the Maxi-CD Gomenasai and it will be released on May 12th. Buy@Amazon
X-Perience is currently working on the forthcoming album X. Anniversary, the album will be released later this year. A new song Let Me Show You was released on a sampler called Elektrisch vol. 1 in March 2006 in Germany.
On X-perience section on MySpace.com you can find 2 new songs Deeper Than Deep and I Feel Like You.
New from Swedish Interphace is a cover of Abba's hit Super Trouper. (DZ)

01.	Super Trouper (Radio Edit)
02.	Super Trouper (Extended Version) 
03.	Super Trouper (Club Rockers Re-Cut) 
04.	Super Trouper (Darrey Miller 12" Mix)
05.	Super Trouper (Dagemark Remix) 
06.	Super Trouper (Bluetip Euro blue-Mix)

Vinylshakerz will release the album Very Superior / The Album on Kontor Records. Thomas Detert reports that the album will contain 15 tracks "No Additional Cover-Versions" except the three Hit-Singles One Night in Bangkok, Club Tropicana and Daddy Cool! And we are currently working on a new 12" single which is NOT available on the Longplay and again it's not a Cover-Version. (DZ)


New from Ramon Zerano is the 12" Kill For Love. (DZ)

A1.	Kill For Love (Rave Allstars Remix)	5:20
B1.	Kill For Love (C.O.X. Mix)		5:51
B2.	Kill For Love (Sample Junkie Remix)	7:02

New from Sven-R-G vs Bass-T is the 12" Nrg & Bass E.P.. (DZ)

A1.	Take My Hand
A2.	I Wanna Be With You
B1.	Flying High
B2.	The Sign 2006

New from Provenzano Dj feat. Lizzy B is the single Vibe. (DZ)

01.	Vibe (Original)
02.	Vibe (Promisedland Remix)
03.	Vibe (Danijay Remix)
04.	Vibe (Dj Ato Remix)
05.	Vibe (Monstant E Marani Remix)

Pet Shop Boys will release I'm With Stupid on May 8th. It will be available on CD, DVD and 7" vinyl.

01.	I’m With Stupid
02.	The Resurrectionist

01.	I’m With Stupid
02.	The Resurrectionist (Goetz B. Extended Mix)
03.	Girls Don't Cry
04.	I’m With Stupid (Video)

7" Vinyl
A1.	I’m With Stupid
B1.	Girls Don't Cry

Klubbingman will release a new single featuring Trixy Delgado. The vinyl will be released in May and the Maxi-CD in June. (DZ)
Cascada released the album Everytime We Touch (German Edition) on March 31st. Buy@Amazon (DZ)

01.	Everytime We Touch
02.	Ready For Love
03.	Miracle
04.	How Do You Do
05.	Cant Stop The Rain
06.	Truly Madly Deeply
07.	Wouldnt It Be Good
08.	Bad Boy
09.	Another You
10.	A Neverending Dream
11.	Love Again
12.	Kids In America
13.	One More Night
14.	Everytime We Touch (Yanous Candlelight Mix)
15.	Everytime We Touch (Club Mix)
16.	How Do You Do (Original Mix)
17.	A Neverending Dream (Club Mix)
18.	A Neverending Dream (Deepforces Remix)
19.	A Neverending Dream (The Real Booty Babes Remix)

Volume 39 of Sony BMG's compilation Dream Dance was released on April 13th. Buy@Amazon

01.	Dream Dance Alliance - Butterfly
02.	Scooter - See Me,Feel Me
03.	DJ Shog - Rush Hour
04.	DJ Dean - Kick off
05.	Ziggy X - Drive X-Treme
06.	Pulsedriver - Insane
07.	Axel Coon - Third Base
08.	Bonito & Louis - Rush
09.	Accuface - Pure Energy
10.	Mindhunters - Scream
11.	Grooveyard - Mary Go Wild!
12.	Beam - On Your Mind
13.	Fragma - Radio Waves
14.	ATB - Summer Rain
15.	DJ Tatana - If I Could
16.	Talla 2XLC - Carry Me
17.	Ferry Corsten - Fire
18.	Ian Van Dahl - Movin´On
19.	Lasgo - Lying
20.	DJ´s@Work - No Easy Way Out
21.	The Disco Boys - Hey St. Peter
22.	Lazard - Living On Video

01.	Tiesto Pres. Allure - The Loves We Lost
02.	Kyau Vs. Albert - Walk Down
03.	Above & Beyond - Alone Tonight
04.	York feat. Asheni - Mercury Rising
05.	Solarstone & Jes - Like A Waterfall
06.	The Thrillseekers - By Your Side
07.	Robert Nickson feat. Elsa Hill - Close Your Eyes
08.	4 Strings - Hurricane
09.	Airbase - Escape
10.	Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth 2006
11.	C-Quence - Endorphine
12.	JPL - Ilmola
13.	Double V - Moscow Morning
14.	E-Craig vs. Ratty - Call It A Sunrise
15.	Martin Roth - Shockwaves
16.	Supers vs. DJ Tab - Helsinki Scorchin
17.	Duderstadt - Muhanjala
18.	Thomas Bronzwaer - Shadow World
19.	Sean Tyas - Mirella
20.	Kuffdamm & Plant - Dream Makers
21.	Armin van Buuren - Sail


Franca Morgano (voice of Magic Affair) is back with the new project 4G Project feat. Franca Morgano and they released the single Remember Me 2006. (Frank Winkelmann)
New from Robert Nickson feat. Elsa Hill is the 12" Close Your Eyes, to be released on April 10th.

A1.	Close Your Eyes (Original Vocal Mix)
B1.	Close Your Eyes (Vadim Zhukov Remix)
B2.	Close Your Eyes (Original Vocal Dub)

New from Not Ferris is the 12" Love Is Alive, to be released on April 10th.

A1.	Love Is Alive (Original Mix)
B1.	Love Is Alive (Harry Lemon Remix)

Last week Armin van Buuren finished mixing A State Of Trance 2006. It will be the third time this compilation will be released. The official release party of ASOT 2006 will be during the Armada Night in the Heineken Music Hall (Amsterdam) on April 28th. The album will be in stores April 17th.

CD1: On The Beach
01.	Mike Foyle - Shipwrecked (John O'Callaghan vs Mike Foyle Club Mix)
02.	Sunlounger - White Sand
03.	Leon Bolier feat. Elsa Hill - No Need To Come Back
04.	Matthew Dekay - Timeless
05.	Karen Overton - Your Loving Arms
06.	DJ Shah - Beautiful (Glimpse of heaven)
07.	Niyaz - Dilruba (Junkie XL Remix)
08.	Basic Perspective - Small Step To The Other Side (Elevation remix)
09.	Zirenz - Edge of Space (Whiteroom Remix)
10.	Jody Wisternoff - Cold Drink, Hot Girl
11.	Incolumis - One With Sanctuary
12.	Jose Amnesia vs. Shawn Mitiska - My All  (Flashbrothers Remix)
13.	Envio - For You (Outro Edit)

CD2: In The Club
01.	Arksun - Arisen
02.	Fable - Above
03.	O’Callaghan & Kearney - Exactly
04.	Kyau vs. Albert - Walk Down
05.	Kuffdam & Plant - Dream Makers
06.	M.I.K.E. - Voices From The Inside (Progressiva Mix)
07.	DJ Governor - Red Woods
08.	Kyau vs Albert - Kiksu
09.	Hiroyuki ODA - Transmigration
10.	Under Sun vs Signum - Captured (Sebastian Brandt Remix)
11.	Mannix vs Kaymak - World Gone Mad
12.	Stoneface & Terminal - Venus
13.	Armin van Buuren - Control Freak (Sander van Doorn Remix)
14.	Thomas Bronzwaer - Shadow World
15.	Giuseppe Ottaviani & Marc van Linden - Until Monday
16.	Armin van Buuren - Sail

New from Patrick Bunton is the Maxi-CD Listen / Here I Am, released on April 7th. Buy@Amazon

01.	Listen
02.	Here I Am
03.	St. Pauli (Bonus Track)
04.	Here I Am (Video)
05.	Listen (Video)

Blank & Jones new single is entitled Catch and will be released on April 21st. Buy@Amazon
Their forthcoming album The Singles will be a collection of their singles and will also include a DVD. Buy@Amazon (DZ, EE & DAI)

01.	Catch (Short Cut)
02.	Catch (Club Mix)
03.	Catch (Martin Roth Remix)
04.	Catch (Progressive Mix)
05.	Revealed (Mac Zimms Remix)
06.	Catch (Video)

Milk Inc. are currently working on their next single. The single will be released in the end of April. (DZ)
New from Members Of Mayday is Maxi-CD Worldclub and it was released on April 7th. Buy@Amazon
They will also release a double album entitled Worldclub Compilation on April 15th. Buy@Amazon (DZ & DAI)

Worldclub - Maxi-CD
01.	Worldclub (Short)			3:35
02.	Worldclub (Official Vocal Mix)		6:39
03.	Worldclub (Official Mayday Mix)		6:11
04.	Worldclub (TechnoLectro Instrumental)	5:36
05.	Worldclub (Jetsetta Mix)			7:51
06.	Worldclub (W.A.S. Breakdown Mix)		6:01
07.	Worldclub (Videoclip)			3:53

Worldclub Compilation - Album
01.	Members Of Mayday - Worldclub				3:44
02.	Plump DJs - Dr Dub					6:42
03.	Lady Waks & HardyHard - Listen				5:39
04.	Moonbootica - Mopedgang				5:57
05.	Moguai - Tonight (Punx Squad Mix)				7:45
06.	Kid Alex - Young & Beautiful				3:14
07.	Tomcraft - Da Disco (Less Vocal Mix)				6:18
08.	The Disco Boys - Hey St. Peter (Hacienda’s St. Peter Ording Remix)	6:31
09.	Tarkan - Bounce (Armand van Helden Mix)			6:11
10.	Sharam Jey & Loulou Players - Monday Morning			5:25
11.	DJ Delicious & Rutte - Jaja				5:35
12.	Oliver Koletzki - Da Bleibt Er Ganz Cool			6:25
13.	Lexy & K- Paul - Ghost					5:00
14.	WestBam & Superpitcher - It’s Not Easy			3:52

01.	Cirez D - Punch Drunk			6:26
02.	Beckster - Smack Snack			5:20
03.	Coburn - Give Me Love			6:20
04.	Lützenkirchen - Counterfunk		3:24
05.	Eric Smax & Thomas Gold - S_Punk		3:37
06.	Copy & Paste - Why Can`t We See		5:00
07.	Dero - Fiesta Grande (Southamerican Mix)	5:43
08.	Takkyu Ishino - XTHC			5:14
09.	Mylo - Musclecars			3:33
10.	Booka Shade - Night Falls		5:39
11.	Tiefschwarz - Fly			5:24
12.	Zen-Kei - The Blast			3:26
13.	Die Raketen - Popsong (Møenster Remix)	6:07
14.	Autotune - Little Machine		6:15
15.	Karotte - Go To Bed			6:53


New from Jasmin Wagner (ex-Blümchen) is the MAXI-single Männer Brauchen Liebe, released on March 31st. Buy@Amazon
The new album entitled Die Versuchung will be released on April 15th. Buy@Amazon

Männer brauchen Liebe
01.	Männer brauchen Liebe
02.	Entschuldigen sie
03.	Versuchung (Extended Version)
04.	Männer brauchen Liebe (Instrumental)

Die Versuchung
01.	Männer brauchen Liebe
02.	Ein zerbrechlicher Moment
03.	Ein schlechtes Gewissen
04.	Wahrscheinlich Hallo
05.	Komm schon werd' wütend
06.	Versuchung
07.	Ich bereue Dich so gerne
08.	Ein neues Gefühl
09.	Morgen, wenn ich weg bin
10.	Entschuldigen Sie
11.	Alles, was Du willst

Mesh released the album We Collide in two editions, the limited edition contains a DVD, on March 31st.Buy@Amazon
The album will be released in Scandinavia on April 5th and in Greece on April 7th.

01.	Open Up The Ground
02.	What Are You Scared Of
03.	Step By Step
04.	No Place Like Home
05.	Petrified
06.	Rest In Pieces
07.	This Is What You Wanted
08.	Room With A View
09.	My Hands Are Tied
10.	Crash
11.	Can You Mend Hearts

DVD (only on limited edition)
01.	Making Of "We Collide"
02.	Crash - Video
03.	Leave You Nothing - Video
04.	Friends Like These - Video
05.	From This Height - M'era Luna Festival 2003
06.	What Does It Cost You - M'era Luna Festival 2003
07.	Let Them Crush - Secret Gardenfestival 2004
08.	Open Up The Ground - Audiotrack
09.	Room With A View - Audiotrack
10.	This Is What You Wanted - Audiotrack
11.	What Are You Scared Of - Audiotrack
12.	Into This World - Audiotrack

New from Mikado Punchers is the 12" This is The Melody, it's the first release on Andorfine Records new hardstyle-sublabel Bambu Records. (Andorfine)
New from Meck feat. Leo Sayer is the Maxi-CD Thunder In My Heart Again, released on March 24th. Buy@Amazon

01.	Thunder In My Heart Again (Radio Edit)
02.	Thunder In My Heart Again (Miami Calling Mix)
03.	Thunder In My Heart Again (Hott 22 Mix)
04.	Thunder In My Heart Again (Started Djs Groove Deluxe Mix)
05.	Thunder In My Heart Again (Horny United Remix)

Da Buzz released the album Last Goodbye on March 15th in Sweden. (DZ & DAI)

01.	Last Goodbye		3:16
02.	World For 2			3:35
03.	Soon My Heart		3:19
04.	Give Me Your Hand		3:30
05.	Tell Me No Lies		3:43
06.	Without Breaking		3:36
07.	Life Is Good			3:10
08.	Together We Got The Power	3:08
09.	The Echo			3:44
10.	Live My Life Without You	3:24
11.	Here I Am			4:25
12.	Last Goodbye (Cabrera Remix)	6:28

New from Dj Tom is the 12" Da Da Da. (DZ)

A1.	Da Da Da (Reuter & Schleis Remix)
B1.	Da Da Da (Club Mix)
B2.	Da Da Da (Bellmond & Parker Remix)

New from Anjuna Beats is the cd-single Volume 1 & Volume 1 (Remixes). (DZ)

Volume 1
01.	Volume 1 (Original Mix)
02.	Volume 1 (Tease Dub)

Volume 1 (Remixes)
01.	Volume 1 (Above & Beyond Remix)
02.	Volume 1 (Dirt Devil's Vs Free State Remix)

New from Bad Habit Boys is the 12" Let Yourself Go. (DZ)

A1.	Let Yourself Go (Milo NL Vs Cj Stone Remix)
B1.	Let Yourself Go (Erik Van Kleef Remix)
B2.	Let Yourself Go (Original Mix)

New from Armin Van Buuren is the 12" Sail, released on March 16th. (DZ)

A1.	Hymne (Ft. Jan Vayne)
B1.	Sail (Orginal Mix)
B2.	Sail (Carl B`s Without Hope Remix)

New from Dougal, Gammer & Lisa Marie is the 12" Drive Me Crazy. (DZ)

A1.	Drive Me Crazy
B1.	Testing 1-2

New from Ham is the 12" Count Of Three. (DZ)

A1.	Count Of Three
B1.	Working Up A Sweat

New from Cascada is the 12" A Neverending Dream, cover of X-perience's hit, released on March 31st.

A1.	A Neverending Dream (Club Mix)
B1.	A Neverending Dream (The Real Booty Babes Remix)
B2.	A Neverending Dream (Deepforces Remix)

Daft Punk will release a best-of album entitled Musique Vol.1 1993 - 2005 on April 3rd. Buy@Amazon

01.	Musique
02.	Da Funk
03.	Around The World
04.	Revolution 909
05.	Alive
06.	Rollin' And Scratchin'
07.	One More Time
08.	Harder Better Faster Stronger
09.	Something About Us
10.	Robot Rock
11.	Technologic
12.	Human After All
13.	Mothership Reconnection - Scott Grooves
14.	Chord Memory - Pooley, Ian
15.	Forget About The World - Gabrielle (1)

New from KiD Alex is their second album Restless, released on March 24th.
Klubbingman released a best-of album entitled Hits & Remixes 2001->2006 in Singapore. (DZ)

01.	Love Message
02.	Revolution
03.	Magic Summer Night
04.	No Limit On The Beach
05.	Welcome To The Club
06.	Highway To The Sky
07.	Wonderland
08.	Open Your Mind
09.	Dreaming For A Better World
10.	Riddim

01.	Love Message (Tune Up! vs.DJ Manian Remix)
02.	Revolution (Tune Up! vs. Cascada Remix)
03.	Magic Summer Night (Cascada vs. Plazmatek Remix)
04.	No Limit On The Beach (Alex Coon Club Remix)
05.	Welcome To The Club (Pulsedriver vs. Rocco Remix)
06.	Highway To The Sky (Megara vs. DJ Lee Remix)
07.	Highway To The Sky (Sven-R-G vs. Bass-T Remix)
08.	Open Your Mind (DJ Shah Remix)
09.	Open Your Mind (Pulsedriver vs. Rocco Remix)
10.	Dreaming For A Better World (DJ Shah Late Night Mix)

New from Pulsedriver is the Maxi-CD Don't Give Me Your Life, cover of the Alex Party hit. (DZ)

01.	Don't Give Me Your Life (Single Mix)		3:32
02.	Don't Give Me Your Life (Club Mix)		5:06
03.	Don't Give Me Your Life (Extended Mix)	4:51
04.	Without U (HDM Mix)			5:26

Also new from Pulsedriver is the Maxi-CD Insane, release on April 21st. Buy@Amazon

01.	Insane (Single Mix)
02.	Insane (Short Mix)
03.	Insane (Dub Mix)
04.	Insane (BCM Mix)
05.	Insane (Club Mix)

Lost Tribe - Gamemaster 2006 is now available. The Classic from Matt Darey returns with brand new 2006 mixes from Mark Sherry & DJ Kristoff which has been tearing up the hard trance floors across the globe. Support from all the hard crew BK, Johan Gielen, Marko V, Anne Savage, K90, Scot Project, Eddie Halliwell, Sander Van Doorn.
DP Chill Out Collection (Unmixed) is now available. Matt Darey's love of chill out inspired him to commission some of the finest chill out mixes from some of the newest and best talented producers in the field. Superb mixes of Lost Tribe - Game Master, Lost Tribe - Angel, Matt Darey - Always, Matt Darey - Eternity and the classic unreleased Lost Tribe - Under The Red Sea.
New from Headstrong is the single Show Me The Love, a follow-up to the global hit Close Your Eyes.
New from Matt Darey feat. Tiff Lacey is the track Always.
New from Stephanie B is the 12" Sweetest Taboo, released on March 27th.

A1.	Sweetest Taboo (StoneBridge Future Retro Mix)
A2.	Sweetest Taboo (Robbie Rivera’s Juicylectro Mix)
B1.	Sweetest Taboo (Jack McCord Remix)
B2.	Sweetest Taboo (Neil Nuff Club Vocal Mix)

New from Leon Bolier presents Surpresa is the 12" Back In The Days / Flower Fountains, released on March 27th.

A1.	Back In The Days
B1.	Flower Fountain

New from Perry O'Neil is the 12" Reworks Part 4, released on March 27th.

A1.	Armin van Buuren feat. Nadia Ali - Who Is Watching  (Perry O’Neil Remix)
B1.	DJ Remy - Crackdown (Perry O’Neil Remix)
B2.	Perry O’Neil - Numb (Stel's Shoot-The-Glass Remix)


New from Sylver is the 12" Lay All Your Love On Me. (DZ)

A1.	Lay All Your Love On Me (DJ Without Mix)		5:35
B1.	Lay All Your Love On Me (Shaun Baker & Melino Remix)	7:02
B2.	Lay All Your Love On Me (2-4 Grooves Remix)	6:43

New from Sven-R-G vs. Bass-T is the album N-R-G & Bass released on March 17th on Aqualoop Records. Buy@Amazon (DZ & DAI)

01.	Intro			1:33
02.	Never Talkin'		3:54
03.	Flying High!			3:07
04.	Lost In Spain (Vocal Mix)		3:44
05.	The Sign 2006 (Shibuya Remix)	4:19
06.	P.O.W.E.R.			4:13
07.	Take My Hand		4:46
08.	Drift Away			3:43
09.	Pumpin'			5:16
10.	Raindrops			5:11
11.	I Wanna Be With You!		5:24
12.	Kick Da Flow		5:28
13.	Here Comes That Sounds		3:45
14.	Throw Ya Hands		7:21
15.	Going Crazy			5:23
16.	On A Party Trip (Album Mix)	4:20
17.	Midnight			3:24

New from Spike feat. Deborah is the Maxi-CD Move The Crowd. (DZ)

01.	Move The Crowd (Elettro Original Radio)		6:58
02.	Move The Crowd (Elettro Original Extended)		3:41
03.	Move The Crowd (Remondini Radio Concept)		5:45
04.	Move The Crowd (Remondini Extended Concept)		3:21

New from Rednex is the single Mama Take Me Home, that competed in the Swedish Eurovision song contest. (DZ & DAI)

01.	Mama Take Me Home			3:03
02.	Mama Take Me Home (Singback Mix)		3:00

Groove Coverage released the Maxi-CD On The Radio on March 17th, on the label Zeitgeist. Buy@Amazon (DZ & DAI)

01.	On The Radio (Radio Version)		2:59
02.	On The Radio (Club Mix)			5:28
03.	On The Radio (Extended Version)		5:23
04.	On The Radio (Age Pee Remix)		5:47
05.	On The Radio (Groove Agents Remix)		6:30

New from Pulsedriver is the 12" Insane. (DZ)

A1.	Insane (Club Mix)		5:32
A2.	Insane (Dub Mix)		5:14
B1.	Insane (BCM Mix)		5:11
B2.	Insane (Original Mix)		5:37

New from Vincent De Moor is the 12" Mystique Colors / Cressidia. (DZ)

A1.	Mystique Colors	7:53
B1.	Cressidia		7:13

Danish Aycan released the 12" Devil In Disguise on March 16th, on the label Andorfine.

A1.	Devil In Disguise (Rob Mayth Remix)
A2.	Devil In Disguise (Original Extended Remix)
B1.	Devil In Disguise (Central Seven Remix)
B2.	Devil In Disguise (Marwin And D-Fly House Mix)

Andorfine Records: Most Wanted Vinyl Volume 1 was released on March 9th.

A1.	United Beats - Por Que No (Plazmatek Remix)
A2.	Scarf! - Odysee (Plazmatek Remix)
B1.	Cascada - Everytime We Touch (Original Mix)
B2.	Cascada - Bad Boy (Club Mix)

New from Mync Project & Danny Rampling is the single Strobelight. Buy@Amazon
New from Rob Mayth is the 12" Barbie Girl, which is a remake of Aqua's superhit. (DZ & DAI)

A1.	Barbie Girl (Original Mix)		6:24
A2.	Barbie Girl (Alex M. Remix)	5:25
B1.	Barbie Girl (Bangbros Remix)	7:20
B2.	Barbie Girl (Upsynth Remix)	6:21

New from Günther and The Sunshine Girls is the single Like Fire Tonight, which competed in the Swedish Eurovision song contest. (DZ & DAI)

01.	Like Fire Tonight (Radio Fire Mix)		3:03
02.	Like Fire Tonight (Extravagant Fire Mix)	5:46
03.	Like Fire Tonight (Instrumental)		3:00

New from Ramon Zerano is the 12" promo Kill For Love. (DZ)

A1.	Kill For Love (Rave Allstars Remix)	5:16
B1.	Kill For Love (Sample Junky Remix)	7:00

New from Dreamland is the promo Maxi-CD Summerland, released on March 6th. (DZ & EE)

01.	Summerland (Radio Edit)			3:52
02.	Summerland (Whirl & Mayer Edit)		3:57
03.	Summerland (Club Mix)			5:13
04.	Summerland (Rob Mayth Remix)		4:38
05.	Summerland (Whirl & Mayer Remix)		8:11
06.	Summerland (Decore Remix)		6:37
07.	Summerland (Solid Earth Remix)		4:50
08.	Summerland (Whiteboy Remix)		5:41

Gabriel & Dreseden has received four International Dance Music Awards nominations at the 2006 WMC in Miami Beach. They are nominated in Best American DJ, Best Producer, Best Remixer and Best Progressive House / Trance Track.
Brooklyn Bounce will release a best-of album entitled Sex, Clubs & Rock & Roll in Australia on March 18th. (DZ & DJGee)

CD 1
01.	The Beginning
02.	Get Ready To Bounce
03.	Take A Ride
04.	Sex, Bass & Rock N' Roll
05.	Slave 2 Da Rhythm
06.	Crazy
07.	X2X We Want More
08.	This Is What We Are
09.	Kicking Hard
10.	Bass Beats & Melody
11.	Club Bizzare
12.	Loud & Proud
13.	Canda
14.	Born To Bounce

CD 2
01.	The Theme Of Progressive Attack (Trip Mix)
02.	Bring It Back (Svensen & Gielsen Mix)
03.	Contact (Vengaboys Remix)
04.	Funk U (Uncencored Version)
05.	The Musics Got Me (Klubbheads Versus Rollercoaster Mix)
06.	The Real Bass (Klubshake Remix)
07.	X2X - Freakbrothers (Bass T, Special D & Bone D)
08.	Bass Beats & Melody (Pulsedriver Mix)
09.	Canda (Dj Jean Mix)
10.	Born 2 Bounce (Warp Brothers Mix)
11.	Loud & Proud (Starsplash Remix)
12.	Sex Bass & Rock N' Roll (666 Mix)

Fun Factory released a new Best Of in Hong Kong on February 27th. It was entitled Fun Factory! 10th Anniversary Greatest Hits and it containes 13 tracks + 6 bonus tracks (remixes). (EE & ES)
New from Double V is the Maxi-CD Moscow Morning. (DZ)

01.	Moscow Morning (Vadim Zhukov Original Mix)
02.	Moscow Morning (Bobina Surprise Remix)
03.	Moscow Morning (Vadim Zhukov New Year Remix)
04.	Moscow Morning (Sound Fiction Remix)
05.	Moscow Morning (Andy Hagerty Ambient Version)
06.	Moscow Morning (Setting Sun)

New from Pedro Ferrari (from Raver's Nature) is the Maxi-CD Way Of Love. Buy@Amazon(DZ)

01.	Way Of Love (Radio Edit)
02.	Way Of Love (Original Vocal Mix)
03.	Way Of Love (Pedro Farrari Vs A Labmann Remix)
04.	Way Of Love (Burton & Moriny Instrumental Club Mix)
05.	Way Of Love (C Reiss Remix)

New from Skam is the 12" Right In The Night. (DZ)

A1.	Right In The Night (Original Skammix)
A2.	Right In The Night (Power Skammix)
B1.	Right In The Night (Thunderbolt Remix)
B2.	Nightlife (Original Mix)

New from Sean Tyas is the 12" Mirella. (DZ)

A1.	Mirella (Original Mix)
A2.	Mirella (Sean Tyas Rework)
B1.	Mirella (John Askew Remix)
B2.	Mirella (Dave Joy Remix)

The new single Incredible by The Shapeshifters is out now. Buy@Amazon
The Shapeshifters new album Sound Advice will be released on March 20th. Buy@Amazon

01.	You Never Know
02.	Sensitivity
03.	Lola's Theme
04.	Incredible
05.	Really Feel
06.	Over Me
07.	If In Doubt Go Out
08.	Back To Basics
09.	Route One
10.	Little Green Men
11.	Beautiful Heartache
12.	Instead Of Falling

New from Potatoheadz is the single Living On Video.
New from Da Buzz is the single Last Goodbye. (DZ)

01.	Last Goodbye (Radio Edit)		3:17
02.	Last Goodbye (Von Der Burg Radio Edit) 	3:15
03.	Last Goodbye (Von Der Burg Extended)	5:00

New from Matt Darey feat. Tiff Lacey is the promo Always. (DZ)

01.	Always (Floris De Haan Radio Edit)	3:50
02.	Always (Matt Darey)		6:18
03.	Always (Reuben Chillout Mix)	5:22
04.	Always (Matt Darey Radio Edit)	3:21

New from Heart Of Stone (CJ Stone) is the 12" Outland. (DZ)

A1.	Outland (2am Mix)
B1.	Outland (Original Mix)

New from DJ Remy & Roland Klinkenberg is the 12" Ignite, released on March 6th.

A1.	Ignite
B1.	Ignite (IntroDubtion Mix)

New from Capstar is the 12" Do It Easy, released on March 6th.

A1.	Do It Easy (Original Mix)
B1.	Do It Easy (Capstar's Soul Remix)

New from Hemstock & Jennings is the 12" Babylon, released on March 13th.

A1.	Babylon (Original Mix)
B1.	Babylon (Icone Remix)

New single from DJ Whirl & Mayer is Love. (Siim)

01.	Love (Airplay Mix)
02.	Love (Club Mix)
03.	Love (Mayer Breaks Mix)
04.	Love (Mayer Trance Mix)
05.	Love (Sunrise Mix)


New from Kyau vs Albert is the 12" Walk Down / Kiksu. (DZ)

A1.	Walk Down (KvA Club Mix)	6:41
B1.	Kiksu (Original Mix)		6:17

New from Above & Beyond is the album Tri State, release on March 6th. Buy@Amazon(DZ & DAI)

01.	Tri State
02.	Stealing Time
03.	World On Fire
04.	Air For Love
05.	Can't Sleep
06.	Hope
07.	Liquid Love
08.	In The Past
09.	Alone Tonight
10.	Good For Me
11.	For All I Care
12.	Indonesia
13.	Home

New from Amber is the US Promo CD-Maxi Just Like That. (DZ)

01.	Just Like That (Sweet Rains Radio Edit)		3:45
02.	Just Like That (Jason Nevins Radio Edit)		3:41
03.	Just Like That (Belmares & Preve Radio Edit)		3:45
04.	Just Like That (Solar City Vs Dj Rico Radio Edit)		3:50
05.	Just Like That (Wolfram Dettki Birthday Ballad)		3:40
06.	Just Like That (Jasin Nevins Club Mix)			9:55
07.	Just Like That (Solar City Vs Dj Rico Anthem)		9:43

New from Armin van Buuren is the 12" Sail, to be released on March 20th. (DZ & DAI)

A1.	Sail (Original Mix)			4:22
B1.	Sail (Carl Bs Without Hope Remix)		8:34
New from uk based duo Leama & Moor is the first single Everything Matters from the eagerly awaited album Common Ground. The album consists of 11 tracks mixed together in the form of a continuous mix. "Even though the tracks are made separately in the studio, the album is written as one long session creating a feeling like an artist-set with a journey and meaning to it, so that the listener can be taken on a more interesting journey rather than just playing separate tracks" notes Leama. The single is out in March and the album will be out in May.

A1.	Everything Matters (Matthew Dekay Mix)
B1.	Everything Matters (Niklas Harding Mix)

New from Lara is the 12" Island (Your Love Is My Island), released on February 27th.

A1.	Island (Your Love Is My Island) (Age-M Club Mix)
B1.	Island (Your Love Is My Island) (Syndroma Remix)
B2.	Island (Your Love Is My Island) (Candy Boyz Remix)

New from Solarstone/Jes is the 12" Like A Waterfall, released on February 27th.

A1.	Like A Waterfall (Solarstone Club Mix)
B1.	Like A Waterfall (Deeper Sunrise Mix)

New from Pinball is the 12" Make It Happen, released on February 27th.

A1.	Make It Happen (Bigroom Mix)
A2.	Make It Happen (Original Mix)
B1.	Make It Happen (Backside Artists Mix)
B2.	Make It Happen (Liquid Motion Mix)

Above & Beyond will release the single Alone Tonight on March 6th.

01.	Alone Tonight (Radio Edit) 
02.	Alone Tonight (Above & Beyond's Club Mix)
03.	Alone Tonight (Matthew Dekay Vocal Mix)
04.	Alone Tonight (Disciples Of Sound & Kid Lopez Mix)
05.	Alone Tonight (Ronski Speed Mix)

12" - 1
A1.	Alone Tonight (Above & Beyond's Club Mix)
B1.	Alone Tonight (Above & Beyond's Nasty Dub)

12" - 2
A1.	Alone Tonight (Matthew Dekay Dub Mix) 
B1.	Alone Tonight (Disciples Of Sound & Kid Lopaz Mix)

New from The Thrillseekers feat. Gina Dootson is the CD-Maxi By Your Side, release on March 6th.

01.	By Your Side (Original Mix)
02.	By Your Side (Nightmusic Edit)
03.	By Your Side (Martin Roth Vocal Mix)
04.	By Your Side (Martin Roth Dub)
05.	By Your Side (Martin Roth Short Mix)
06.	By Your Side (Aly & Fila Remix)


New from Age Pee is the 12" Out Of The Dark. (DZ)

01.	Out Of The Dark (Extended Version)	5:17
02.	Out Of The Dark (Rob Mayth Remix)	5:15
03.	Out Of The Dark (Acapella)	1:00

New from Djs@ Work is the 12" No Easy Way Out. (DZ)

A1.	No Easy Way Out (Club Mix)
B1.	No Easy Way Out (Fox 5 Vs. Djs@Work Remix)

On february 27th United Recordings released the compilation Quest For Trance, mixed by Hemstock & Jennings.
U96 is back after some years of silence, the new single Vorbei featuring Ben will be released on March 3rd. But if you're expecting the classic U96 sound you will be disappointed, because this new single is a dark-pop song. Also found on the single is the track Follow The Sun. Buy@Amazon

01.	Vorbei (Single Edit)
02.	Vorbei (Single Short Version)
03.	Vorbei (Groove Mix)
04.	Vorbei (Dance Mix)
05.	Follow The Sun

Loveparade is back, after a year of abscense. The party will be held between 15-17 July.
New from Nick K is the 12" One Of Those Things / Who Needs Vocals Anyway released on February 20th.

A1.	One Of Those Things
B1.	Who Needs Vocals Anyway

New from Interstate is the 12" Remember Me released on February 20th.

A1.	Remember Me (Terry Bones Remix)
B1.	Remember Me (Club Mix)
B2.	Remember Me (Shawn Mitiska &Tyler Michaud Remix)

New from Enmass (Randy Boyer & Eric Tadla) is the 12" Chunky Monkey / Believe In Me to be released on February 27th.

A1.	Enmass - Chunky Monkey
B1.	Randy Boyer - Believe In Me

New from Mystery is the 12" Out Of The Past / Revolution to be released on February 27th.

A1.	Mystery (Fred Baker vs Vincent Grozac Remix)
B1.	Mystery (Hard Mix)
B2.	Revolution

New from Alex Stealthy is the 12" Permanent / Everything Is Nothing / Mistique to be released on February 27th.

A1.	Permanent
B1.	Everything Is Nothing
B2.	Mistique

New from Reel People is the album Second Guess - The Album. It's out now and is available as 2xCD and 2xDouble Pack Vinyl.

01.	The Rain
02.	In The Sun
03.	Can’t Stop
04.	Second Guess
05.	Back 2 Base
06.	Washing Away
07.	You Used To Hold Me So Tight
08.	Steppin
09.	The Light
10.	Butterflies
11.	Second Guess - The Destination

01.	Butterflies (Live Version) 
02.	You Used To Hold Me So Tight (Live Version)
03.	Can’t Stop (Live Version) 
04.	Washing Away (Live Version)
05.	The Light (Live Version)
06.	The Rain (Live Version) 
07.	Can’t Stop (Dennis F’s Falling 4 U Mix)
08.	Butterflies (restless soul Soul Heaven Mix)

12" - 1
A1.	The Rain
A2.	In The Sun
B1.	Second Guess
B2.	The Light
C1.	Butterflies
C2.	Back 2 Base
D1.	Can’t Stop
D2.	You Used To Hold Me So Tight

12" - 2
A1.	Butterflies (Live Version)
B1.	You Used To Hold Me So Tight (Live Version)
B2.	Washing Away (Live Version)
C1.	The Light (Live Version)
D1.	The Rain
D2.	Can’t Stop

Kate Ryan was selected to represent Belgium for the 2006 Eurovision song contest. (EE)
O-jay was featured by the project Ich Troje for the single Follow My Heart, that will represent Poland at the Eurovision song contest. (Andrei Dinu/EE)
Sylver announced a new single and album to be released in April. Working title for the album is Crossroads. (Anders Bøgh/EE)
New from Da Hool is the 12" Streetlife. (DZ)

A1.	Streetlife (Azzido Da Bass Remix)
B1.	Streetlife (Original Mix)
B2.	Streetlife (Dub Mix)

New from Kate Ryan is the single Je Tadore, Belgiums entry for the Eurovision song contest. (DZ)

01.	Je Tadore (Eurovision Mix)
02.	Driving Away (Radio Edit)


On February 20th, Defected (UK) will release DJ Producer Series - Connected (10 Years Of Full Intention).
It will be available as 3 x CD and 2 x Double Pack Vinyl.

01.	Dina Vass - "The Love I Have For You" (Full Intention Club Mix) /
	Supafly Vs Fishbowl -  "Let"s Get Down" (Accapella)
02.	Full Intention - "Everybody Loves The Sunshine" (Full Intention Mix)
03.	Brandy "Full Moon" (Full Intention Club Mix)
04.	Christina Milian - "Dip It Low" (Full Intention Club Mix) /
	Full Intention - "It"s Set To Groove" (Accapella)
05.	Bon Garcon - "Freek U" (Full Intention Club Mix) /
	The Salsoul Orchestra - "Ooh I Love It (Love Break)" (Accapella)
06.	Dajae & Full Intention -"What Do You Want?"
07.	Powerhouse -"I Got What You Need" (Full Intention Remix) /
	Junior Jack - "E-samba" (Accapella)
08.	Full Intention Presents Hustle Espanol - "(Do The) Spanish Hustle"
09.	Junior Jack - "E Samba" (Full Intention Remix)
10.	T Connection -"Do What You Wanna Do" (Full Intention Remix)
11.	Supafly vs Fishbowl -"Let"s Get Down" (Full Intention Club Mix) /
	Full Intention - "A Definite Strangeness" (Accappella)
12.	Duke -"So In Love With You" (Full Intention Remix) /
	The Fog -  "Been A Long Time" (Accapella)
13.	George Michael - "Amazing" (Full Intention Dub)
14.	Full Intention Presents Shena - "I"ll Be Waiting"
15.	The Salsoul Orchestra - "Ooh I Love It (Love Break)" (Full Intention Dub)
16.	Masters At Work - "To Be In Love" (Full Intention Remix)
17.	Essence -"How Long" (Full Intention Dub) /
	Frankie Knuckles Presents Satoshi Tomiie - "Tears" (Full Intention Dub/Accapella)
18.	Full Intention -"Soul Power" (Main Mix)

01.	Sex-o-Sonique - "I Thought It Was You" (12 Inch Mix)
02.	The Fog - "Been A Long Time" (Full Intention Remix)
03.	Da Mob Featuring Jocelyn Brown - "It"s All Good" (Full Intention Remix) /
	Ministers De La Funk - "Believe" (Accapella)
04.	Full Intention - "Give Me Your Love"
05.	Frankie Knuckles Presents Satoshi Tomiie - "Tears" (Full Intention Remix) /
	Essence - "How Long" (Accapella)
06.	Freemasons Feat Amanda Wilson - "Love On My Mind" (Full Intention Remix)
07.	Una Mass - "I Will Follow"(Full Intention Club Mix)
08.	Awa Band - "Timba" (Full Intention Club) /
	Full Intention - "Everybody Loves The Sunshine" (Accapella)
09.	Bob Sinclar - "Love Generation" (Full Intention Remix)
10.	Full Intention - "I Believe In You"  /
	Full Intention - "A Definite Strangeness" (Accappella)
11.	Mood II Swing - "Can"t Get Away" (Full Intention Remix)
12.	Full Intention - "A Definite Strangeness" (Full Intention 2004 Remix)
13.	Full Intention - "It"s Set To Groove"
14.	Full Intention - "Musique" /
	Bon Garcon - "Freek U" (Accapella)
15.	Full Intention - "Deep Inside"
16.	Full Intention - "America (I Love America)"

01.	Full Intention Presents Deep Down - "It Seems To Hang On"
02.	Frankie Knuckles Presents Satoshi Tomiie - "Tears" (Full Intention Dub)
03.	Teena Marie - "I Need Your Lovin" (Full Intention Remix)
04.	The Salsoul Orchestra - "Ooh I Love It (Love Break)" (Full Intention Club Mix)
05.	Da Mob - "It"s All Good" (Full Intention Remix)
06.	East 57th St. Featuring Donna Allen - "Saturday" (Full Intention Club Mix)
07.	T Connection - "Do What You Wanna Do" (Full Intention Remix)
08.	Essence - "How Long"
09.	Full Intention Presents Hustle Espanol - "(Do The) Spanish Hustle" (Gray & Pearn Remix)
10.	Ultra Nate - "Free" (Full Intention Club Mix)

12" 1
A1.	Full Intention - "It"s Set To Groove"
A2.	T Connection - "Do What You Wanna Do" (Full Intention Remix)
B1.	Dina Vass - "The Love I Have For You" (Full Intention Club Mix)
C1.	Sex-o-Sonique - "I Thought It Was You" (12 Inch Mix)
C2.	Dajae & Full Intention - "What Do You Want?"
D1.	Full Intention - "A Definite Strangeness" (Full Intention 2004 Remix)

12" 2
A1.	Frankie Knuckles Presents Satoshi Tomiie - "Tears" (Full Intention Remix)
A2.	Teena Marie - "I Need Your Lovin" (Full Intention Remix)
B1.	Full Intention Presents Shena - "I"ll Be Waiting"
C1.	Masters At Work - "To Be In Love" (Full Intention Remix)
C2.	Powerhouse - "I Got What You Need" (Full Intention Remix)
D1	Full Intention Presents Hustle Espanol - "(Do The) Spanish Hustle"

ATB released the double CD mix album The DJ 3 - In The Mix on February 17th. Buy@Amazon

CD 1
01.	ATB - Summer Rain
02.	Giuseppe Ottaviani - Linking People
03.	Above & Beyond - Air For Life
04.	Tiësto - UR
05.	Luminary - Amsterdam
06.	Darren Tate - Dawn
07.	Markus Schulz - Without Your Near
08.	Solarscape - Alive
09.	Drax and Scott Mac - Must Have Been A Dream
10.	Mark Norman - Touch Down
11.	Jonas Steur - Silent Waves
12.	Headstrong - Close Your Eyes
13.	Carrie Skipper - Time Goes By
14.	Mark Sun & Brian - Neno Itome
15.	Lennox - Servant Of Justice

CD 2
01.	Ronski Speed, Sebastian Sand - Sole Survivor
02.	Hidden Logic - Wasting
03.	Nalin and Kane - Open Your Eyes
04.	Shifted Reality - Fever
05.	Armin van Buuren - Who Is Watching
06.	Cressida - Certainty
07.	ATB - Summer Rain
08.	Mirco de Govia - Vital Spark
09.	Hiver & Hammer - Fusion 2006
10.	Signal Runners - 3000 Miles Away
11.	Nile - Ra
12.	Alt + F4 - Alt + F4
13.	Alucard - Lighthouse
14.	Funabashi - Daylight

Trans-X World Tour 2006
The Legendary TRANS-X live on stage to celebrate the Living On Video 20th anniversary Tour. The live performance with Pascal Languirand and on stage partner Lali, dressed to whip the crowd in a frenzy with added video projections goes beyond the revival show. I brings TRANS-X into the 21st century.

The tour will bring TRANS-X live in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, France Italy and Spain. The tour will also promote a new single N2Delite on TV SHOWS in various territories. More info will be sent as tour dates come in at www.marysolmusic.com. Also at TRANS-X website. (Trans-X)

New from Tiësto is the record In Search Of Sunrise 5: Los Angeles. It will hit record stores April 25th 2006 worldwide. It will be packaged in a special slipcase, printed with metallic foil.

It is the city of angels where Tiësto is spending his days now getting some rest and working on new tracks with one of world’s finest producers, Brian Transeau a.k.a. BT. He will also be mixing the new In Search Of Sunrise in Los Angeles.

Therefore "Los Angeles" is an obvious title for part 5 of the series, containing a blend of the most beautiful progressive- and trance tracks from this moment. Tiësto has selected some of the finest tracks from his playlists, and has signed tracks especially and exclusively for this compilation.

During the Winter Music Conference, there will be a special album launch party at Mansion, Miami South Beach, on Sunday March 26 th. 2006. The Mansion was selected because of it’s intimate setting, which reflects the In Search Of Sunrise vibe, Tiësto's tribute to sun, beaches, open air venues and those long long summernights. (Tiësto Newsletter)

New from Vinylshakerz is the Maxi-CD Daddy Cool, released on February 10th. Buy@Amazon (DZ)

01.	Daddy Cool (Screen Cut)
02.	Daddy Cool (Vinylshakerz XXL Mix)
03.	Daddy Cool (Electrolaz Re-Mix)
04.	Got No Reason (Vinylshakerz Thrust Mode Mix)

New from Beam is the 12" is the promo On Your Mind. (DZ)

01.	On Your Mind (Beam In Trance Mix)		7:32
02.	On Your Mind (Electro House Exodus)		7:03
03.	On Your Mind (Sean Tyas Hard Dub Remix)	7:02
04.	On Your Mind (Egohead Deluxe Remix)	6:56

The next single from Kelly Llorenna is called Nobody Like You. (DZ)
The young swedish duo West End Girls released their second single West End Girls on January 11th. It's taken from the forthcoming album Goes Petshopping, which will only feature Pet Shop Boys covers.

01.	I'm Not Scared
02.	Domino Dancing
03.	Suburbia
04.	Rent
05.	Shopping
06.	You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk
07.	West End Girls
08.	Being Boring
09.	Love Comes Quickly
10.	It's A Sin
11.	Jealousy

EMI have decided to delay the release of Pet Shop Boys' new album, Fundamental, until May 22. The reason is nothing to do with music, artwork or videos, just that they want more "set-up time".

Neil and Chris are in the studio completing two tracks to be released as bonus tracks on future singles:
The Resurrectionist and Girls Don't Cry.

Tina Cousins next Australian and New Zealand release will be Pretty Young Thing. The single will most likely be released early April and will be taken to radio and TV early March. (Tina Cousins official homepage)
Hello + Welcome, the new single from Enigma will be released on March 10th.


Kate Ryan has won the half final of The Belgium Eurosong festival, the final is in 2 weeks. (DZ)
New from M.I.K.E. is the 12" Strange World 2006. (DZ)

A1.	Strange World 2006 (MIKE's Rework)
B1.	Strange World 2006 (Filterheadz Love Distortion Remix)
B2.	Strange World 2006 (Mr Creme Fresh Remix)

New from Attention Deficit is the 12 What released on February 6th.

A1.	Attention Deficit (Original Mix)
B1.	Attention Deficit (Gabriel Batz Remix)

New from Oliver Moldan is the 12" Second Session, released on February 6th.

A1.	Second Session (StoneBridge SBM Edit)
B1.	Second Session (Dub Mix)
B2.	Second Session (Original Mix Edit)

New from Perry O'Neil is the 12" Switched / Fade Out / Get Out Of My Sofa, released on February 6th.

A1.	Switched
B1.	Fade Out
B2.	Get Out Of My Sofa

New from Marnix & Mustafa is the 12" Time To Get Funky , release on February 13th.

A1.	Time To Get Funky (Original Mix)
B1.	Time To Get Funky (Mischa Daniels Remix)

New from DT8 Project featuring Andrea Britton is the 12" Winter , release on February 13th.

A1.	Winter (Galen Behr Remix)
B1.	Winter (Max Graham Remix)

New from The Source featuring Candi Staton is the track You Got The Love. Some records are timeless, classic dancefloor moments that, every so often, get pulled back on to the decks by sheer public demand. You Got The Love is one of those tracks. A top five hit in 1991 and again in 1997 (yes, it is nearly 9 years ago!), it's back again in a variety of new mixes, and set to firmly establish itself as a classic with another generation.

Demand and interest in the track has been building again since its inclusion in the final episode of Sex And The City, leading to several bootlegs and cover versions gaining attention around the globe. But it's the original Candi Staton vocal that can't be touched, and it's in stores now available for you to add to your collection.

Available on CD, 12" and digital download - formats include mixes from Shapeshifters, Paradise Soul plus the original 1997 Now Voyager mix. It was released on February 6th.

01.	You Got The Love (New Voyager Radio Edit)
02.	You Got The Love (Shapeshifters Radio Edit)
03.	You Got The Love (Extended New Voyager Mix)
04.	You Got The Love (Shapeshifters Main Vocal Mix)
05.	You Got The Love (Truelove, Lys & Gigi Remix)
06.	You Got The Love (Paradise Soul Mix)
07.	You Got The Love 

A1.	You Got The Love [Extended New Voyager Mix)
B1.	You Got The Love [Truelove, Lys & Gigi Remix)
B2.	You Got The Love [Shapeshifters Main Vocal Mix)

The York album Peace including the bonus CD is nearly finished. The single Mercury Rising will be released soon. (Offshore)
Nu NRG are back with the new release Casino. It will be released on 12" February 22nd.

A1.	Casino (Original Mix)
B1.	Casino (Stoneface & Terminal Mix)
B2.	Casino (Moguai Mix)

Vinylshakerz has released the 12" Daddy Cool (Remix). (DZ)

A1.	Daddy Cool (Jens Larsen Remix)		5:52
B1.	Daddy Cool (A-Teams Big Pump Remix)	6:30
B2.	Got No Reason (Vinylshakerz Thrust Mode Mix)	5:57

Groove Coverage has released the 12" On The Radio (Remix). (DZ)

A1.	On The Radio (Groove Agents Remix)		5:45
B1.	On The Radio (Age Pee Remix)		6:30

Cascada has released the album Everytime We Touch (The Album). (DZ)

01.	Everytime We Touch
02.	How Do You Do
03.	Bad Boy
04.	Miracle
05.	Another You
06.	Ready For Love
07.	Can't Stop The Rain
08.	Kids In America
09.	A Never Ending Dream
10.	Truly Madly Deeply
11.	One More Night
12.	Wouldnt It Be Good
13.	Love Again
14.	Everytime We Touch (Yanous Candlelight Mix)

Airwave will release the 3xCD album Trilogique on March 3rd. Buy@Amazon (DZ)

01.	Sky Blues (Icarus Mix)
02.	Hello Sunshine (Magical Dub)
03.	Angelica (Feat. Markus Schulz)
04.	Sunday Break
05.	Terra Firma (Feat. Antidote)
06.	Higher And Higher
07.	People Just Don't Care
08.	Summer In
09.	Summer Out
10.	The Promise I Made (Feat. John O'bir)
11.	When Things Go Wrong 2005 Meets Sunspot 2005 (Vs. Rising Star)

01.	Intrusion
02.	Appletonz
03.	8Bitz
04.	Close Encounters
05.	Ubiquity
06.	Mice (Feat. Ozgýr Can)
07.	Buzzer
08.	Hardtek
09.	Progressive Agressive
10.	Ping Pong

01.	Bellywood
02.	Beam
03.	Sleep Alone
04.	Gong Zu
05.	80211God
06.	Cccp Genius
07.	Space Beans
08.	Faux Semblant
09.	Trilogique

New from Anaklein is the 12" Lena (Lena Lena), released on January 23rd. (DZ)

A1.	Lena (Lena Lena) (Dj Gius Remix)
B1.	Lena (Lena Lena) (Blockbuster Mix)
B2.	Lena (Lena Lena) (First Club Mix)

New from Astroline is the 12" Close My Eyes (Remixes), released on January 26th. (DZ)

A1.	Close My Eyes (Sam-Pling vs Steve L Remix)
A2.	Close My Eyes (Radio Mix)
B1.	Close My Eyes (Peter Luts Remix)
B2.	Close My Eyes (Extended Mix)

New from Brainchild is the 12" Synfonica (Eye Q: The Essentials), released on January 27th. (DZ)

A1.	Synfonica (Original 1993 Version)
B1.	Synfonica (Anthony Rother 2006 Remix)

O-zone released the 12" Dragostea Din Tei in Japan on January 23rd. (DZ)

A1.	Dragostea Din Tei (Overhead Champion Remix)
A2.	Dragostea Din Tei (DJ Kaya & DJ Kousuke Remix)
B1.	Dragostea Din Tei (Original Version)
B2.	Dragostea Din Tei (Eurobeat Remix)

E-Craig has released the 12" Call It A Day / Smoke. (DZ)

A1.	Smoke
B1.	Call It A Day

On 12th November 2005 you were able to witness together with 12,000 other dance music lovers Armin van Buuren during his 9 ½ hour lasting Armin Only Event. Now you can (re-) experience this event at home.

The Armin Only DVD contains a registration and represents the unique atmosphere of Armin van Buuren's DJ set during Armin Only - The Next Level in a sold out Ahoy" in Rotterdam. Armin shows why he is one of the biggest DJ's in the world. He takes his fans with him in his journey through different styles of Dance music. "Dance is about being hypnotised and becoming one with the music, a dj set is so much more than playing hits". After many successful Armin Only nights in among others the Netherlands, Australia, United States, England and Ibiza, the time was right to bring Armin Only to the next level and so he did.

Buy the DVD here.


New from Astrada is the single You Are the One. (DZ)

01.	You Are The One (Radio Mix)		3:16
02.	To The Stars (Radio Edit)			3:24
03.	You Are The One (Extended Version)		5:54
04.	To The Stars (Club Mix)			5:51

New from ATB is the 12" Summer Rain. (DZ)

A1.	Summer Rain (136 BPM Mix)
B1.	Summer Rain (132 BPM Mix)
B2.	Summer Rain (Dub Mix)

New from Zane/Foster is the 12" Big Room Bang. (DZ)

A1.	Big Room Bang (Cascada Remix)
B1.	Big Room Bang (Rob Mayth Remix)
B2.	Big Room Bang (Friday Night Posse Mix)

New from Zorneus DJ Team is the 12" Don't Leave Me. (DZ)

A1.	Don't Leave Me (Brooklyn Bounce Remix)
B1.	Don't Leave Me (Seikos Vs Zorneus Remix)
B2.	Don't Leave Me (Dj Zorneus Original Mix)

New from Patrick Bunton is the 12" Listen!. Click here to see the video. (DZ & DAI)

A1.	Listen (Monster Mix)
B1.	St Pauli (Extended Club Mix)
B2.	Listen (ALex Kidd vs Dark By Design Remix)

New from Airbase is the 12" promo Escape / For The Fallen. (DZ)

A1.	Escape		8:43
B1.	For The Fallen	6:29

Kate Ryan has won her selectionround of the selectionrounds for Eurosong 2006 for Belgium! She has a big chance to go and represent Belgium this year. Her song is called 'Je t'adore' a mix of french and english. (DZ)

Corona released the Maxi-CD Back In Time. (DZ)

01.	Back In Time (Da Tribe Guitar Mix)
02.	Back In Time (Rebelbit Video Mix)
03.	Back In Time (Hollywood Boulevard Mix ­ Radio Edit)
04.	Back In Time (Francesco Conte Happy Mix ­ Radio Edit)
05.	Back In Time (Original Mix)
06.	Back In Time (Hollywood Boulevard Mix ­ Extended)
07.	Back In Time (Francesco Conte Happy Mix - Extended)

New from Boom Boxx feat L.O is the single Pokito (Me Me Ma Me Mo). (DZ)

01.	Pokito (Me Me Ma Me Mo) (Single Mix)		3:22
02.	Pokito (Me Me Ma Me Mo) (Remix)		4:32
03.	Pokito (Me Me Ma Me Mo) (Instrumental)	3:22
04.	Pokito (Me Me Ma Me Mo) (Acapella with FX)	3:21

New from Basic Element is the single Raise The Gain, it will be released on February 1st. (DZ & DAI)

01.	Raise The Gain (Radio Edit)		3:24
02.	Raise The Gain (Extended Version)		7:09
03.	Raise The Gain (Punkstar-Raise The Pain Mix)	6:33

New from Trinity is the single Like The Sun, released January 9th. Buy@Amazon (DZ)

01.	Like The Sun (Radio Edit)
02.	Like The Sun (Original Mix)
03.	Like The Sun (Paradise Remix)
04.	Like The Sun (Dizzy Deejays Remix)
05.	Like The Sun (Lost Witness vs Sassot Remix)
06.	Like The Sun (Andre Pascal Remix)

Lasgo, Turbulence, UK has finished all UK remixes. Release is planned for March 2006. (DZ)
The new Rocco single "Street knowledge" on CD, is available on January 27th. The motto of this new track is "Back to Oldschool" including you can find 8 smashing and pumping mixes from Megara vs Dj Lee, Paul Hutsch (Pitchers remix) and of course mixes from Rocco himself. (DZ)

New from Cj Stone feat Tamara Rhodes is the 12" promo City Lights. (DZ)

A1.	City Lights (Milo.nl vs Cj Stone Mix)	6:39
A2.	City Lights (Tatana Remix)	7:17
B1.	City Lights (Original Mix)		6:24
B2.	City Lights (Jean Elan Remix)	7:40

DJ Bobo will release a CD+DVD, Greatest Hits on March 17th. The DVD contains videos and a karaoke-function.(DZ)
DJ Bobo & Sandra will release the Maxi-CD Secrets Of Love on March 3rd. (DZ)

01.	Secrets Of Love (Radio Version)
02.	Secrets Of Love (Club Mix Radio Edit)
03.	Secrets Of Love (Club Mix)
04.	Secrets Of Love (Instrumental)
MM.	Videoclip of Secrets Of Love

The new Cascada album Everytime We Touch is finished. The album consists of 14 tracks and will be released on March or April. (DZ)
New from Westbam is the single It's Not Easy, released on January 20th. Buy@Amazon(DZ & DAI)

01.	It's Not Easy (Short)		3:41
02.	It's Not Easy (Album Version)	7:36

Ferry Corsten released the single Fire on January 23rd. Buy@Amazon(DZ & DAI)
New from C-Quence is the 12" Endorpine, released on January 16th.

A1.	Endorpine (Original Mix)
B1.	Endorpine (Hydroid's Breaking The Law Remix)
B2.	Endorpine (Arizona Remix)

New from Third Member is the 12" Let Everything Drop released on January 16th.

A1.	Let Everything Drop (StoneBridge Remix)
B1.	Let Everything Drop (Playmaker Vocal Mix)
B2.	Let Everything Drop (Original Mix)

New from Markus Schulz is the 12" Coldharbour Selections Part 9, released on January 23rd.

A1.	Kenneth Thomas - Tonic
B1.	Opticane - Valley Cruiser
B2.	Jose Amnesia vs. Shawn Mitiska - My All

New from DJ Remy is the 12" Crackdown / Nasty Ho, released on January 23rd.

A1.	Crackdown
B1.	Nasty Ho

Enigma has released the promo single Hello And Welcome. (DZ)

01.	Hello And Welcome (Radio Edit)		3:29
02.	Hello And Welcome (Thunderstorm Mix)	6:09
03.	Hello And Welcome (After The Storm Mix)	6:28
MM.	Hello And Welcome (Video)		3:20


New from E-Love is the track Here Comes The Rain Again. (DZ)

musicload.de web-release
01.	Here Comes The Rain Again (Smooth Radio Edit)
02.	Here Comes The Rain Again (e-Love Club Radio Edit)
03.	Here Comes The Rain Again (Trance Radio Edit)
04.	Here Comes The Rain Again (Sinatic Remix Radio Cut)
05.	Here Comes The Rain Again (Smooth Extended Edit)
06.	Here Comes The Rain Again (e-Love Club Edit)
07.	Here Comes The Rain Again (Trance Less Vocal Edit)
08.	Here Comes The Rain Again (Krieger & Feuersaenger Club)
09.	Here Comes The Rain Again (Krieger & Feuersaenger Chill Out)
10.	Here Comes The Rain Again (Sinatic Remix)
11.	Devotion 2005 (Radio Edit)

A1.	Here Comes The Rain Again (Club Edit)
A2.	Here Comes The Rain Again (Krieger & Feuersaenger Club Mix)
B1.	Here Comes The Rain Again (Sinatic Remix)
B2.	Here Comes The Rain Again (Trance Less Vocal Edit)

DJ Shog released the 12" My Sound Album EP Part 1 & 2. (DZ)

Part 1
A1.	Surrounded by Your Love (Vocal Mix) (Ft. Aven)		5:54
A2.	Surrounded by Your Love (Instrumental Mix) (Ft. Aven)	5:51
B1.	Be The One (Ft. Ida)				7:48
B2.	Don't Push Me Down (Ft. Anita Kelsey)		6:48

Part 2
A1.	Rush Hour		6:45
B1.	Nightlights		5:26

New from Armin van Buuren feat. Nadia Ali is the 12" Who Is Watching (House Mixes), released January 9th. (DZ & DAI)

A1.	Who Is Watching (Mischa Daniels Remix)
B1.	Who Is Watching (Oliver Moldan Remix)

New from Zane & Foster is the 12" Big Room Bang. (DZ)

A1.	Big Room Bang (Cascada Remix)
B1.	Big Room Bang (Rob Mayth Remix)
B2.	Big Room Bang (Friday Nigth Posse Remix)

New from Mirco De Govia is the 12" Vital Spark. (DZ)

A1.	Vital Spark (Original Mix)
B1.	Vital Spark (Cressida Remix)
B2.	Vital Spark (Sassot Remix)

New from Schiller Mit Jette Von Roth is the 12" Der Tag...Du Bist Erwacht. (DZ)

A1.	Der Tag...Du Bist Erwacht (Martin Roth Remix)
B1.	Der Tag...Du Bist Erwacht (Kyau vs Albert Remix)
B2.	Der Tag...Du Bist Erwacht (Extended Version)

New frm Love To Infinity is the 12" Finally. (DZ)

A1.	Finally (Classic Club Mix)
B1.	Finally (Alex K Remix)
B2.	Finally (Openair Vocal Mix)

Ferry Corsten will release the 12" Whatever in March. (DZ)

A1.	Whatever (Marcel Woods Remix)
B1.	Whatever (Bellatrax Remix)

A1.	Whatever (Extended)
B1.	Whatever (Coburn Remix)

A1.	Whatever (Oliver Shine Remix)
B1.	Whatever (Redd Square Remix)

Hennes & Cold will release the 12" The Journey / Payback on February 2nd. (DZ)
New from Kan Cold is the 12" Restart / Straight Ahead, released on January 12th. (DZ)
New from Apoptygma Berzerk is the single Shine On (Limited Edition), released on January 6th. Buy@Amazon (DZ & DAI)

01.	Shine On
02.	Tuning In To The Frequency Of Your Soul (Drugwar Remix)

01.	Shine On
02.	Black Pawn
03.	Friendly Fire
04.	You Keep Me From Breaking Apart (According To Phillip Remix)
05.	Tuning In To The Frequency Of Your Soul (Drugwar Remix)

New from Kimera is the 12" Dancing On A Sunbeam, released on January 13th. (DZ & DAI)

A1.	Dancing On A Sunbeam (Dan Winter Mix)
A2.	Dancing On A Sunbeam (Original Mix)
B1.	Dancing On A Sunbeam (Verano's Juicy Styled Mix)
B2.	Dancing On A Sunbeam (Naksi vs Brunner Mix)

New from Molella & Outhere Brothers is the 12" If You Wanna Party ?, released January 5th. (DZ & DAI)

A1.	If You Wanna Party ? (Tommasos's Tomahawk Remix)
B1.	If You Wanna Party ? (Tomahawk Loop)
B2.	If You Wanna Party ? (Molly & Phil Mix)

New from Patrick Bunton is the single Listen (I Will Always Love You). (DZ)
DJ Sakin is preparing new double A-side vinyl incl. Braveheart'2006. (DZ)
New from Matthew Dekay is the 12" Clearing The Mind, released January 9th.

A1.	Clearing The Mind (Original Mix)
B1.	Clearing The Mind (16 Bit Lolita's Remix)


Sad news: Mark Spoon aka Markus Löffel was found dead in his Berlin apartment on January 11, 2006 after suffering a myocardial infarction (heart attack). Spoon was not only a DJ but also as a producer and as a member of acts like Jam & Spoon and Storm he had several big hits. His last public appearance was at the Dance Awards in Hannover, Germany last year.

Rest In Peace Mark, you will be missed.


Delerium are in the studio working on a new album for release in mid-to-late 2006. Bill Leeb is co-writing and co-producing the album with long time collaborator Rhys Fulber. The album is less likely to have an abundance of vocals but the vocalists that are presently working on collaborations for the album are truly exciting. (Nettwerk)
New from Red Carpet is the single Alright, released January 2nd. Buy@Amazon

01.	Alright (Brad Carter Radio Edit)
02.	Alright (Brad Carter Remix)
03.	Alright (Den Hetrix & Raffa Mix)
04.	Alright (Tiger Stripes Remix)
05.	Alright (Bush II Bush Remix)
06.	Alright (Mat Bradshaw Remix)

New from Public Domain is the 12" Operation Blade 2006. (DZ)

A1.	Operation Blade (2006 Mix)
B1.	Operation Blade (2006 XXX Mix)

New single of U96 featuring Ben Vorbei will be released in March! Video is shooting right now! (DZ)

Darren Tate will release the album Horizons 01 on January 23rd.

New from Flash Brother feat. Tiff Lacey is the 12" Faith In Love.