Daddy DJ are back and their new single Everyday has been released as a promo. (EE)

AK Swift, with other rappers who contributed to eurodance, such as Eric Singleton, Layzee and MC Fixx it, contributed to a collective project, EuroRap revival. An album is on its way... (EE)

New from DJ Rebel & FTW is the EP You Can Call Me Al.

01.	You Can Call Me Al (DJ Rebel's Radio Mix)			3:44
02.	You Can Call Me Al (FTW Radio Mix)				3:40
03.	You Can Call Me Al (DJ Rebel's Baltimore Remix)		3:54
04.	You Can Call Me Al (DJ Rebel's Dirty House Remix)	5:37
05.	You Can Call Me Al (FTW Extended)				8:05
06.	You Can Call Me Al (2 Dirty Remix)				6:29

New from Soundlift is the EP Lenda / Paradise Lost / Road To Evolution.

01.	Lenda (Original Mix)				6:36
02.	Paradise Lost (Original Balearic Mix)	10:37
03.	Road To Revolution (Original Mix)	7:53
04.	Road To Revolution (Epic Guitar Mix)	7:01

New from DJ Eco feat. Simon Latham is the EP What Do You See?.

01.	What Do You See? (Original Mix)					8:29
02.	What Do You See? (Ashley Wallbridge Remix)		7:14
03.	What Do You See? (Ashley Wallbridge Dub Remix)		7:14

New from Stoney Boy is the release Love The Heat.

01.	Love The Heat (Stonebridge Re-FX Mix)
02.	Love The Heat (S69 Remix)

New from Ram is the EP RAMsterdam.

01.	RAMsterdam (Original Mix)				7:02
02.	RAMsterdam (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)	7:35

Alex is back a with new pure eurodance single, which was digitally released on October 31st. Moonlight is inspired from the Twilight saga film and New Moon film... The new album is ready and is entitled Self Control and it should be out on December 4th. (EE & Alex himself)

September is currently in the studio, recording some new tracks for a new album which should be released next year. (EE)

Captain Hollywood Project's singles were re-released digitally by Yes music on Juno Download As well as an exclusive album entitled Special Edition with special remixes and instrumental versions. (EE & Denis Zhabkin)

O-Jay is working on new Real McCoy tracks with Debbie Butts and Gemma Sampson, the new vocalists. The new single Two Hearts, a very nice and uplifting track, is on its way, it should be released in Autumn. (EE & O-jay)

The results of the 2009 DJ Mag Top 100 DJ Poll are in and it's time to uncork another fancy bottle of bubbles. Like in 2007 and 2008, Armin van Buuren holds the number one position in the renowned popularity poll. For the third year in a row, he's the holder of the 'Number one DJ of the World' title.

New from Armin van Buuren feat VanVelzen is the EP Broken Tonight.

01.	Broken Tonight (Radio Edit)		2:58
02.	Broken Tonight (Original Mix)	6:04
03.	Broken Tonight (Dub Mix)		6:03

New from K La Cuard, is the follow up to the huge success I Need You So, Do It.

New from Crew7 is the single Shawty Wanna Ride.

New from Sapphire is the single Knock You Down a remake of Ne-Yo and Kanye West hit.

New from Electro Voyage vs. Disko Punks is the track Elektrokind.

New from the Hamburg-based electro-Duo Krieger & Feuersänger is the single Hardbeat.

New from Dj Denny Gee feat. Marc Reason is the single Funky.

New from Laurent Wolf is the new compilation Ritmo Dynamic.

Sylver's new single will be a cover of Music. (EE)

On Saturday 28th of November, DJ Bobo will shoot the videoclip of his forthcoming new single Superstar at Europa Park Rust (Germany). The new single won't be released before next year. DJ Bobo is searching for 1000 dancers for the new video clip. (EE)

Snap just released a new remix album in the UK under label Hard2beat.

01.	The Power
02.	Rhythm Is A Dancer
03.	Exterminate
04.	Welcome To Tomorrow
05.	The First The Last Eternity
06.	Do You See The Light
07.	Ooops Up
08.	Cult Of SNAP
09.	Mary Had A Little Boy
10.	World In My Hands
11.	Colour Of Love
12.	Rhythm Is A Dancer (U Can Feel It) (2009 Club Mix)

01.	Rhythm Is A Dancer (Armand Van Helden Remix)
02.	Exterminate (Tom Novy Remix)
03.	Welcome To Tomorrow (Tocadisco Remix)
04.	Do You See The Light (Thomas Gold Remix)
05.	Cult Of SNAP (Matrix & Futurebound Remix)
06.	The First The Last Eternity (Bass Slammers Remix)
07.	Exterminate (Michael Gray Remix)
08.	Rhythm Is A Dancer (Jens Kindervater 2009 Remix)
09.	Rhythm Is A Dancer (U Can Feel It) (Moam Remix)
10.	Snap Megamix 2009

New from Rico Bernasconi is the single Hit The Dust.

New from van Heeken & van der Vat is the release Give A Sign.

New from BBE is a 2009 upgrade of their classic 1996 hit 7 Days And One Week. The release features 14 new mixes and features vocals by Zoexenia.

01.	7 Days And One Week (Mario Da Ragnio Radio Edit)	3:38
02.	7 Days And One Week (Genji Yoshida Radio Edit)		3:14
03.	7 Days And One Week (Armin Prayd Remix)			8:05
04.	7 Days And One Week (Genji Yoshida Remix)		7:20
05.	7 Days And One Week (Mario Da Ragnio Remix)		7:36
06.	7 Days And One Week (Jahawi Remix)				8:15
07.	7 Days And One Week (Prayd's Tribute to W.G. Mix)	7:35
08.	7 Days And One Week (Mario Da Ragnio Dub Mix)		7:37
09.	7 Days And One Week (Armin Prayd Dub Mix)		8:05
10.	7 Days And One Week (Joachim Garraud Remix)		8:57
11.	7 Days And One Week (Tom & Jerry Remix)			7:46
12.	7 Days And One Week (Signum Signal Remix)		8:46
13.	7 Days And One Week (Orlis Adult Language Remix)	7:53
14.	7 Days And One Week (Emalkay Remix)			5:30

Kate Ryan's new single should be entitled Evidemment, another France Gall's cover and is taken from her album French Connection. (EE & Tavi Meran)

New from Airtight Recordings is the compilation Airtight In Session: Volume 1, out now.

01.	Ichisan - Global Pillage (Bjørn Torske Remix)
02.	Raft - Risky Trains (Driftwood Vocal Mix)
03.	Ilya Santana - Occidental Oriental
04.	F&L - Love Capsule Deluxe (Soul Purpose Mix)
05.	Âme Strong - Tout Est Bleu (François Kevorkian Mix)
06.	Tony Underground - Mana Magic
07.	Atsushi Yano - Act Funny
08.	Marshall Jefferson Vs Noosa Heads - Mushrooms (Justin Martin Mix)
09.	Solaris Heights - Midnight (Padded Cell Mix)
10.	Mental Overdrive - Run To Hills (Drrtyhaze Mix)
11.	Atsushi Yano - Room Safari

The next single from Last Japan is now out on download from Beatport. Reverse This - including remixes from Dean Tynan, Tony Rocky Horror and Thrills.

New from Thoneick, Diaz & Young Rebels is the single Perfect Moment featuring Cozi.

01.	Perfect Moment (Radio Edit)					2:54
02.	Perfect Moment (Francecso Diaz & Young Rebels Edit)	3:24
03.	Perfect Moment (Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels Mix)	7:39
04.	Perfect Moment (Eddie Thoneick Mix)				6:34
05.	Perfect Moment (Albin Myers & Jonas Sellberg Remix)	7:31
06.	Perfect Moment (Albin Myers & Jonas Sellberg Dub)	7:15
07.	Perfect Moment (David Costa Remix)				8:13
08.	Perfect Moment (David Costa Full Vocal Mix)			8:08
09.	Perfect Moment (David Costa Dub)				8:10

Ray & Anita (former 2 Unlimited) announced a world tour. No date or place was mentioned yet... (EE & 2 Unlimited official French fansite)

Romy and Marion (former 2 Unlimited) confirmed that they are planning not only a single (for January) but also an album. (EE & 2 Unlimited official French fansite)

New from DJ Dan is the EP DJ DAN presents Future Retro: Evolution 1.

01.	Drop Hits
02.	Drop Hits (Santiago & Bushido Remix)
03.	Can You Feel It?
04.	Can You Feel It? (Zodiac Cartel Remix)
05.	Can You Feel It? (Instrumental)

New from danish Medina is the EP You and I.

01.	You and I (Radio Edit)
02.	You and I (Deadmau5 Remix)
03.	You and I (Dash Berlin Vocal Remix)
04.	You and I (Spencher and Hill Remix)
05.	You and I (Sventrup and Vendelboe Remix)
06.	You and I

The forthcoming album from Faithless is entitled Calling All The Faithful. The first taster Sun To Me is available for download.

New from BoomTown is the release I Love New York.

Scooter's new album Under The Radar. Over The Top comes in three versions: Standard (1 CD or digital). The limited edition contains one bonus CD + a DVD featuring all the darker songs Scooter had produced till now like Am Fenster, Marian, She's The Sun. (EE & Christian Ohrens)

New from Rec. Pro (Alex Belcher, Pietro Mattina & Criss Tonino) is the officially approved remake of trendy 90's # 1 mega hit by La Bouche - Sweet Dreams.

1.	Sweet Dreams 2009 (Radio / Video Edit)
2.	Sweet Dreams 2009 (Vinylshakerz Radio Edit)
3.	Sweet Dreams 2009 (Alex Megane Radio Edit)
4.	Sweet Dreams 2009 (David Ramone Radio Edit)
5.	Sweet Dreams 2009 (Chriss Ortega & Thomas Gold Remix)
6.	Sweet Dreams 2009 (Backside Artists Remix)
7.	Sweet Dreams 2009 (Cansis Remix)
8.	Sweet Dreams 2009 (Break Dawner Jumper Remix)

New from Tiësto is the album Kaleidoscope.

01.	Kaleidoscope feat. Jónsi
02.	Escape Me feat. C.C. Sheffield
03.	You Are My Diamond feat. Kianna
04.	I Will Be Here feat. Sneaky Sound System
05.	I Am Strong feat. Priscilla Ahn
06.	Here On Earth feat. Cary Brothers
07.	Always Near
08.	It's Not The Things You Say feat. Kele Okereke
09.	Fresh Fruit
10.	Century feat. Calvin Harris
11.	Feel It In My Bones feat. Tegan & Sara
12.	Who Wants To Be Alone feat. Nelly Furtado
13.	LA Ride
14.	Bend It Like You Don't Care
15.	Knock You Out feat. Emily Haines
16.	Louder Than Boom
17.	Surrounded By Light

New from Dash Berlin is the album The New Daylight.

01.	Till The Sky Falls Down
02.	Man On The Run (Vocal Mix)
03.	Wired feat Susana
04.	Waiting feat Emma Hewitt
05.	Never Cry Again
06.	To Be The One feat Idaho
07.	End Of Silence feat Rowald Steyn & Nina Deli
08.	The Night Time
09.	Renegade feat DJ Remy
10.	Janerio feat Solid Sessions
11.	Feel U Here
12.	The New Daylight
13.	Surround Me
14.	Believe In You feat Secede & Sarah Howells [Bonus Track]

New from Silvershine is the release Sommarplaga, released on September 21st.

New from Ichisan is the release The Full Bet EP.


New from Markus Schulz is the release Do You Dream - EP and it's the official theme song of Evolution.

01.	Do You Dream (Radio Edit)		2:43
02.	Do You Dream				5:56
03.	Do You Dream (Uplifting Mix)	7:42

Marco Del Horno is giving away a new DJ Mix called Upfront Ibiza. It's is one of the mixes he did for Go-Music Promo for their summer promotion in Ibiza.

01.	Galaxy Group ft Capitol A - Out Of Control (Asad Rizvi Dub)
02.	Jon Culter - It's Yours (Accapella)
03.	Carlos Jiminez, J Elvira & Oliver Sam - La Vida
04.	Tune Brothers & MC Flipside - Jack Beat
05.	Romine Vs Tucillo - The Dark (Nino Anthony Miami Drum Remix)
06.	Norm - Rotate (Carnival Mix)
07.	Bertie Blackman - Thump (Nick Galea Remix)
08.	NoSweat - I Feel Alive (Chris Aidy Remix)
09.	El Rojo Alma - Amelia (Instrumental)
10.	Chris Shiva - Children Of The Time (Malinchak Mix)
11.	Mark Ardent - Hyperactive (Doman & Gooding Remix)
12.	Alex Gold - Reaction (Michael Gray Remix)
13.	MSTRSS - In Danger (Cosmic Funk Remix - MDH Edit)
14.	Hideo Kobayashi - Made In Japan

The new single from Lasgo is entitled Lost and is out now. It's the story of a girl who overcomes the infidelity of her boyfriend and transforms it into a positive force. From now on she puts herself first. Wrong guys are no big loss. 'Lost' without feeling so.

01.	Lost (Radio Edit)				2:57
02.	Lost (Extended Mix)			4:22
03.	Lost (Jordy Lishious Remix)		7:38

New from DJ Denny Gee feat. Marc Reason is the release Funky.

01.	Funky (Purple Project Radio Cut)	3:55
02.	Funky (David Folkebrant Radio Cut)	4:13
03.	Funky (Original Radio Cut)	3:40
04.	Funky (Purple Project Club Remix)	6:28
05.	Funky (David Folkebrant Club Remix)	7:14
06.	Funky (Original Mix)	5:40
07.	Funky (Club Mix)	5:13

New from The Revialz is the release The EP (Burnin').

New from Accuface is the single How Can I Save You.

New from Thomas Schillinger is the release Les Alpes.

New from Tosch with Sonic Monkey is the release Emanation

New from Rico Bernasconi vs Ace Of Base is the release Cruel Summer a remake of Ace Of Base hit.
It was released in digital stores on August 21st.

01.	Cruel Summer (Screen Mix)								3:18
02.	Cruel Summer (Tom Pulse Sunshine Radio Mix)				3:00
03.	Cruel Summer (Original Club Mix)						6:21
04.	Cruel Summer (Tom Pulse Sunshine Club Mix)				5:24
05.	Cruel Summer (Max Farenthide Remix)						5:48
06.	Cruel Summer (DJ Tom Cut Remix)						5:26
07.	Cruel Summer (DJ Tomekk vs. Anady Club Remix)			6:10
08.	Cruel Summer (Chris Galmon vs. Christopher Grey Club Mix)		6:13

New from DJ Schwede is the release Yakety Yak Reloaded 2k9.

New from Kendy is the release Save Me.

New from Jackville is the release The Stroke, out now on iTunes.

01.	The Stroke (Hans-O-Matik Radio)		3:03
02.	The Stroke (Original Radio)			3:16
03.	The Stroke (Luke Francis Radio)		3:16
04.	The Stroke (Hans-O-Matik Remix)	4:35
05.	The Stroke (Original Mix)			5:34
06.	The Stroke (Luke Francis Remix)		5:28

New from Oscar Salguero is the release Like A Prayer.

New from DJ Rebel is the release Never Alone - EP, a remake of 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor's hit.

01.	Never Alone (Radio Edit)						3:39
02.	Never Alone (Extended)						6:54
03.	Never Alone (Dj Dominique vs. Philip D Remix)		4:03

New from Tommylefunk is the release Stockholm Mood EP.

01.	Stockholm Mood (Original Mix)	6:53
02.	Psychos (Original Mix)			4:56
03.	Ultraschmog (Original Mix)		5:47
04.	Speakerbuster (Original Mix)	5:45

Gala's new album Tough Love will soon be out. (EE)

Niels Van Gogh made a cover of Livin' Joy's hit Dreamer, it was released on August 14th. (EE & eurodance blog).

New from Sunrider is the release Arabian Pleasure.

New from David Guetta is the album One Love, released on August 24th.

01.	When Love Takes Over (featuring Kelly Rowland)
02.	Gettin' Over (featuring Chris Willis)
03.	Sexy Chick (featuring Akon)
04.	Memories (featuring Kid Cudi)
05.	On The Dancefloor (featuring will.i.am & apl.de.ap)
06.	It's The Way You Love Me (featuring Kelly Rowland)
07.	Missing You (featuring Novel)
08.	Choose (featuring Ne-Yo & Kelly Rowland)
09.	How Soon Is Now (featuring Sebastian Ingrosso, Dirty South & Julie McKnight)
10.	I Gotta Feel (FMIF Remix) (The Black Eyed Peas)
11.	One Love (featuring Estelle)
12.	I Wanna Go Crazy (featuring will.i.am)
13.	Sound Of Letting Go (featuring Chris Willis)
14.	Toyfriend (featuring Wynter Gordon)
15.	If We Ever (featuring Makeba)
16.	Sexy Bitch (featuring Akon)
17.	I Need You Now (featuring Samantha Jade)
18.	It's Your Life (featuring Chris Willis)

New from Giuseppe Ottaviani & John O´Callaghan is the release Our Dimension.

A1.	Our Dimension (Original Mix)
B1.	Our Dimension (Cressida Remix)
B2.	Unplugged

Captain Jack released the single She's Gonna Get You, a previously unreleased track from 1995. It's inspired by the original soundtrack from the movie Miss Marple. Some other unreleased tracks are coming soon. (EE & DZ).

1.	She's Gonna Get You (Radio Edit)		3:55
2.	She's Gonna Get You (Gangster Mix)	4:58
3.	She's Gonna Get You (Crime Mix)		4:57

New from Paul van Dyk feat. Johnny McDaid is the release Home.

1.	Home (PvD Club Mix)					7:13
2.	Home (Cosmic Gate Remix Vinyl Edit)		6:46
3.	Home (Wippenberg Remix Vinyl Edit)		6:49

New from 2-4 Grooves feat. Reki D. is the release Relax

A1.	Relax (Michael Mind RMX)
A2.	Relax (Original Club Mix)
B1.	Relax (Finger & Kadel RMX)
B1.	Relax (Chris Decay Electro House RMX)

New from Felix da Housecat is the album He Was King out August 25th.

01.	We All Wanna Be Prince
02.	Plastik Fantasik
03.	Kickdrum
04.	Do We Move Your World
05.	We
06.	Spank U Very Much
07.	Do Not Try This At Home
08.	Turn Me On A Summer Smile
09.	Elvi$
10.	LA Ravers
11.	Machine
12.	He Was King

Bloom06 (former Eiffel 65) released a new single called Being Not Like YouBlue (Da Ba Dee) (EE & eurodance blog).

The new Lasgo album will be entitled Smile. It will contain 15 tracks and should be out on September 7th. (EE & Dancevibes)

New from Jan Delay is the album Wir Kinder Vom Bahnhof Soul, released on August 14th.

01.	Showgeschäft
02.	Oh Jonny
03.	Ein Leben Lang
04.	Überdosis Fremdscham
05.	Abschussball
06.	Hoffnung
07.	B-Boys & Disko-Girls
08.	Large
09.	Kommando Bauchladen
10.	Little Miss Anstrengend
11.	Rave Against The Machine
12.	Disko

The new album from Air will be entitled Love 2 and is expected to be released on October 5th.

01.	Do The Joy
02.	Love
03.	So Light Is Her Footfall
04.	Be A Bee
05.	Missing The Light Of The Day
06.	Tropical Disease
07.	Heaven's Light
08.	Night Hunter
09.	Sing Sang Sung
10.	Eat My Beat
11.	You Can Tell It To Everybody
12.	African Velvet
13.	Au Fond Du Rêve Doré
14.	Danger Zone [Pre-Order Only]

Datarock's new album is entitled Red and will be released on September 1st.

New from Claudia Cazacu is the releases Size Zero / Mannequin (on Reset) and Lekker / Nefertiti (on Soundpiercing).

S.E.X Appeal's new single is entitled Sex On The Phone and was released on August 28th. (EE & eurodance blog)

01.	Sex On The Phone (Radio Edit)
02.	Sex On The Phone (Bootleggerz Radio Remix)
03.	Sex On The Phone (D. Mand Radio Remix)
04.	Sex On The Phone (Album Version)
05.	Sex On The Phone (Bootleggerz Extended Remix)
06.	Sex On The Phone (D. Mand Extended Remix)

Real McCoy performed their brand new single Two Hearts at the DJ Bobo & Friends concert in Engelberg, Germany. It should be released during next Autumn. (EE & O'jay).

New from Illinton & Nico Defro5t featuring Angelica is the release Crossfire.

New from The Love Dictators is the self-produced album DiscoBALLS. They describe their own music as "Sovjet Flavored Eurodance Music". The album was released on June 27th and contains 9 tracks.

01.	From The Cradle To The Dancefloor
02.	The Love Dictators
03.	De-Virginator
04.	Disco Balls
05.	Soviet Power
06.	This is Love!
07.	Show Me Your Sister
08.	Dear Diary (BEAM Cover)
09.	Groove of Love

New from Filipsson + Lindblad is the album A Splendor In The Grass out now.

01.	Another Plan
02.	Belfast
03.	New Life
04.	Felt Calmer
05.	Shock Doctrine
06.	Happy Birthday Day Jef
07.	Splendor In The Grass
08.	Daniel Wang Is My Neighbour
09.	Pleasure Treasure
10.	Take Some Fresh
11.	Paul Has Wings

Jefferson Project are back! After many years of silence, they are ready to gather again, and working on a new single. The style will be eurodance, with modern influences. (EE & Klems)

Technotronic: Rumours state that there is a new album in the pipe to be released 09-09-09 on Universal Records featuring Ya Kid K. and Eric "MC Eric" Martin.

In 2009 Ya Kid K. and Eric Martin started a successful World Tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Technotronic. They perform full-length concerts featuring some new remixes of the well-known hit singles and introduce some new tunes. (Charly "Forti" Romanowski)

Fun Factory (third generation) is working on a new album. In July 2009 they released a single entitled Uh La La.
(Charly "Forti" Romanowski)


New from Pitbull is the track I Know You Want Me, released on iTunes.

Thea Austin teamed with Natural Born Grooves and the result is a song called Bad Bad Baby. (EE & Eurodance blog)

T-spoon are about to release a new version of their hit No Time 2 Waste. (EE & Eurodance blog).

DJ Aligator (former Factual Beat) will release his new album Kiss My Bass, including the tracks I'm Coming Home and Calling You on August 26th. (EE & Eurodance blog)

Captain Jack released Hi Ho on all major download portals. While they are still announcing a Captain Jack 2009 on the official website. (EE, Jeroen, Denis 'DJ Hooligan' Zhabkine & Eurodance blog).

01.	Hi Ho (Radio/Video Mix)
02.	Hi Ho (Extended Mix)
03.	Oh Lalala (Radio/Video Mix)

New from Paolo Driver, Andrea Introvigne & Alex Fiorini is the track Que Pasa.

New from Crew 7 feat. Men*Of Honor is the Eddy Grant cover Avenue. The lyrics of Avenue has been re-written and creates a complete new story. Only the Chorus of the original Eddy Grant song has been used. The single will be released on August 14th.

Delectable has released the compilation Yellow Summer Compilation n.°1.

01.	Joseph Attack - Trip Under the Sea
02.	Joseph Attack - I'm Looking my Mind (Remix)
03.	Luigi Busiello - Magic
04.	Luigi Busiello - Sam
05.	Brainswitch - Abnormal
06.	Brainswitch - Planet Two
07.	Luka Kerky - Overtone (Original Mix)
08.	Luka Kerky - Overtone (Remix)

New from John O'Callaghan feat. Sarah Howells is the single Find Yourself released on July 20th.

01.	Find Yourself (Radio Edit)			3:21
02.	Find Yourself (Original Mix)			7:06
03.	Find Yourself (Cosmic Gate Remix)	8:42

New from Texas based Tasadi is the album The System. It's out now and released under the Lost Language lable.

01.	Sol			3:55
02.	Mercurius		6:43
03.	Venus		7:23
04.	Terra			6:41
05.	Luna			7:36
06.	Mars			5:41
07.	Jupiter		4:42
08.	Saturnus		6:09
09.	Uranus		5:43
10.	Neptune		6:21
11.	Pluto			6:05

New from Adam Thomas feat. Rafiq is the single Hey Baby.

New from Diva & Jones is the single Thriller.

New from Thorsten Graeber is the single African Beauty

New from Aqua Diva Vs Mango is the single At The Edge Of This Mountain

Scooter's new single will be entitled J'adore Hardcore, and it will be released on August 14th. The new album,
called Under The Radar Over The Top will follow on October 2nd.

In 2010, Scooter will start a new big tour through Germany. The 'Under The Radar Over The Top Tour 2010' will start in Cologne on March 11th.

Scooter will make their version of song Troy by Die Fantastischen Vier for their 20th year tribute album.

Their hit Nessaja was used as main theme on the movie 'Brüno'

(EE & Denis 'DJ Hooligan' Zhabkine)

Annagrace's (former Ian Van Dahl) single Let The Feelings Go was #1 in the USA Billboard Dance Airplay Chart.

New from Benassi vs. David Bowie is the remake of the 1979 original by Bowie entitled D.J.

01.	D.J. (Radio Edit)
02.	D.J. (Vocal Mix)
03.	D.J. (Planet Funk Remix)
04.	D.J. (Mobbing Remix)
05.	D.J. (Alex Gopher Remix)
06.	D.J. (Alex Gaudino & Jason Rooney Remix)
07.	D.J. (eSQUIRE Remix)

New from Sir-G vs Dj Sake is the release Always Been Real.

New from Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike is the release Under The Water.

New from Klaas Meets Haddaway is the release What Is Love 2K9.

New from Felix da Housecat is the single We All Wanna Be Prince. It will be released digitally on July 27th.

01.	We All Wanna Be Prince (Paper Faces Remix)
02.	We All Wanna Be Prince (Joachim Garraud Vocal Remix)
03.	We All Wanna Be Prince (Joachim Garraud Dub Remix)
04.	We All Wanna Be Prince (Danny Howells' Delirious Remix)
05.	We All Wanna Be Prince (Grey Ghost & Deth Hertz Remix)
06.	We All Wanna Be Prince (Port-Royal Remix)
07.	We All Wanna Be Prince (Instrumental Mix)
08.	We All Wanna Be Prince (Clean Version)

Neja's new single is entitled Loving You. The album has been produced in cooperation with two DJs from Turin (Peter Damir and Gianluca Argante - production) and it is currently being promoted in England. (EE)

Pandora is working on some new tracks for her future album which should be out at the end of 2009. (EE & Eurodance blog)

Producer Roberto Zanetti aka Robyx finally decided to bring out this year his project Savage. Last month a video was shot in Los Angeles for the newest single Twothousandnine, to be released this month. (EE & Eurodance blog).

Mark'Oh released a cover of Prince Ital Joe feat Marky Mark's hit single United.

01.	United (Radio Short Mix)
02.	United (Clubmix)
03.	United (Andrew Spencer Remix)
04.	United (Guenta K Remix)

Danish chill out downbeat producer Ganga is out with his third album - More Light Please. The album features Vanessa Daou and will be released on August 1st.

New from Graham Golds is the compilation Submerge. It's a selection of tracks from the all of the labels associated with Fektive and pretty much covers all the genres in one monumental building mix. Release date mid August.

Dj Rebel known for his collaboration with Robert Abigail made a remix of 2 Brothers on 4th Floor's hit single Never Alone. The single was released on July 20th. and includes and a remix of Cappella U Got 2 Know. (Eurodance blog)

A1.	Never Alone (Extended)
A2.	Never Alone (DJ F.R.A.N.K. Remix)
B1.	U Got 2 Know (Extended)
B2.	U Got 2 Know (AMRO Remix)

Dj Rebel known for his collaboration with Robert Abigail made a remix of 2 Brothers on 4th Floor's hit single Never Alone. The single was released on July 20th. and includes and a remix of Cappella U Got 2 Know. (Eurodance blog)

A1.	Never Alone (Extended)
A2.	Never Alone (DJ F.R.A.N.K. Remix)
B1.	U Got 2 Know (Extended)
B2.	U Got 2 Know (AMRO Remix)

New from Marco V is the release Solitary Confinement, released on July 20th.

A1.	Solitary Confinement (Propaganda Mix)
A2.	Revixed
B1.	Solitary Confinement (San Remix)
B2.	Solitary Confinement (Brian Cross ReMix)

New from Rank 1 is the Sunrise festival theme 2009 entitled Symfo. Released on July 20th.


New from Oceanlab is the single Lonely Girl featuring Justine Suissa. It was released on July 6th.

01.	Lonely Girl (Radio Edit)			3:00
02.	Lonely Girl (Ercola Remix)			7:34
03.	Lonely Girl (PROFF Remix)			7:24
04.	Lonely Girl (Ercola Remix Radio Edit)	3:22

BT, Brian Transeau, is back after some time of silence. The new single is entitled Rose Of Jericho and is taken from the forthcoming album.

Rose Of Jericho (Part 1)
01.	Rose Of Jericho (BT’s Deus Ex Machina Album Mix)
02.	Rose Of Jericho (Robbie Rivera New Juicy Music Mix)
03.	Rose Of Jericho (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix)

Rose Of Jericho (Part 2)
01.	Rose Of Jericho (Adam K & Soha Remix)
02.	Rose Of Jericho (Robbie Rivera Juicy Miami After Hours Remix)
03.	Rose Of Jericho (Virtual Vault Remix)

New from Armin van Buuren feat. Jacqueline Govaert is the single Never Say Never.

01.	Never Say Never (Radio Edit)
02.	Never Say Never (Extended Mix)
03.	Never Say Never (Alex Gaudino Remix)
04.	Never Say Never (Myon & Shane 54 Remix)
05.	Never Say Never (Omnia Remix)

The new Real McCoy single is on its way...

New from Marco Del Horno ft Katie Leone is the release entitled Never Gonna Let You Go, a cover of the Tina Moore classic.

New from Random John is the digital release Ibizy Dirty & Tone Smacker.

New from Amber D is the digital release Anthem & What's Mine Is Mine.

New from Crew 7 is the release Everytime We Touch.

New from Big Box is the release Take Me Higher.

New from Brisby & Jingles is the release Who´ll Stop The Rain.

New from Sunrider is the release The Music's Got Me.

New from Sunflash is the release I Won't Let The Sun.

New from Alina is her debut single When You Leave (Numa Numa), remixed for release by Swedish Basshunter and based on O-zone's hit Dragostea Din Tei.

New from Claudia Cazacu feat. Audrey Gallagher is the single Freefallin'.

01.	Freefallin' (Original Mix)
02.	Freefallin' (Dub Mix)

New from Tom Boxer feat. Jay is the single A Beautiful Day.

Cascada released the new single Evacuate The Dance Floor on June 29th.

01.	Evacuate The Dancefloor (Radio Edit)			3:25
02.	Evacuate The Dancefloor (Cahill Remix)		6:46
03.	Evacuate The Dancefloor (Wideboys Remix)		6:08
04.	Evacuate The Dancefloor (Ultrabeat Remix)		4:52

New from Hardwell is the Dance Valley 2009 anthem Twilight Zone.

New from Crypsis is the release Statement Of Intent.

New from Dakota is the album entitled Thoughts Become Things, released on June 29th.

01.	Chinook
02.	Johnny The Fox
03.	Sin City
04.	The Doorway
05.	Koolhaus
06.	Steel Libido
07.	Lima
08.	Roxy ‘84
09.	Re-Swirl
10.	Mr. Cappuccino

New from Filo & Peri is the mix-album entitled The Digital Sessions Ibiza 2009.

01.	Kuffdam - Burning Up (Mango Remix)
02.	Starchaser feat. LO-FI Sugar - So High (Martin Roth Remix)
03.	Alex M.O.R.P.H. - No Regrets (Menno de Jong Vocal Intepretation)
04.	Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Photograph (Jonas Hornblad Remix)
05.	Adam Kancerski - Who´s in Charge (Original Mix)
06.	Filo & Peri - Light @ the End of the Tunnel
07.	Oceania - Always (Stoneface and Terminal Remix)
08.	Reverse - Distant Destiny (Original Remix)
09.	Filo and Peri - Drops of Jupiter (Main Mix)
10.	Public Domain - Vibrations (Public Domain Vocal Mix)

New from Nick Mentes Vs Jerique is the track Distracted.

Amber's new single is called I Don't Believe In Hate, it was composed by Kelly Mueller and remixed by Pathos V2. The single will be available on all digital megastores from July 21th. (EE & Eurodanceblog)

New from Jan Van Lier / Thee-O is the track Baila.

New from Brusca & Olderic is the track Cosmopolitan Swing.

New from Neuroxyde is the track Yebo Yebo.

New from Chris R vs. Carl B is the release entitled Take Off.

01.	Take Off (Original)
02.	Take Off (Alex Kunnari Remix)

New from Jonas Steur is the release entitled Get Busy.

01.	Get Busy (Original)
02.	Get Busy (Radio Edit)

Mr.President will release previously unreleased tracks gathered on a digital album simply entitled Unreleased. Release date is set to July 28th on iTunes.

DJ Bobo's new tour will be entitled Fantasy, and it will be more spectacular then ever...
The upcoming album will be released on January 29, 2010. (EE)

New from DJs From Mars is the release Don´t Give Up, it's a cover of Chicane's hit.

The new Dj Sammy single will be called Feel The Love. (EE & Eurodanceblog)

ATB's new single will be called Behind and it will feature the italian project Flanders. (EE)

Push released a 2-disc album entitled Global Age in June.

New from David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland is the single When Love Takes Over.

Eliza G released the single Summer Lie on June 12. It was released on the classic DWA record label.

01.	Summer Lie (Radio Edit)				3:41
02.	Summer Lie (Mediterrano Club Mix)		6:02
03.	Summer Lie (Kluub Mix)				5:46
04.	Summer Lie (Airy Mix)				5:07
05.	Summer Lie (Extended Mix)				4:38
06.	Summer Lie (Love 90's Extended)		5:06
07.	Summer Lie (Airy Short Edit)			3:34
08.	Summer Lie (Kluub Radio Edit)			3:16
09.	Summer Lie (Love 90's Radio Edit)		3:57

Kate Ryan's new single Babacar (another France Gall cover) wias internationally released on the 15th of June. (EE)

New from Nightshifterz vs. Marik is the single Touch Me (All Night Long).

New from Saints & Sinners is the release Peace 2009.

01.	Peace 2009 (Breakfast Mix)
02.	Peace 2009 (Lange '98 Remix)
03.	Peace 2009 (Ilinton's Beat Mix)
04.	Peace 2009 (Miro Mix)

New from Tasadi is the release The System EP.

01.	Mars
02.	Jupiter
03.	Neptune


New from Sanders & Deenasty feat. America Rodriguez is the house track Sway 2K9.

New from Maik Klobas aka D-M-O is the house track Safety Dance (Remix 2009).

New from Erick Decks feat. Jimmie Wilson is the house track Feel It.

Chicane, british songwriter/producer Nick Bracegirdle, has released a compilation of his greatest hits.
The album is entitled The Best of Chicane 1996-2009 and is out now.

01.	Offshore
02.	Bruised Water (with Natasha Bedingfield)
03.	No Ordinary Morning
04.	Don't Give Up (ft. Bryan Adams)
05.	Spirit (ft. Jewel)
06.	Halcyon
07.	Sunstroke
08.	Stoned in Love (ft. Tom Jones)
09.	Wake Up (ft. Keane)
10.	Come Tomorrow
11.	Leaving Town
12.	Daylight
13.	From Blue to Green
14.	Love On The Run (ft. Peter Cunnah)
15.	Locking Down
16.	U R Always
17.	Saltwater (ft. Moya Brennan)
18.	Early

New from Tristan Garner vs Crystal Waters is the single Gypsy Woman 2009. French house producer Tristan Garner decided to have a little battle with one of most widely known dance classics all time. Gypsy Woman, with all the characteristics of Crystal Waters' voice coming out their best. It was first released in 1991.

01.	Gypsy Woman 2009 (Radio Edit)
02.	Gypsy Woman 2009 (Original Mix)

New from Sonartek is the EP Green Room.

New from Smart Apes ft. Kate Miles is the single Smile.

01.	Smile (Original)
02.	Smile (Amex Remix)
03.	Smile (Michael Angelo vs. Silver J & Catania Remix)
04.	Smile (Radio Edit)

New from Mark Norman is the single Coffee Break.

01.	Coffee Break (Original)
02.	Coffee Break (Gustav Remix)
03.	Coffee Break (Short Edit)

New from Shaft is the track Mucho Mambo (Sway) 2009 Remixes.

New from Vimana is the single We Came (2009).

01.	We Came (Akira Kayosa's 2009 Passion Mix)
02.	We Came (First State Remix)

New from Salemme is the track All That She Wants.

New from K La Cuard is the track I Need You So.

Aqua released a new single Back To The 80's on May 25th. The single is taken from a new album coming out later this summer. The new album will have 3 new tracks and all their old hits in new updated versions. (EE & Anders Bøgh)

Paradisio released Bailando Me Dices Adios which is a remake of the original Bailando, featuring a new female vocalist.
(EE & Ivan)

New from Adrian Kiliszek & Slad is the EP Pipes / Judicial Restraint.

01.	Adrian Kiliszek - Pipes (Original Mix)
02.	Adrian Kiliszek - Pipes (Slad Remix)
03.	Slad - Judicial Restraint (Original Mix)
04.	Slad - Judicial Restraint (Adrian Kiliszek Remix)

Also new from Slad is Head part III.

01.	Head (Original Rework)
02.	Head (Delectable Houseworks Remix)
03.	Head (Sam Diamante Remix)
04.	Head (Adrian Kiliszek Remix)
05.	Head (Flat Nandez Remix)

New from Reii is the single Shocks, out now.

01.	Shocks (Original)
02.	Shocks (Sunny Lax Remix)
03.	Shocks (Cormac Murphy Spiked Remix)

The new single from deadmau5 & Kaskade - I Remember is out now.

New from Tom Pulse is the track Cuando (Floresca El Chuno).

New from Rico Bernasconi is the track Love Deep Inside.

AnnaGrace new single Let the Feelings Go is out now.

01.	Let the Feelings Go (Radio Edit)
02.	Let the Feelings Go (Extended)
03.	Let the Feelings Go (Peter Luts Remix)
04.	Let the Feelings Go (Sem Thomasson Remix)
05.	Let the Feelings Go (Hardwell Mix)
06.	Let the Feelings Go (Hardwell Dub)

Michael "Mike" Staab , producer of Mysterious Art, died on 11th May at the age of 49.

New from Cuba Club is the track In My Eyes (If There's Love In His Eyes).

New from Punk is the track So What.

Captain Jack is coming with a new album called Rewind To The 90s. It seems that it will be a collection of reworked versions of their old hits. The first single will be Captain Jack 2009. (EE & Ivan)

Klubbingman's new single is entitled Another Day Another Night. It features Trixi Delgado and was released on May 15th. (EE)

Lil Suzy is back! Her new single is entitled Dance Tonight, digital release is set on June 18th 2009. (EE)

Bad Boy Bill will release the album entitled The Album on July 28th. The single Falling Anthem featuring Alyssa Palmer was released on May 12th.

The Album
01.	Do What You Like (feat. Alyssa Palmer)
02.	Headlock (feat. Johanna Phraze)
03.	Fast Life (feat. Alex Peace)
04.	Got That Feeling (feat. Eric Jag)
05.	Falling Anthem (feat. Alyssa Palmer)
06.	Ishy (feat. Alyssa Palmer)
07.	Bite It (feat. Kid Infinity)
08.	Rockit
09.	Wait (feat. Jessy Moss)
10.	If I Tell You (feat. Alyssa Palmer)
11.	Don't Stop

DWA Records re-recorded and released a megamix of the classic eurodance hits, Saturday Night, The Rhythm Of The Night, Please Don't Go, Me And You and Think About The Way. The project Mad 90s is produced by Robyx. (EE & Augusto Vilar)

Pet Shop Boys released the single Did You See Me Coming on June 1st.


ATB's new album Future Memories was released on May 1th. The double-cd album is available in Standard and Limited Edition. The limited edition also contains a DVD.

01.	L.A. Nights
02.	What About Us
03.	Swept Away
04.	A New Day
05.	My Everything
06.	Summervibes with 9PM
07.	Gravity
08.	Luminescence	(ATB pres. Josh Gallahan)
09.	Behind		(ATB pres. Flanders)
10.	Future Memories
11.	Still Here
12.	My Saving Grace
13.	Terra 260273
14.	Communicate	(ATB pres. Jades)

01.	Talismanic
02.	Missing
03.	Horizon
04.	Voices
05.	Behind (ATB's Ambient Version)	(ATB pres. Flanders)
06.	Authentic Reaction			(ATB pres. Apple&Stone)
07.	Careless
08.	Twilight
09.	Listen To Me
10.	Living Life Over
11.	Silent Meaning
12.	Malibu Road

New from Michael Beltran ft Jessy is the track Can't Get Enough.

01.	Can't Get Enough (Radio Mix)				3:31
02.	Can't Get Enough (Extended Mix)				5:15
03.	Can't Get Enough (Michael Beltran Mix)			6:20

New from DNM ft Jade, DNM are Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, is the track Liquid Skies.

New from Ron Carroll is the track Bump To Dis.

01.	Bump to Dis (Belocca & Soneec Remix)		8:03
02.	Bump to Dis (Muzzaik Remix)				7:32
03.	Bump to Dis (Groovenatics Bump The Dub)		10:07
04.	Bump to Dis (Bart Hendrix Remix)			7:34
05.	Bump to Dis (RiskSoundSystem Remix)		6:29
06.	Bump to Dis (Gio Martinez & Genetik Remix)		6:29

New from DJ Rebel is the EP entitled Remix EP.

01.	U Got 2 Know 2009 (Extended)
02.	Never Alone (DJ Rebel Remix)	(2B4TH)
03.	F**k on Cocaine (DJ Rebel Remix)	(DJ Youri)

Roby Pinna's new single See Your Face will be out on May 11th. (EE)

New from Marco Del Horno is Lose Control EP out on Beatport.

01.	Lose Control (Original Mix)
02.	The Only Way Is Down (Original Mix)
03.	Like I Preach It (Original Mix)
04.	Pump Up The Volume (Original Mix)

New from Last Japan is the track Oil!.

New from Megastylez is the single Mighty Disco Kings.

New from Dersonna is the track Coming of Age.

New from Crowd Control is the track We Don't Care.

New from Renegade System & Owen Johnston is the track The Beginning.

New from Owen Johnston & Ciaran Fox is the track Decode.

Riva ft. Dannii Minogue will release the Who Do You Love Now (Stringer) single on May 11th. It will include the Bart Claessen Remix which caused a massive stir with his brand new bootleg version.

New from L.B.G. (Love Bites Glamour) is the single Good As My Love.

New from Yakuza pres. Digital Nature & Point B is the EP Ethereal / Second Thoughts.

01.	Ethereal (Original Mix)
02.	Second Thoughts (Original Mix)

New from Van der Vleuten is the single Find My Way.

01.	Find My way (Michael de Kooker Remix)
02.	Find My Way (Original Mix)
03.	Lost in Nowhere (Original Mix)

New from Leigh Brooks is the single Three O 3.

01.	Three O 3 (Original Mix)
02.	Three O 3 (Fabio Steins Funk'd Up Tech Rework)

New from Crystal Fighters is the single Xtatic Truth, to be released on the lable Kitsune on May 18th.

New from Icon is the single Right Now (Na Na Na), a remake of Akon's hit.

New from Slad is the single Head.

New from Alex Deluxe is the single Party Like A Rockstar.

New from Chico del Mar & DJ Base is the single Caribbean Queen.

New from Reverse is the 12" Distant Destiny.

New from Paul van Dyk is the 12" For An Angel 2009 - The Remixes out on May 7th.

New from Marcelo Carvalho is the track Kumbia.

New from Prescott & Slide is the EP No Money, released April 17th.

New from U.K.'s underground legend Pete Bones is the EP Ventriloquist, released April 16th.

AnnaGrace's (Ian Van Dahl) first single You Make Me Feel will be licensed in the UK under Hard2Beat.
(EE & Eurodance Blog)

Lasgo's Out Of My Mind will also be released in the UK under the record company Hard2Beat. (EE & Eurodance Blog)

Kate Ryan's new single in entitled Your Eyes. (EE)

The Store'n'Forward single featuring Trixi Delgado that she recorded a few monthes ago is entitled Hello World and it was released on April 15th. (EE & Eurodance Blog)

Members of Mayday is back with a new single and a new album. The single is entitled Massive Moments and
the album All In One.

All In One
01.	Worldclub
02.	Mom
03.	New Euphoria
04.	Prototypes
05.	Culture Flash (Hardy Hard Mix)
06.	Troopa of Tomorrow
07.	10 in 01
08.	Soundtropolis
09.	Massive Moments
10.	Reflect Yourself
11.	Team X-treme (Reloop Mix)
12.	Sonic Empire (Reloop Mix)
13.	Rave (The Lost Anthem)
MM.	The Unmixed Versions (Full Length MP3s)

Massive Moments
01.	Massive Moments (Short Mix)						3:05
02.	Massive Moments								5:23
03.	Massive Moments (Marten Hörger's Martial Art Remix)		5:40

New from Dance 2 Trance is the single Power of American Natives 2009, released on April 22nd.

New from Bad Boys Blue is the single Queen Of My Dreams. (DZ)

New from Triple Bounce is the single Talk To Me. (DZ)

New from David Amani ft. John Davis is the track Beautiful Day.

New from Tracy Fox is the track Dark Water.

New from Natious is the release Amber out on Lost Language Recordings.

New from shuuknfunk is the MP3 release Music Is The Key.

New from Rico Bernasconi is the release Love Deep Inside.

New from Groove Empire is the release Music Will Never Die.

New from Doman & Gooding is the release Pacific State.

Experience Of Music launched a new website in march.

New from Anne Rani is her solo debut single Fall.


Cosmic Gate will release their fourth album Sign Of The Times on March 23rd.

01.	Open Your Heart (featuring Tiff Lacey)
02.	London Rain
03.	Flatline (featuring Kyler England)
04.	Sign Of The Times
05.	Under Your Spell (featuring Aruna)
06.	Not Enough Time (featuring Emma Hewitt)
07.	F.A.V.
08.	Trip To PD
09.	Only Time (featuring Tommy Clint)
10.	Arctic Sunset
11.	Body Of Conflict (featuring Denise Rivera)
12.	Whatever
13.	Seize The Day (featuring Jades)

New from Doman & Gooding featuring Dru And Lincoln is the single Runnin', released on March 15th.

01.	Runnin' (Radio Edit)
02.	Runnin' (Main Mix)
03.	Runnin' (Mark Knights & Funkagenda's Done Or Dusted Mix)
04.	Runnin' (James Doman Remix)
05.	Runnin' (Ian Carey Remix)

New from M.E.M. is the single Time To Believe released on March 9th.

01.	Time To Believe (Original Mix)
02.	Time To Believe (Dub Mix)
03.	Time To Believe (Ummet Ozcan Remix)
04.	Time To Believe (Minimal Mix)

New from Sunrider is the track Instant Moments.

New from Commercial Club Crew is the remake of Toy Soldiers.

New from Andy Stroke Meets Tale & Dutch is the song Funk.

New from Vocana is the song Save Me.

Mostiko released the compilation 90's Remixed & Recovered, released on March 6th.

01.	Wamdue Project - King Of My Castle 2009 (Rowald Steyn Radio Edit)
02.	Sash! Ft. Stunt - Raindrops (Encore Une Fois Part II)
03.	Bart B More vs Oliver Twizt - Finally (Simmons & Christopher Radio Edit)
04.	7th Heaven ft. Banderas - This Is Your Life (7th Heaven Radio Edit)
05.	Timmy Vegas & Bad Lay-Dee - Another Dimension
06.	Manian - Turn The Tide 2K9 (Dave Darell Radio Edit)
07.	Kristine W - Feel What You Want (Bingo Players Short Rmx)
08.	Oliver Twizt - You're Not Alone (Bingo Players Short Rmx)
09.	Dance 2 Trance - Power Of American Natives (Jam El Mar 2009 Short Cut)
10.	Storm - Time To Burn 2009 (Rowald Steyn Radio Edit)
11.	Niels van Gogh vs Eniac - Pulverturm 3.0 (Yvan & Dan Daniel Short Edit)
12.	Phunk Investigation ft. Kwesi - The Promised Land (P.I. Radio Edit)
13.	Eddy Cabrera vs Thomas Gold - Losing My Religion (Radio Edit Niklas Mix)
14.	Aeronautics - It's A Fine Day (ZeroSix Radio Edit)
15.	FTW ft. Suzy - Freed From Desire
16.	Phunk Investigation vs. Boy George - Generations Of Love 2008 (P.I. Firewall Radio Edit)
17.	The Smart Kids - New Gold Dream (Instrumental Radio Edit)
18.	Veracocha - Carte Blanche 2008
19.	Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike ft. MoDiDa - Hello Hello
20.	DNM ft. Jade - Liquid Skies (Short diMaro Rmx)
21.	Nuclear Blast - Zombie Nation
22.	Simona Robins - Show Me Love
23.	MNM - Silence
24.	Hulk Hogan - Infinity

Lasgo has released the single Gone.

01.	Gone (Radio Edit)
02.	Gone (Original Mix)
03.	Gone (Sebastian Dali Remix)
04.	Gone (Felix Project Remix)

New from Captain Hollywood is the single It's Hurt's With You. (DZ & Mruwczynski Rafal)

01.	 It's Hurt's With You (Radio Mix) 				3:41
02.	 It's Hurt's With You (Splash Edit Mix) 			3:56
03.	 It's Hurt's With You (Steve Satellite Edit Mix) 	3:36
04.	 It's Hurt's With You (Club Mix)				7:07
05.	 It's Hurt's With You (Splash Remix) 			6:14
06.	 It's Hurt's With You (Steve Satellite Remix) 		6:48
07.	 It's Hurt's With You (Instrumental Club Mix) 	7:04

New from Nina is the single No More Tears. (DZ)

01.	No More Tears (Radio Version)				2:48
02.	No More Tears (Poppy Tune)				3:10
03.	No More Tears (Extended Version)			5:15
04.	No More Tears (Cck Meets Klischee Remix)		4:53
05.	No More Tears (Cck Meets Klischee Edit)		3:20
06.	No More Tears (Groove Coverage Rmx Long)	5:47
07.	No More Tears (Groove Coverage Rmx Short)	3:38
08.	No More Tears (Electrified Remix Long)		5:27
09.	No More Tears (Elektrified Remix Short)		3:41
10.	No More Tears (Jack Lewis Short)				2:47

New from Triple Bounce is the single Talk To Me. (DZ)

01.	Talk To Me (Alex Megane Remix)			5:29
02.	Talk To Me (Original Club Mix)			6:02
03.	Talk To Me (Radio Edit)				2:59
04.	Talk To Me (The Hitmen Remix)			5:51
05.	Talk To Me (Twistadee Jumper Remix)		6:18
06.	Talk To Me (Verano Dirty Talk Remix)

New from Pinball is the single Come Into My Dream. (DZ)

01.	Come Into My Dream (Club Mix)				5:40
02.	Come Into My Dream (Dub Mix)				5:44
03.	Come Into My Dream (Dub Mix Edit)			3:40
04.	Come Into My Dream (Single Mix)			3:54
05.	Come Into My Dream (Topmodelz Remix)		6:09

New from Manian is the promo single Ravers Fantasy (Promo). (DZ)

01.	Ravers Fantasy (Radio Edit)					3:32
02.	Ravers Fantasy (Club Mix)					6:34
03.	Ravers Fantasy (Manox Remix)				4:54
04.	Ravers Fantasy (Basslovers United Remix)		4:53
05.	Ravers Fantasy (Megastylez Remix)			5:09
06.	Ravers Fantasy (KC Caine Remix)			4:42

New from Reflekt feat. Delline Bass is the single Need To Feel Loved.

New from Overnite is the single Where Is The Love, released on March 9th.

01.	Where Is The Love (Radio Mix)
02.	Where Is The Love (Hi_Tack Edit)

New from Marcos feat. Emi Jarvi is the single CosmicString 2009, released on March 2nd.

New from Aldo Martinez feat. Corey Andrew is the single Destiny, released on March 9th.

New from Flat Nandez is the EP Brushcup.

New from Storm is the remake Time To Burn 2009.

New from Kuffman is the album Network, out now.

N-Trance's new single is entitled Nothing Lasts Forever and it features Kelly LLorenna. (EE & Pim)

New from french producer Laurent Wolf is the single Seventies, released on February 16th.

New from Marco Del Horno is the track Samura.

New from Jay Outback is the single Ich Glaub Mich Laust Der Affe, released on March 5th.

Pet Shop Boys released the album Yes on March 20th. It includes 11 new songs and one track by track commentary by Neil & Chris.

New from Faithless feat. Cass Fox is the single Music Matters.


New from Cosmic Gate Featuring Emma Hewitt is the song Not Enough Time. Not Enough Time is also the first single release from the forthcoming new Cosmic Gate album Sign Of The Times, which is scheduled for a release in March 2009.

Anita & Ray (original 2 Unlimited) was for the first time since 1996 together again on stage for a unique one time mini concert on the I Love The 90's party.

Waldo's People won the preselections with their song Lose control and they will now be representing Finland at ESC 2009. (EE & Konstantin)

N-trance finally decided to digitally release, on iTunes, their 1997 album The Mind Of The Machine. It will include 2 new tracks, Free Running and The Earth Is Dying, in a similar style that they used back in 1997. (DAI, EE & Eurodance blog)

01.	The Mind of the Machine			8:46
02.	EMF							3:45
03.	Tears In the Rain				4:37
04.	Planet B						5:53
05.	Violent Mechanical Psychopath		4:11
06.	Free Running					4:47
07.	So High						6:18
08.	The Earth Is Dying				4:01
09.	Deep Blue						5:55

New from Armin van Buuren is the album Imagine - The Remixes, released on February 09.

01.	Armin Van Buuren - Face To Face (Martin Roth Remix)
02.	Armin van Buuren feat. Jaren - Unforgivable (First State Smooth Mix)
03.	Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon den Adel - In And Out Of Love (The Blizzard Remix)
04.	Armin van Buuren feat. Jacqueline Govaert - Never Say Never (Myon & Shane 54 Remix)
05.	Armin Van Buuren feat. Cathy Burton - Rain (W&W Remix)
06.	Armin Van Buuren feat. Jennifer Rene - Fine Without You (Sied van Riel Remix)
07.	Armin Van Buuren feat. Vera Ostrova - What If (Ohmna Remix)
08.	Armin Van Buuren feat. Audrey Gallagher - Hold On To Me (John O'Callaghan Remix)
09.	Armin Van Buuren - Imagine (Paul Miller Remix)
10.	Armin van Buuren & DJ Shah feat. Chris Jones - Going Wrong (Alex M.O.R.P.H. b2b Woody van Eyden Remix)

01.	Armin van Buuren feat. Jacqueline Govaert - Never Say Never (Omnia Remix)
02.	Armin Van Buuren feat. Vera Ostrova - What If (Arnej Remix)
03.	Armin Van Buuren - Intricacy (Thomas Bronzwaer Remix)
04.	Armin Van Buuren feat. Cathy Burton - Rain (Cosmic Gate Remix)
05.	Armin Van Buuren feat. Jaren - Unforgivable (Stoneface & Terminal Dub Mix)
06.	Armin van Buuren & DJ Shah feat. Chris Jones - Going Wrong (Sean Tyas Remix)
07.	Armin Van Buuren feat. Sharon Den Adel - In And Out Of Love (Richard Durand Remix)

New from Armin van Buuren feat. Jaren is the single Unforgivable.

01.	Unforgivable (Radio Edit)							3:13
02.	Unforgivable (Extended Mix)						8:13
03.	Unforgivable (First State Smooth Mix)					9:21
04.	Unforgivable (First State Rough Mix)					8:57
05.	Unforgivable (Stoneface & Terminal Vocal Mix)			9:03
06.	Unforgivable (Stoneface & Terminal Vocal Dub Mix)		7:24
07.	Unforgivable (Cerf & Mitiska Remix)					9:30

New from Claudia Cazacu is the song Earproof, released on the mighty Reset label.

New from Le Shuuk is the Progressive-Electro-House song Kick The Big Ben.

New from Kuffdam is the 12" Burning Up. Burning Up is taken from Kuffdam´s debut artist album Network which will be out on February 21st.

New from Activa, alias Rob Stevenson, it the EP Rise Above / Get On With It. It will be released on February 26th.

New from Derelict is the song Nowadays, released on February 10th.

New from Jo Micali is the song Euphoria, to be released on February 20th.

New from Alex M.O.R.P.H. is the hit single Sunshine, it's taken from his forthcoming album Purple Audio (due to be released in July 2009).

New from The Prodigy is the single O, released on February 13th. The new album Invaders Must Die will be released on February 20th. The album will be released in 2 versions: Standard & Limited Deluxe Box Set. The Limited Deluxe Box Set also includes 5 vinyls, DVD and a bonus cd.

New from Playton is the single Fromantic, released in January.

b>Plavka (from Jam & Spoon) will release this year an album called Plavkalicious on an independent label based in Los Angeles called Wheat Recording. (EE & Eurodance blog)

New from BoomTown is the track How Old Are You, a remake of the Miko Mission (1986) and Master Blaster (2003) hit.

New from M25 is the release Better Of Alone a remake of Alice Deejay's hit. It's about ten years ago Alice Deejay stormed the charts with Better Off Alone, but in 2009 it is M25 who present their very own version of this infectious dance track. M25 is formed by two Polish producers named Roman Kowalski and Csaba Bernacki who named themselves after the famous club M25 where the duo first met.

New from David Guetta is the release Everytime We Touch.

New from Ben Preston is the release Lake Nasser.


Apoptygma Berzerk released the album Rocket Science on January 23rd. The album is available as Standard Edition (CD+DVD) and a Limited Deluxe Edition (CD+DVD and including a T-Shirt).

E-type is in studio working on some new material which should be released at the end of 2009. (EE & Eurodance Blog)

Abigail's next album should be entitled Hush. (EE)

New from Peter Luts (Lasgo) is the single Burning.

New from Andrew Maze is the EP Long Road Home, out now.

New from Markus Schulz is the single The New World, out now.

The new single from DJ Sammy is entitled Feel The Love. The new album entitled Clubroom will be released later this year. (DZ & DAI)

New from Miller & Divini, dutch producers Jochen Miller and Artento Divini, is the release Many Years released on January 19th.

New from Arctic Moon & Truewave is the release Silver Wings.

New from Jesse James is the release Lady.

Kylie released the album Boombox - The Remix Album 2000-2008 on January 5th.

New from Timmy Vegas & Bad Lay-Dee is the release Another Dimension, released on January 12th.

Dance Nation's hit single Sunshine was remixed and re-released as Dance Nation Vs Shaun Baker - Sunshine 2009. (EE)

YoungFire's new CD Euro-Fire is out now! It contains 12 tracks, including their current single release Lonely. (EE)

Brooklyn Bounce are planning a new album for February. (EE & Eurodance blog)

New from Pete Lazonby is the release Sacred Cycles.

New from Novaspace is the release Dancing Into Danger. (DZ)

New from Captain Hollywood is the release It Hurts Without You. (DZ)

New from Baracuda is the release Where Is The Love. (DZ)

New from Mednezz is the release Dreamland. (DZ)

New from Jens-O is the release All The Things She Said. (DZ)

New from DJ Gollum Feat Scarlet is the release All The Things She Said. (DZ)

New from Pakito is the release Electro Music. (DZ)

New from Stunt is the release I'll Be There (uk promo single). (DZ)

New from Empyre One is the release Dangerous. (DZ)

New from Jan_Van_Bass-10 is the release Beautiful_Life. (DZ)